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Peter Myers Digest: Christmas in Bethlehem 1946

(1) Christmas in Bethlehem 1946(2) Outback Ringer(3) EcoHealth Alliance employees were behind the plot to obscure the lab origin of Covid-19(4) Vaccine Whistleblower Found Dead After Saying She'd Never Commit Suicide(5) Vaccine Whistleblower Found Dead After Saying She'd Never Commit Suicide(6) Anti-vaxxer activist who founded Learn the Risk is found dead(7) Fake Meat is part of the Great Reset(8) French infectious disease expert shocked by adverse reactions to Pfizer & Moderna vaccines(9) French professor abducted, thrown in psych ward for questioning COVID-19 vaccines(1) Christmas in Bethlehem 1946  (2) Outback Ringer3 short videos will introduce you to Outback Australia. It comprises 75% of the Australian continent, although only 5% of Australians live there.The Ringers are cowboys (& girls) who catch feral cattle. All these cattle run wild. They are never injected, wormed, medicated in any way, and not given hormones. Their meat is completely natural.The cattle are on huge ranches called "stations". Some stations are bigger than England. There is hardly any fencing - just boundary fences. At station boundaries, a cattle grid is made of railroad iron; vehicles can get across it but cattle can't.Live cattle and water buffaloes are shipped to Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam et al.There is a particular reason I hope you'll watch these 3 clips. You'll see that these cattle are not reared in feedlots. The argument that "fake meat" is more environmentally friendly does not hold in the case of feral cattle. If they were removed, there would no environmental benefit, and there would be more fires. is an Outback Ringer? | Outback Ringer27,296 viewso22 Sept 2020ABC TV & iview94K subscribersPremiering Tuesday October 20 at 8.00pm, the action-packed series Outback Ringer, follows a handful of brave men and women making a living catching feral bulls and buffalo in the remote Australian outback.  It’s a dangerous job - high-risk, but with high-reward and a hell of a lot of deal-making. #OutbackRinger tough crew muster feral cattle in outback Australia | Outback RingerMeet Lach McClymont and his handpicked crew of ringers who catch feral cattle in remote corners of the Northern Territory.After flying over the Top End, Lach saw huge numbers of cattle roaming wild on traditionally-owned land near the Queensland border. Starting in 2018, he assembled a small team, mounting a dangerous and complex operation to muster up those cattle. # Liz - Mum, Wife, Bull Catcher | Outback Ringer13,420 viewso7 Oct 2020ABC TV & iview94K subscribersLiz Cook is a mum and a bull catcher in Australia's outback. She works with her husband Willie to wrangle feral cattle in the Northern Territory while raising their two young kids. She says sometimes the life of a bull catcher is difficult however the thrill of the chase is hard to beat. #OutbackRinger ==THIS TV SERIES is being shown in more than 100 countries around the world. If you are interested, look for it.(3) EcoHealth Alliance employees were behind the plot to obscure the lab origin Biggest Conspiracy Behind COVID-19 Now Provenby Dr. Joseph MercolaDecember 16, 2020covid conspiracySTORY AT-A-GLANCE
In a February 18, 2020, scientific statement in The Lancet, 27 authors strongly condemned conspiracy theories suggesting COVID-19 does not have a natural origin, stating that scientists from around the world "overwhelmingly conclude that this coronavirus originated in wildlife"Emails obtained by U.S. Right to Know (USRTK) prove EcoHealth Alliance employees were behind the plot to obscure the lab origin of SARS-CoV-2 by issuing a scientific statement condemning such inquiries as "conspiracy theory"EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak drafted The Lancet statement, intending it to "not be identifiable as coming from any one organization or person" but rather to be seen as "simply a letter from leading scientists"Several of the authors of that Lancet statement also have direct ties to the EcoHealth Alliance that were not disclosed as conflicts of interestDaszak is now leading The Lancet's COVID-19 Commission charged with getting to the bottom of SARS-CoV-2's origin — a role for which he is clearly too conflicted to perform in an unbiased mannerNovember 5, 2020, U.S. Right to Know (USRTK), an investigative public health nonprofit group, filed a lawsuit1 against the National Institutes of Health after the agency failed to respond to its July 10, 2020, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.The USRTK's lawsuit sought access to nonexempt records of gain-of-function experiments relating to the COVID-19 pandemic from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the EcoHealth Alliance, which partnered with and funded the Wuhan Institute.2In a November 18, 2020, article,3,4 USRTK reports that emails obtained prove EcoHealth Alliance employees were behind the plot to obscure the lab origin of SARS-CoV-2 by issuing a scientific statement condemning such inquiries as "conspiracy theory":"Emails obtained by U.S. Right to Know show that a statement5 in The Lancet authored by 27 prominent public health scientists condemning 'conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin' was organized by employees of EcoHealth Alliance, a non-profit group that has received millions of dollars of U.S. taxpayer funding to genetically manipulate coronaviruses with scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.The emails obtained via public records requests show that EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak drafted the Lancet statement, and that he intended it to 'not be identifiable as coming from any one organization or person'6 but rather to be seen as 'simply a letter from leading scientists.'7 Daszak wrote that he wanted 'to avoid the appearance of a political statement.'8The scientists' letter appeared in The Lancet on February 18, just one week after the World Health Organization announced that the disease caused by the novel coronavirus would be named COVID-19.The 27 authors 'strongly condemn[ed] conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin,' and reported that scientists from multiple countries 'overwhelmingly conclude that this coronavirus originated in wildlife.'The letter included no scientific references to refute a lab-origin theory of the virus. One scientist, Linda Saif, asked via email whether it would be useful 'to add just one or 2 statements in support of why nCOV is not a lab generated virus and is naturally occuring? Seems critical to scientifically refute such claims!'9 Daszak responded, 'I think we should probably stick to a broad statement.'10"USRTK points out that several of the authors of that Lancet statement also have direct ties to the EcoHealth Alliance that were not disclosed as conflicts of interest."Rita Colwell and James Hughes are members of the Board of Directors of EcoHealth Alliance, William Karesh is the group's Executive Vice President for Health and Policy, and Hume Field is Science and Policy Advisor," USRTK writes.11Daszak Leads Lancet Investigation Into SARS-CoV-2 OriginThis bombshell finding is all the more important in light of the fact that Daszak is now leading The Lancet's COVID-19 Commission charged with getting to the bottom of SARS-CoV-2's origin.12The nomination was suspect from the start, for no other reason than EcoHealth Alliance has received numerous grants from the National Institutes of Health for coronavirus research that was then subcontracted to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.Daszak had also gone on the record stating he's convinced that the virus is natural in origin. With that, his conflicts of interest were already crystal clear, but the finding that he orchestrated The Lancet statement condemning "conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin" means The Lancet Commission's investigation is little more than a cover-up operation.If they want to maintain any semblance of credibility going forward, Daszak would need to be replaced with someone less tainted by conflicts and personal gain potential. Five other members of The Lancet Commission also signed the February 18, 2020, statement in The Lancet,13 which puts their credibility in question as well.Daszak has every reason to make sure SARS-CoV-2 ends up being declared natural, because if it turns out to be a lab-creation, his livelihood is at stake. It would be naïve to believe that safeguarding the continuation of dangerous gain-of-function research wouldn't be a powerful motivator to preserve the zoonotic origin narrative.If you want to see just how deeply the mainstream media is in complete collusion with Daszak and is being used to bolster this fake narrative, you can view the "60 Minutes" interview with him below that was broadcast earlier this year.Lab Escapes Are CommonplaceFor the past decade, there have been red flags raised in the scientific community about biosecurity breaches in high containment biological labs in the U.S. and around the world.14There were legitimate fears that a lab-created superflu might escape the confines of biosecurity labs where researchers are conducting experiments. It's certainly a reasonable fear, considering the many biosafety breaches on record.15,16,17,18 For example, in 2014, six glass vials of smallpox virus were accidentally found in a storeroom in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's lab at the National Institutes of Health.19It was the second time in one month mishandling of potential deadly infectious agents was exposed. One month before this shocking discovery, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention20 realized as many as 84, and possibly 86, of its scientists had been exposed to live anthrax.21,22The live pathogen had been sent from another, higher-security facility, which failed to follow biosafety protocols. The anthrax sample was supposed to have been inactivated prior to transfer, but for a variety of reasons it wasn't dead on arrival.The next year, in 2015, the Pentagon realized a Dugway Proving Ground laboratory had been sending incompletely inactivated anthrax (meaning it was still live) to 200 laboratories around the world for the past 12 years. According to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report23 issued in August 2016, incompletely inactivated anthrax was sent out on at least 21 occasions between 2003 and 2015.In 2017, the BSL 4 lab on Galveston Island was hit by a massive storm and severe flooding, raising questions about what might happen were some of the pathogens kept there to get out.24 As recently as 2019, the BSL 4 lab in Fort Detrick was temporarily shut down after several protocol violations were noted.25Between October 2014 and December 2017, a moratorium on dangerous gain-of-function experiments was in effect in the U.S.26,27 The moratorium was initially issued after a rash of "high-profile lab mishaps" at the CDC and "extremely controversial flu experiments" in which the bird flu virus was engineered to become more lethal and contagious between ferrets.The goal was to see if it could mutate and become more lethal and contagious between humans, causing future pandemics.According to Francis Boyle, who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, the West Africa Ebola pandemic likely originated out of a BSL-4 facility in Sierra Leone. He believes they were testing a live Ebola vaccine, thereby causing the outbreak.Asia Times28 lists several other examples of safety breaches at BSL3 and BSL4 labs, as does a May 28, 2015, article in USA Today,29 an April 11, 2014, article in Slate magazine30 and a November 16, 2020, article in Medium.31SARS Lab EscapesThe Medium article,32 written by Gilles Demaneuf, reviews SARS lab escapes specifically. No less than three out of four reappearances of SARS have been attributed to safety breaches. In the first incident, which took place in September 2003 in Singapore, an inexperienced doctoral student was infected with SARS. The case was blamed on "inappropriate laboratory standards" and cross-contamination.33Other shortcomings that contributed included "inadequate record-keeping procedures, totally inadequate training, inexistent virus stock inventory, patchy maintenance records plus a variety of structural problems including the absence of gauges to indicate the pressure differentials, the lack of a freezer to store samples, problems with HEPA filters and air supply, and other equipment deficiencies."34As long as we are creating the risk, the benefit will always be secondary. Any scientific or medical gains made from gain-of-function research pales in comparison to the incredible risks involved if these creations are released.The second accident took place in December 2003 at the Level 4 lab at the Taiwan Military Institute of Preventive Medical Research (IPMR) of the National Defense University.A lieutenant-colonel working with SARS was infected as a result of negligence when disinfecting an accidental spill. The third incidence took place between February and April 2004 in Beijing, resulting in nearly 1,000 people being medically quarantined.Why Tracking Down Origin of SARS-CoV-2 Is CrucialAs noted by the National Review,35 getting to the bottom of the origin of SARS-CoV-2 is crucial if we are to prevent a similar pandemic to erupt in the future:"If it originated from a person eating bat or pangolin at a wet market, then we need to take steps to ensure that bat and pangolin consumption and trade stops everywhere in the world … Bat guano is used as fertilizer in many countries, and that guano can be full of viruses … If this is the source of the virus, we need to get people to stop going into caves and using the guano as fertilizer …In a strange way, the 'lab accident' scenario is one of the most reassuring explanations. It means that if we want to ensure we never experience this again, we simply need to get every lab in the world working on contagious viruses to ensure 100 percent compliance with safety protocols, all the time."We're told gain-of-function research is necessary in order to stay ahead of the natural evolution of viruses. A pathogen that mutates and jumps species, for example, may end up posing a severe threat to mankind. However, by manipulating pathogens, turning nonlethal viruses into lethal ones, for example, we are creating the very risk we're supposedly trying to avoid.And, as long as we are creating the risk, the benefit will always be secondary. Any scientific or medical gains made from this kind of research pales in comparison to the incredible risks involved if these creations are released. This sentiment has been echoed by others in a variety of scientific publications.36,37,38,39Considering the potential for a massively lethal pandemic, I believe it's safe to say that BSL 3 and 4 laboratories pose a very real and serious existential threat to humanity.U.S. biowarfare programs employ some 13,000 scientists,40 all of whom are hard at work creating ever-deadlier pathogens, while the public is simply told to trust that these pathogens will never be released, either involuntarily or voluntarily.Historical facts tell us accidental exposures and releases have already happened, and we only have our lucky stars to thank that none have turned into pandemics taking the lives of millions.Considering safety breaches at these labs number in the hundreds, it's only a matter of time before something really nasty gets out. Consider the ramifications if a souped-up Ebola or Spanish flu were to get out, for example. Is SARS-CoV-2 the product of gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology? It might be. There's certainly compelling evidence to suggest it.But even if such suspicions turn out be wrong, we must ask the question and do a proper investigation. We absolutely need to know how this virus came about, and if it was a lab creation, how it got out.Naturally, there will be resistance. As mentioned, many thousands of researchers stand to lose their careers were this kind of research to be banned. As Antonio Regalado, biomedicine editor of MIT Technology Review, told Boston Magazine,41 "If it turned out COVID-19 came from a lab it would shatter the scientific edifice top to bottom."Some might be looking at an even worse fate. With sufficient evidence, certain researchers and public health authorities could face life behind bars for their involvement, which is the penalty for bioterrorism under the Anti-Terrorism Act. All things considered, there's virtually no benefit to gain-of-function research, but plenty of risk.- Sources and References1 US District Court for the District of Columbia Case No. 20-cv-3196 (PDF)2 November 5, 20203, 11 USRTK November 18, 20204 GM Watch November 19, 20205 The Lancet March 7, 2020; 395(10226): E42-E436, 9, 10 USRTK Email February 6, 20207, 8 USRTK Email February 8, 202012 EcoHealth Alliance November 23, 202013 Twitter Alina Chan November 23, 202014 Institute of Medicine. Biosecurity Challenges of the Global Expansion of High-Containment Biological Laboratories 2011.15 The Guardian December 4, 201416 CIDRAP July 1, 201617 Reuters February 15, 201218 CIDRAP June 20, 201419 New York Times, July 9, 201420 New York Times, June 20, 201421 Popular Mechanics July 31, 201422 Reuters June 21, 201423 August 2016, High-Containment Laboratories Improved Oversight of Dangerous Pathogens Needed to Mitigate Risk (PDF)24 Consortium News August 30, 201725 WJLA January 22, 202026 NPR November 7, 201427 New York Times December 19, 2017 (Archived)28 Asia Times April 6, 202029 USA Today May 28, 201530 Slate April 11, 201431, 32, 33, 34 Medium November 16, 202035 National Review April 16, 202036 mBio 2012 Sep-Oct; 3(5): e00360-1237 The Human Fatality Burden of Gain of Function Flu Research: A Risk Assessment by Lynn Klotz (PDF)38 BMC Medicine 2013; 11, Article number 25239 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists February 25, 201940 Scoop February 26, 202041 Boston Magazine September 9, 2020Right to Know: Vaccine Whistleblower Found Dead After Saying She'd Never Commit Suicide 10th 2020, 10:00 amBrandy Vaughan exposed Big Pharma's corruption on Infowars numerous time since 2015A renowned whistleblower of Big Pharma and vaccines has been found dead roughly a year after she released a public statement saying she'd never commit suicide.The body of Brandy Vaughan, former pharmaceutical insider and ex-Merck sales executive, was discovered by her nine-year-old son earlier this week, according to reports.The cause of death is currently unknown."I've NEVER had any thoughts of taking my own life, not once, ever. Even before I had my son," said Vaughan in a Facebook statement from last December. "I have a huge mission in this life. Even when they make it very difficult and scary, I would NEVER take my own life. Period.""I have NEVER been on an anti-depressant nor been diagnosed as depressed – don't believe it if you ever hear anything like this."Additionally, is reporting Vaughan made it clear that if anything happened to her it would most likely be homicide.Please take a moment to watch and share Vaughan's appearances on back in 2015:Also in 2015, Vaughan had created to educate people on the dangers of pharmaceutical products, vaccines and unnecessary medical treatments.Moreover, watch this resurfaced video of Vaughan describing the intimidation attacks she endured during her activist work:Vaughan's Facebook statement from December 2019 can be found below:Brandy Vaughan (age 47) passed away today. Brandy Vaughan was founder of , a vocal critic of BIG Pharma, educating people about dangers of vaccines and pharma drugs.She posted this public statement in December 2019.— MIT-trained Scientist.. Waking Up (@aldous_floyd) December 9, 2020(6) Anti-vaxxer activist who founded Learn the Risk is found dead DEAD Brandy Vaughan dead – Anti-vaxxer activist who founded Learn the Risk is found dead by son, 9Mollie Mansfield9 Dec 2020, 16:07Updated: 10 Dec 2020, 6:32AN anti-vaxxer activist who founded Learn the Risk has been found dead by her nine-year-old son.News of Brandy Vaughan's death started circling on Tuesday, however the date has not been confirmed.Health Nut News reported that Vaughan was found dead by her nine-year-old son.On her Facebook page, she described herself as a "former pharmaceutical insider on a mission to create a healthier world one person at a time by educating on the real risks of pharma drugs and vaccines."When working in the pharma industry, Brandy sold Vioxx, a painkiller that was found to double the risk of stroke and heart attacks, according to her Learn the Risk bio.The painkiller was later taken off the market."From that experience, I realized that just because something is on the market doesn't mean it's safe," Brandy said."Much of what we are told by the healthcare industry just simply isn't the truth."She then spent eight years living in Europe where she saw how healthcare is done very differently from the US."Upon returning to the States with a vaccine-free son, she was bullied at a pediatrician's office when she asked questions that every parent should ask like, What are the ingredients in these vaccines?" her bio reads."How come children in other countries are healthier, but receive far fewer vaccines?"(7) Fake Meat is part of the Great Reset Year Without Santa Claus?Analysis by Dr. Joseph MercolaDecember 21, 2020STORY AT-A-GLANCEThanksgiving was canceled in many parts of the U.S., and many government leaders are now urging residents to cancel their Christmas celebrations tooThe global response to the COVID-19 pandemic has little to do with the spread of an actual virus, and everything to do with the planned global takeover and implementation of a technocratic agenda known as the Great ResetMask mandates, social distancing, business shutdowns, online shopping, working and learning, CRP testing and quarantining of asymptomatic individuals are all forms of "soft indoctrination" to get us used to a way of life devoid of our usual rights and freedomsWhile the Great Reset plan is being sold as a way to make life fair and equitable for all, it’s really a wealth redistribution scheme that transfers wealth from the working class to the technocratic eliteThe mass vaccination agenda and the promotion of fake, lab-grown meat are also evidence of the technocratic coup underway. COVID-19 vaccines are part of a biological surveillance framework, while the normalization of fake meat is an attempt to control the part of the food supply that is not already patented and under their controlWhile lockdowns were supposed to be temporary — initially just a couple of weeks to "flatten the curve" — nine months into the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s still no end in sight. Thanksgiving was canceled in many parts of the U.S., and many government leaders are now urging residents to cancel their Christmas celebrations too.What many still don’t realize is that the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic has little to do with the spread of an actual virus, and everything to do with the planned global takeover and implementation of a technocratic agenda known as the Great Reset.Universal mask mandates, social distancing, business shutdowns, online shopping, working and learning, CRP testing and quarantining of asymptomatic individuals are all forms of "soft indoctrination" to get us used to an entirely new, and unfathomably inhumane, way of life devoid of our usual rights and freedoms.The Other KlausKlaus Schwab is the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum. Schwab announced the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset Initiative in June 2020, which includes stripping people of their privately owned assets.In addition to being a poster boy for technocracy, Schwab also has a strong transhumanist bend, and wrote the book on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a hallmark of which is the merger of man and machine, biology and digital technology.1According to Winter Oak — a British nonprofit social justice organization — Schwab and his globalist accomplices are using the COVID-19 pandemic "to bypass democratic accountability, to override opposition, to accelerate their agenda and to impose it on the rest of humankind against our will."Indeed, Schwab’s book,2,3 "COVID-19: The Great Reset" urges industry leaders and decision makers to "make good use of the pandemic" and "not letting the crisis go to waste."Greatest Wealth Transfer in History Is UnderwayWhile the Great Reset plan is being sold as a way to make life fair and equitable for all, the required sacrifices do not apply to the technocrats running the system.On the contrary, as noted by Patrick Wood in his recent interview with James Delingpole, featured in "Technocracy and the Great Reset," the wealth distribution and circular economies promoted by the technocratic elite will never benefit the people, because what they’re really referring to is the redistribution of wealth from the people, to themselves.Evidence of this can be seen in the decision to allow big box stores to remain open during the pandemic while forcing small businesses to close, no matter how small the infection risk.There’s really no rhyme or reason for such a decision, other than to shift wealth away from small, private business owners to multinational corporations. Walmart and Target, for example, report record sales this year4 while more than half of all small business owners fear their businesses won’t survive.5Never before has America seen such an accumulation of wealth in so few hands. ~ Frank Clemente, executive director, Americans for Tax FairnessYelp’s September 2020 economic impact report showed that, as of August 31, 2020, 163,735 U.S. businesses had closed and 60% of them are permanent closures.6 Similarly, while working-class Americans filed for unemployment by the tens of millions, the five richest men in the U.S. — Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett and Larry Ellison — grew their wealth by a total of $101.7 billion (26%), between March 18 and June 17, 2020, alone.7Since the beginning of the pandemic, the collective wealth of 651 billionaires in the U.S. rose by more than $1 trillion (36%).8 To put their current wealth in perspective, the assets of these 651 billionaires is nearly double that of the combined wealth of the least wealthy 165 million Americans. As noted by Frank Clemente, executive director of Americans for Tax Fairness, "Never before has America seen such an accumulation of wealth in so few hands."9That’s technocratic wealth redistribution for you. Ultimately, the Great Reset will result in two tiers or people: the technocratic elite, who have all the power and rule over all assets, and the rest of humanity, who have no power, no assets and no voice.That the COVID-19 pandemic is a form of class war is also evident in the way rules are enforced. While citizens are threatened with fines and arrest if they don’t do as they’re told, those who lay down the rules repeatedly break them without repercussions.The PCR Test HoaxThe reason technocratic world leaders and their loyal minions are now calling for the cancellation of Christmas is — as illustrated in our Christmas parody above — because of PCR testing. The number of positive tests are reportedly on the rise, which is said to be proof that the infection is spreading out of control.However, evidence shows there’s no relationship between positive tests and deaths, and the reason for this is because the false positive rate for the PCR test is extraordinarily high. We’re simply quarantining and preventing healthy people who pose no risk to anyone from living their lives.A September 28, 2020, study10 in Clinical Infectious Diseases revealed that when you run a PCR test at a cycle threshold (CT, i.e., the amplification rate) of 35 cycles or higher, the accuracy drops to 3%, resulting in a 97% false positive rate.According to an April 2020 study11 in the European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, to get 100% confirmed real positives, the PCR test must be run at no more than 17 amplification cycles.Meanwhile, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend running PCR tests at a CT of 40,12 and Drosten tests and tests recommended by the World Health Organization are set to a CT of 45.By using CTs known to result in false positives, you end up with the appearance of widespread infection, which is then used to keep the pandemic measures going. In reality, COVID-19 has not resulted in excess deaths13,14,15 and were it not for the fact that it’s being used as a cover for the Great Reset, life would have returned to normal months ago.According to Dr. Roger Hodkinson, one of Canada’s top pathologists and an expert in virology, the COVID-19 pandemic is the "greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public."16 Hodkinson is the CEO of Western Medical Assessments, a biotech company that manufactures COVID-19 PCR tests.Michael Yeadon, Ph.D., a former vice-president and chief scientific adviser of the drug company Pfizer and founder/CEO of the biotech company Ziarco, is also speaking out about how fraudulent PCR testing is being used to manufacture the appearance of a pandemic that doesn’t really exist, as are Dr. Lee Merritt, members of the German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee17,18 and many others.What Vaccines Have to Do With ItIf you need more evidence that we’re in the middle of a technocratic takeover, look no further than the mass vaccination agenda and the promotion of fake, lab-grown meat. Bill Gates, another frontline technocrat, has repeatedly stated that we have no choice but to vaccinate everyone against COVID-19.Naturally, he’s heavily invested in said vaccine and stands to gain handsomely from a global mass vaccination campaign. Technocrats are nothing if not self-serving, all while pretending to be do-gooders — much like COVID Claus in our little video.But the vaccine program isn’t just about selling vaccines. It’s also a way to implement a global biological surveillance network (which is also why 5G is being rolled out across the globe).The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has funded and promoted a new delivery method for the COVID-19 vaccine that uses a microneedle array rather than conventional injection.19 The microneedles are equipped with fluorescent quantum dot tags. The resulting invisible mark can then be read by a smartphone equipped with a special sensor. This mark will also allow government to track you.Eventually, your personal identification, medical records, finances and who knows what else, will all be tied together and embedded somewhere on or in your body. Every possible aspect of your biology and life activities will be trackable 24/7. You will also be digitally tied into the internet of things, which eventually will include smart cities.All the different parts of this giant population control grid fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The global vaccination agenda ties into the biometric identity agenda, which ties into the cashless society agenda, which ties into the social credit system agenda, which ties into the social engineering agenda and so on.When you follow this experiment to its ultimate conclusion, you find all of humanity enslaved within a digitized prison with no way out. Those who rebel will simply have their digital-everything restricted or shut down.Fake Meat Is Part of the Reset TooThe rise of fake, lab-grown meat is a puzzle piece of the Great Reset agenda too. According to the World Economic Forum, lab-grown, cultured meat is a more sustainable alternative to conventional livestock, and in the future, we’ll all be eating a lot less meat. As noted on its website:20"As the world looks to reset its economy, along with food systems, in a cleaner way post-pandemic, one more sustainable solution coming to fruition is cultured meat … Cultured meat takes much less time to grow, uses fewer of the planet’s resources, and no animals are slaughtered."But don’t think for a second that this has anything to do with environmental protection. No, it’s about controlling the food supply and preventing food independence.Already, multinational corporations have taken over a majority of the global food supply with their patented genetically engineered seeds. Patented cultured meats and seafood will allow private companies to control the food supply in its entirety, and by controlling the food supply, they will control countries and entire populations.Public health will undoubtedly suffer from this dietary switch, as canola and safflower oil are primary sources of fat in these fake meat concoctions. Vegetable oils are loaded with linoleic acid (LA), an omega-6 fat that, in excess, acts as a metabolic poison, causing severe mitochondrial dysfunction, insulin resistance, decreased NAD+ levels, obesity and a radical decrease in your ability to generate cellular energy.Our LA consumption 150 years ago was between 2 and 3 grams per day. Today it is 10 to 20 times higher. If fake meat becomes a staple, the average LA intake is bound to increase even further.Make a Christmas Vow to Undo the Great ResetThe Great Reset is well underway, but it’s not yet too late to stop it. Enough people have to see it and understand it, though. And then they must act. If we want to prevent the Great Reset from destroying life as we know it, we must view civil disobedience as a duty. We must resist it from every angle.We must reclaim our sovereignty, our right to live free, to open our businesses and move about freely. We must communicate with our elected leaders and demand they not infringe on our constitutional rights. We have to engage in political processes and help educate our local sheriffs of their role as defenders of the constitution. We may also need to support legal challenges.A small step in the right direction that you can take right now would be to celebrate Christmas like you normally would this week, and not allow the Klaus Schwabs and Bill Gateses of the world rob you of valuable time with family and friends.There are no guarantees in this life, and for many, this will be their last Christmas. So, spend it well. Cherish life by actually living it and spending it with those you love. Refusing to give up our humanity is how we resist the Great Reset.- Sources and References1 Winter Oak October 5, 20202 COVID-19: The Great Reset3 Steven Guiness September 3, 20204 The New York Times August 19, 20205 Bloomberg August 11, 20206 CNBC September 16, 20207 Institute for Policy Studies June 18, 20208, 9 Childrens Health Defense December 14, 202010 Clinical Infectious Diseases September 28, 2020; ciaa149111 European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases April 27, 2020; 39: 1059-106112 CDC 2019-nCoV Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel Instructions, July 13, 2020 (PDF) Page 3513 YouTube, SARS-CoV-2 and the rise of medical technocracy, Lee Merritt, MD, aprox 8 minutes in (Lie No. 1: Death Risk)14 Technical Report June 2020 DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.24350.7712515 Johns Hopkins Newsletter November 26, 2020 (Archived)16 Summit News November 18, 202017 Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee, English18 Algora October 4, 202019 MIT News December 18, 201920 October 16, 2020(8) French infectious disease expert shocked by adverse reactions to Pfizer & Moderna vaccinesFrom: "Tom and Kathy"[Emphasis Added]After seeing a report on the Pfizer vaccine from the American Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday evening, Professor Eric Caumes, the Head of the Department for Infectious and Tropical Diseases at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris, caused a bit of a stir last week with his comments on RNA vaccines [which can replace your DNA] as they relate to the current Covid-19 vaccine.Caumes said that the data used by Pfizer to obtain marketing authorization turned out to be a shock.Caumes measured his words, saying, "As I read the 53 pages, something struck me. I have never seen such a high frequency of adverse events for a vaccine. Apart from minor injection reactions such as local redness and pain, other side effects occurred at relatively high rates, especially in young people and after the second dose. Take the example of fever. It can occur transiently after an injection; it is classic. But here, 15.8% of 18 to 55 year-olds had a fever of 38 degrees Celsius [100.4 F] or higher within seven days after the second injection. And 45% had to take medication for fever or pain. 55% had headaches and 62% were tired. No, really, that’s much too much, perhaps there’s a problem… " Caumes said. "Not only is there a lack of information, but these injections based on genetic material (RNA) have never passed the commercialization stage until now," Caumes said. "Perhaps they are revolutionary, but I want proof of their reliability, otherwise it is tantamount to placing blind trust in an industry.""Pfizer and Moderna simply announced their success in a press release. In my career as a physician, I’ve never seen anything like this before. You have to realize there is still no trace of a scientific publication."Read in full here: French professor abducted, thrown in psych ward for questioning COVID-19 vaccines From chris lancenet <>*Thursday, December 17, 2021: Ethan Huff* pack of French law enforcement "gendarmes" operating under military command arrested and imprisoned a retired university professor the other day for questioning the safety and effectiveness of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.Jean-Bernard Fourtillan," known for his opposition to "coof" jabs, was forcibly removed from his temporary home in the south of France and put into solitary confinement at a psychiatric hospital in Uzès, all because he does not trust the COVID-19 vaccines that are being imposed on the masses.Fourtillan had his mobile phones taken from him, preventing him from communicating with the outside world. He is now stuck in total isolation for the "crime" of contradicting the official narrative surrounding the plandemic and its alleged "cure.""The systematic use of psychiatric hospitals in order to silence or punish political opponents became widespread under communism, having started shortly after the Bolshevik revolution in Russia in 1917," warns Jeanne Smith, the Paris correspondent for LifeSiteNews, about this chilling development."The method developed under Stalin and then expanded as opposition to the ‘socialist paradise’ came to be considered a sign of mental illness. Under the 1966 penal code of the USSR, repression of dissidents openly targeted those who ‘spread false propaganda defaming the Soviet State and its social system.'"There are many legitimate questions about COVID-19 that health authorities and government agencies refuse (or are unable?) to answer, and simply asking them does not render one as "mentally ill." To learn more, visit Pasteur filed patent for SARS-CoV-2 in 2011, proving this is all a plandemicFor many years, Fourtillan has been voicing concerns about childhood vaccines that contain deadly adjuvants such as mercury, which is linked to causing autism and other forms of neurological damage.The 11 compulsory vaccines for newborns that are administered in France also reportedly contain 17 times the maximum dose of aluminum, which is likewise defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a neurotoxin that can cause permanent health damage.Fourtillan also questions the official narrative surrounding COVID-19, including from where it came. He has accused France’s Institut Pasteur of "fabricat[ing]" the SARS-CoV-2 virus over the course of several decades, as well as facilitating its "escape" from the level-four biolab in Wuhan, China.An agreement signed between France and China back in 2004 greased the wheels for something of a Chinese takeover of France’s health policies once COVID-19 made its appearance. French leader Yves Lévy, who is also co-president of the Wuhan Institute of Virology‘s steering committee, used it to sign a decree back in January 2020 banning over-the-counter sales of hydroxychloroquine throughout France.Responding to the allegations, Institut Pasteur threatened to sue Fourtillan, though Fourtillan himself has since filed his own formal complaint against the institution for "libel and lies that are prejudicial to the peoples of the world."Fourtillan has already analyzed and made public patents for SARS-CoV-1, which contains portions of the malaria virus. These patents were used to create various vaccines. In 2011, Institut Pasteur apparently filed another patent application for "SARS-CoV-2," which was identical to the first one, according to Fourtillan.This was done, he says, because commercial exploitation of the first patent started in 2003 and was set to expire 20 years later in 2023. Fourtillan further claims that four sequences of the HIV virus were added to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, again for the purpose of creating more new vaccines.Prof. Luc Montagnier, who won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2008 for his discovery of HIV, agrees that SARS-CoV-2 exists because of human manipulation. He was initially ridiculed by the mainstream media, but has since been vindicated as telling the truth.