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Peter Myers Digest: Michael Yon says Storming of Capital was Antifa job

(1) Michael Yon says Storming of Capital was Antifa job using Hong Kong tactics(2) "Storming of the Capitol" was carefully planned False Flag - Bruce Tanner(3) Michael Yon interview with Joshua Philipp of Epoch Times(4) Antifa Vs. Hong Kong Protesters(5) Troops are being deployed around Washington , D.C. prior to inauguration - Michael Yon(6) Richard Barnett, man seen lounging in Nancy Pelosi’s office, swiped letter for Missouri rep(7) Trump blamed 'Antifa people’ for storming US Capitol. Kevin McCarthy: "It’s not Antifa, it’s MAGA. I was there"(8) Rep. Mo Brooks: "fascist antifa elements were involved, that they embedded themselves in the Trump protests"(9) Two Capitol Police officers suspended for role in riot; 10 other officers are under investigation(1) Michael Yon says Storming of Capital was Antifa job using Hong Kong tactics- by Peter Myers, January 13, 2021The email from Bruce Tanner (item 2 below) presents the best case I have seen that January 6 was a False Flag event.In an interview with Joshua Philipp of The Epoch Times, Michael Yon - a war correspondent who has attended hundreds of demonstrations - says that Antifa took part in the Hong Kong demonstrations, learning tactics which they applied as they led the Capitol Hill riot of January 6.The Epoch Times was based in Hong Kong, and takes an anti-CCP line. It, and its correspondent Joshua Philipp, are very knowledgable about, and sympathetic to, the Hong Kong protests. Critics alleged that they were a Color Revolution orchestrated by the CIA.Joshua Philipp, perhaps stunned by Michael Yon's claims in this interview, neglected to ask him whether the Antifa members he alleges took part in the Hong Kong demonstrations were whites or Chinese. This is pertinent because no whites seem to have partipitated in the Hong Kong protests (in videos I have seen), and no Chinese partipitated in the storming of the Capitol. Michael Yon presented no ethnic evidence to the contrary.Yon says that he attended Antifa protests in Portland. So did Andy Ngo, but Ngo attended more there, and documented them extensively, yet Ngo says that the Capitol riot was the work of Patriots, not Antifa.I believe that Ngo knows Antifa best. However readers will no doubt be divided over this matter.I do believe that False Flag events occur; but that over-use of this meme weakens it.One point that False Flaggers make about January 6 is that Capitol Police co-operated with protestors, as if leading them on.Two Capitol Police have deen suspended for this, and at least 10 are being investigated.Police, long the target of violent Antifa and BLM protests, and "Defund the Police" campaigns, may have been sympathetic to the "Stop the Steal" case.But the Capitol Police would be a different unit from street police. They had never faced a riot before; and were somewhat overwhelmed by the size of the crowd and the surprise tactics. Even though they fired Tear Gas, leaders of the protestors were equipped with gas masks, according to Yon.The False Flaggers say that the goal was to discredit the Patriot movement, with a view to shutting it down. But attempts to shut it down will only force it underground. It will not go away. Draconian measures by the elite will only drive more people into the dissident camp, even if it's forced to go underground.The False Flag case requires that Jake Angelli, the horned man dressed in furs and face paint, and Richard Barnett, who lounged in Pelosi's chair, be Antifa agents who masqueraded as Trump supporters. I beg to differ; I think they are genuine Patriots. They will certainly receive much more cover and scrutiny in coming weeks than has ever happened to Antifa members.(2) "Storming of the Capitol" was carefully planned False Flag - Bruce TannerFrom: Bruce Tanner <>Hi Peter,I think there is incontravertable evidence that the "Storming of the Capitol" was carefully planned, and executed by proxy elements of the emerging "unitary party of occupation." --BruceHere are a couple of videos I recommend viewing:'Agent Provocateur' Tactics Seen at Jan 6 US Capitol Protest—Interview With Michael Yon | Crossroads: false flag? Ashli Babbit. You decide. this, from"The Storming of the Capitol": America’s Reichstag Fire? - by Kit KnightlyThe media are already spinning a narrative around the events in Washington DC. One that bears no resemblance to reality, does not hold up to any kind of scrutiny and will have massive, far-reaching consequences for all of us.They’re calling it "one of the darkest days in our nations history", a day that will "live in infamy". It will likely be memed into a shorthand date – 1/6/21, like 9/11 and 7/7. It will be the day "American democracy was attacked and prevailed", the day the nation nearly fell to "fascists".It will become just one more grand sweeping illusion upon which the teetering structures of US Imperial power are built.The story we are being told goes as follows:Yesterday, as congress was preparing to pass the vote endorsing Joe Biden’s election victory, thousands of violent right-wing thugs stormed the Capitol building.Acting according to Trump’s wishes, and with his endorsement, these domestic terrorists overran the police barricades in an attempt to overthrow the senate and preserve Trump’s presidency.Fortunately the police were able to secure the situation, drive the violent rioters out and the democratic process was able to continue.Not one single part of this story is true:There was no "storming"There was no "incitement"There was no "violence"And the riot effectively ended Trump’s presidency.Let’s tackle them one at a time.* * *1. There was no "storming". Rather videos show <> police opening barriers to let the "rioters" in.In the entrance hall, the "violent thugs" <> respected the velvet ropes and kept in orderly lines, took a <> few selfies with the cops, <> posed for the press and – when the main events were over – they were <> quietly allowed to leave.Compare and contrast the police’s treatment of those people inside the capitol, with their later treatment of <> protesters breaking curfew on the streets.2. There was no "incitement". All of Trump’s social media posts on the subject instructed people to "go home" "with peace and love".<> Is that inciting violence?Twitter and facebook took the totally unprecedented step of completely removing those posts, and blocked him posting any further. They claimed to be preventing further violence, but it looks more like they concealed Trump’s denunciations of violence.3. There was no violence. Indeed whether or not Trump "incited" anything is moot, because there was no violence. Disregard the reports of chemical weapons, pipe bombs or IEDs – none of which ever appeared. None of the "rioters" are as yet shown to have hurt anyone.The only person reportedly killed or injured was a protester allegedly shot by the police. <> Compare and contrast the attitude of the media to this "violence", vs the <> "fiery but mostly peaceful" protests all last summer.4. The riot ended Trump’s presidency. Although the Congressional session was widely described in the press as the "confirmation vote" for Joe Biden’s election victory, it was actually rather more than that.VP Mike Pence was chairing a joint-session which intended to allow full speeches from those opposing the election and maintaining there had been fraud.The violence brought this session to an end prematurely, totally undermined Trump’s legal and procedural challenges and killed any chance he had of overturning the electoral college vote. No sooner was the "attack" over, than many of the Republicans in both houses who were<> planning to oppose Biden’s election backed-downMore than that, it seems Trump’s "incitement" of the rioters means he may well be removed from office by enforcement of <> the 25th amendment, which would end not just this term, but make it<>   illegal for him to run again in the future.Facebook and Twitter have <> outright banned him from posting. The press and television pundits are <> openly accusing him of treason and sedition.So, who has really benefitted from the "chaos at the Capitol"? Because it surely isn’t Donald Trump.One should always be wary of any event which "accidentally" achieves the exact opposite of its stated or apparent intent.* * *In the title, I refer to this as America’s <> Reichstag fire, and that’s not just emotive language, the parallels are pretty clear: A staged attack on a political building, deliberately misattributed to political enemies and used to consolidate the power of a freshly installed leader.Even the media coverage is similar, the Nazi government and their tools in the press talked about it in the same exact terms as the US establishment is describing this farcical "coup attempt". Aiming to terrify people into thinking they were on the verge of an all-out civil war.Read this quote, and ask yourself if it couldn’t be lifted almost completely from the front page of the Washington Post or New York Times today:The burning of the Reichstag was intended to be the signal for a bloody uprising and civil war. Large-scale pillaging in Berlin was planned for as early as four o’clock in the morning on Tuesday. It has been determined that starting today throughout Germany acts of terrorism were to begin against prominent individuals, against private property, against the lives and safety of the peaceful population, and general civil war was to be unleashed…Within 24 hours of the Reichstag burning, the German President had passed the<> Reichstag Fire Decree, which declared a state of emergency that totally reversed every civil right the Weimar Republic had guaranteed its citizens:Articles 114, 115, 117, 118, 123, 124 and 153 of the Constitution of the German Reich are suspended until further notice. It is therefore permissible to restrict the rights of personal freedom [habeas corpus], freedom of (opinion) expression, including the freedom of the press, the freedom to organize and assemble, the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications.While these freedoms have already been severely undermined in the US by the <> Patriot Act and its successors, those few rights left to American citizens will definitely be under threat once Trump is finally removed and Biden (or Harris) is put in his place.Although there is not yet any talk of legislation, it’s certainly true there are whispers of purges and other measures to "protect the constitution".Some prominent voices are calling for all lawmakers backing Trump to <> be expelled from office. The Washington Post claimed <> "seditious Republicans must be held accountable".The <> anti-social media campaign has begun again in earnest too, with <> Parler and GAB already being blamed for allowing "violent language" on their platforms.As Twitter and Facebook limit discussion, alternative platforms will be shutdown. Enforcing a corporate monopoly that cooperates with the state…the very definition of fascism.All this in the name of protecting the nation from "neo-nazi thugs" or "white supremacists" or other phantom threats. In the name of "protecting the constitution", they are tearing it to pieces. In the name of "preventing a coup", they are carrying one out in front of our eyes.It puts in mind Huey Long’s famous quote when asked if fascism would ever come to America:Sure, we’ll have Fascism in this country and we’ll call it anti-Fascism."(3) Michael Yon interview with Joshua Philipp of Epoch Times #CapitolHill #antifa'Agent Provocateur' Tactics Seen at Jan 6 US Capitol Protest—Interview With Michael Yon | Crossroads10 Jan 2021Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPPThe United States is still making sense of what took place on Jan 6 at Capitol Hill in Washington DC, and among the accusations has been that the radical organization Antifa was involved at the protests. To learn more about this we've invited to speak with us Michael Yon, a war correspondent who has attended hundreds of protests, and who has deep insights into Antifa and their tactics.(4) Antifa Vs. Hong Kong Protesters Aug 2019The American Truth#hongkong #Antifa #protestsLately there have been many Antifa protests and many Hong Kong protests. For some reason the Left can not condemn Antifa. In the video I compare Antifa and the Hong Kong protesters.(5) Troops are being deployed around Washington , D.C. prior to inauguration - Michael Yon of Emergency, and DiversificationPublished: Tuesday, 12 January 2021 16:3812 January 2021Washington, D.C.Yon-Genre mind dump. Unedited.Those who have followed my work for years -- and especially in 2020 -- are not surprised at all at the turn of events.My focus now is to help avert full-scale civil war by this Spring and Summer. And to be sure, though I am a cup-half-full man, I think it's too late for my efforts. I am still doing CPR on that hope there is still a glimmer that calmer heads will prevail. And this still is possible. Just does not seem probable, nor does it fit the fact-pattern.Troops are being deployed around Washington, D.C. Many are staying in hotels around Crystal City. I saw some last night. None that I have seen have weapons. Driving rental cars or parked in rental cars. Many National Guard I have seen are unfit to fight or to defend. This ain't the 82nd Airborne. Let's put it that way. Extremely dangerous to commit untrained or unready troops into conflict.Americans are being warned to stay clear of D.C. during inauguration. I do not know what inauguration will look like but sounds like it will be online. I am looking at the White House right now in front of me. Clears skies, mostly empty streets.As you know, cancel culture is increasing. At this rate, those doing the canceling so far will start getting canceled. There is always someone with a higher switch. War itself is the ultimate cancel culture. Sickening to imagine where this leads.Obviously, Patreon my cancel me at any time: please join my emailing list here so that I can alert you to other methods: enjoy Patreon but it can easily be worked around. I operated most of my career without Patreon. It's very nice but also capricious. Please hit the QR code above and sign up for MONTHLY support at PayPal. Monthly is far better -- allows me to plan budget.Of course PayPal, and banks themselves, are canceling people. These all can be worked around but they are creating an atmosphere of distress that will splash back.If MailChimp (mailing list) cancels me, I will take the same mailing list to another method. We make backups and so we will have the list. Please join it: of the people making these tech cancel decisions are not thinking it through. There is always someone farther up the food chain, or lower down the food chain, who also can cancel. You can see angry people chatting online about this. They are studying infrastructure. Incredibly dangerous for us all.This is my main website. It, too can be cancelled: https://www.michaelyon-online.comFor that matter, some tech experts warn that many people may soon be cancelled from the internet entirely, and even from phones.These are the most dangerous times ever for America and for the world.Peaceful thoughts.Peaceful words.Peaceful actions.Stay alert and pay close attention.Big day for me here. Wish I could say what is happening but must save for another time. Bottom line is that I am doing everything I can to do my part in averting kinetic war.(6) Richard Barnett, man seen lounging in Nancy Pelosi’s office, swiped letter for Missouri rep Kenneth GargerJanuary 6, 2021 | 9:29pm | UpdatedA man seen in a viral photo lounging at a desk inside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s suite of offices amid Wednesday’s chaos at the Capitol allegedly swiped a letter meant for a Missouri congressman.The man, identified in reports as 60-year-old Richard Barnett, flashed the letter, addressed to Republican Rep. Billy Long, to reporters outside the Capitol building.In an expletive-laced interview with New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg, Barnett, from Arkansas, argued he did not steal the envelope, since he left some change on the desk."I didn’t steal it. I bled on it because they were macing me and I couldn’t f—ing see," Barnett said, according to video posted to Twitter by Rosenberg."So I figure, ‘Well, I’m in her office, I got blood in her office, I’ll put a quarter on her desk even though she ain’t f—ing worth it,’" he added.In November, Barnett was interviewed by KNWA at a pro-Trump rally where he backed the president’s claims of voter fraud, according to the new outlet.On Wednesday, he was inside Pelosi’s office as other men were seen wearing "Make America Great Again" hats and horsing around with desk phones.Another demonstrator was seen grinning as he walked away with Pelosi’s podium while unprecedented scenes of looting and chaos engulfed the Capitol.Demonstrators overpowered police and trapped lawmakers in the Senate and House of Representatives chamber, leading to a tense armed standoff.(7) Trump blamed 'Antifa people’ for storming US Capitol. But Kevin McCarthy replied, "It’s not Antifa, it’s MAGA.  I know. I was there" privately blamed 'Antifa people’ for storming US CapitolThe storming of the Capitol last week by Trump supporters delayed the certification of Biden’s election victory.12 Jan 2021US President Donald Trump privately blamed "Antifa people" for storming the US Capitol last Wednesday, even though clear video and documentary evidence shows the rioters were overwhelmingly his supporters, Axios website reported.Antifa, short for anti-fascist, is an amorphous movement. Members of the group have clashed with far-right groups in the past few years. Trump threatened to label the group as a "terrorist" organisation following protests in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, and other acts of police brutality.Trump made the remark in a 30-minute-plus phone call on Monday morning with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Axios reported, citing a White House official and another source familiar with the call.However, McCarthy told Trump in the call, which according to Axios was tense and aggressive at times, "It’s not Antifa, it’s MAGA [supporters of Trump]. I know. I was there."McCarthy also advised Trump to call Joe Biden, meet with the president-elect and leave a welcome letter in the Resolute desk for his successor, according to the report.The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment. A representative of McCarthy was not immediately available for comment.The storming of the Capitol building last week by Trump supporters delayed the certification of Biden’s election victory.Trump, who has without evidence challenged the validity of Biden’s election win, initially praised his supporters but later condemned the violence.Politicians were forced to flee as the building was mobbed by the president’s supporters, who overwhelmed security forces.Five people died in the violence, including one Capitol Police officer who was beaten as he tried to ward off the crowds.Antifa has been a favoured target of American conservatives, including Trump, for their opposition to far-right backers of the US president.Anti-fascists of the movement tend to be grouped on the left fringes of the US political spectrum, many describing themselves as socialists, anarchists, communists or anti-capitalists.(8) Rep. Mo Brooks: "fascist antifa elements were involved, that they embedded themselves in the Trump protests" 7, 2021,11:39am EST; Updated Jan 7, 2021, 01:19pm ESTThe Antifa Lie: Conservative Lawmakers, Pundits Push A Baseless Claim That Leftists Were Behind Capitol InsurrectionTommy BeerOn Wednesday afternoon, Republican Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona tweeted that the Capitol's storming had "all the hallmarks of Antifa provocation," without offering any evidence to support that allegation.Wednesday evening, in an interview on Fox News, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) said although "some" Trump supporters could have been involved in the violence, "there is some indication that fascist antifa elements were involved, that they embedded themselves in the Trump protests."Brooks went much further Thursday morning, tweeting, "Please, don't be like #FakeNewsMedia, don't rush to judgment," adding an unsubstantiated claim that "evidence growing that fascist ANTIFA orchestrated Capitol attack with clever mob control tactics."Early Thursday morning, on the House floor, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), citing a largely debunked article by the conservative Washington Times (also heavily pushed by Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham), which claimed a facial recognition company has evidence that "antifa infiltrators" made their way inside the Capitol, said, "some of the people" who breached the Capitol "were masquerading as Trump supporters and in fact, were members of the violent terrorist group antifa."According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Shannon Grove, the Republican leader in the California state Senate, tweeted and then deleted, "Patriots don't act like this!! This was antifa."Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told Fox News that "a lot of it is the antifa folks," citing "pictures" she had observed.KEY BACKGROUND:No verifiable evidence has been presented that members of antifa were a part of the mob that stormed the Capitol building. However, there is plenty of evidence that MAGA supporters and QAnon members were involved in the invasion. For instance, Rick Saccone, a Republican former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, posted a photo of himself on Facebook with the caption, "We are storming the capitol. Our vanguard has broken thru the barricades. We will save this nation. Are u with me?" The claims that Rep. Gaetz referenced were based on an anonymous source in a story published by the Washington Times. The story claimed that the source sent the newspaper facial recognition analysis from a tech company called XRVision, which purportedly matched pictures of rioters inside the Capitol to previous images of antifa supporters gathered in Philadelphia. As of Thursday afternoon, the Times report had gone viral and was the 11th most popular link on the internet. However, XRVision subsequently came out and denounced the story as completely false. The company told BuzzFeed News it has asked the Washington Times for a retraction and apology. In a statement, XRVision said its facial recognition software had actually identified two neo-Nazis and a QAnon supporter. "We concluded that two of [the] individuals were affiliated with the Maryland Skinheads and the National Socialist Movements," the statement reads. "These two are known Nazi organizations, they are not Antifa." The Times has now taken down the story.TANGENT:L. Lin Wood, a lawyer behind a series of failed pro-Trump lawsuits challenging the election results, tweeted photos of rioters inside the Capitol and declared it was "indisputable photographic evidence that antifa violently broke into Congress today to inflict harm & do damage." However, the photos he posted were "a pair of notorious American neo-Nazis." Wood also retweeted a picture of a popular QAnon member, Jake Angeli, claiming that Angeli was antifa-affiliated. The president's son, Eric Trump, liked the same tweet. However, Angeli stated plainly in his own post that "I am not antifa of blm. I am a Qanon & digital soldier."CRUCIAL QUOTE:"We may never know the truth here," said Fox's Tucker Carlson. "I keep seeing all kinds of accounts of who they were and what their motives might have been."BIG NUMBER:150,000. According to an analysis by the New York Times, the conspiracy theory that antifa members had masqueraded as members of the far-right was shared more than 150,000 times on Twitter and thousands of times more on Facebook by Wednesday evening. "Altogether, the accounts pushing the rumor had tens of millions of followers," the Times reports.FURTHER READING:Rep. Matt Gaetz and other GOP politicians baselessly suggest antifa is to blame for pro-Trump mob rioting into Capitol (WaPo)(9) Two Capitol Police officers suspended for role in riot; 10 other officers are under investigation Police officers suspended for role in riotBy Jeff Mordock - The Washington Times - Monday, January 11, 2021Several members of the U.S. Capitol Police have been suspended over potential violations of department policies during the violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, the department confirmed late Monday.The officers are suspended pending the outcome of an investigation by the Capitol Police’s Office of Professional Responsibility. The officers have been suspended with pay, according to several media reports.In a statement, acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman said investigators are "actively reviewing video and other open-source materials of some USCP officers and officials that appear to be in violation of department’s regulation and policies."Chief Pittman said the officers could face disciplinary action, including termination.The Capitol Police did not disclose how many officers had been suspended or why they had been disciplined.Earlier Monday, Rep. Tim Ryan, Ohio Democrat, told reporters that two officers had been suspended. Mr. Ryan also disclosed that at least 10 officers are under investigation for their roles in the riot.Some media outlets have reported that the number of officers under investigation may be as high as 17."The Capitol Police are looking at everybody involved that potentially facilitated on a big level or a small level in any way and it’s important that they are cracking down," Mr. Ryan told reporters."It was the interim [Capitol Police] chief who determined that to be qualifying for immediate suspension," Mr. Ryan continued.Mr. Ryan initially said that a member of law enforcement had been arrested, but his office later backed away from those claims."At this time no officers have been arrested," his office said in a statement.Mr. Ryan said one of the officers who was suspended was spotted on social media taking a selfie with one of the rioters. Another suspended officer apparently wore a red "Make America Great Again" hat and directed the mob, according to the congressman.Democrats have claimed that some members of the Capitol Police sympathized with the angry crowd of Trump supporters.House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, South Carolina Democrat, is among those who have publicly questioned whether Capitol Police officers assisted rioters, calling it strange that the mob knew the location of lawmakers’ offices.Sen. Roy Blunt, Missouri Republican, has pushed back against those claims."I resent any sense that the Capitol Police didn’t push back, fight back valiantly, get out there and stand between first the building and then the people in the building that they’re there to protect," Mr. Bunt said in a television interview Sunday.Mr. Blunt also warned that social media clips could be misleading."The Capitol Police fought back. You can do anything with looking at film, not knowing what you’re talking about," Mr. Blunt said. "I do know when you’re overwhelmed, in law enforcement, one of the things you do is try to step back and regroup rather than just let yourself get surrounded."