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Oct 16-31, 2020

Oct 31, 2020

On Anti-Fascism and the 2020 Election, by Benay Blend
Get ready for global technology war & end of globalization as we know it – China unveils ambitious 5-year plan, by Tom Fowdy
Corbyn and the Tyranny of Correctness, by Gilad Atzmon
The Six-Day War: The Myth of an Israeli David Versus an Arab Goliath, by Miko Peled
America Faces a ‘Gettysburg Moment’ – But Trumpism Will Not Vanish, by Patrick Cockburn
Sen. Ron Johnson: If Biden Wins, 'I Don't See How You Avoid' an Investigation, by C. Douglas Golden
Collapse of the 2020s - A Positive Course of Action (Video)
Weiss: Bernie Sanders slams Israel’s ‘intolerant authoritarian’ leaders — and links them to rise of white supremacy
Provocation on the High Seas: U.S. Naval Adventures Near the Shores of Russia, China and Iran, by Eve Ottenberg
UK-Russia Report: the Integrity Initiative Strikes Again! by T.J. Coles
House Bill Will Push the US to Sell Israel Bunker-Busting Bombs, by Dave DeCamp
Hezbollah or Bust, by Linh Dinh
Chávez The Radical V: “Its Not Reform What We’re Doing Here, Its Revolution” (Video)
Why Do So Many People Angrily Condemn Historical Revisionism? by Robert Higgs
Iran Becomes First Country to Embrace Bitcoin as Medium of Exchange, by Eric Striker
Who Is Sacha Baron Cohen? Hollywood Comic Genius or a One-Man Anti-Republican Hit Squad? by Robert Bridge

Oct 30, 2020

SC Editorial: Western Sanctions a Failure of Diplomacy – What Lies Beneath
Divided Against Each Other And United For The Machine, by Caitlin Johnstone
The Democrats and the Presstitutes Will Not Admit a Trump Win, by Paul Craig Roberts
Election 2020: Democracy Calls Us to Fight ‘Lesser of Two Evils’ Argument, by Nozomi Hayase
Tucker Carlson Show: Glenn Greenwald speaks out on leaving The Intercept over censorship

While US Calls Chinese Media 'Propaganda Machine', US Big Media & Big Tech Censor News, Analysts Say
They’ve Got to Get Rid of Western Civ — They Have To, by Mark Bauerlein
Archbishop Atallah Hanna Condemns French Targeting of Islam, Muslims
US urges countries to withdraw from UN nuke ban treaty, by Edith Lederer
War for Oil Revisited Once Again: Why It Is Both Fallacious and Popular, by Stephen Sniegoski
Can You Smell What the Chinese Are Cooking? by Pepe Escobar
What the Next President Faces, by Pat Buchanan
Dr Steve Turley at the Trump Rally in Lancaster, PA! (Video)
PCR: America Is a Dead Man Walking because American Youth, or Their Minds, Have Been Stolen
Neoconservatives are flocking to Biden (and let’s forget about the Iran deal), by Philip Weiss
U.S. States Face Biggest Cash Crisis Since the Great Depression
Philadelphia Shows Riots Are The New Normal — And Could Force Out A President Biden
Meet "Alcoholic Olga", Inventor of the Russiagate Theology, by Anatoly Karlin
Hypocrisy Thy Name is Zion, by Philip Giraldi
Berlin’s Newest Drang nach Osten Started in the 1990s With the Serbs, by Aleksandar Pavic
Paul Valéry, Analyst of Western Decline, by Guillaume Durocher
Israeli MKs Propose Bill to Revoke Arab Prisoners’ Citizenship if They Receive PA Aid

Oct 29, 2020

A Biden Presidency Means "The Return of the Blob," by Pepe Escobar
The Disappearing America: Progressives Want a Revolution, Not Just Change, by Philip Giraldi
Cui bono from the situation in France, by the Saker
Trump’s (64 Day) Post-Election Endgame. or, Can A Criminal Be Inaugurated President? by Brett Redmayne-Titley
Tucker Carlson Show: What's Joe Biden's excuse for slandering Tony Bobulinski? (Video)

 Plutocrat Violence and Election-Night Horror: Marxian Analysis Shows That Antifa Is Fascist, by Joaquin Flores
The Civil Rights Movement Goes Into Reverse, by Robert Weissberg
Why Propaganda is Vital In Upholding The Illusion of a Democracy, by Cynthia Chung
What Does Israel Have against Palestinian Singer, Mohammed Assaf? by Ramzy Baroud
Mondoweiss's Guide to Election 2020
AOC, Cara Mia, Mi'ja Corazon, by Ray Zwarich
The Battle for the Soul of Islam, by James M. Dorsey
Economist Peter Koenig and Pastor Chuck Baldwin on COVID “Lie Pitched from the Pits of Hell” (Podcast)
‘Insulting’ Prophet Mohammed cartoons should be a crime in France like ‘doubting Holocaust,’ says Iran’s Khamenei
In pre-election rush, Trump OKs U.S. funding of science projects in illegal Israeli settlements, by Yumna Patel
Bolivia Needs to Guard Itself Against Further U.S. Intervention, by Ramona Wadi
I’m voting for the ham, by Amer Zahr
CN Live! New Episode—‘Green Ticket’ (Video)
Southfront: Neo-Ottoman Nights Of Armenian-Azerbaijani War (Video)
Ill-Considered Candidates, Inept Campaign Strategies, by Dan Lieberman

Oct 28, 2020

The Empire Has Collapsed, by Paul Craig Roberts
A Mutual Understanding, by Nicholas Molodyko
America’s Imperial Expenditures & Escapades Stranger Than Fiction, by Danny Sjursen
Biden Will NOT Be Soft On China; He’ll Continue Trump’s Aggressions, by Caitlin Johnstone
“Why We Need To End Capitalism To Defeat Fascism” — with Gabriel Rockhill (Audio)
In This Election The Establishment Is Playing for Keeps, by Paul Craig Roberts
The PS5, Social Media and Mass Censorship – What Can Be Done? by Tim Kirby
Debate: If This is the Future of Foreign Policy, We’re in Trouble, by Kelley Vlahos

‘Mythologies Without End’ — a new reading of Israeli history, by Jerome Slater
Review: the Trial of the Chicago 7, by Andrew Joyce
The Trump administration imposes more vicious sanctions on Iran, by James North
Science Prof Joel Hirschhorn: Is Fauci Responsible for the Majority of US COVID Deaths? (Podcast)
Debt Deflation and the Neofeudal Empire, by Michael Hudson
Ending Regime Change—in Bolivia and the World, by Medea Benjamin and N.J.S. Davie
Russian Blitz in Syria Warns Turkey to Back Off in Caucasus, by Finian Cunningham
NAS: Pulitzer Board Must Revoke Nikole Hannah-Jones' Prize
Trump and Biden compete over who is more Jewish, by Philip Weiss
Key Pentagon Official Turned China Policy Over to Arms Industry & Taiwan Supporters, by Gareth Porter
SARS: Why are tens of thousands of Nigerians protesting?
Girls on Top. Dirty Diplomats and CNN Hacks Cast a Shadow Over London Foreign Office, by Martin Jay
60 Minutes’ Toothy Porn, by Louisa Willcox
The protests in Thailand are making history, by Claudio Sopranzetti
"Antifa" Sympathizer Linked to Dayton Shooter Gets Job at NATO, by Eric Striker

Oct 27, 2020

When exactly did the AngloZionist Empire collapse? by the Saker
The “Wokeness” Wars Coming to Your Town, by Philip Giraldi
Something Wicked this Way Comes: Anarchy Is Being Loosed Upon the Nation, by John W. Whitehead
November’s Choice: Trump or the Establishment, by Paul Craig Roberts
Wild Conspiracy Theory? The Truth Behind the Biggest Threat to the ‘War on Terror’ Narrative, by Cynthia Chung
The World Bank, the IMF and respect for human rights, by Eric Toussaint
The Revelations of Wikileaks: No. 9 — Opening the CIA’s Vault
If Biden Wins, Russiagate Will Magically Morph Into Chinagate, by Caitlin Johnstone
The Last Days of the Trumpian Reich, by C.J. Hopkins
Trump vs. Biden in context, by Dimitris Konstantakopoulos
AMIQ: Final 2020 Election Update

The ‘Third Way’ Scam, by Francis Lee
The New Tyranny Few Even Recognize. The Digital Dollar and the Fed’s Big Money Power Grab, by Charles Hugh Smith
The crisis, and opportunity, of normalization, by Rami El-Amine
Iranian Foreign Minister Blames US War on Terror for ‘Countless Broken Societies,’ by Javad Zarif
What the Election Should Have Been About, by Steven Dandaneau
Pakistani PM Khan calls on Facebook to ban all “Islamophobic content” on the platform
Has the US been chastised into reform, or is 4 more years of Trump needed? by Ramin Mazaheri
The US Just Blackmailed Sudan, by As`ad AbuKhalil
The Argument for a Maximum Wage, by Sam Pizzigati
Dr. Randy Short: Like Many Black Men, I Prefer Trump to Biden—Here’s Why (Podcast)
Three Card Monte, by Ray Zwarich
The politics of mental health in Palestine, by Tamam Abusalama
Electromagnetic and Informational Weapons: The Remote Manipulation of the Human Brain, by Mojmir Babacek

Oct 26, 2020

Capitalism Is Double-Billing Us: We Pay from Our Wallets Only for Our Future to be Stolen from Us, by Jonathan Cook
Forget the Hunter Biden sex tapes. The real news is much bigger than that
Break in Relations With the EU? – ‘If This Is the Way They Want It, So Be It,’ by Alastair Crooke
New role for China and Russia – and how after a Biden victory? by Paul Schmutz Schaller
Operation Warp Speed is Using a CIA-Linked Contractor to Keep Covid-19 Vaccine Contracts Secret, by Whitney Webb
Swiss Policy Research: An overview of the current evidence regarding the effectiveness of face masks
One Last Chance to Revive America’s Forgotten Constitutional Traditions and Avoid WWIII, by Matthew Ehret
Fools’ Crusade: Why United States Provocations Towards China Will Lead to Disaster, by Jeff J. Brown
RCF: Ramzy and Zarefah Baroud on Gaza’s History of Resistance (Video)
Nuking Itself… How Russophobia Led the U.S. to Bomb its Own Citizens, by Finian Cunningham
There Are Anti-War Candidates, by David Swanson
'Iraq War Diaries' At Ten Years: Truth is Treason, by Ron Paul
The Government’s Case Against Michael Flynn Is Falling Apart, by Eric Zuesse
The‘left-wing anti-Semitism’ hoax, by Asa Winstanley
Trump’s Nuclear Weapons are Standing Up And Standing By, by Brian Cloughley
Ray McGovern Tells Aaron Maté Blaming Moscow for Hunter Biden’s Laptop is Russiagate Disinformation (Video)
Mail-in ballots: the US elites’ ‘plausible deniability’ ploy to retain power, by Ramin Mazaheri
Reverend Killjoy, by Audacious Epigone
Kamala Harris: Racism Begins at Home, by Angie Saxon
Early Leaders of India and Pakistan Ignored Religious Extremism Warnings, by Wayne Madsen
Why 2020 Is the Year of Black Holes, by Prabir Purkayastha
‘This Land – the Story of a Movement’: The Rise and Fall of Jeremy Corbyn - Media Lens

Oct 25, 2020

Death, Money, and the Dueling Frauds: Trump and Biden, by Edward Curtin
Nothing Will Fundamentally Change: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix, by Caitlin Johnstone
The dumbing down of America, by Carl Sagan
Western Liberty R.I.P., by Paul Craig Roberts

A Vaporware Executive: An Attitude, Not a President, by Fred Reed
The Global Capitalist Cage and the Virus: “Solutions” by Those Who Have Created “The Problems,” by Hiroyuki Hamada
The Electoral Is-Ought Problem, by Audacious Epigone
US-China Confrontation: The Hijacking of the United Nations Security Council Continues, by Carla Stea
U.S. Foreign Policy Never Recovered From the War on Terror, by Matthew Duss
New Israeli aggression puts life of Palestinian hunger striker Maher al-Akhras in immediate danger, by Yoav Haifawi
Global arms embargo on Iran lifted, Tehran hails victory: Al Mayadeen TV Report
Report: Facebook “Complicit” in Role as “World’s Engine for Anti-Muslim Violence, by Alan Macleod
Art in the Service of Color Revolution - Peter Myers Digest
The Covid-19 Numbers Game: The “Second Wave” is Based on Fake Statistics, by Michel Chossudovsky
Macron’s Gamble Will Backfire as Brexit Will Make Both Him and France Big Losers of a No-Deal With Brussels, by Martin Jay
The US proposed a partial withdrawal and ease in sanctions, Damascus rejected the offer, by Elijah J. Magnier
The Ugly Memory of the US War on Southeast Asia, by Ron Jacobs
President Putin Delivers Speech at Valdai Discussion Club -2020 – Update
Max Blumenthal: Report from Bolivia (Video)

Oct 24, 2020

PCR: MSM, Twitter, Facebook, Google Covering Up Biden Scandals by Refusing to Report on Them
America Keeps Getting Attacked By Nations It Hates In Ways Only The CIA Can See, by Caitlin Johnstone
Iran Seeks to Confuse the United States? by Philip Giraldi
Debate Victory May Have Sealed It for Biden, by Martin Sieff
We Can Do Better Than Capitalist Formal “Democracy,” by Pete Dolack
Tuomas Malinen: Real Risk of Fascist Totalitarian "Global Economic Dystopia" (Video)

Press Release on Impending DPM Bloodbath, by Ray Zwarich
UN Special Rapporteur Calls for Israel to Immediately Release Maher Al-Akhras
“Democracy” vs. Covid – A No-Go, by Peter Koenig
Annual olive harvest comes hand in hand with settler violence, by Yumna Patel
The More the EU Tightens Its Grip, the More Countries Slip Through Its Fingers, by Tom Luongo
OxyContin Maker’s ‘Public Trust’ Would Still Be About Profit, by David Herzberg
True Q: Elements of Truth in the QAnon Conspiracy, by Thomas Dalton
Students Are Clueless About History, by Shannon Watkins
Rush to Judge BDS as Antisemitic is Naive, by Iqbal Jassat
How BlackRock is on Track to Infiltrate a Biden Administration, by Max Moran
The Barrett Travesty, by Daniel Lazare
Lady Michele Renouf’s Thought Crimes Trial in Germany Suddenly Adjourned, Gag Order Imposed
Time Magazine Wants Your Dog to Die Because Veterinarians Are "Too White," by Paul Kersey
The Arab League, Palestine, and the tide of normalization, by Dalal Yassine
CN Live! New Episode–‘The Truth is a Joke’ (Video)
Trotsky on Fascism, by Kathy Deacon
The Political Prison, by Audacious Epigone

Oct 23, 2020

Israel Unbounded, by Judith Deutsch
As Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty Nears Force, US Urges Nations to Withdraw, by Jessica Corbett
US 2020 Economic Collapse a Bonanza for Billionaires, by Stephen Lendman
'Patriots', Bloodbaths, and Military Men, by Ray Zwarich
From Assassinations to Sanctions: Emergency Powers and the Rise of the Imperial Presidency, by Raul Diego
America Repeats Russian Follies, by Israel Shamir
A Plastic-Coated World, by Kenn Orphan
Make America Jeffersonian Again, by Pepe Escobar
Paradise for Human Victims of Corporate Persons, by Vijay Prashad
Phoenix and the rebirth of evil Part II: by Ken Leslie
US Spends More Than $80 Billion a Year Incarcerating 2.3 Million People, by Laura Flanders
America: a Land of Ceaseless Conflict, by Pat Buchanan
The Perennial Smoldering of America’s Reichstag, by Manuel García, Jr.
53-Year-Old White Woman Murdered by Black Male Who Said Trump Made Him "Kill a White Lady," by Paul Kersey
19th Century Polling Laws to Stop Parties Kidnapping Voters May Be Inadequate This Time, by Kristin Kanthak

Oct 22, 2020

American Militarism Marches On, by Philip Giraldi
Corporate Fluffers: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix, by Caitlin Johnstone
The Communist Party of China: Putting the People First, by Kim Petersen
MoA: U.S. Again Moves Goalposts For Nuclear Treaty Extension
Iron Curtain still separates Russia and the EU, by Pepe Escobar
As U.S. Tensions Soar With China, Taiwan Fears Cannon Fodder Risk, by Finian Cunningham
Sperry Exposes The Complete History Of Hunter Biden’s Crony-Connected Jobs
Armenia & Nagorno-Karabakh: Russia’s last bulwark in the Caucasus, by Yuri Novikov
MoA: Bolivia Has Won. Will Trump Win Too?
Debunking the Myth of Denmark, by Ron Ridenour
´N. Korea Rising? Interpreting Pyongyang’s Strategic Position After its Military Parade,’ by A.B. Abrams
Why It’s Important for Trump to Win, by Kevin MacDonald
Are Christian Zionists the ‘Largest Pro-Israel Lobby’? by Grant Smith
Justice Dept Seizes 92 Domains, Claiming ‘Iranian Propaganda,’ by Jason Ditz
Pro-Israel groups air ads for Trump & Biden, by Alison Weir (Videos)
World Doctors Alliance says: No Need for Lockdowns. Pandemic is over.. Peter Myers Digest
Kersey: USAF Recruiting Service Declares Increasing Diversity [Reducing Number of White Male Pilots] a "War-Fighting Imperative"
Ex-Marine Receives Regular Antifa Death Threats, Aggressive FBI Harassment, and Lost His Gun Rights. He Isn't Accused of Any Crime

Oct 21, 2020

Win-Win vs Lose-Lose: The Time Has Come for the World to Choose, by Matthew Ehret
America Has No Allies, Only Hostages, by Caitlin Johnstone
Donald Trump — Masks Off, by Yvonne Lorenzo
Was Bill Barr Paid by The Establishment to Protect Hillary, Obama, Comey, Brennan..? by Paul Craig Roberts
What the Great Reset Architects Don’t Want You To Understand About Economics, by Matthew Ehret
Thought Control American Style: The Social Justice Warriors Will Destroy Our Basic Freedoms, by Philip Giraldi

Military Bases Never Go Unused, by David Swanson
The enduring power of Rachel Corrie, by Philip Weiss
Israel’s Settlement Approvals Hit Record High, Says Monitoring Group
The Colonels' Huckleberry, by Ray Zwarich
The great unraveling: 'I never thought I’d live to see the horror of planetary collapse,' by Joëlle Gergis
Understanding American Jewish philanthropy, by Sam Bahour
Iran Hails Lifting of 13-Year UN Arms Embargo as 'Momentous Day,' by Patrick Wintour
Facebook COO Pledges $2.5 Million to Israel Advocacy Group, ADL, Brushing Off Palestinian Complaints of Censorship
Brennan’s Nuremberg Defense: One More Whitewash of the CIA’s Torture Program, by Melvin Goodman
Liberalism & Fascism: The Good Cop & Bad Cop of Capitalism, by Gabriel Rockhill
French Court Sentenced Alain Soral to Pay Jewish Organization $158,500 for Re-Releasing 128-Year-Old Book
At Last, a Small Ray of Hope for Bolivia, by Stephen Karganovic
Top 12 Reasons Biden Is Not My Fault, by David Swanson
Normalization and the illusion of great Israel, by Marwan E. Toubassi
The Great Barrington Declaration: Capitalism’s global policy of herd immunity, by Benjamin Mateus
The Nigerian protests are about much more than police violence, by Annie Olaloku-Teriba

Oct 20, 2020

Chris Hedges: The Politics of Cultural Despair
Dominance in the Name of Internationalism, by Andrew Bacevich
Internet Resources Become Weaponized: High Tech Oligarchs threaten democracy, by Philip Giraldi
Instability, Poverty and Nuclear Weapons, by Brian Cloughley
Bolivia Shows Why Imperialists Work To Keep Populations Propagandized, by Caitlin Johnstone
Russophrenia – or How a Collapsing Country Runs the World, by Patrick Armstrong
Still Shoveling, by Ray Zwarich
Can America Do It All? by Pat Buchanan
Red Redux? by Linh Dinh
Israeli Arms Trade, the Lobby and the Meaning of Chosenness, by Gilad Atzmon

The New York Times Is Anti-White and Anti-American, by Paul Craig Roberts
Jose Niño: US Foreign Policy, Venezuela, & America's Path to Big Tech Serfdom
Bullets Are Not the Seeds of Life, by Vijay Prashad
Large-Scale Permafrost Thawing, by Robert Hunziker
Is the Plandemic Dying Out? Meryl Nass on Testing Mess & Lack of Reliable COVID Data (Podcast)
Barrett Poised to Become the Most Radical Right-Wing Member of Supreme Court, by Marjorie Cohn
Troops Coming Home from Afghanistan? Depends on Who You Ask, by Ron Paul
Black Durham, NC Sheriff Admits Violent Crime in His City Is Almost Always Black-on-Black, by Paul Kersey

Oct 19, 2020

Treason in America: An Overview of the FBI, CIA and Matters of ‘National Security,’ by Cynthia Chung
The Two Undersides to Geo-Politics, by Alastair Crooke
Foreign Policy Questions for the Candidates, by Doug Bandow
Former OPCW Chief Says US Bugged His Office While Pushing Iraq War, by Caitlin Johnstone
The War on Cuba and Venezuela, by Lee Schlenker
Tiktok – How Trump Failed America, by Allen Yu
38 Billion Reasons to Vote for Joe Biden – If You’re Israeli, by Alison Weir
The Damage Russiagate Has Done, by Patrick Lawrence
The Undeniable Cruelty of Trump’s ‘Maximum Pressure’ on Iran, by Tyler Cullis
Reframing America’s Role in the World, by Andrew Bacevich
Is Israel Even an Actual Country? by Yuli Tamir
How Long Has The U.S. Intelligence Apparatus Been Selecting Presidential Candidates?
Why Conflict in Caucasus Is Erdogan’s Revenge for Syria, by Finian Cunningham
Why Are Fauci, Redfield, and the Presstitutes Deceiving Us About Masks? by Paul Craig Roberts
Ramzy Baroud on ‘Palestine Deep Dive’: ‘Israel Targets the Very Fabric of Palestinian Society’ (Video)
China Is Now the World’s Largest Economy - Digest from Peter Myers
Bolivia – The people won, against all the odds, the people still won, by Chris Faure
War in the Caucasus: One more effort to shape a new world order, by James M. Dorsey
Hitler Answers Roosevelt: The German Leader’s Reply to the American President’s Public Challenge, by Mark Weber
Shreveport Times Admits Record Gun Violence in City and Across America Is by Blacks, by Paul Kersey

Oct 18, 2020

The Covidian Cult, by C.J. Hopkins
‘The Emails Are Russian’ Will Be The Narrative, Regardless Of Facts Or Evidence, by Caitlin Johnstone
Pure Idiocy: UN Is Sure an Uninhabitable Hell Can Be Averted by Taxation, by Tim Kirby
Before the Elections, by Israel Shamir
MoA: U.S. Fails To Find Allies For Waging War On China
Beauty and Its Elements, by Jenn Zhu
Playing Russian Roulette with a COVID-19 Vaccine, by Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null
Medical Doctors Seek Social and Political Solutions for COVID 19 Crisis, by W. T. Whitney
‘Putin’s proposal a non-starter’: White House rejects Russian call to extend nuclear arms control treaty
The Reality of Modern India: Recurrence of Corporate-State, by Straight-Bat
MoA: Media Again Falsely Claim That Joe Biden's Intervention In Ukraine Was Innocent
The Math of Runaway Warming, by Eric Schechter
Alasdair Macleod: Hyperinflation, Death of the Dollar, Gold, & China (Video)
Whose Great Reset? The Fight for Our Future – Technocracy vs. the Republic, by Joaquin Flores
Based in Empire, by Ron Jacobs
Two Deep Mysteries of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, by Eric Margolis
An Environmental Nakba: The Palestinian Environment Under Israeli Colonization, by Mazin Qumsiyeh
Things I'd Say in Trump's Place, in the Electoral Race, by Sterling Anderson
Jews in the Cathedral: A Response to Curtis Yarvin, by Andrew Joyce
Everybody Knows Where the Booze Is, by Ray Zwarich
Russia criticizing Germany very strongly
Bolivian coup officials and supporters stalk int´l election observers, launch violent incitement campaign

Oct 17, 2020

Phoenix and the rebirth of evil part I: by Ken Leslie
Can There Be More Than One Idea of Freedom in the 21st Century? by Tim Kirby
Weekly China Newsbrief and Sitrep, by Godfree Roberts
The Stormtroops Of Regime Change And Counter-Revolution
No Real Change Can Come If Speech Is Restricted By Monopolistic Oligarchs, by Caitlin Johnstone

U.S. versus China, and U.S. versus Russia, by Eric Zuesse
Twenty Years After the Second Intifada, the Israeli Victory is Nearly Complete, by Amira Hass
Deluge After the Donald? by Ted Rall
Out-of-Touch, Incoherent Foreign Policy on Display in Harris-Pence Showdown, by Kelley Vlahos
Why Conflict in Caucasus Is Erdogan’s Revenge for Syria, by Finian Cunningham
Trump stumps for Nobel Prize, saying U.S. troops can come home if Israel has peace, by Philip Weiss
Danger in the South China Sea, by Ann Wright
Who Elected Donald Trump? by Rob Urie
Can the Fed End Racism? by Ron Paul
The Belarusian Maidan: The Colour Revolution after the recent presidential elections, by Peter Bachmaier
Before the Bidens ‘Did’ Ukraine, There Was Iraq – and Serbia, by James George Jatras
Critical Reflections on China’s Belt and Road Initiative - Book Review by James M Dorsey
Keith Ellison under pressure to drop out of Yitzhak Rabin event, by Michael Arria
John Derbyshire: “Hate Has No Home Here” - Thanks For Telling Us, Keith Olbermann!
Hellas Reborn? by Evaggelos Vallianatos

Oct 16, 2020

The U.S. Did Not Defeat Fascism in WWII, It Discretely Internationalized It, by Gabriel Rockhill
Dogshit Presidents, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix, by Caitlin Johnstone
American Jewish Progressives Declared Irrelevant, by Lawrence Davidson
Doug Valentine: How the CIA's Phoenix Program Gave Birth to the Police State (Video)
Short Armenia vs Azerbaijan war update, by the Saker
America Has No Reason to Be So Powerful, by Stephen Wertheim
As Trump Aims Fresh US Aggression at Iran, How Many Surprises Can This October Hold? by Phyllis Bennis
Baroud: Zionist War on Palestinian Festival in Rome is Ominous Sign of Things to Come
COVID-19: The Case Against Herd Immunity, by Marcello Ferrada de Noli
Israel approves nearly 5,000 new settlement units in occupied West Bank, by Yumna Patel
Donald Hank (Vince Dhimmos): Why I Left Christian Zionism (Audio)
The US: the only Western country with zero Muslim influence at all? by Ramin Mazaheri
They Only Kill to Eat, by Ray Zwarich
Can Trump Pull a Second Rabbit Out of the Hat? by Pat Buchanan
Thomas Friedman, intellectual coward, won’t write about the Middle East, by James North
Iraq Militias: Ceasefire With US Hinges on Full Military Pullout, by Jason Ditz
Constantinople & the world – the real story, by Giorgi Nektarios Selimos
Jews Are Enabling Genocide Against Armenian Christians In Nagorno-Karabakh, by Eric Striker
Under Attack at NYU, Mark Crispin Miller Needs Your Support for Academic Freedom
The glass ceiling for Palestinian rights, by Marion Kawas