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Peter Myers Digest: Intersex vs Transgender

(1) Intersex vs Transgender - Eric Walberg(2) What does it mean for marriage, parenting, adoption?(3) While Iran bans homosexuality, it does allow sex changes(4) Britain's first retirement complex for LGBT(5) Milo Yiannopoulos, now a heterosexual Christian, throws Gay Marriage ring into ocean(6) Trans activists have too much influence in formulating Hate crime laws in UK - Retired Judge(7) 'Progressive' Christians oppose Mark Latham's bill restricting Gender manipulation and Sexualisation of little kids(1) Intersex vs Transgender - Eric WalbergFrom: Eric Walberg <> vs transgender: 'the same … only different'Created: Sunday, 02 May 2021 23:03 Written by Eric WalbergThe gay liberation movement/ era is now in its sixth decade, or more, if you count the 'anything goes' 1930s and the wild rutting of WWII, lots of it male-male, followed by the 1950s hangover of paranoia and oppression. The intersex and transgender movements/ era only got going in the 1990s, though the trans movement can also be dated to the celebrity first transsexual Christine Jorgensen in 1961, and the free love 1960s. Of course, there have been intersex (and male-male sex) from the Stone Age.1/ Intersex are genetic abnormalities, and the condition usually easily hidden, even from the subjects, not really preventing the individuals from integrating in society. They are physically mostly normal, apart from genitalia, which may require cosmetic surgery and removal of mixed-up testes or ovaries.Some insects (Drosophila), some snakes, some fish (guppies), and some plants (Ginkgo tree) have a mechanism for determining sex similar to humans. Males typically have two different kinds of sex chromosomes (XY), and are called the heterogametic sex. In the absence of the Y chromosome (XX), by default, the fetus will undergo female development. (For birds, some insects, many reptiles, and various other animals, the heterogametic sex is female. A temperature-dependent sex determination system is found in some reptiles and fish.)Humans, as well as some other organisms, can have a rare chromosomal arrangement that is contrary to their sex; for example, XX males or XY females. Klinefelter's syndrome, in which two X chromosomes and a Y chromosome are present, XYY syndrome and even XXYY syndrome. Intersex occurs 0.02% of the time (1:20,000). The result is usual sterility, a congenital eunuch, hermaphrodite, since 2006, called disorder of sexual development (DSD), relabeled intersex in 2008. ...Broadly speaking, some form of intersex occurs 0.017% of the time (1:6,000). Fertility is variable. If an intersex person has a uterus, they may be able to carry a pregnancy. If they have ovaries or ovotestes, that tissue could be used for reproduction in some cases. A few intersex people do have ovaries, a uterus, and a vagina, and can get pregnant.It could be that a child’s status as intersex doesn’t become obvious until puberty, when their body produces more of a hormone that doesn’t match their assigned sex. Or perhaps certain expected puberty milestones (deepening voice or growing breasts) don’t happen. Or maybe the ones that happen are characteristic of what you thought was the 'opposite' sex.In these cases, a person who had more biological male features as a child might look more feminine after puberty. Or a person who looked female as a child might start to look more stereotypically male as a teenager. And sometimes, a person might not learn s/he has intersex traits until even later, (difficulty having children). A person doesn’t 'become' or choose to be intersex. It’s what they’re born with, whether it’s clear at birth or not until later.It's all explicable according to science, and as such, a straightforward issue of civil rights, not really a movement out to transform society. It is not really controversial, despite occasional prejudice depending on how sever the condition, in contrast to the gay or transgender movements which are indeed movements with political goals and are bound to face resistance, despite attempts to claim the 'battle' has now been 'won'.Intersex is mostly just an extension of 'cisgender' (normal gender = sex), a developmental disorder. The 'battle' is more straightforward. The intersex condition really has little to do with the gay/ trans movements. (Among intersex, there are slightly more gays (1:8) than gays in the overall population (1:20).) Even gay-phobic Russia has an approved intersex organization and performs surgeries as dictated by the condition. Irene wrote at the interACT blog how she saw the 'What it's like to be intersex' video, and suddenly realized she was intersex. Kimberly Zieselman, author of XOXY: A memoir (2020), met Irene at University of Surrey in 2016. Irene and just found and joined Russia Association Russian-Speaking Intersex. She had been told the same cancer scare story as Zieselman had been as a child, to convince her to 'have a hysterectomy': My father told everything about me being intersex to all his lovers, and to all our neighbors, but not to me. I started getting periods, but almost no breast growth. In the whole history of mankind nobody ever wanted to get breasts more than I did (and still do to be honest).Faking It MTV (2014) was the first media celebration of intersex. LGBTQI kids would be the cool kids. Lauren: If we’re going to have a real relationship, you need to know the real me because i don’t want to hide who I am anymore from anybody. The gay journal Advocate: The show is advocacy, activism and education all rolled up in a veneer of entertainment, and for intersex young people, it’s changed everything. Zieselman, who contributed to Faking It, admits she, though intersex, had never met a gay or transgender person before she became an activist for intersex. (And you can still feel her discomfort in XOXY, though she is carried along by the feel-good gay liberation (gaylib) bandwagon.)2a/ Trans has a very different history, building on gaylib. The first mention of the term homosexual was in 1869. Kraft-Ebing (1840—1902) first analyzed homosexuality as pathological, a mental illness, along with shoe and other fetishes, necrophilia, s/m. Krafft-Ebing’s conclusions about homosexuality are now largely forgotten, partly because Freud's theories considered homosexuality to be purely a psychological problem (if a problem at all), not an illness or vice. A man should not strive to eliminate his complexes, but to get into accord with them. Really just a massaged version of Kraft-Ebing.In 1952, when the APA published the first edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-I), it classified homosexuality as a 'sociopathic personality disturbance'. In DSM-II, published in 1968, it was reclassified as a 'sexual deviation'. In 1973 the APA removed the diagnosis from DSM-II altogether. Activist Barbara Gittings (founder of lesbian group Daughters of Belitis) exclaimed at the time: The day we were cured en masse. In 1987, the lasting remaining psychopathy label ‘sexual orientation disturbance' was removed, and even 'homosexual' fell out of favor, in favor of the slang term gay.2b/ In 1952, American trans woman Christine Jorgensen's public transition brought widespread awareness to transsexual reassignment surgery. At that time, transsexual meant surgery, the full monty. The concept of transgender only took hold after the Stonewall Riots of 1969, as gaylib grew into an important political force, embracing all non-cisgender identities.The concept of transgender slowly separated from transsexual and transvestite crossdressing (the majority of crossdressers identify as heterosexual) in the late 1960s. Also drag, androgyny, and by the mid-70s, crossgender came to mean 'without sex reassignment surgery'. In the 1970s, Lou Sullivan began what became FTM (female-to-male) International in 1986, while feminists began to feud over excluding or including trans women.As anthropology became more scientific, examples of alternate sexual/ gender realities became known. In Indonesia, there are trans-/ third-gender waria. The bugis of Sulawesi recognize five genders. By 1984, the concept of a transgender community coalesced. Leslie Feinberg's pamphlet, 'Transgender Liberation: A Movement Whose Time has Come', circulated in 1992, claiming transgender as a term to unify all forms of gender nonconformity.This subtly conflates – inaccurately – intersex with transgender, and tries to steal the limelight from LGB. Provincial documents in Ontario, such as birth certificates and driver's licenses have made non-binary gender markers available since 2017, and leave it up to the individual to decide if s/he wants to be an 'it'. Legal classification of sex in Canada is assigned to the provinces and territories. But in 2017 Bill C-16, updated the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code to include 'gender identity and gender expression' as protected grounds from discrimination. No room for a Trump to muddy the waters.The Vatican refuses to go along with this conflation, and maintains that gay is still a sin (love the sinner, not the sin). Transgender people cannot become god-parents and the Vatican compares transitioning to self-harm.Outdoing intersex's 30 variants, there are over 50 additional gender options including transgender, intersex, neither. In 2014, the US reached a 'transgender tipping point', according to Time. International Transgender Day of Visibility, Transgender Awareness Week, Transgender Day of Remembrance, plus Trans Marches as part of Gay Pride days/ weeks/ months now fill the calendar. OutRight Action International’s Advocacy Week at the UN in New York coincides with Human Rights Day (December 10). According to Amnesty International, 1.5 million transgender people live in the European Union, making up 0.3% of the population.3/ Resistance to trans: Intersex push backSome transsexual and intersex people object to being included in the transgender umbrella. In his 2007 book Transgender, an Ethnography of a Category, anthropologist David Valentine asserts that transgender was coined and used by activists to include many people who do not necessarily identify with the term, and states that people who do not identify with the term transgender should not be included in the 'transgender spectrum'. 21% said the term queer best described their sexual orientation, 18% said pansexual, 16% said gay, lesbian, or same-gender-loving, 15% said straight, 14% said bisexual, and 10% said asexual.While Iran does not recognize transgender (or gay), it does recognize transsexual and intersex. The government started partially funding sex reassignment, and now carries out more surgeries than anywhere besides Thailand.Emi Koyama describes how inclusion of intersex in LGBTI can fail to address intersex-specific human rights issues, including creating false impressions that intersex people's rights are protected by laws protecting LGBT people. LGBTI activism has fought for the rights of people who fall outside of expected binary sex and gender norms. But this assumed the 'I' doesn't feel hijacked by the gay and trans groups, which it shares little in common with.Piggy-backing undermines the special (largely medical) rights of intersex, confuses them with trendy androgenous, bisexual, pansexual gender-bending. Julius Kaggwa of Support Initiative for People with Congenital Disorders (SIPD) Uganda has written that, while the gay community offers us a place of relative safety, it is also oblivious to our specific needs. Mauro Cabral has written that transgender people and organizations need to stop approaching intersex issues as if they were trans issues, including use of intersex conditions and people as a means of explaining being transgender. We can collaborate a lot with the intersex movement by making it clear how wrong that approach is. Zieselman, as cisgender intersex, has been a willing Trojan Horse for her new gay and trans activist friends, not expressing any public reservations in XOXY with being conflated with LGBTQ, though she cannot claim to be a spokesperson of anyone.The same problem has arisen between lesbians and feminists, not to mention trans women and feminists. Intersex is a kind of cover, a front for the more contentious and disputatious gay and trans lobbies, with their highly political agenda to enforce a fluid conception of human sexuality, denying the natural dimorphic sexuality that has been assumed from creation or whenever the first mammals arose.Finally, as Biden forges ahead with intersex washrooms, trans women in women's sports and trans men in men's sports, etc, there is resistance to the woke agenda. James Carville: Wokeness is a problem and we all know it. But they don’t want to say it out loud. Carville referred only to the 'faculty lounge' politics of parsing language :'people of color', Latinx and new genderless pronouns. Biden seems to have the ear of Carville. A recent New York Times column argued that, "Biden’s strategy is to lower the volume on culture war issues by refusing to engage." Has wokedom burned itself out?4/ Intersex stories and trans un-PC tales*Roshaante Anderson, a British black intersex person, raised as girl but no breasts, but with both testes and ovaries. S/he could feel both male and female. Sex with a man was quick, no emotion, with a woman more romantic. He enjoyed being with women more, realized s/he got more respect as boy, so opted at 13 for refashioning as a cisgendered boy, having his ovaries removed (he had both ovaries and testes), phalloplasty (two small penises made from the clitoris and a way to squeeze his balls for an erection), the urethra made from a vein taken from his arm, the vagina close up. I felt like an alien all my life. He would have preferred being born one or the other. Not gay. His advice: Don’t mention it all the time.*One young man Saif (sword), in What it’s like to be intersex, related how the doctor forced him (he knew he was a he) to be castrated and take estrogen the rest of his life to trick his body into being a girl. He finally rebelled, but too late, and has to live with the tragedy. It is always possible to create a fake vagina, but impossible to return his manhood.*Jeffrey Eugenides' Middlesex (2003) and Oprah's show promoting it (2007) was the first time intersex had a public face. Her show at youtube has 1.2m hits. Hida identified as both genders, was grateful her father didn't demand an operation to fit a gender, wouldn’t want to be ‘regular woman’.*Zieselman should have been male but looked like a girl, so the doctor removed her testes at age 10. Like Irene in Russia, no consent. She has taken estrogen all her life to look female. She likes being female, had no ovaries, so she would mostly like have had her testes removed anyway. She complains in XOXY that she suffered from dissociative disorder (blanking out when high emotions). When she learned her 'truth' she finally overcame that. Her doctor, Lydia Bingley: I’m not sure telling the truth is the best path. Look at your life---had you known the truth at age 16, your life may have been much more difficult.Was 'being kept in the dark' the cause of Zieselman’s dissociative disorder? Possibly. She overcame that, knowing her 'truth'. She has an epiphany later that Dr Bingley might have been guilty. She was defensive and cut all communication with me. She was in fact part of the harm. She was a guilty party and I hadn’t allowed myself to contemplate it because she’d been nice to me. But that now felt like a lie. She was covering her own ass.True enough. Zieselman is a lawyer and Bingley knew by then that other intersex were suing doctors for malpractice. In 2011, Christiane Völling became the first intersex person known to successfully sue for non-consensual surgical intervention (awarded €100,000 by the Regional Court of Cologne). In 2015, Malta became the first country to outlaw non-consensual medical interventions to modify sex anatomy, including that of intersex people.The intersex lobbying was quickly approved by Obama, Zieselman and others were invited to the White House, the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights held a meeting in 2015, HRW published the report I want to be like nature made me: medically unnecessary surgeries on intersex children in the US in 2017.Zieselman: Intersex is something to be celebrated and not fixed, i.e., 'intersex is good' a la 'gay is good' and 'trans is good'. Contentious beliefs, contradicted by other intersex activist: You are wrong. We shouldn’t be celebrating being intersex---that is what has caused us to be mutilated as babies. Ziesleman's reposte: Hurt people hurt people. Obama's State Department celebrated US Intersex Awareness Day: The US stands in solidarity with intersex persons around the world. We recognize that intersex persons face violence, discrimination, … An easy human rights victory for Obama.Zieselman was not worried about being sterile and was coincidentally working in infertility patient advocacy when she decided to adopt. The people we were helping were infertile and desperate, choosing difficult medical procedures and complex contracts with egg donors and surrogates … to produce biological children. Before long, I was unable to sympathize. I couldn't help but think of all the children worldwide needing to be adopted.i She eventually adopted Chinese twins.Un-PC trans tales*Caitlyn Jenner (a big Trump supporter and now running for the Republicans for governor of California on the recall ballot) said she didn’t mind when people called her by her deadname (birthname), which most trans people generally consider a painful faux pas. She also complained about not being able to hang out with her male friends at the country club. Bruce/ Caitlyn Jenner had a tracheal shave, a procedure trans women sometimes get to reduce or remove the appearance of an Adam’s apple, and a body depilation, removing male hair growth. In her memoirs, she coyly hints she may go the full monty, but who knows?In 2015, Jenner was named one of Glamour’s women of the year, which turned into a conservative meme that is still openly mocked in online circles for social conservatives and trans-exclusionary radical feminists, or TERFs. Conservative media still misgenders or calls her by her deadname sometimes. Of course, almost no trans women have the luxury of shaving their Adam's apple or depilating their beard, chest, legs. Such elite transitions are just that, exceptions that don't prove any rule, provide any real evidence that engineered genders are either practicable or desirable.*James Shupe is a retired US soldier who in 2016 became the first person in the US to obtain legal recognition of a non-binary gender. After he retired, Shupe began living as a transgender woman in 2013. He chose the gender-neutral first name Jamie and convinced the Army to change his sex marker to female on military records. Then he had second thoughts and now criticizes transgender surgeries, cautioning against what he says are high complication rates. He also opposes transgender people serving in the military.In 2019, he released a statement explaining that he had returned to [his] male birth sex. He has since become a vocal critic of the concept of gender identity. He explains his dilemma as autogynophilia, a male's propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a female. In 2019, Shupe successfully petitioned the court to cancel his non-binary gender designation to revert the sex listed on his birth certificate to male. The petition filed by Shupe described the sex designation of non-binary as "psychologically harmful legal fiction."5/ Cut to the quick1/ As we learn more about genetics, intersex provide a gold mine for exploring the potential of humans. Avoiding unnecessary surgeries, especially without consent, is a perfect right, and is being adopted.2/ Fetus development and maldevelopment is responsible for intersex, but quite probably involved in making gays and even trans, also a result of 'crossed wires' in the early stages of fetal development. The correct balance of testosterone/ estrogen hormones is vital at key stages of the development, first of the physical gonads, and then their wiring to the brain. So intersex research will likely lead to further pinpointing the 'gay gene' (if there is one), though the full story on gay/ trans is rooted in psychology as well as genetics. (There are three factors at play: sex, gender identity, sex-attraction.)3/ Variations on sexual traditions are documented by anthropologists and provide food for thought. Are any of these outliers – intersex, gay, trans – 'good'? Intersex, maybe, as part of God's creation or Nature's evolutionary mechanism. But then volcanoes, earthquakes, floods are also part of creation. We get the good and bad, which is really just what's good or bad for humans.Essential here is humility, a recognition that being outside the norm, outside the reproductive process, is by definition a handicap, an additional challenge. But that's okay. Yes, God's creation, but not 'good' per se. You have to prove your worth in your actions. It's a lesson for everyone: we are all handicapped in some way; recognize this, adjust your behavior, not just try to force society into accommodating you. By definition, being mostly sterile, all three categories have at best a supporting role in society.A nice example: Newly rediscovered Casimir Pulaski, Polish hero of the American revolution, was the classic Amazon; i.e., acting out the traditionally male role of hero, preferring the company of men and revolution, no need for sex assignment surgery. S/he was accepted and admired as the exception that proves the rule.Sometimes there is a serendipitous collusion between the powers of pathology and creation. Pathology is from pathos (??qoV), experience or suffering. In our postmodern world, there is no clear morality, so there's no surprise that the new buzz-thought is 'no clear gender', or 'sex =/ gender'. Pansexual is the buzzword at Okcupid.4/ Tweaking by restraintYes: Intersex fight against surgeries they don’t want, but: transgender fight for surgeries they do want?If we use hormones to force the body to conform to a dysphoric self image, we condone violence against God's creation/ Nature. If the dysphoria requires surgery, it should be a last resort. No transsexual is ever the real McCoy. As for most intersex, the surgery results in castration. Perhaps a fitting metaphor for what capitalism does to humans, and what the trans movement against 'hetero-patriarchy' does to social relations, abolishing old norms and replacing them with artificial, empty categories, trans men adding a feminized character to what is manly, and trans women adding a masculinized character to what is feminine. In the end, to be filled by personal whim. Trans woman Debbie Hayton: there are 8 billion genders, 2 sexes.5/ Re trans rights vs children's rights: Cary Gabriel Costello, director of LGBTQ+ studies at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: Doctors seek to treat children as objects, who can have no say into how they will be treated. But trans activists want children to be treated as adults, which is just as problematic. Children are malleable, changeable. Just as intersex fight to prevent unnecessary surgeries, 'trans questioning' youth should not automatically be injected with powerful drugs and then operations to create an alternate, sterile future, as opposed to wrestling with their demons and making peace with their bodies. Just as intersex should wait til they are 18, so should trans. Encouraging a postmodern gender fluidity, putting first gay, then trans on a par with cisgender is applying an artificial, even sterile uniformity on what is fundamental to the human experience. No one benefits. Throwing out millennia of tradition for a clever but shallow thought-experiment is both dangerous and foolish. There are eerie cases of second thoughts and detransitioning, which is easier for trans men but virtually impossible for trans women.6/ And what about parents' rights vs children's right to a mother and father? Zieselman was barren as a result of her condition so always knew she would have to adopt to have a family. Her condition made it easier to accept adoption without that obsession with genes she witnessed in her work as a lawyer. Gays insist on the right to reproduce to experience the 'joys of parenthood', where the ethics and morals of creating designer children, and imposing gay parents on unwitting offspring, are never called into question. So much for children's rights. The state backs gaylib, and forces adoption agencies to accept gays (and no doubt now trans) on an equal footing with straights. The Vatican is virtually the sole voice to question this. In effect, the West has bought into the 'gay is good' ideology. This is a grand social experiment whose results are not yet in.Camille Paglia warns that the movement to androgyny occurs in late stages of culture, as a civilization is starting to unravel ... you find it again and again and again, through history … and the people who live in such periods, the late days of culture, whether it's the Hellenistic era, whether it's the Roman Empire, whether it's Weimar Germany, people who live at such times feel that they're very sophisticated, they're very cosmopolitan, and homosexuality, heterosexuality ... anything goes ... but from the perspective of historical distance, you can see that it's a culture that no longer believes in itself.ii(2) What does it mean for marriage, parenting, adoption?From: Eric Walberg <> > the outcome? > eg for marriage, parenting, adoption?what do you mean? for intersex? trans? you know that the SCOTUS made trans et al = black, asian for all civil rights legislation.i presume that means 'anything goes' for adoption's outrageous but everyone is terrified by the trans lobby. even is exactly like the zios with their holocaust committee definition of anti-s.i had COMPLETE silence on 'canada israel nexus' and only my australian ahram colleague was positive. one jewish guy on my list wrote to take his name refuses to include in search engines. and as well. is there any way around that?so you will be the only brave soul :)i don't understand shamir. he usually at least 'likes' my stuff on facebook. does he resent people writing about his pet themes?eric(3) While Iran bans homosexuality, it does allow sex changes, 25 February 2008, 10:55 GMTIran's 'diagnosed transsexuals'By Vanessa BarfordHomosexual relationships are banned in Iran, but the country allows sex change operations and hundreds of men have elected for surgery to change their lives.Ali Askar had a sex change operation and is now called NegarFor Ali Askar, at age 24, the decision to become a woman came at a heavy cost. His father threatened to kill him if he went ahead with surgery.Now renamed Negar, she says she would not have had the operation if she did not live in Iran."If I didn't have to operate, I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't touch God's work."But as Ali, he felt he had no identity.He could not work with men because they sexually harassed him and made fun of him. But he could not work with women because he was not officially a woman."I am Iranian. I want to live here and this society tells you: you have to be either a man or a woman"."Diagnosed transsexuals"Sex changes have been legal in Iran since Ayatollah Khomeini, the spiritual leader of the 1979 Islamic revolution, passed a fatwa - a religious edict - authorising them for "diagnosed transsexuals" 25 years ago.Today, Iran carries out more sex change operations than any other nation in the world except for Thailand.The government even provides up to half the cost for those needing financial assistance and a sex change is recognised on your birth certificate."Islam has a cure for people suffering from this problem. If they want to change their gender, the path is open," says Hojatol Islam Muhammad Mehdi Kariminia, the religious cleric responsible for gender reassignment.He says an operation is no more a sin than "changing wheat to flour to bread".Yet homosexuality is still punishable by death."The discussion is fundamentally separate from a discussion regarding homosexuals. Absolutely not related. Homosexuals are doing something unnatural and against religion," says Kariminia. "It is clearly stated in our Islamic law that such behaviour is not allowed because it disrupts the social order."Sex change surgeryDr Mir-Jalali, a Paris-trained surgeon, is Iran's leading specialist in sex change surgery.He claims to have performed over 450 operations in the last 12 years.Many of his patients are struggling to figure out what to do because they do not fit into the norm. They see Dr Mir-Jalali as a saviour."Transsexuals feel that their body doesn't match how they feel," he says. "Whatever you do, psychiatrists, pills, prison, punishment, nothing helps".Another of his patients, Anoosh, 21, was deeply unhappy before surgery and felt pressured to leave school because of his feminine behaviour and appearance."I wanted to live like everyone else, like all the other boys and girls walking around. My goal was simply to find my own identity."Like many young people in Iran, Anoosh struggled to reconcile his sexual identity with the wishes of family, community and culture. He says he was continuously harassed and threatened with arrest by Iran's morality police before he had his sex change.His boyfriend was also keen for him to go ahead with the sex change because 90% of the people they passed in the street said something nasty."When he goes out in female clothes and has a female appearance it is easier for me to persuade myself that he is a girl. It makes the relationship better," he says.For Anoosh's younger brother, Ali Reza, it was harder to come to terms with Anoosh's desire to become a woman."I have had a brother for many years. I can't just suddenly accept him as my sister. If I refer to him as my brother he gets upset. But it's hard for me to believe this".Anoosh's mother, Shahin, raised her children alone and had high hopes for her son."My child was meant to be the star of the family. I counted on him to be something other than this".Avoiding shameDocumentary film maker Tanaz Eshaghian spent weeks filming Anoosh, Ali and other transsexuals in Iran. She thinks that part of what is driving many of the boys to operate is the desire to avoid shame."If you are a male with female tendencies, they don't see that as something natural or genetic. They see it as someone who is consciously acting dirty."Being diagnosed as a transsexual makes it a medical condition, not a moral one.Once a doctor has made a diagnosis - and an operation is in the pipeline - the transsexual can get official permission from his local government official to cross-dress in public."They look for a solution that will at least allow them to be attracted to the gender they are naturally attracted to - without feelings of shame, sin and wrong-doing - and move around in society without harassment. The price is often being disowned by your family," says Tanaz Eshaghian.After surgeryAnoosh who became Anahita, and her boyfriendAnahita and her boyfriend got engaged after the operationAli Askar - now renamed Negar and aged 27 - said that after the sex change operation she was initially depressed."But now, it's like I have been born again and I am in a new world."But her family's reaction has taken its toll. Although they warned her she would be disowned, she thought that they would change their mind after the operation."They pray for me to die soon. If I'd known that my family would truly shun me like this, I would never have done it."She now lives with other transsexuals who have had a sex change. She has had to work as a prostitute to make ends meet.Rejection by her parents has affected her deeply: "When parents can kill the love for their own child inside themselves, I have killed love in my being. I will never fall in love".But for Anoosh - who has changed her name to Anahita - there is a more positive outcome."Now when someone is attracted to me, it is as a girl," she says.She is now engaged to her boyfriend and even her mother is happy."A boy will always just get married and leave his mum, but a girl stays, a girl is always yours and will never leave, and now I will never experience the sadness that occurs when a boy leaves."I always wanted a daughter and I think it's a gift from God that I finally got one."Transsexual in Iran will be broadcast on BBC Two on Monday 25 February 2008 at 2100 GMT.The original film, Be Like Others directed by Tanaz Eshaghian had its premier this month at the Berlin Film Festival. You can see clips at the film's website(4) Britain's first retirement complex for LGBT's first retirement complex designed for LGBT people will open in London this year after 'proud' Sadiq Khan pledged £5.7million loan to complete scheme     * UK's first retirement community for LGBT+ people to open in London this year     * Tonic Housing will purchase 19 already built flats at Bankhouse in Vauxhall     * Housing association has secured £5.7 million loan from the Mayor of LondonBy Bhvishya Patel For MailonlinePublished: 04:42 AEST, 3 March 2021 | Updated: 13:22 AEST, 3 March 2021The UK's first retirement community for elderly LGBT+ people has been given the green light to open in London later this year.Tonic Housing said it would purchase 19 already built flats at the Bankhouse development in Vauxhall after securing a £5.7 million loan from the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.The one and two-bedroom apartments apartments will be available to buy on a shared-ownership basis in late spring, with the first residents expected to be moved in by mid-summer.(5) Milo Yiannopoulos, now a heterosexual Christian, throws Gay Marriage ring into ocean‘Dangerous Faggot’ Milo Yiannopoulos is now a dangerous heterosexual Christian who wants to help others become ‘ex-gay’4 May, 2021 17:01By Jani Allan, a writer and talk show host. She has written for the London Sunday Times, the Spectator, the Daily Mail and various other British publications. Her memoir Jani Confidential was published by Jacana Media.Controversial right-wing self-declared former homosexual Milo Yiannopoulos plans to open a clinic in Florida offering ‘conversion therapy’ for the thousands of gay men he says have contacted him in the hope of following his path.Yiannopoulos, the conservative author, philosopher and now the world’s most famous ex-gay, has outraged his detractors by going to Hawaii to cast into the ocean what he calls the Sodomy Stone – a four-carat diamond worth $150,000 which he bought as an engagement ring for his marriage to another man.In a piece to camera, he is seen on a chartered boat holding a Cartier jewellery box. He tells us that he "prayed and drank an enormous amount of vodka" – only Milo could say that – and reminded himself that "nothing beautiful or true can be made or grow on a foundation of wickedness" before tossing the ring into the sea.The wickedness was a union that Milo now regards as "infernal." The trappings of his former life (he once did a speaking tour under the title ‘The Dangerous Faggot’) had to be gotten rid of – accompanied by a Celine Dion soundtrack."It was a lie that I could be a culture warrior for the right and a sodomite at the same time," Milo, whose husband has been ‘demoted’ to the status of housemate, tells us.Not since Coco Chanel was on the Duke of Westminster’s yacht and tossed overboard a ruby as big as a hen’s egg that he had given her, has there been such speculation and outrage.In Milo’s case, it is coming from the left. It seems that one can aspire to any of the one hundred sexual identities on offer so long as it is not heterosexual.As one angry critic fumed: "We knew it from the start. He was never homosexual. He was always a rightwing straight white male’s parody of what a gay man would be like."Social media has been electric with disapproval at Milo’s opinions, in which he states unapologetically that God created us male and female. He says: "‘Born this way’ is a slogan invented by the gay lobby. It is basically PR and has no basis in science  ‘Born this way’ is a lie. It is not a lifestyle. It is a set of symptoms. We don’t have a healthy and proper respect for the family. We are not drilling people that the nuclear family is the best engine of healthy, happy people."If you tell people that this is who you are and what you are and send them messages that there is something morally good about it, then homosexuals are celebrated as though there is something intrinsically preferable about being gay. This is just one of the sick things that culture does. These lifestyles will suck you into misery, into drug-taking, prostitution, pederasty and promiscuity."Milo believes that it is white liberals who ruin the world, citing organisations such as Drag Queen Story Hour and Gay Pride.He is moving to Florida to open a clinic for people who want to be cured of same sex attraction, saying he has been overwhelmed with messages from people wishing to follow his example of declaring himself to be an ex-gay.  "The reason people aren’t opening clinics for gays to come out of this lifestyle is because the cultural pressure is horrifying," he says. "These ideas aren’t permitted."Milo sees the clinic as the great moral duty of the next decade of his life: "America is structured to reward conformity, mediocrity and predictability. It doesn’t accommodate free thinkers. Those who don’t go with the mainstream narrative will get crushed. There is no willingness to go against cultural norms."Thousands of gay men are writing to him. They feel that they have buried their true feelings about their sexual choices and want to talk to him.The mythology of America has clashed with what he has been living for the last half decade. Milo has been in "enforced retirement" because he has been cancelled countless times. Rioting mobs have prevented him from speaking at, amongst other places, Berkeley.So much for the first amendment.He had time to think and became closer to his Catholic faith. He came to realize that the experience of committing certain acts in his private life were making him unhappy. In 2018, he wrote "Diabolical" about the way Pope Francis has been betraying the victims of pedophilia and protecting the clergy who committed these abuses.Milo’s clinic (for Reparative Therapy rather than Conversion Therapy in order to avoid lawsuits from the left) will seek to educate and help people move away from homosexuality. He believes Governors that have made such therapy illegal are akin to those who issue mask wearing mandates and peddle fictitious statistics about Covid-19 and the trustworthiness of the WHO."Tell people the truth. Let them make up their own minds. Don’t force them to only hear one point of view," he says. "At this clinic we will publish research and build an auditorium so I can give speeches." According to Milo, the last election was proof that conservatives and the left live in different fact universes.He is writing a book which will be called ‘Make America Hate Again.’ "We have lost our understanding that it is right and proper to hate hateful things," he argues. "We need a kind of rehab for our natural instincts of righteous indignation. It is about ordering our affections. Loving the things that God loves. Hating things that are wrong. We are told that any kind of hate is intrinsically unacceptable."Groups on the left such as The Southern Poverty Law Center and The Anti-Defamation League claim to be dedicated to defeating hate. So do Black Lives Matter, the LGBTQ movements and Antifa. In truth they are more about wiping out the people THEY hate. We live in a society which values tolerance – or claims that it does. It claims to love tolerance more than courage or integrity or compassion or truth."It has been decided that none of us can hate anything," Milo explains. "Yet these people are utterly lacking in mercy. They have no space for forgiveness. Cancel culture is all about demonstrating that there is no forgiveness, let alone tolerance in their souls. Cancel culture is nothing if not atheist cultural Marxism."(6) Trans activists have too much influence in formulating Hate crime laws in UK - Retired Judge 4, 2021Top former UK Judge says too much weight is given to trans activists, outlines threats to free speechPeople fear "Twitter storm or a visit by the police."By Dan FriethPosted 3:14 pmTransgender activist groups are having too much influence in the formulation of hate crime laws in the UK, which could lead to the suppression of freedom of speech, according to a former top judge.The retired judge feels consultation should involve the full variety of views on societal issues.Currently, the UK government is controversially looking to expand the existing hate crime laws and has entrusted that responsibility to the Law Commission, which is consulting with different groups on what subcultures should be added to protected groups.However, according to Charles Wide, a former OLD Bailey judge, the commission is seeking a "limited range" of views, further arguing that the commission’s overdependence on specific campaign groups has drawn it away from its non-political mission to making "contentious and controversial sociological theories.""No adequate thought seems to have been given to the difficulty of reaching beyond a limited range of academics and organizations to the full variety of academic voices, organizations, commentators and members of the public who have no organizations to speak for them," Wide wrote in an article for the think tank Policy Exchange."Views that contest what are presented as orthodoxies were neither sought nor expressed," he added. The judge singled out Stonewall, an LGBT group, saying that the Law Commission has been treating them like a consultant, rather than a consultee.Wide feels that the lack of balanced consulting for the upcoming legislation could have a chilling effect on free speech, especially for those people who could want to contradict the current widely accepted views on issues like gender and race."Rightly, the interests of those who might be protected are considered in detail but little attention has been paid to those who might suffer, or fear suffering, the consequences of laws being too widely drawn or misused," Wide said.Already, the Commission has had to remove a proposal recommending offensive comments at family dinners to be considered a hate crime, according to the Daily Telegraph.Wide further explained that the "fear of a Twitter storm or a visit by the police" as a result of stricter laws, might be "enough to silence" most people from contradicting orthodoxies."It should be a matter of real concern if the Law Commission is morphing, at least in part, into an engine of social change, pursuing agendas of its own formulation, having a privileged position close to the heart of Government," he added.But the Law Commission insists it has consulted widely, and has been open, fair, and thorough, adding that, at the end of the day, legislators are responsible for determining what eventually gets added to the law."The Commission has consulted extremely widely, talking to organizations and individuals with a broad range of views," a spokesperson for the commission said."We have received over 2500 responses to the hate crime consultation demonstrating that it has been thorough, open and fair. We are carefully considering these responses which will inform the recommendations that we make in our final report later this year."Hate Crime is a complex and sensitive area of the law and, while the Commission can recommend options for legal reform, it will ultimately be for Government and Parliament to decide which of these recommendations to implement."The Law Commission can only undertake projects following a request from a Government Misnister. It has no powers to implement changes it recommends."(7) 'Progresive' Christians oppose Mark Latham's bill restricting Gender manipulation and Sexualisation of little kids Latham8 May 2021 9:00 AMBishop Long: just plain wrongWhen looking at the political world of Woke, we can’t discount the foolishness of religious clerics who regard themselves as ‘progressive’. They have abandoned the pages of the Bible to embrace virtue-signalling and the self-serving impression that by supporting new left-wing causes this somehow makes them ‘compassionate’. I am writing this from Newcastle where the ‘progressive’ Anglican Bishop Peter Stuart appeared at a parliamentary hearing last year to oppose my Religious Freedom Bill. That’s right, he caved in to the wild propaganda of the LGBTIQ lobby to oppose provisions in the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act stopping discrimination against people on the grounds of their religious faith. He advocated against the interests of his own flock.The LGBTIQ activists look at Stuart as what Lenin famously described as a ‘useful idiot’. He does their work for them: preserving human rights for gays and transgenders, but nobody else. That’s the real bigotry here.Now another foolish, misguided cleric has emerged: Catholic Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen of Parramatta. Parents in the Catholic schools of the Parramatta Diocese have been voting with their feet. The new-age teaching philosophies at Parramatta introduced by a wacky old Leftie, Greg Whitby, have driven down academic results and parents have taken their children out of the schools. The Parramatta Diocese’s share of local school enrolments has collapsed. Whitby believes in the teaching of gender fluidity: telling little boys and girls they have been born in the wrong body with the wrong gender. Why would Catholic parents pay school fees for this form of tuition? Why would they allow their children to be sexualised well beyond their years in the privacy of classrooms, often without parental knowledge and consent? Thankfully, many Catholic parents have stood up for their rights and left Whitby’s schools.If you want gender manipulation and the sexualisation of little kids, at least NSW’s government schools will do it for free. In practice, the only safe havens for children and parents trying to avoid transgender ideology are Christian and Islamic colleges and a shrinking number of Anglican and Catholic schools.Bishop Long of Parramatta has sent a letter to his parishioners with the remarkable statement that, on matters of gender diversity, ‘At times the teachers are the only people these children might trust in helping them in these sensitive matters’. It’s a slap in the face for the parents who send their children to Parramatta’s Catholic schools.These parents don’t have a six-week holiday at the end of the year, or weekends and public holidays off from their parenting responsibilities. They are always there with love, support and the best interests of their children in mind. In a full school year, students only spend 13 per cent of their time at school. The remainder is with family and friends. There are some fine teachers in the education system but ultimately, they are strangers in our lives. They come and go from classrooms and schools, while parents lovingly nurture and guide their children from birth to adulthood, over decades without a break.Bishop Long, perhaps inadvertently, has driven a wedge between parents and their children by promoting the nonsensical idea that teachers can be more important, more trusted than parents in the raising of children. Long  has also fallen for the gay-lobby propaganda that my Parental Rights Bill will deny the existence of transgender children in schools. It does no such thing. It gives those children exactly the same rights they have now for a good education and pastoral care.The Bill is directed at the teaching of gender fluidity, to stop anyone inside a school from saying to a student, ‘You have some worries and anxiety, have you ever thought you were born into the wrong body?’ The Bill prohibits the teaching of gender as a social construct, the insidious post-modernist theory that the only reason a 6-year-old girl feels female is that her parents dressed her in pink and gave her a Barbie doll to play with.Under existing NSW Education rules, the Safe Schools program and Gayby Baby movie are banned and the Education Minister, Sarah Mitchell, has said repeatedly that ‘gender fluidity is not part of the school curriculum’. The Years 11-12 Biology textbook teaches gender solely as a biological phenomenon, not a social construct. We are constantly told to ‘follow the science, follow the science’. There it is, unmistakably in a textbook. The problem has been leftists inside the system ignoring these rules and pushing transgender ideology upon students. They have openly defied the policies of the NSW government. Such as the NSW Teachers union instructing its members to work gender fluidity lessons into English, maths, library and PDHPE classes. The Teachers Fed has even suggested that students give up a full day of schoolwork to visit the Sydney Aquarium, not to study marine biology, but to look at two (supposedly gay) male penguins hatching an egg. At one level it’s funny, but it’s also a sign of sick people determined to put their personal ideological obsessions ahead of the welfare of children. That’s the worry. That’s what we need to guard against.These ideologues are also inside the NSW Education Department. Such as the activists who used last year’s Wear It Purple Day (28 August) as a reason for distributing dozens of gender fluidity guides, including instruction on ‘breast binding’ and ‘penis tucking’, to 70,000 government school teachers. This is the reason for my Bill, to reassert the rights of parents and to protect our children from the abuse of ideologues in schools.True, I’m not a Christian. But I have read the Bible closely enough to know that the eternal message of Jesus Christ is to protect the vulnerable from those who would prey upon them. That’s what my Bill does.