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Or Else! In Deed! by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on the sea:

In a True Democracy

by little Ray-ray, (Caliban)

In a True Democracy government is the social agency thatprotects the best interests of ALL the citizens against all threats, foreign ordomestic.

The primary domestic threat is the threat that the Greed andLust of Amalgamated Capital, a class of Elites, will wreak the horrors and bloodyviolence of poverty on the Common Citizens.

We can ALL ‘see’, VERY clearly, that this is happening NOW!

We ALL can ‘see’, VERY clearly, that Amalgamated Capital,the Big Money Syndicate, has now captured complete effective control over ournation’s entire economy and political system.

The Common Citizens are again being forced to watch our own money being taken from us forcibly, under armed pain of an iron cage, to beoutright GIVEN to The Elites. We can’t even protect our children, or their’n.

"Our kids is goin’ t’ bed hungry, and you still demand yourblood money?", I heard many a VERY angry mother and/or father say.    

“When in the course of human events….”, (and all that), “…adecent respect for the opinions of Humankind requires” that we clearly statethe causes that have led us to such an outraged state of Social Violence.

Our society, as governed by the Elites who have garnered allpower in our political system, maintains large Colonies of Human Misery inevery medium large to large city in the nation. 41 million of our fellowAmerican citizens are “food insecure”. Tens upon tens of millions more are justbarely scraping by. The soul-crushing miseries of poverty, the constant anxietyover ever-present danger, that so many millions must live in, clearly revealthe complete moral and spiritual depravity of the Elites who have deliberately engineered,and are deliberately maintaining, these conditions.

60% of the entire US population, almost 200 million of ourfellow citizens, cannot pay for new brakes on their cars, (to get to theirsub-living wage jobs), without skipping the rent, or the utilities, or, ofcourse, the groceries. And the doctor says the baby needs medicine that costs$1200 a month? The kids shoes are outgrown. Try to find some at thethrift-store, or some cheap sweat-shop junk from the ‘dollar-store’. We’ll justeat pasta or rice, with lots of salty gravy. Bowls of sugar and milk in themorning.

The Elites, who have captured effective control of ournation, have deliberately created these conditions of soul-crushing anxiety andunhappiness, in so many people, in order to enrich themselves to a degree thatfar exceeds that of even the Roman Emperors.

Mere mansions are for underlings. They each build several‘palaces’, and employ staffs of peons to maintain them. They have jets, andhelicopters, and small private ocean liners.   

They live in a degree of excess wealth and power that theAncient Emperors would have envied, while hundreds of millions of their‘subjects’ live in soul-crushing anxiety of constantly present danger.

Those who rule our nation, the Elites, deliberately createdthese conditions for all these hundreds of millions of people.

These people, these individuals, are VERY clearly morallyand spiritually depraved.

The Common People are outraged beyond the point of orderlygovernance. Those who rule over us must recognize that the dangers and violencethey force on the Common People will be visited back on THEM.

The pitchforks are high overhead, in fists gripped whitewith righteous Rage. If this goes on towards where it's pointed, the Elites willnot easily hide from the danger they themselves have set loose.

It will not be good for ANYBODY, least of all The Mob, ifThe Mob is allowed to rampage free. (And both sides see the other side as ‘themob’, the Elites as the Tony Soprano style).

Major degrees of social violence threaten us ALL! There isNOwhere for anyone to ‘hide’. There is no escape.

If ‘we’, meaning ALL of us, on EVERY side, don’t ‘face up’to the existential (for all Humanity) dangers of our current conditions, ourvery worst dystopian nightmares could come true. (Do any think the NuclearDemon’s eyes are not glowing with excitement?)

The American Police are from among the yeomen folk of thenation. They are women and men who are professionally devoted to serving thenation’s Common People. These people, the brave police, most ALL have familiesamong the Common People.

They will enforce order when ordered to do so. But thesepeople will NOT, at the crucial time, in a crucial moment that Human Historywill forever immortalize, follow orders when they are ordered to brutalize theCommon People, (their own people, their own families).

The Common People are only asking for a ‘fair shake’. TheCops all gots moms and pops, and sisters and brothers and in-laws.

When it comes down to “Or Else !”, I am confident that thewomen and men of the nation’s courageously dedicated police will ‘do the rightthing’. (They all know that the moral depravity is coming down from a LOT ofpeople, (the paunchy ‘white shirt’ guys), “above their pay grade”.

When an army’s disciplined resolve breaks down, immediatepanic spreads like a gasoline fire. If a defeated army can retreat ‘in order’,to the safety of a fortified position, it can live to decide what to do onanother day.

But if the army turns and runs in general panic, they willalmost ALL die. The ‘cavalry’, (mostly Blackhawk Gunships these days), is setloose to mow them down. In days of horses, the cavalrymen would swing theirswords and lop off heads, until their sinewed-like-steel arms were too tired togrip their swords. Hundreds of thousands were often killed, (as many civiliancamp-servants and slaves, including women, as soldiers), in a matter of a fewhours.

Does anyone, on ANY side, really want a blood bath? Don’t weALL know that if such happens, the blood will flow on EVERY side? There will beno place to hide.

The pointy ends of the pitchforks are VERY sharp.