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Open Letter to the 'Alt-Right,' by Ray Zwarich

This open letter is addressed to my sisters and brothers on the so-called "alt-right".

I am writing to introduce myself, and hopefully to initiate a discussion that reaches across artificial lines of division. I am an American patriot. I very much want to establish communications with other people who feel a deep spiritual commitment to an ideal that America once represented, but never has achieved. "Liberty and Justice for ALL".

I am also a Leftist, and have been since shortly after the Tet Offensive in 1968. (I'm an old man). I am NOT, however, a socialist. I 'believe in' Democracy, not in any 'ism', (certainly not in the so-called 'free market' capitalism that has rendered us into neo-Feudalism).

I am a Caucasian male, but I have always felt a particular affinity for African Americans. At one point in my life, most all my closest friends were African Americans who lived in the inner city neighborhoods of Kansas City, my home town. The most important mentor in my life was an old black homeless man named Thaddeus Bethel, whom I met in jail. We shared a very close friendship over about a 10 year span. He introduced me around KC's inner city community, where I actually became well-known as "Thaddeus' white friend". 

Although many black Americans hate white people, and many white Americans hate black people, in my own experience in my years on this Earth, most black people do NOT hate white people, and most white people do NOT hate black people. I believe that the overheated racial emotions that our nation is experiencing now have been artificially and intentionally generated by evil people who benefit when the nation's Common People hate each other. 

I believe that the recent election was a rigged clown show Mass Media circus. I believe it was very OBVIOUSLY 'rigged'. It was 'stolen'. I believe this clown circus 'election' has amounted to an out and out Mass Media Coup. I believe that the Syndicate of Elite Powers that have long controlled our nation have now seized outright totalitarian control.  

Like most of you, (hopefully ALL of you), I am determined that the nation's Common People must organize ourselves to take our nation back from these evil people's clawed clutches.

I do not like Donald Trump. I've known lots of people like him over a long life. He's a common personality 'type'. I'm an old athlete, and especially in locker rooms, among so-called 'alpha males', his personality type is very common. I don't think he was a 'demon' however. Nor do I think he had any designs or plans to become a 'dictator'. He was the victim of an unprecedented hatchet-job executed by our nation's centrally controlled Mass Media.

I would never vote for him. I don't like people like him. Frankly, I think he is a disgusting person of a low order of consciousness. He is a skilled and polished liar. I don't think he understands race relations much at all. I think he is an elitist who looks down on ALL people less fortunate than him, (i.e.: he looks down on almost everyone), with disdain. He feels superior to most everyone. He could be the poster boy for the dilettante "born on third base feeling proud of himself for hitting a triple".

I think he is a 'bigot', (by the dictionary definition: "a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices"), but I do not think he is a 'racist', (per se). Nor do I think he is a 'misogynist', (per se). I do think he has been unfairly 'demonized' beyond all reason and/or recognition by the Ruling Elites, (using their Mass Media bludgeon). But he IS a liar and a charlatan. A poseur. And, most relevant to this discussion, I don't think he cares about YOU, at ALL. He does NOT care about the nation's Common People. He was only using you to further his own grandiose ambitions. 

Although I do see that he was cheated out of office by a crooked election, I'm thankful he's gone. He was only serving to obfuscate the crucial issues at hand by pretending to be someone and something he is not.

I don't think Trump is in any appreciable way better or worse than people like Bill Clinton, or his disgusting ghoulish wife, (excuse me while I spit), or Bush, (either of them), or Obama. They are (were, in the case of CIA boss Pappy Bush) all inveterate liars and poseurs. 

Joe Biden is a slithering sewage scum swamp creature. He's been a shameless bagman for Big Money over his entire 50+ year career. He'll never get the stink of what he and his pitiable drug addict son did in Ukraine off of him. I think it will catch up with him. I think he will likely face imminent impeachment, (after Republicans take back the House in '22). He will choose to resign due to health reasons, (his advancing senility), and the black woman nobody liked, (she was the FIRST candidate to drop out), who actually, and quite literally, slept her way up the power ladder, will be ushered into the Oval Office, by the people who actually run things in our nation, to take over.

As a Leftist for 50+ years, I feel completely betrayed by the American Left. I believe the Left has fully morphed into an hysterical mob that has embraced a crazed cult ideology, and thus can no longer think straight. They have completely abandoned Reason. They have completely abandoned all genuine Leftist ideals. I recognize full well that this disgusting edifice, the American Left, has abandoned American working people. It has completely abandoned genuine Left ideals. 

Left and Right 

I believe it is of the most crucial importance to the objective of taking our nation back from the now brazenly totalitarian Elite Syndicate, that we fully understand that Left and Right are concepts that have been deliberately manipulated in our society beyond all coherent meaning, to such an incredible extent that the root meaning of these terms has been completely inverted into jabberwocky nonsense. The Left now supports the Elite totalitarian capitalist powers, and the Right now supports the Common People. (Say what?)

As we proceed to build a genuine 'resistance' to the brazen tyranny that has now seized our nation under its power, we must clear our thinking of these falsely inverted concepts. From my perspective, in addressing you, in addressing what has been cunningly and falsely designated as the "alt-Right", I am addressing my fellow Leftists. 

Please let me explain.

There are, and have been throughout the 10,000 year history of Human Civilization, two basic 'natural parties', two basic political divisions, two political 'poles', in EVERY human society, without exception. A class of Elites always rises. And there are always the Common People. By tradition, (which originated in France around 1789, during the French Revolution), the Common People stand on the Left. The Elites stand on the Right. 

It's just that simple. Anyone who has any definition of Left and Right more 'complex' than that has been duped into self-defeating thinking. 

We all surely know that for all the 100 centuries of Human Civilization 'divide and rule' has been the most fundamental strategy for social control, for the Elites, for The Few, to rule over The Many. Our nation's Common People have been DELIBERATELY (and cunningly) divided into warring factions, through exacerbation of various emotionally hot 'wedge issues', (abortion, gun control, gay marriage, transgender rights, etc), and especially through exacerbation of any and all tribal animosities, such as race and/or ethnicity. 

Other tribal type animosities have been created from whole cloth, such as luring a large percentage of our nation's women into hating not just men, but manhood itself. They don't just hate their own fathers, they hate The Patriarchy, they hate fatherhood itself. (Gloria Steinem WAS a CIA operative. It's not in dispute. It's well-proven fact. I believe that proper and diligent research could show that Hugh Hefner was an 'operative' as well). 

I am a Common Man. I stand with the Common People. I speak as a Common Man. I speak for the Common People. (Not 'representing' anyone, 'for' meaning 'in our interests', as the Common People. I have NO status to represent anyone but myself). I am a carpenter by trade. I swung a hammer for some 35 years, and also ran a small contracting company. I am now retired from my trade, but still working, as my wife of 47 years and I run a small farmstead in rural Massachusetts. (I have three adult daughters, and six grandchildren). 

In addressing you, in addressing people who have been falsely labeled as the "alt-right", I am addressing the nation's women and men who comprise the largest single faction, by FAR, of the nation's Yeomen Folk, the Common People, the lifeblood of our nation. I am 'humbled' before you. You are my sisters and brothers among the Common People. I don't CARE what 'race' you are. Race has absolutely nothing to do with it. We are the Common People. Regardless of our race, gender, or ethnicity, this is OUR nation. 

People who should be allies must first stop being enemies.

The purpose of this 'open letter' is to introduce myself, and to hopefully establish a line of communications across artificial divisions. I have a plan that I think can serve to at least get us moving in the right direction. I want to introduce that plan for the Common People's democratic consideration. 

The edifice of the American Left has clearly become dingbat crazed. These people are GOOD people, (believe me, they are), but they are VERY confused. They have been duped into fully supporting the Elites, even as they stupidly think, in their twisted cult-ideology of PC Identity Politics, they are 'doing good'. I now hold this twisted crazed cult, the American Left, in complete and utter contempt, even as I recognize that their 'road to perdition' has indeed been paved with noble and even heroic intentions. Again, these people are GOOD people. Their intentions are noble. But they have become VERY confused, and now they serve pure Evil. 

I have taken to calling the American Left the Marionette Left. In their crazed cult confusions, they dance a stupid jerky dance on the ends of their own Enemy's strings. They have no self-awareness at ALL. They dance their jerky stupid dance, but they are oblivious to the strings that control them. Their cunning Enemy has used highly sophisticated psychological manipulation to bring them under its own control. We must indeed 'fight' them, (this is symbolic language, for the HomelandSec people listening in here), because we are forced to, but we must "forgive them for they know not what they do". 

They are our 'fallen' sisters and brothers among the Common People, and we MUST regard them as such. 

We cannot allow hatred to own our own hearts and minds. If we do, we will LOSE! We can 'hate the sins', but we MUST 'love the sinners'. 

We cannot build a movement/resistance that can prevail that is rooted in hatred. We must build a movement that WILL prevail because it is rooted in the basic principles of True Democracy. 

Democracy is, at its root, a SPIRITUAL agreement. It is a 'moral agreement'. "I will respect your rights and interests, and I will expect you to respect mine in return". That is the moral root of True Democracy, and it is but a variation of the "do unto others" precept that is the root of ALL human morality. 

Our 'democracy', (such as it was, it was never actually anything even resembling a 'true' democracy), has fallen under totalitarian rule because people have been psychologically manipulated into abandoning any semblance of the spiritual/moral basis of True Democracy. Without being rooted in this moral agreement, as derived from the so-called 'golden rule' of ALL human morality, democracy cannot exist or function at ALL. 

We must NOT allow others to control our thinking or our behavior. "Act. Don't React!" must be our most deeply held mantra. When we react to what others do, or say, we are allowing them to control us. Before we take any action, whether as individuals or as groups, we must FIRST engage our minds, to then take intelligently considered action under our OWN control. 

We must NOT hate others simply because they hate us. Believe me, the American Marionette Left hates me with INTENSE passion. But I do NOT hate them. They are my sisters and brothers who have fallen under the influence of our common cunning Enemy. 

I believe that there are large numbers of people just like me, Leftists who are INTENSELY disgusted with this crazed identity-cult that the Marionette Left has become. If we expect to prevail, as I fully well do, we must win these people over to our side.

Democracy is a numbers game, and the numbers are VERY large. The object of the game is not to conquer your opponents and rule over them. That is what the stupid Democratic Party Machine now stupidly thinks it can do. They will FAIL! The object of the 'game' is to get the most people on our own side. The object is to win people over.

Forget the false concepts of 'left' and 'right' that our Enemy has defined. We are engaged in an epic life and death struggle of the Common People against the Ruling Elites.

We must recognize that many among the Common People have been duped and won over into the service of our Enemy, the Ruling Elite Syndicate. These bamboozled people are NOT our enemies. These people are our sisters and brothers among the Common People who have fallen as confused dupes under the influence of our Enemy, the totalitarian Ruling Elites that have seized our nation under their totalitarian power.

We will defeat our Enemy, which is comprised of a relatively small handful of people, by winning back to our side the good people, our sisters and brothers, who have fallen under the Enemy's influence and power. 

We must realize that we hold the moral high ground. We not only hold it, we are firmly dug in on this ground. We are defending Democracy itself. We are defending our civil liberties. We are defending human freedom. If we can organize ourselves in defense of this moral high ground, the entire world, most all of Humanity, will support us. We can easily win back the poor duped fools who have fallen under our Enemy's, the Elites', influence. 

I have a plan. I'm certain that it needs MUCH democratic honing, through participation of many groups and people, to improve it, but I am confident that it WILL prevail, if we can find the wherewithal, as a democratic entity, to launch it into action. 

We have no 'party' that represents the Common People's interests. We ALL know that both existing parties, in our two-party system, represent the interests of our Enemy, the Ruling Elites. "No taxation without representation" was a key 'battle cry' of the FIRST American Revolution. Yet that is where we, the Common People, now find ourselves. We are heavily taxed to support the lavish lifestyles of the super wealthy, and their loyal minions, and to support their evil militarized intentions to rule over the entire Earth, but we, the Common People, have NO representation, at ALL, in our nation's now totalitarian government.

"No taxation without representation". The same 'battle cry', (symbolic language, for you HomeSec folks listening in here), will serve us just as well as it did our ancestors, as we undertake to take back our nation from these exceedingly EVIL Ruling Elites. 

We must coalesce our forces into a political front. Fuck begging the Democrats and the Republicans for crumbs! We must form up into our own powerful political party and TAKE what is OURS!

I propose that this party call itself the Party of True Democrats. True Democracy shall be our 'platform'. "If you don't believe in True Democracy, then DON'T call yourself a True Democrat" shall be our 'party motto'. 

But names and mottos matter much less than our Basic Message. THAT is what will win for us. The Common People must have our fair share of power. I am NOT a Marxist. I don't believe that the Common People can run our nation without the benefits of the talents and expertise of the Elites. (In Marxist nations the Marxists murder all the Elites, so that the Marxist Elites can then themselves rule over the Common People). The Elites must have their fair and equitable share of power in a True Democracy as well. But the Elites are few, and the Common People are many, and in a True Democracy the actions and policies of the nation's government must reflect that.  

There is, of course, MUCH to discuss before we can 'come together' as a coherent 'party'. Can we field candidates in the '22 midterms? It seems doubtful we can move that fast. There is MUCH to discuss. But to get the job done, any old carpenter knows that first you gotta get started. 

We all know the old adage: "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". (Ole Bobby Kennedy really liked saying that). This open letter is intended as only a tentative 'first step'. I'm sure that many people, in many places, are even now taking many such 'first steps'. We need to join them up to begin our inexorable and unstoppable march to defeat an evil Enemy, (Enemy is used as a symbolic term, for you HomeSec folks following along here), that has captured our nation under its totalitarian hob-nailed Iron Heel. 

This open letter is only intended as a brief introductory note, to open lines of communication, so we can begin to discuss what needs to be discussed. 

Let's get started on this 'journey'.

We need to create channels of communication. Perhaps people like Ron Unz, surely among the nation's best publishers and journalists, can help facilitate the creation of such channels. Getting started can often be the hardest part. Once the ball gets rolling, it's inertia will keep it rolling. 

I hope people will discuss this within their own circles of communication, and will perhaps see fit to send this note along to others who you think might benefit from reading it. 

My own mailing list is relatively small. I have long believed that a message "whose time has come" will find its own way around. I don't have contact info for many people I'm hoping will read this, (people like Jared Taylor and Gregory Hood, for example). 

We are NOT defeated. We are "bloodied but unbowed". As ole JP Jones is famous for answering the captain of the Serapis, "We have not yet even BEGUN to fight".

We hold the moral high ground. Act. Don't React! We must take great care that we not do anything that causes us to cede this ground.   


R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm (The old Webber place)
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030

PS: I am NOT seeking power. Although I hope I might have some useful energies to contribute, I am NOT qualified to be a 'leader'. I have some 'personal issues' that preclude that. (Hence my chosen pen name, for any familiar with the Shakespearian character Caliban). I'm just an old silverback 'papa' who wants to build a nation that my grandchildren, and ALL our nation's children, can grow up in, and live in, in peace and happiness.