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Over Their Feet and Up Their Shins, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all still adrift on a roiling sea of confusion:

America has become the Lost Land of Competing Narratives. The mere truth has no standing here anymore. None at ALL! Our nation's political life has become a Game of Lies, to determine which snake oil faction can best 'sell' its own 'narrative'. Which can best fool the most people into believing its lies. The nation's Ruling Elites, which orchestrate this Cacophony of Lies, clearly believe, or at least desperately hope, that they can fool enough of the people, enough of the time, to maintain their cruel and murderous Imperial Regime. 

As a Leftist myself, the constant Din of Lies pouring from the twisted and often hysterically confused Bolshevik Marionette Left is 'the unkindest cut'. These poor people have painted themselves into a corner. No place to go until the paint dries. The kicker is that they don't even yet know it, (although it sometimes seems to be dawning on them).   

This morning I encountered an article that 'at first blush' appeared might be a hopeful departure from the Marionette Left's myriad confusions, contradictions, and lies. The article, entitled 'The Public Sector We Need', at least mentions, if only in passing, the real divide between the Left and the Right, in the 'classic' sense of these terms. 

When we speak of 'equality' before the Law, we surely do not fool ourselves into thinking that all people are 'equal' in terms of the natural assets that fell to them down the DNA trail. Some are gifted with more naturally valuable talents than others, (whether intelligence, beauty, energy level, good health, physical prowess, etc). 

Life itself is a competition. Those gifted with the best degree of naturally valuable talents are (obviously) best equipped to 'win'. 

We all surely remember that ALL human societies above the tribal level naturally divide themselves into two basic interest groups. The most naturally talented people rise to form an interest group. They organize themselves into an elite ruling faction. They have a host of vassals, the middle class, who depend upon their patronage. (C'mon .. It's 'all same' for 10,000 years now. The 'learn from history' thing? Geez ... C'mon people..).

The rest of the people have little, if any, political power. These people are the other faction. The Common People.

By the traditions of our terminology, the Common People stand on The Left. The Elites, and their vassals, on The Right. 

Both have valid arguments to present. The Right favors 'freedom' itself. Why should they not be 'free' to prosper as they please, no matter the wanton misery their pleasure should spread? The Left wants to limit the freedom of the most gifted individuals. The Left represents The Collective. The Left thinks that every Individual has an inherent duty to The Collective.

It's 'the Hive' v. 'the Bees'. Those are the basic '+' and '-' poles of the political spectrum.  

Some bees want to be 'free' of any duty to the hive. Human nature is what it is. Desire always fights against Reason. Often starting out with good intentions, human Desire will have its way. The Strongest Individuals become pirates who prey upon those who work, stealing from them so much of the honey they make that they are left on the edge of starvation, with the next cold winter always looming.

The Common People desperately want to have the political power to stop these soulless pirates from preying on them. The Common People do indeed very much want to limit these poor pirates' 'freedom' to take so much for themselves that they leave massive numbers of our babies constantly crying in hunger. 

Here we are. We're 232 years on from 1789. The Common People are still demanding our democratic rights and powers. The Elites cannot take so much from us that we cannot live in decent human dignity, and nurture our children in security, in whole families.

'The Line' must 'be' somewhere, at any given time. It's a constant tension between opposing forces. It's the basic dialectic. Blake's Bubble. Energy (Desire) and Reason. We live on the skin of the bubble formed by the tension between them.

The interests of The Collective will always be 'in tension with' the selfish freedom of The Individual. If that ephemeral line of tension moves too far, in EITHER direction, the bubble will burst.

"All for One. One for ALL"... (V Hugo) That's the successful human social formula. The Collective must treasure and honor the rights and interests of every individual. (All for One). And every Individual will feel and accept responsibility for a natural duty to The Collective in return. (One for ALL). 
As Jeff Faux correctly (logically) posits in his 'The Public Sector We Need' piece, a genuine Left is one that understands that a TRULY democratic government is the ONLY social agency that has the potential power to protect the interests and rights of the Common People against the rapacious greed of the Super Wealthy Elite Class. Without government restraints on the power of Big Money, on behalf of the Common People, a class of Ruling Elites will ALWAYS render the largest part of a nation's people, the yeomen folk, the Common People, into the miseries of indentured servitude to the Elites. (It's been going on for 10,000 years).

100 centuries of Humanity's attempts to become civilized prove this, through simple inductive reasoning, beyond any possible doubt. (Geezus, folks .. What part of the "those who don't learn from history .. etc" thing do we not understand?)

But hopeful beginnings in reading this article were not born out in what soon became obviously a snake oil 'narrative'. Jeff Faux even writes in introducing the 'product', the 'narrative', he's selling:

"There is plenty of material for a popular narrative to break the current ideological hammerlock: what government does now, what it has done in the past, and why we need it to guide our collective future"

That's where poor Mr. Faux goes wrong. He has a very sharp vision of many facets of 'the problem', but when he turns his attention to suggesting a solution, he is not searching for The Truth. He is merely trying to weave a 'narrative' that will further entrench the Democratic Party Machine in power. He warns with remarkable clarity that the DPM position is very tenuous. But in the end he only beckons people down a fool's path that only leads further into the twisted labyrinth of the Democratic Party Machine's Identity Politics neoLiberal cult ideology. 

The trap is set with 'human rights' as the bait.     
Mr. Faux is the founder of the Economic Policy Institute. EPI is an incorporated and well-funded mainstream liberal think-tank that is an impressive amalgamation of Organized Labor bigwigs, academic policy-wonk 'stars', (including a generous smattering of immigration advocates), and the Democratic Party itself, (in the person of Thomas Perez, US Secretary of Labor in the Obama Regime, and then Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, the governing body of the Democratic Party, until this past January, when he was ousted by the new Biden Regime). 

The current EPI Chairman of the Board is Big Labor bigwig, Richard Trumka, who has presided, as head of the AFL-CIO since 2009, over the continued disastrous free-fall of US Organized Labor into completely marginalized political irrelevance. For presiding over Labor's abject failure, Mr. Trumka earns over $300k per year from the AFL-CIO, which puts him in the top 1% of the US earnings hierarchy. 

Like all Big Labor business-union bigwigs, he personally is doing 'quite well' (shall we say) despite Big Labor's continuing precipitous free-fall into pitiable powerless ignominy under his 'leadership'. 

SEIU President Mary Kay Henry, the champion of immigrant service workers earning sub-living union wages, whose generous SEIU salary also puts her in the 'top 1%', serves under Mr. Trumka on the EPI Board of Directors. Both apparently serve on the EPI Board without salary. Quite the opposite, in fact. The AFL-CIO and SEIU each have donated many hundreds of thousands of dollars of US working people's union dues money to EPI, to pay generous (6 figure) salaries to a large EPI staff.   

It's always comforting to know that these extremely wealthy (top 1% in US in earnings) Labor Barons are so concerned about the well-being of actual working people, the peons living in the parched valley below, isn't it? Just look what they've done for us over the past 40 years of Labor's precipitous decline. Eh?

Like the entire entity of the American Left Activism Industry, the EPI is a legal 'non-profit' corporation, but its Executive Director earns over $200k, which puts her in the top 3% of earnings in the US. EPI lists 10 other people earning salaries from $135k - $200k on its tax form 990, which puts them in the top 7%. Non-profit corporations do not pay dividends to stockholders, but they sure can be lucrative for the people that run them, can't they?

EPI gets only 5% of its funding from actual people. 64% of EPI funding comes from Private Wealth Foundations, 20% comes from Labor unions, and 8% from corporations/organizations. So a total of 92% of EPI funding comes from super-wealthy neoLiberals, from the pitiably weak remnants of American Organized Labor, and from neoLiberal corporations/organizations.  

Private Wealth Foundations have the majority share at 64%. Add the 8% from corps and orgs, so 72% of EPI funding comes directly from Big Money. It sure looks to me like a 'main play' from the Democratic Party Machine, on behalf of the Elites that control BOTH parties. The whole thing, the entire shebang of the 'Democracy Reality-TV Show', is brought to you by the Syndicated Interests of the Super Wealthy Elites. 

Consider the possible implications that one might draw from observing that this article from Private Wealth supported EPI was published by 'Dissent' Magazine, which describes itself as:

"one of America’s leading intellectual journals and a mainstay of the democratic left."

So, a "mainstay of the democratic left" is publishing an article from an NGO corporation that is financed by Private Wealth Foundations. Interesting. No? I actually encountered the article on 'Portside', a primary Bolshevik Marionette propaganda site. When 'talking points' come from those that pay your own salary, they become 'marching orders', do they not? 

Geezus .. Folks. Which part of 2+2 has us stumped? BLM is funded by Private Wealth. Every Big Corporation in the entire US Imperial Corporate Establishment has 'officially saluted' the Bolshevik Left's idiotic Race War. Every Big Corporation has issued a formal statement of deep gushing support for the Marionette Left's idiotically enthusiastic fomenting of pure unadulterated racial hatred to help divide the Common People into powerless warring tribal factions.

The ONLY way EITHER or ANY faction can 'win' against the immense power of the Elites is through an alliance with other factions. "Divide and rule", commandeth the Elites. "O goody. Sounds like fun. We'll help", says the Bolshevik Marionette Left.   

Well .. Obviously .. As it has been for all the 100 Centuries, 'divide and rule' is still the Elites 'main game'. Keep the stupid rubes fighting each other and they'll never turn around together and fight us. "Divide et Impera". Divide and rule. It's been going on for 10,000 years. 
EPI founder Jeff Faux's admirable thesis in this article is that to have any chance of implementing a 'progressive agenda', (which, according to his 'pitch', means a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, Open Borders and happier immigrants, winning the Race War against evil white Americans, etc), we need to restore the capacity of democratic government to serve the Common People. (The preamble to the US Constitution clearly states that the government is mandated to "promote the general welfare" of the citizens).

I could not agree more that we, the Common People, need a truly democratic government to protect the Common People from the unrestrained greed and lust for power of a class of Elites that have captured authoritarian power over our nation. 

But Mr. Faux is "selling the sizzle, not the steak". He makes it very clear that the "Democratic Party's left-wing", (his term, and EPI's term), is selling just another 'narrative' of nonsensical lies, which have no chance at ALL to advance the interests of our nation's Common People. Quite the opposite, in fact. This Narrative of Lies he's 'selling' only serves to keep the Common People divided and therefore politically powerless. 

These lies are consummately designed to further line up the 'far Left', the Bolshevik Marionette Left, behind and within their woven 'Identity Politics' ideology. This article is a set of 'talking points'. It's a sort of 'debate algorithm'. They argue 'this', you say back 'this'. This is a 'sales pitch'. This is pure Snake Oil .. Strike up the song: "the Dance of the Bolsheviks". It always stirs their soles. (Irony indeed). Give them the publicity and notoriety their starving egos crave. All those incorporated 501(c) 'executive directors'. It's like MDMA to them. A good riot with some broken glass, freebase looting, with flames coming from the block you just came from. It's the best street party imaginable. And some other poor schmucks have to clean up the mess. It's so much fun when the cops don't do much to stop you. They even mostly dismissed all the charges for people that were arrested. The adrenaline flows. Flames brighten the night sky. Excitement fills every heart. You think human juices don't flow? You think that mainlined shot of adrenaline stimulation does not gird all loins?  

Yea .. But .. But there's always 'Sunday Morning Coming Down'. And then you're just back to being you. There's no escape from the human condition. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. People who accept responsibility understand that embracing victimhood makes a very good excuse for shirking responsibility.  

And these Big Labor Barons are now the mask 'they' wear when 'selling' their 'pitch', their 'narrative', to the Bolshevik Marionettes. 'They' meaning the money behind the operation. The Private Wealth Foundations who have been so generous to Mr Faux, and to the other well paid staff at EPI. Private Wealth is calling the shots in addressing the Left. Geez, folks .. The "follow the money" thing?) 

The Big Labor Barons are highly paid executives, with salaries that put them in the top 1% of people earning money in America. Their primary concern for their union members is that they pay dues every month. They wish they had more members, because then their union, their fiefdom, will be more profitable to them. Of course they PROMISE, (no crosses count), that they'll share the profit with their members by using it to build political power for working people.  

Starting in early August of 1981, that's 40 years ago now, the entire impotent edifice of Big Labor watched and did NOTHING as Reagan dealt Labor's power a death blow. Why? Why did the entire edifice of Big Labor do NOTHING at such an obviously crucial moment? 

A contract is a contract. That's why. In exchange for a short period of relative stability in management-labor relations, Big Unions had bargained away Solidarity itself. They had ALL painted themselves into corners. When the time came, they each stood alone. 

Don't all these Big Unions still do the same today? Don't they sign contracts that bargain away working people's right to Strike in Solidarity? Big Labor, aka: "the union bid'ness",  is not capable of organizing a broader political movement because the business relationships that naturally evolve between labor executives and corporate executives negate their motivations for doing so. Signing a contract helps entrench Big Union Bureaucrats in power. When relations between labor and management are always subject to ongoing tension, with labor always free to exercise its right to strike, then broad Solidarity is possible, and even a General Strike.

Labor could have shut down the nation in August of '81. But the contracts they had bargained for themselves forbid them from doing so, often stipulating that union leaders themselves could be imprisoned and heavily fined for allowing an 'illegal strike'.

The Big Labor Barons actually bargained away Solidarity itself. Striking workers don't pay dues. They still do. If PATCO somehow happened again today, the outcome would be the same, because Big Labor still bargains away Solidarity itself.        

When yer pullin' down $300k, as Mr. Trumka and Ms. Henry are, (plus generous travel and expense accounts), let's just say that you have a natural motivation to know which hand butters your bread. "It's nearly impossible to get anyone to believe something when their paycheck depends on not believing it". Labor strife just makes life harder for the Labor Barons, and again, striking workers can't pay dues. 

These Labor BigWigs earn in the top 1%. They travel on expense accounts. Fancy hotels and restaurants. Schmoozing with other top 1% bigwigs. They're 'big shots' wherever they go.

"Give us your dues and we will lead you to making your lives better", they promised. How's their 'promise' going? How's it working out for working people? The BigWigs live like the top 1% Barons they are. What have they done for working people over the past 40 years? 

You can't have a strike without a picket line. And you can't have a nation without a border. Massive immigration is nothing more than a constant supply of 'scabs'. People desperate for work, because their children need to eat, will always be willing to work for less.

Big Labor knows this quite well. You can't argue against gravity. You can't erase inertia with a 'narrative'. You can't cancel Natural Law. Excess Labor ALWAYS puts downward pressure on the value of Labor.

These Barons of Big Labor have long ago surrendered their public honor, their Dignitas, (the honor the public owes them). Immigrants are good for business. They'll be easy marks to organize. More dues money flowing in. More generous Union Fat Cat salaries flowing out. 

And now here they stand before us, like drunken idiots, endorsing an ideology that prioritizes destitute foreign born people over our own damn nation's tens upon tens of millions of destitute people, (and teeming millions more living in constant anxiety for their security). Don't our own citizens deserve to have a picket line? You want closed shops you say? No 'right to work' laws. You want forced dues paying? But you're donating your members' dues money to be used against them, aren't you? You turn around and use the money to actually support Open Borders? 

Can you please explain your rationale? How is it in any way 'good' for American working people to work in a great big right to work 'open shop', with no right to strike, because no picket line is allowed, and a generous supply of desperate immigrant 'scabs' are always clamoring for your job?  

Big Labor is just one among a whole host of our nation's institutions that are morally corrupt. Is there ANY public institution left in America, government or private, that is NOT morally corrupt? 

We need to question these motives. If we do it is very easy to 'see' that they no longer serve the purpose that they pretend to serve. Big Labor is an entrenched hierarchy. It's primary motivation is to remain entrenched. The 'union bid'ness' is a lucrative gig. $300k, top 1%. With an expense account to boot. Dozens of 6 figure salaries in every Big Union Fiefdom. Sounds lucrative to me. 

And Big Labor is now putting its own face on Big Money's Bottles of Snake Oil. Uncle Richard and Aunt Mary Kay? Their mugs right there on the brown bottle's colorful label? All brought to you by Big Money? Step right up, folks. Take two .. While supplies last.. 

It's pathetic. The more these Big Labor Barons go in this direction, the more resolute is their huge and growing Opposition. 

You people, (addressing the Bolsheviks directly), just don't yet 'get it'. 

It's a grievous (blood deep) insult to American working people that Big Labor thinks our nation's working citizens are so stupid that we can't see that having hordes of destitute immigrants constantly streaming into our communities threatens our jobs, and thus puts downwards pressure on our wages. You're making $16, but a whole line of desperate immigrants is telling your boss they'll do it for $12? How does that generally work out down the line? 

Step right up folks .. while supplies last .. Uncle Dick and Aunt Mary Brand Snake Oil .. Getcherself a bottle right here. Take two... While supplies last ... 

I highly recommend that all take the time to read Mr. Faux's article. It does present large facets of actual Reality in clear focus. But 2+2 never = five. These ultimately self-delusional people think they can support foreign working people, and demonize our own working people for objecting, and that somehow that is going to help them "revitalize the Labor Movement"? These people are ultimately pathetic fools themselves for thinking that the Common People are so stupid that we can't do simple math. Excess Labor ALWAYS = downward pressure on Labor. 

American working people are experiencing their lives disintegrating into hopelessness. Their children are dying of hopelessness. Hopeful dreams of innocent children are being extinguished. Dread oozes over the society with a thick sticky mood of nihilistic gloom.

And because they object to 'scabs' crossing the border to come take their jobs, they are being 'demonized', they are being 'dehumanized', by people like Jeff Faux, with the enthusiastic endorsement of the compliant and obedient, and above all WEALTHY, Big Labor Barons.

"Step right up, folks. Insist on the best. Buy Uncle Dickies' and Aunt Mary's brand Snake Oil. The Snake Oil that has the Big Union label right on every brown bottle".  

These people are scared. They are just starting to understand the depth of the sewage scum mire that is already over their feet and starting up their shins.


R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm (The old Webber place) 
63 Webber Rd.
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030