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Peter Myers Digest: Oliver Stone documentary JFK Revisited ignored by MSM

(1) Oliver Stone's new documentary JFK Revisited ignored by the MSM(2) JFK Revisited - Review by UK Telegraph(3) JFK Revisited - Review by Hollywood Reporter(4) Anarchists burn, vandalise 48 Canadian churches in retribution for indigenous graves(5) Disney Debauches Your Children - Brother Nathanael Kapner(6) Ontario premier rejects anti-racism agenda in math class(1) Oliver Stone's new documentary JFK Revisited ignored by the MSM Stone's new JFK assassination doc is being ignored by the MSM … a sure sign he might be onto something20 Jul, 2021JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass by Oliver Stone, 2021. © IMDBThe establishment media is celebrating odd, sexually charged movies at the Cannes Film Festival – yet won't even acknowledge Oliver Stone's foray back into the troubling case of President John F. Kennedy's murder. I wonder why?Last week, Oliver Stone premiered his new documentary about the Kennedy assassination titled '<> JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass', at the Cannes festival.You'd think that Stone, the polarizing, two-time Best Director Academy Award winner, whose film JFK created such a furor it led to the US government passing the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992, premiering a controversial JFK assassination documentary at Cannes would be very big news. You'd be wrong.When 'JFK: Revisited' premiered on Monday, July 12, the mainstream media didn't praise it or pan it. They pretended it didn't exist.The New York Times' vast coverage of Cannes consisted of 11 articles, most focusing on the more salacious content, such as 'Benedetta', a steamy story about lesbian nuns, 'Annette', a musical where Adam Driver sings while performing oral sex on Marion Cotillard, and 'Titane', where a woman has sex with a car and lactates oil. But not once has 'JFK Revisited' been mentioned in the supposed 'paper of record'.The same is true of the Washington Post, Boston Globe, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, the Guardian, the Atlantic, the New Yorker and every mainstream outlet I searched, as none of them acknowledge 'JFK Revisited'exists at all.The only media mentions I found were in trade papers like Variety and the Hollywood Reporter, and in the British press, in the Times and Daily Telegraph. Their reaction to the film was split, with Variety and The Times giving negative reviews and THR and the Daily Telegraph praising it.  [...]Stone became more of an establishment pariah when he interviewed Fidel Castro in 2002 and Russian President Vladimir Putin between 2015 and 2017. Stone spoke with America's enemies instead of just mouthing the mindless official mantra, an unforgivable sin in the eyes of the media who believe there's only one narrative, and we can't complicate it by listening instead of yelling.Stone's history of being a firebrand, and his loyalty to truth above the official narrative, is why 'JFK Revisited' is being intentionally ignored. Any press is good press; even a bad review spreads awareness of the product, so hitting the ignore button is the best way for the establishment to silence Stone and maintain the JFK status quo.(2) JFK Revisited - Review by UK Telegraph Tim Robey, FILM CRITIC12 July 2021JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, Cannes review: Oliver Stone adds evidence to his conspiracy theoriesThe director of JFK returns to the subject of the 1963 assassination in an absorbing documentaryOliver Stone's JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass is a companion piece to his 1991 film"Conspiracy theories are now conspiracy facts," declares Oliver Stone in his new documentary about the JFK assassination, 30 years after the rabble-rousing feature that made his position well-known. To wit, per Stone and plenty of experts: the lone gunman theory doesn't hold up, the FBI lied about bullet wounds and witness statements, the CIA wanted Kennedy out of the way, and Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy.Not all of these are quite what you'd call iron-clad facts, despite Stone manfully bolstering the case for a cover-up in this dense, absorbing two-hour companion piece to his 1991 film – cut down from a four-hour version he also promises to make available. There's a huge amount to take on board, some of it new-ish. Partly thanks to the first film's impact, the declassification of US government records was accelerated in the early 1990s, and much extra research done since. (One new document proves the CIA knew that LBJ was sympathetic to a ground invasion of Vietnam, contrary to JFK, who was adamant this wouldn't happen.)The holes in the Warren Report, which <> Kevin Costner's Jim Garrison tried to expose, only gape wider. Particularly: how was ex-CIA chief Allen Dulles, whom JFK fired over the Bay of Pigs fiasco, allowed to be part of it? Why do the official autopsy photos not match all the others? How come Oswald's supposed rifle was not the same model he mail-ordered?The film is strongest on the forensic chaos that always looked so dubious, and the circuitous chain of custody that allowed a "magic bullet" of deeply unclear provenance to be entered into evidence. This wasn't the fatal one, but the first one, which is meant to have entered through Kennedy's back, come out through his throat, and then caused a whole spider-web of wounds on Gov John Connally in the front passenger seat.Connally himself refused to believe one bullet had achieved all this, and yet the FBI absolutely had to make that explanation stick, to "close the loop on Oswald's guilt" rather than admitting other snipers must have helped in crossfire. The first phone call of grieving Bobby Kennedy was to Langley, to ask the CIA if they were culpable.Getting Donald Sutherland to narrate is good movie sense, given his original role as "Mr. X", a composite government spook. The film sags when it moves onto Oswald's intelligence connections, which don't add up as compelling proofs of anything.Stone packs a ton of information in, then lurches to a halt; while he milks Kennedy's mistrust of the three-letter agencies, his grasp of "what really happened" is still fundamentally guesswork. Still, he does persuade us of smoking guns out there that weren't Oswald's, or anywhere near the book depository. Mentions of the grassy knoll this time? Zero, which is just as well.Screening at the Cannes Film Festival. A UK release has yet to be announced(3) JFK Revisited - Review by Hollywood Reporter OF CANNES FILM FESTIVALOliver Stone returns to the scene of the crime in his new documentary, JFK Revisited: Through The Looking Glass, a fresh reappraisal of the mounting evidence surrounding John F. Kennedy's assassination in Dallas in 1963. World premiering in <> Cannes, this investigative essay film draws on the vast archive of material that has been declassified, re-examined and placed in the public records since Stone's fictionalized historical thriller JFK became an unlikely box-office smash 30 years ago. "Conspiracy theory", the veteran director claims here with characteristic modesty, has now become "conspiracy fact."But does the world really need to hear any more from Stone about this epochal rupture in American history, especially in an era already drowning in post-truth conspiracies? This is not a director known for his balanced, nuanced approach to geopolitical matters, after all. Can anyone take him seriously again after those fawning documentary bromances with Castro and Putin?That said, Stone is no fool, dialing down his signature egotistical bombast for this unusually sober film, and backing up his assertions with an army of authors, academics, doctors and legal experts. Anticipating serious critical scrutiny when JFK Revisited reaches a wider audience, he came prepared.Aiming for a forensic procedural tone in the Errol Morris mold, JFK Revisited is loaded with fascinating historical nuggets, dirty little secrets and partisan claims dressed up as objective journalism. There are no major new shock revelations here, but plenty of thought-provoking subplots that will encourage curious viewers to do their own research. In commercial terms, the film has potentially wide appeal to two disparate groups: those who share Stone's conspiratorial worldview and those who enjoy debunking his paranoid polemics. With smart marketing to both sides, he could have a hit on his hands. London-based Altitude are handling world sales in Cannes, with deals already sealed for Australia, New Zealand and several European markets.Originally conceived as a four-hour epic under the title JFK: Destiny Betrayed, Stone's latest documentary has since been retitled and streamlined. Screenwriter James DiEugenio wisely pared the narrative down by concentrating on some of the more widely debated issues around Kennedy's death. Chief among these is the so-called "magic bullet," which, if assassin Lee Harvey Oswald truly acted alone, must have miraculously caused seven different wounds when it passed through the president and struck Texas Governor John Connally. The bullet was only discovered hours later on a hospital gurney, in unusually pristine condition.Another key contested event revisited here is Kennedy's autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland. Some of those present later claimed that medical records and official photographs did not match the catastrophic injuries they witnessed first hand. Stone believes the post-mortem examination was deliberately entrusted to relative amateurs, and that the resulting photos were faked. Doctor Cyril Wecht, the forensic pathologist who first exposed the macabre mystery of JFK's missing brain, gives expert testimony here.In its latter half, JFK Revisited shifts gear from musing on method to motive. Who would go to all this trouble to kill Kennedy, and then cover it up? More importantly, why? At this point Stone cannot resist falling back on familiar simplistic arguments, pointing vaguely to a clandestine cabal of intelligence heavyweights who felt threatened by the young president's reformist zeal, plans for thawing U.S. relations with Cuba and Russia, scaling down military involvement in Vietnam, and other progressive polices. Stone reserves his deepest suspicion for former CIA chief Allan Dulles, whom Kennedy fired in November 1961. Dulles later served on the Warren Commission, whose marathon 1964 report into his former boss's murder would later be widely challenged and denounced.To bolster his case against the Deep State, Stone quotes JFK's alleged plans to "splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds" following the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in April 1961. But even if Kennedy ever really uttered this disputed quote, there are numerous official accounts of him later praising the agency's work and endorsing their covert operations abroad, including multiple plots to assassinate Castro.Had he lived, Kennedy may indeed have avoided full-scale war in Vietnam, but he was far from the messianic prince of peace that Stone needs him to be to fit his reductive narrative of American imperial villainy. None of this disproves speculation that he was killed in a treacherous coup plot, of course, but these lapses into misty-eyed Camelot mythology weaken the film's otherwise impressively strong factual elements. Stone's conception of good and evil is military-industrial, but not very complex.In visual terms, JFK Revisited offers a polished blend of contemporary interviews, archive footage and explanatory graphics. Surprisingly, clips from the original JFK are only deployed very sparingly. Stone's regular cinematographer Robert Richardson, who also works with Scorsese and Tarantino, gives the film a glossy old-school finish. Stone himself only appears occasionally on screen, chiefly to pose precisely scripted questions to his expert guests. He also shares voice-over duties with Donald Sutherland, who had a small but pivotal role in JFK, and Whoopi Goldberg. Composer Jeff Beal's overly insistent, intrusive score is the most jarring element in an otherwise handsome technical package.(4) Anarchists burn, vandalise 48 Canadian churches in retribution for indigenous graves recent churches set on fire in British Columbia seems to be connected to the discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves at boarding schools set up in 1874 for native tribes.The schools were instituted in 1874 as an effort to assimilate native tribes in language, religion, and culture. First Nations children were removed from their families and often moved great distances into the boarding schools. The program officially ended in 1969.No evidence has shown if the deaths came from natural causes or intentional abuse but most of the Canadian press has presumed the latter. Since the Catholic Church ran 70 percent of these schools, it has borne most of the current backlash. But it didn't take long for arsonists and vandals to attack churches far from First Nations reserves and unrelated to Catholicism.Some of the churches burned have been Coptic Orthodox buildings of Egyptian Christians who fled persecution in the 1960s and had no connection to the schools.Nevertheless, Canadian leftists shrugged off the attack and made excuses for the Klan-style church burnings.After the first arsons, Executive Director of the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association Harsha Walia tweeted "burn it all down." She was forced to resign last weekend. Justin Trudeau's former top advisor, Gerald Butts, defended Walia, tweeting that the burning of churches may not be "cool," but is certainly "understandable."Supreme Emperor Justin Trudeau said it was "unacceptable" that churches were being burned down, but added that "the anger is real." He even threw in the woke platitudes of "intergenerational trauma" and "institutional racism" for good measure.I wonder how he would respond to the Native American Christians who have had at least 5 of their own churches torched:"There have been many funerals and weddings at that church. The church was around 100 years old," said Native American community member Rose Holmes of St. Anne's Catholic Church in Hedley. "So many memories from that church and [it] was taken away by vandalism. I am Indigenous, and this upsets me, because it does hurt our elders seeing these historic buildings being taken away. This isn't justice for what's happened to our people. This is stupidity by some individuals!"Or others, like Polish immigrants who fled the Nazis and Communists:It's good to have an investigation into the graves, uncover any crimes committed, let the truth come into the light, and see both the good and bad of history as it is.That being said, the violent arsonists and vandals burning down these churches aren't even the ones who would have been the victims of any alleged crime.Unlike the Liberal government, First Nations leaders rushed to denounce the crimes. "To burn things is not our way," said Perry Bellegarde, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations. "Our way is to build relationships and come together."Instead, it's white acolytes of Wokeism that have apparently taken up the violent cause:Much of the arson appears linked to white progressives rather than indigenous people, unsurprisingly. Last week, a heavyset white woman was caught on camera attempting to set St. George Coptic Orthodox Church ablaze. Police are now seeking to identify her.Here's video of that incident, which completely destroyed the church building:And the aftermath:Part of me can't blame this criminal. After all, as Woke Prophet Ibram X. Kendi said, the only way for practitioners of the woke religion to make up for past wrongs is to commit future wrongs!Quote:"The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination."If you're wondering what type of action might come from such garbage ideology, this is it!Joel Abbott(5) Disney Debauches Your Children - Brother Nathanael Kapner Debauches Your ChildrenBrother Nathanael KapnerJuly 16 2021How many Jews does it take to turn your children gay?Five, in top slots at Disney.Robert Iger, Chairman of the Board and principal shareholder.Bob Chapek, CEO and theme shaper of Disney productions.Jenny Cohen, Executive VP of Social Responsibility…I mean, you can't make this stuff up.Alan Braverman, General Counsel and co-principal shareholder.And, Alan Bergman, Chairman of Disney production's content.That content is filled with demon-children, lesbians, homosexuals, witchcraft, phallic symbols, demon horns, transgender freaks, and queer love scenes.Everyone's outraged with the San Francisco Gay Choir for singing "We're Coming For Your Children."But Disney has been "coming for your children" since 2017.Acclaimed by the Jew media for "making history," Disney's 2017 launch of its "Andi Mack" series featured a Jewish homosexual teen, "Cyrus Goodman."Played by a Jewish sissified boy, Joshua Rush, and created by lesbian Jew, Terri Minsky, it's aimed at turning your boys into queers just as they approach puberty.Your little children—five to fourteen, while you weren't looking—were invited, not you, to the "Bash Mitzvah." [Clip]["Who am I today? Who will I turn out to be? I don't know yet. All I know is that I have people in my life who love me as I am."]A Jew ‘catch word' for "homo."It's enough for young teens to have identity crises at puberty.But giving them the "queer" option when their hormones are all cranked up is irrefutable child abuse.Disney's good at it.Disney Jews do not scruple to abuse their huge influence to homosexualize your children especially at tender ages. [Clip][Clip]["He's probably in there talking to some other girl. Is he?" "Um." "You know this isn't your problem. You should be at your Bar Mitzvah party and you should be in there too." "And so should you." "I can't be in the same room with him right now." "I know how you feel." "No you don't, but be grateful because it's severe." "You're wondering if he even know you're there or cares." "Yes." "I know exactly how you feel." "Cyrus." "She's my best friend. I want her to know she's not alone." "What do you mean I'm not alone?" "Andi, you're not the only one who likes Jonah. I like him too." "Help yourselves. If there's anything that you don't recognize don't hesitate to ask. I'm Cyrus Goodman, I'll be your buffet tour guide." "So how did it go? Did you tell him?" "No. It wasn't' the right time." "That's okay it'll happen." "You'll know when it's the right time." "Cyrus help, I'm not recognizing anything here."]That's Jonah, who Cyrus salivates for.He's an older teen, whereas Cyrus is only thirteen, suggesting pedophelia, a Disney theme that's still germinating. [Clip]["Okay. Well, that, of course, is Aunt Ruthie's kugel. Uh, that's your classic bagel and lox. That's gefilte fish, skip that. And I'm gay." "Yeah? Okay, cool."]It's "cool" to lose your masculinity at thirteen, promotes the Disney Jews.Hundreds of thousands of teens—and younger—around the world get the Disney Jew message:It's "cool" to use your reproductive organs in a vile and shameful way.The Jews at Disney like it that way.It's a page right out of the "Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion."Corrupt goyim youth and Jews gets the next generation totally under their Christ-crucifying thumb. [Clip]["That is a great name. I love that name." "You do?" "Yes." "Well my grandparents didn't, and they're like it's a ridiculous name. We're calling him TJ. So I've been TJ ever since I was three days old." "Is there anything else you want to know?" "Is there anything else you want to tell me?" "Yeah." "Is there anything else you want to tell me?" "Yes."]It's pedophelia suggested all over again.An older teen with little thirteen Bar Mitzvah boy. [...](6) Ontario premier rejects anti-racism agenda in math class'In math, let's stick with math': Ontario premier rejects anti-racism agenda in math class after province cuts it from curriculum16 Jul, 2021 04:01Ontario Premier Doug Ford said the discussion of racism doesn't belong in math classes, confirming the province's decision to back down from a plan to inject anti-racism ideology into its 9th grade mathematics curriculum."In math, let's stick with math," Ford told reporters on Thursday, a day after Canadian media outlets reported that language about racism and colonialism no longer appeared in an explanation of the curriculum on the provincial government's website. "Other social issues, let's talk about it, there's no doubt, but let's not talk about it in math."Ford said topics such as race are more fitting for history and social studies classes. As for math, "What we need to do, we need to focus on financial literacy, we need to focus on coding. These are real things that kids are going to have to learn to get a job in the future."Ford argued that such focus is necessary, especially given that the province has struggled to bring students up to passing grades in math. "Prior to us getting elected, and I said during the election, we had half our kids in grade six failing the math curriculum," he said.Math proficiency has remained a problem since Ford took office in June 2018. His government launched a $200 million plan in 2019 to boost student scores and improve teacher training and standards. Ford drew criticism from teachers for requiring that all Ontario educators pass a proficiency test proving that they can meet a 9th grade math standard.<>ALSO ON RT.COMSchool curriculum in Canada disputes view of math as 'objective' discipline, argues it has been used to 'normalize racism'Controversy over anti-racism ideology, such as critical race theory, has boiled over this year, particularly in the US, where groups of parent activists and Republican legislators demand that it be removed from public schools. Public pushback in Ontario came after media reports last week bought attention to the anti-racist math curriculum.The curriculum argued that math has been used "to normalize racism and marginalization of non-Eurocentric mathematical knowledges." It called for a "decolonial, anti-racist approach to mathematics education" and argued that math "can be subjective"The plan was for teachers to encourage different ways of learning, such as infusing "indigenous knowledges" into their lessons, to help students develop "healthy and strong identities" as math learners. Based on a framework called Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy (CRRP), the program also aimed to expose "issues of power and social justice in mathematics education."Authors of the curriculum also asserted that non-white and LGBTQ students have experienced "systemic barriers" to accessing high-level math instruction. Teachers were called on not only to identify and remove such barriers, but also impart all students with the skills to recognize how math can be used to "uncover, explore, analyze and promote actions to address social and environmental issues, such as inequity and discrimination."