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Obey the Narrative? - The Ranger's Command, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to any who need to hear a lonely voice:

These people who have taken over are truly fiends. No .. SERIOUSLY .. Their eyes glow gleaming hot with righteous cruelty. They're gonna hang up Trumpty-Dumpty's carcass and beat it bloody with their righteous sticks, at High Noon, in the Public Square. Presumably with fire hoses standing by to quickly hose the whole mess down. I guess they hope the tide will wash it all away. Yea .. sure .. Maybe we'll forget what they did in a couple centuries, or maybe millennia, or so.

World ... This is REAL! This is America .... The mask has fallen ... They've commanded us to bow, pick their mask up for them, and return it gently onto their faces.

Well ... LOL ... Yippee Kay Yay muhfuggers! ... LOL ...

What in the world do they expect all us cowboys are gonna do? 

They've openly stated, (haven't they?), that anyone who refuses to 'get our minds right', anyone who dares to continue to disagree with the suddenly all-powerful DPM, (DemoPartyMachine), will fear for their jobs, and will be subject to being purged from society. 

So ... Here in the good old US of A, we're being ordered, officially, to forget what we saw happen right in front of us, right out in broad daylight, right before our very eyes. We must agree to pretend this stink-ass clown show was a 'free and fair election', or ELSE! 

Or else what? We don't know yet. We have perhaps not even begun to plumb the depths of these people's moral and psychological depravity. 

It's not something that happened, (past tense). It's still happening. Where's the Biden Laptop? The Big Story is STILL being buried by Mass Media United. THAT is the Enemy. MMU. Also affectionately known as The Goebbels Committee. THAT is the Enemy's naked face.

It's just brilliant how they schemed to twist the Left around their pinky. Where does poor Citizen Greenwald have to go? He staked his whole rep and career, and the whole dingbat dancing Marionette Left has abandoned him. 

They've all jumped on the Beat Trump's Carcass to a Bloody Pulp Choo-Choo Train. Greenwald's orphaned. He's just learned the stark lesson that the folks that really believe in true democracy are NOT those crazed marionette fiends on the Left, who are now actually DEMANDING that we must deny the reality of what we saw with our own frackin' eyes.


Has any Iron Heel ever been this powerful? To even have the nation's Left now goose-stepping under the eyes of their MMU Masters? They actually believe they can erase 'reality' from our minds, as witnessed with our own damn eyes, and force us to 'Obey the Narrative'? 

Yep. Clearly ... VERY clearly ... That is EXACTLY what they believe. 

Wow! That is just incredible. They clearly actually believe that.

I have no idea how this is going to sort out. But it sure appears to me that a New Force is preparing itself to rise. 

If we hope to build a true democracy, someday, in America, we must start 'doing' democracy as we conduct our own business and affairs, in our daily lives. The New Force that must rise is True Democracy. 

Well ... What in the world is that? What IS 'true' democracy, anyway? Hadn't we oughta talk about that some?

Well ... Sure seems t' me like we should.

Be it known by all in every land, that here in the US the suddenly all-powerful DPM, through a blatantly Gestapo precursor organization, the Orwellian named Progressive Change Campaign Committee, (PCCC), is conducting a very well-financed campaign by email whose openly stated purpose is to fully align Imperial Corporate America with the DPM.

Yes. That IS the classic definition of 'fascism'. The alignment of Corporate Power and Government Power.

Yes.. That IS what they are doing. Openly. 

The PCCC Gestapo want Corporate Muscle to purge anyone from government who dared to cast a legal vote against the DPM Iron Heel Juggernaut. They want people's elected representatives to be purged from Congress, by being starved of Big Money bribes/campaign donations, for daring to vote against rubber-stamping the stink-ass clown shown election circus.

And in their twisted fiendish thinking, they think that once all their opponents have been purged, what will be left will be 'democracy'. 

Looks like Thuggery to me.

There's nothing for us, good folks, to the Left, NOR to the Right. The only way is straight ahead. C'mon. We know what True Democracy should be. Let's have some ideas.

The Common People are on one side. That's ALL of us. It MUST be all of us, or else it is NOT true democracy. Don't matter anybody's skin color, or ethnic heritage. If it ain't ALL of us, then it's not True Democracy. Hear? C'mon .. We ALL know that.

If you don't believe in true democracy, then DON'T call yourself a True Democrat.

We can do this, folks, but it will take some time. Every person must follow their own best thinking. People on every side need time for passions to calm. People need time to think our way into this. A lot of folks have better sense than the upset the whole nation is in right now. Let's clear our heads and try to take a fresh look at this dangerous predicament we're in.

Let's each get our thinking sorted out. We need to make a realistic assessment of possible political scenarios. But deeper than that, we have to find this 'thing', democracy, in our own hearts and minds.

It's there. Trust me. An old silverback does learn a thing once in a while. It's there. In our own hearts and minds. True Democracy is a moral agreement. I will respect your rights and interests, and I will expect you to respect mine in return. It's the same old 'do unto others' stuff, that is the base root of ALL Human Morality.

The Common People are on one side. I don't care what people believe. Lotsa folks are very confused. I don't care if they like me or hate me. The Common Folks. ALL of us. Every race. Every ethnic group. If it ain't ALL of us, then it's NOT True Democracy. We're ALL on one side. That's MY side.

The Elites stand on the other. The American Marionette Left is the Elites' primary force guarding their vulnerable 'democracy flank'. The American Left has been the primary force, for DECADES now, that has prevented the Common People from organizing into a Political Front. The American Left is a phony quisling groveling creature. It's so disgusting one pities these poor folks.

I don't care about people's current confusions. If you stand with the Common Folk, with ALL the Common People, of every race and ethnic heritage, against the evil forces of these DPM Elites, then I'm on YOUR side.

Obey the Narrative! 

Or else WHAT? 

Yea ... "I looked down Texas way what did I see?" (standard call and answer) "There stood Clan Wallace still 'a lookin' back at me". 

You know what you get when you cross a dumb slav with a stupid celt? William Wallace was a lad, wasn't he? Like Taras Bulba? Could always do with a few like those on yer side. Eh?

Obey the Narrative? LOL ...