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Peter Myers Digest: Patriots stormed the Capitol, but did Antifa lead the way?

(1) Patriots stormed the Capitol, but did Antifa lead the way?(2) The Capitol is no 'sacred temple of democracy,' but 'the sleaziest brothel, totally bought'(3) The Establishment infiltrated the rally - Paul Craig Roberts(4) Mob Occupation and Desecration of the Temple - Patrick J. Buchanan(5) Shirtless man in horned helmet cites Illuminati, Trilateral Commission & Bilderberg group(6) With unilateral censorship of a sitting US president, Big Tech has proven it’s more powerful than any gov´t(7) Trump Tweets From POTUS Account, Twitter Then Immediately Deletes It(8) Google bans Parler app after users flock to it to avoid censorship(9) Apple threatens to ban Parler from the App Store unless it censors(1) Patriots stormed the Capitol, but did Antifa lead the way?- by Peter Gerard Myers, January 9, 2021The storming of the Capitol will feature in the history books.Criticism prevails in the media at present, but history may judge the protestors differently. It may turn out to mark the end of the Western world, or its rejuvenation.It's alleged that Antifa  participated, in order to discredit the Patriots. However the net effect may be akin to Occupy Wall Street, in which the two extremes jointly took on the 1%.Take care now to save videos of it and webpages about it.It's hard to escape the MSM of the USA; I prefer this Daily Mail photo gallery: this ITV video from Britain:Thousands of Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol Building in DCThese were not terrorists but Deplorables protesting the 'elites'."This is our house, our country" The Capitol is no 'sacred temple of democracy,' but 'the sleaziest brothel, totally bought' 08, 2021By Wrongly Calling The Capitol Rabble 'Terrorists' Joe Biden Will Likely Create SomeThe hyperventilating over Wednesday's MAGA cosplay in the Capitol Building continues:In a blistering speech one day after pro-trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol in an unprecedented security breach, U.S. President-elect Joe Biden said the perpetrators should be considered 'domestic terrorists'."Don't dare call them protesters. They were a riotous mob. Insurrectionists. Domestic terrorists. It's that basic. It's that simple."That the incoming president declares a number of activist from the opposing party to be 'terrorists' demonstrates how unqualified he is for that job.Those rabbles were in no way terrorists. They were not even a mob. Most of them were out-of-town rednecks who felt that they had been wronged. They wanted to express that. They were surprised when they found how easy it was to enter the Capitol and they apparently took more time to take pictures than to rearrange the furniture.This was not a coup attempt either. These folks had no weapons, no training and, most importantly, they had no plan of what to do except to maybe enter to then leave:And yet, and yet…. This was no Vietnam-level rioting. This wasn't even a serious occupation, which one would think was the point, to keep Congress from executing the final ratification of the Biden win. Could you image the spectacle of democracy chastened if the Trump mob had held the Capitol and forced Congress to scramble find a hotel ballroom in which to finish their official business?Nope, Congress was back in business by 8:00 PM, roughly seven hours after the barbarians stormed the walls, albeit with pretty much everyone badly rattled and some Trump supporters rapidly backpedaling from their former positions.Despite the gravity of the event, if you look not very hard at what happened, both sides in their different ways were shambolic.Another such view:[L]et's be clear about what did not take place at the Capitol Building last night. This was not a fascist coup, as so many shrill, supposedly liberal commentators are claiming. Their flagrant use of the word ‘fascist' to describe every political movement they disapprove of is an insult to reason and history. This wasn't a coup full stop. The National Guard suppressed the morons, the barricades were put back up, and even their hero Donald Trump told them to go home. A coup is a conscious effort to illegally seize power from the government. These people couldn't even believe they made it into the Capitol Building. They were like children finding a candy store unguarded.A children's game. Indeed.There was also a curious lack of resistance from the relevant authority:[Rep. Anna] Eshoo also blasted the Capitol Hill police, calling their lackluster response a "failure across the board" and describing the barricades outside the Capitol complex "like doggy doors … it was like, ‘Welcome, I'm taking you on a tour.' "Lawmakers, she said, had gotten a detailed memo about street barricades and procedures, but when she arrived and looked across the Capitol Hill plaza, "I thought, where is everyone?"These were not terrorists but tourists who came from all over the states to Washington for fun and to register their disagreement with the 'elites'. The Capitol Hill policeman correctly recognized that the protesters were not enemies of the state but rather normal Americans:Maggie Haberman @maggieNYT - 4:16 UTC · Jan 8, 2021Cops gave rioters directions to Schumer's office but aimed a gun at a photographer and didn't believe she was a journalist. Astonishing this is the level of security in the halls of a co-equal branch of government in the post-9/11 era.Yet Biden and others are furious about the stunt because it lifted the veil off their vaunted U.S. 'democracy' and its empty rituals:Nicholas J. Fuentes @NickJFuentes - 21:01 UTC · Jan 7, 2021The US Capitol is hardly a "sacred temple of democracy," it's the sleaziest brothel in the world, totally bought and controlled by powerful interest groups and foreign governments. Who are they kidding?Congressional processes are dirty fights about the distribution of the loot. There is nothing sacred about it. Just consider the massive bribes that were taken during the Georgia Senate races. Those hundreds of millions of 'donations' will have to be paid back in kind.The real danger to the people does not come from those 'deplorables' who walked into the Capitol but from the 'elite' who will use the incident for their purposes:The threat inflation, the wild claims about a fascist coup, are transparent efforts by the cosseted political and cultural elites to endow their project with moral importance; to give their restoration of managerial, technocratic power after the four-year populist experiment – which is fundamentally the project that Biden and his influential supporters are currently engaged in – the gloss of historical urgency. It is mission creation.Worse, this narrative-building will allow the elites to circumscribe even more forms of political thought and speech than they already desire to do, on the basis that the latent fascism among the American rabble is likely to be stirred up by inflammatory ideas and commentary. Indeed, we've already been given a chilling glimpse of this post-incursion clampdown on ‘violent' speech in Twitter's extraordinary decision to ban, outright, three of Trump's tweets last night and to lock him out of his account for 12 hours.It strikes me that this unilateral use of corporate power by Silicon Valley to prevent the democratically elected president of the United States from engaging with millions of his voters and supporters, to physically forbid him from partaking in online discussion, is a grave assault on democracy, too. More grave, I would say, than the immoral and anti-democratic incursion of the Capitol Building. Already, right away, we are seeing that the threat-inflating response to last night's events will likely have longer-lasting negative consequences for open debate and democratic norms than the thing itself.It is even worse than that. The Democrats reaction to the slapstick action is likely to create more strife.That Biden now falsely declares that the people who enter the capitol are terrorists, who thereby need to be handled as such, will deepen the rift within the U.S. society. It guarantees that some of the 'deplorables' who Biden designates as terrorists will become real ones. The U.S. military has ample experience with doing that in Iraq and elsewhere. During the early years of the occupation it designated legitimate resistance to the occupation as terrorism and thereby sowed the seeds for real terrorism.An even worse strategy is to blame the whole incident on the 'terrorist leader' Donald Trump. During the rally that preceded the Capitol incident Trump did not tell the people to enter the building:"I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard," Trump told the crowd on Wednesday.After the people had unexpectedly entered the Capitol building Trump asked them to leave:He said: "I know your pain, I know you're hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us, it was a landslide election and everyone knows it especially the other side."But you have to go home now, we have to have peace, we have to have law and order, we have to respect our great people in law and order. We don't want anybody hurt."Some 74 million people voted for Trump. What will they do if the Democrats now unfairly try to impeach him over an incident he did not cause?Do not expect them to ignore it or to change their opinions. This analogy is apt.Max Abrahms @MaxAbrahms - 14:21 UTC · 5 Jan 2021Careful what you wish for.My research shows leaders often restrain lower level members.So taking out the leader tends to make the group more — not less — radical in its tactical choices.I have loads of empirical & theoretical work on this finding if you'd like to discuss.Even the Islamic State foresees that this will lead to more strife within the U.S.:[T]he bitter feeling of defeat that the supporters of the 'Taghut' Trump have expressed during their recent protests - which followed the protests of their adversaries from the supporters of the 'Democratic Party' during the past year- will push them to exert more effort and offer more support for their Taghut during the next four years or whoso stands with him alongside the seat of the presidency, in order to achieve revenge for themselves and achieve victory over their adversaries again. This means that the conflict between the two parties and their supporters inside America will be very intense, and the focus of the policies of the two parties during this time will be greater on the internal issues to guarantee gaining more electoral votes.By using the 'terrorist' moniker Biden, and the media, are taking this thing into the wrong direction. It creates more extremism and will likely have bloody consequences.Posted by b on January 8, 2021 at 19:00 UTC(3) The Establishment infiltrated the rally - Paul Craig Roberts's Color RevolutionJanuary 7, 2021Pandering to the Establishment Now UbiquitousPaul Craig RobertsThe Establishment has imposed a color revolution on the American people.   Ekaterina Blinova is a journalist who reognized that a color revolution has occurred in America under the guise of a presidential election.–turn-us-political-landscape-into-one-party-system/ The Establishment used the Democrats for their purpose, because Trump was in office under the Republican banner.  Trump, of course, is a populist, but there is no party that represents the people, so Trump ran as a Republican.The leftwing, or the fraud that passes for one, thinks it is now in the money.  This is a naive expectation.  The Establishment is in charge, and there will be no leftist agendas unless they serve the Establishment.  If Antifa and BLM cut up, their funding will be cut off, and the presstitutes will be sicced on them.Biden and Kamala are mere figureheads put in office by a stolen election.  Any agenda they think that they have is irrelevant.  Here is the Establishment's agenda:First: Prevent any political organization of the "Trump Deplorables." Any who attempt to form a real opposition party will be made an example of.  In America it is child's play to frame up anyone.  We saw the show in Russiagate, and Trump will now be exhausted with endless frameups as the Establishment pursues him into oblivion.  If the President of the United States can be so easily framed up, an unknown political organizer in the red states can be disposed of at will.Second: Increase the demonization of white people and the destruction of their confidence.  White Americans are still a majority and, therefore, a potential political force.  Their demonization is already institutionalized in the educational system, in the New York Times' propagandistic "1619 Project," and in the "racial sensitivity" training that all white employes of US corporations, governments, and US military have to take.  Trump ordered a halt to the anti-white indoctrination sessions in the Federal government and US military, but the new regime will quickly reinstate the required indoctrinated as a sop to deluded blacks, feminists, and leftwingers.Third: The Second Amendment will be overturned or bypassed.  Trump supporters will be disarmed in order to more easily terrorize them and prevent them from protecting  their property and persons if the Establishment believes it is efficacious to unleash armed anti-white militias on them in order to bring them into line. White self-defense will be more or less criminalized.Fourth: The Establishment will increase its fomenting of racial and gender conflict in order to keep Americans too divided to resist its increasingly odious control measures, whether they be the use of Covid to suppress freedom of movement and association, charges of being a foreign agent in order to suppress free speech as in the Assange case, or round up and  internment of Trump Americans trying to organize a political party that represents the people instead of the Establishment.Fifth: Citizenship for the millions of illegal aliens and open borders in order to reduce the white  population to an isolated minority.These measures will suffice for the Establishment to complete the transformation of the United States from a democracy accountable to the people to an oligarchy of entrenched vested interests.By the time insouciant white people wake up to their fate, violent revolution will be impossible. Modern weapons in the hands of the state are devastating.  Mass spying and control techniques that exist today go beyond those in dystopian novels such as Orwell's 1984. Free speech is a thing of the past.  Free speech no longer even exists in universities. As I write Twitter, Facebook and the presstitutes are suppressing the free speech of the President of the United States, and the President of the United States is powerless to do anything about it. Establishment's control over the media means that no charge against President Trump is too extreme to cause a protest.  The enormous support shown for Trump in Washington on January 6 with estimates of participants ranging from 200,000 to 2,000,000 was easy for the Establishment to turn into a liability by infiltrating the rally.It was naive for President Trump and his supporters not to realize that infiltration was guaranteed as it was necessary for the Establishment to turn massive support into a massive liability.  This would achieve two purposes.  One purpose was to terminate the challenge to the electors in the Senate, and it succeeded.  Here, for example, is Republican Senator Mike Braun from Indiana dropping his intent to object to the electors from the swing states where the election was stolen: "I think … that today change things drastically. Yeah, whatever point you made before that should suffice. Get this ugly day behind us," he said. Even Rand Paul was intimidated:  "I just don't think there's going to be another objection. I think it's over at that point." is Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler whose reelection to the Senate was stolen from her acquiescing in Trump's and her own stolen elections:   "When I arrived in Washington this morning, I fully intended to object to the certification of the electoral votes. However, the events that have transpired today have forced me to reconsider and I cannot now, in good conscience, object," Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.). The other purpose served was to insure that Trump would not go out as a president whose reelection was stolen but as an insurrectionist.  And it has succeeded. [...]To understand the extraordinary hatred of President Trump by the Establishment, listen to his inaugural address.  He described the Establishment accurately as a force arraigned against the American people, a force that he intended to dismantle and restore America to the American people.  This was a revolutionary challenge, a reckless one as Trump is a populist, not a revolutionary leading a determined movement.   Moreover, Trump was so uninformed about Washington that he never succeeded in appointing anyone to his government, other than General Flynn (an immediate casualty of the Estatlishment) who agreed with his agenda of normalizing relations with Russia, bringing the troops home from the Middle East, ending NATO, and bringing the jobs home that American corporations had exported to China.  Here was Trump unarmed taking on the American Establishment.  This was an act of suicide as it has turned out to be.People who think in terms of party politics have no likelihood of understanding the situation. The struggle is not Democrats vs. Republicans. or red states vs. blue states.  It is the Establishment against the people.  If you have any doubt about this, note that the US National Association of Manufacturers, always a throughly Republican organization, agrees with Schumer and Pelosi that Trump must be removed from office. [...]Trump could not be permitted to leave office with such a massive showing of support—a terrible embarrassment to the corrupt scum who "speak for the people."  So the support had to be discredited by turning it into an insurrection ordered by Trump against Democracy, a holy word that is observed nowhere in the Western World.The people who entered the Capitol were a tiny minority of those who attended the rally which was entirely peaceful and well behaved. It was so peaceful and well behaved that Facebook will ban and delete all photos and videos of Wednesday protests:   The facts are not consistent with the presstitute narrative and must be suppressed.Here is a description of agitators who suddenly appeared and provoked the entrance into the Capitol by a few Trump supporters who, unlike the rioters in Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta and elsewhere, did not behave as rioters and did no damage.  The report is from a person present not as a Trump supporter but as a person to film the event. The report was sent to NYU professor Mark Crispin Miller.  I have left the person's name off so that he doesn't get investigated by the FBI:"I was in Washington, D.C. today filming the Trump rally and related events.  I also ran across your post concerning the Capitol demonstration tonight.  Perhaps this short account will help you assess what others are saying in a small way."I was also at the Capitol before the crowd appeared setting-up my camera on a stone wall around the perimeter of the back of the capitol (the rear facing Constitution Avenue).  Then I waited for President Trump's speech to end and for supporters to walk-up Constitution Avenue to the Capitol.  I was located at the precise location where supporters first rushed up the slope towards the back of the Capitol after casting aside a section of the first Capitol perimeter barrier.  Supporters gathered roughly at the center of the back of the capitol, but a circle began to grow around the perimeter as the crowd grew larger.  I had no sense that the growing crowd intended to rush the Capitol."After a large crowd emerged at the perimeter a man in perhaps his late 30's or early 40's showed-up, pacing quickly to his left then to his right before the crowd, and essentially began hurling insults at the crowd challenging their political wisdom.  He excoriated the crowd for thinking that their attendance would be taken seriously by members of congress.  (Hard to say that he was wrong about that, whoever he was). I cannot recall his precise words, but for a very short period he engaged in a shouting exchange with supporters, and suddenly supporters pushed aside the first barrier and rushed towards the back of the Capitol.  Others on the northern edge of the perimeter followed suit. But the first rush was right at the center of the back of the Capitol. I followed the rush to the bottom of the Capitol back steps, and began filming again from atop an inner perimeter stone wall."The police, so it appeared, were a little surprised by the rush, and this gave supporters an opportunity to race up the steps.  One or two men even made it as far as the steps leading up to the scaffolds on the south side of the Capitol before police arrested them.  By this time, five or ten men had climbed to the top of the tall steel tower structure facing the Capitol.  Then the police erected and lined-up behind a new barrier perimeter at the foot of the Capitol steps.  Police at the top of the Capitol steps aimed rifles down on the crowd (perhaps rubber bullet rifles, I could not tell).  The crowd began arguing with police and pressing hard against the new barrier.  The police sprayed men pressing directly against the barrier with tear gas from time to time causing them to retreat.  "Meanwhile, the men at the top of the tower began rallying the crowd to challenge the new barrier (over bull horns) by filling any gaps between the barrier and the stone wall that I was using as a filming vantage point.  Another man worked the crowd with a bull horn immediately in front of me and also encouraged supporters to climb over the inner perimeter stone wall (my filming vantage point) and create a wall of pressure on the new barrier at the bottom of the Capitol back steps."After about 30 minutes to an hour I dropped to the bottom of the stone wall to reload my camera when suddenly the barrier gave way and police attempted to fortify it by blasting tear gas into the area between the stone wall and the barrier.   I was hit by the gas myself and struggled back over the stone wall in order to breathe.  The gas threw many crowd members into a panic. And I was nearly trampled as I struggled to lift my camera and heavy gear bag over the wall after two women began pulling desperately on the back of my coat to pull themselves up and over the moderately high wall in retreat."After the second perimeter barrier gave way, the men with the bull horns began working the crowd very hard to fill-up with Trump supporters the steps of the Capitol and the scaffolding on both sides of it.  At this point one of the calls, which the men with bull horns repeated from time to time in order to encourage people to climb the Capitol steps was "this is not a rally; it's the real thing."  Another frequent call was "its now or never." After about a two hour effort peppered with bull horn calls of this nature the entire back of the Capitol was filled with Trump supporters and the entire face of the Capitol was covered with brilliant small and very large Trump banners, American flags, and various other types of flags and banners."Sometime after the rush on the back of the Capitol, people were apparently able to enter the Capitol itself through the front. But I was not witness to anything at the front or inside the Capitol."One clearly bona fide Trump supporter who had apparently entered the Capitol himself was telling others emotionally and angrily (including press representatives of some sort, even a foreign newsman) that he witnessed someone inside the Capitol encouraging violence whom he strongly suspected was not a legitimate Trump supporter (apparently on the basis that the man showed no signs at all of Trump support on his apparel).  I did not pay that close attention to his claims (for example the precise claim of the violence encouraged) because, naturally, I had not yet read your post and it had not occurred to me that professional outsiders might play a role in instigating particular violent acts in order to discredit the event."I overheard one Trump supporter (who followed the rush on the Capitol himself) say aloud, "I brought many others to this rally, but we did not sign on for this" as he watched matters escalate."Still, from my seat, I would say that large numbers of very legitimate Trump supporters felt that it was their patriotic duty to occupy the Capitol in light of their unshakable beliefs that (1) the 2020 election was a fraud, (2) that the vast majority of the members of congress are corrupt and compromised, and (3) that the country is in the throes of what they consider a "communist" takeover (although many use the expression "communism" as a synonym for "totalitarianism").   They are also convinced that the virus narrative is a fraud and an essential part of an effort to undermine the Constitution –in particular the Bill of Rights.  They have a very real fear that the country and the very conception of any culture of liberty is on the verge of an irreparable collapse.  For most (if not a very large majority) rushing the Capitol was a desperate eleventh hour act of partiotism –even of the order of the revolution that created our nation.  Some Trump supporters sang the Star Spangled Banner and other patriotic songs as others climbed the Capitol steps.  They also demonstrated a measure of respect for the Capitol itself.  I saw no attempt by anyone to deface the Capitol simply for the sake of defacing it."The incontrovertibly compromised press has called this event a riot. But from what I saw and heard this would indeed be a gross and intentionally misleading oversimplification at best.  At least from the standpoint of supporters, if their Capitol event was a riot, then so was the Boston Tea Party.  It also seems to me that some professional help (very aware of deep sentiments) might have come from somewhere to make sure that the party happened."See also: When I was on the Stanford University faculty, I remember rich and pampered Stanford students occupying the university president's office in a protest either against the Vietnam war or the name of the Stanford Football Team (Stanford Indians) and destroying the papers in the president's files of his life's work.  Despite the liberalism of the university president, the presstitutes regarded the protest justified and well intentioned.The rioters and looters who rampaged through many of America's major cities suffered no media condemnation, only support and encouragement. This is because, unlike Trump, Antifa and Black Lives Matter are financed by and controlled by the Establishment and thus represent no threat.There is no FBI investigation or intended prosecution of any of the rioters who destroyed billions of dollars of property in America's cities.But the Trump supporters provoked into entering the Capitol are in for it says the Establishment figure Trump, in yet another of his mistakes, put in charge of the FBI.It is difficult to defend Trump when he consistently puts in charge of his security agencies and Department of Justice members of the Establishment who hate his guts.The FBI did nothing about the real rioters that did billions of dollars of damage to private businesses, but FBI Director Christopher Wray vowed Thursday to "hold accountable those who participated in yesterday's siege of the Capitol after a pro-Trump mob overtook the building, forcing evacuations." As these may have been FBI instigators, Wray might be talking about his own employees. Here is Trump's FBI appointee describing the people who elected the man who appointed him:"The violence and destruction of property at the U.S. Capitol building yesterday showed a blatant and appalling disregard for our institutions of government and the orderly administration of the democratic process," Wray said in a statement."As we've said consistently, we do not tolerate violent agitators and extremists who use the guise of First Amendment-protected activity to incite violence and wreak havoc," he continued. "Such behavior betrays the values of our democracy. Make no mistake: With our partners, we will hold accountable those who participated in yesterday's siege of the Capitol."Wray announced that the bureau "has deployed our full investigative resources" and is working with law enforcement partners "to aggressively pursue those involved in criminal activity" on Wednesday."Our agents and analysts have been hard at work through the night gathering evidence, sharing intelligence, and working with federal prosecutors to bring charges," he said.He requested the public send in any information about Wednesday's events to the FBI, noting "We are determined to find those responsible and ensure justice is served." Notice that Wray, the Establishment's servant, not the servant of the rule of law, aligns the First Amendment with "violent agitators and extremists" and thus discredits the First Amendment as a tool of insurrection.The Saker expresses his disgust with the hypocrisy: who was not at the US Capitol building on January 6, which is the entire world except the Trump supporters, has been brainwashed, by a corrupt, despicable collection of media whores serving an Establishment of Oligarchs, that Donald Trump intended an insurrection, but it was defeated.  By Whom?It was Trump who called out the National Guard and who told his supporters to leave the Capitol and to go home.What kind of people can present this as an insurrection that requires Trump's removal from office and prosecution?  The answer is totally evil people who have not only the United States but the entire Western World in their clutches.The Western World is dead.  It is now Mordor.Trump appointees realize that, unless they add to his orchestrated embarrassment and setup for demonization and prosecution by themselves resigning, they are targeted for reprisals. Seeing permanent unemployment facing him, US Deputy National Security Advisor Matthew Pottinger has resigned in response to Donald Trump's handling of the crisis on Capitol Hill. "Other people named as likely to abandon the sinking Trump ship are National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien and Deputy Chief of Staff Chris Liddell." everywhere is participating in Trump's destruction.  The English language Russian press loves embarrassing America.  The fun and games leaves the world in ignorance of the extraordinary consequences of what the stolen election and demonization of Trump and his supporters means.  The end of the Western World is a big event, and it will affect everyone.Addendum:  Here is an example of the lies the presstitutes constantly deliver. Every prestitute organization reports that Trump incited a mob of his supporters this week to storm the U.S. Capitol:   "House Democrats are racing toward impeaching President Trump for a second time after he incited a mob of his supporters this week to storm the U.S. Capitol and halt Congress's constitutional duty to certify President-elect Joe Biden's victory." Clearly, the dumbshits at The Hill, Bloomberg, and everywhere else let their hatred of Trump run away with them.  What would be the point of halting the certification process?  It could only be a temporary halt. The National Guard ordered in by Trump would clear the Capitol and the process would go forward, as it did.  If Trump intended to halt the certification by having supporters occupy the Capitol, why did he call in the National Guard and tell his supporters to leave the Capitol? Clearly The Hill's presstitutes are devoid of reasoning ability.  What Trump wanted to happen was to have the electors from the stolen swing states rejected by Congress on the basis of the evience.  It was an unlikely thing to happen, but Trump had no choice but to exhaust the legal means available.(4) Mob Occupation and Desecration of the Temple - Patrick J. Buchanan Worst of Days for Trump & TrumpistsJanuary 7, 2021by Patrick J. BuchananWhat Americans watched was a mob occupation and desecration of the temple of the American Republic. And the event will be forever exploited to discredit not only Trump but the movement he led and the achievements of his presidency.President Donald Trump, it turns out, was being quite literal when he told us Jan. 6 would be "wild."And so Wednesday was, but it was also disastrous for the party and the movement Trump has led for the last five years.Wednesday, the defeats of Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in Georgia’s runoff elections were confirmed. This translates into the GOP losing the Senate for the next two years.Chuck Schumer now replaces Mitch McConnell as majority leader.And the new 50-50 split will put Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, the president of the Senate on Jan. 20, in position to cast the deciding vote on every major issue where the two parties are evenly divided.Wednesday, there also came the acceptance by both houses of Congress of Joe Biden’s 306-232 electoral vote victory over Trump. The last potential hurdle to Biden’s inauguration as 46th president of the United States has been removed.But the worst of the day’s events for Trump came when a segment of a friendly crowd of 50,000 he just addressed concluded its march down the mall to the U.S. Capitol by smashing its way into the building and invading and occupying the Senate and House chambers.Members of Congress were forced to flee and hide. A protester, an Air Force veteran, was shot to death by a Capitol cop. Vice President Mike Pence, who was chairing the joint session, was taken into protective custody by his Secret Service detail. Doors were broken open. Windows were smashed, and the building was trashed.All this was seen on national television from midafternoon through nightfall. The East and West fronts of the Capitol were occupied for hours by pro-Trump protesters, whom the president, his son Don Jr., and Rudy Giuliani had stirred up in the hours before the march down the mall.What Americans watched was a mob occupation and desecration of the temple of the American Republic. And the event will be forever exploited to discredit not only Trump but the movement he led and the achievements of his presidency. He will be demonized as no one else in our history since Richard Nixon or Joe McCarthy. [...](5) Shirtless man in horned helmet cites Illuminati, Trilateral Commission & Bilderberg group man in horned helmet at Capitol protest identified as QAnon backerBy Yaron SteinbuchJanuary 7, 2021 | 7:13am | UpdatedShirtless man in horned helmet at Capitol protest identified as QAnon backerThe heavily painted man wearing a horned fur hat who made a spectacle of himself on the dais of the US Senate during the storming of the Capitol has been identified as a QAnon supporter and fixture at far-right rallies in Arizona, according to a report.Jake Angeli, 32, was seen posing in the chair occupied moments earlier by Vice President Mike Pence at the beginning of the election certification proceedings, which were halted when the riot began.The shirtless conspiracy theorist — known as the "Q Shaman" — wore red, white and blue face paint as he brandished a spear from which hung an American flag.In 2020, Angeli told the Arizona Republic that he wears the headgear and paint to attract attention as he talks about QAnon, which claims that a vast network of powerful people are behind a large pedophile ring — including the viral "pizzagate" conspiracy that falsely claimed one such ring ran out of a Washington, DC, pizza shop.In February 2020, he worked the crowd outside a rally in Phoenix for President Trump, holding up a sign that read, "Q sent me," the news outlet reported."The snowball has been rolling and it’s only getting bigger," Angeli said at the time. "We’re the mainstream now."Angeli told a reporter from the Globe and Mail of Toronto that police had stopped trying to block him and other Trump supporters and let them into the Capitol, according to the Arizona Republic.He said police politely asked him to leave, according to the Canadian journalist.Angeli, who took part in protests of the Arizona election results, also attended rallies to reopen businesses shuttered by the state government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the Republic reported.He said he learned much of what he knows through online research — which included the 1991 book "Behold a Pale Horse" by Arizona writer William Copper — that involved shadowy groups such as the Illuminati, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg group."At a certain point, it all clicked in a way. Oh, my God. I see now the reality of what’s going on," he said, adding that the Q movement validated beliefs he had held as far back as 2016.(6) With unilateral censorship of a sitting US president, Big Tech has proven it’s more powerful than any government BuyniskiBig Tech’s moves to muscle President Donald Trump off social media have been heralded by some as victory. But a corporate-run state with politicians serving as mere figureheads amounts to the very fascism they claim to oppose. [...]By blocking Trump from even posting on Facebook and live-streaming platform Twitch - and only recently allowed back into his Twitter account with a "final warning" after a 12-hour lockout - Big Tech has made it clear they’re no longer satisfied with a mere monopoly over one of the few profitable industries left in the US. They won’t stop accumulating power until they run politics, from the presidency to the smallest local election. With Wednesday’s riots, the carefully-choreographed dance between tech execs and the politicians who do their bidding has been given the green light to ascend to the next level. Deplatforming Trump is only the beginning of a megalomaniacal crusade against all those who would question a government by the algorithms, of the algorithms, and for the algorithms.(7) Trump Tweets From POTUS Account, Twitter Then Immediately Deletes It's son, Donald Jr., - whose twitter account has surprisingly not been banned yet - tweeted "Free Speech Is Under Attack! Censorship is happening like NEVER before! Don’t let them silence us. Sign up at DONJR.COM to stay connected!"Free Speech Is Under Attack! Censorship is happening like NEVER before! Don’t let them silence us. Sign up at to stay connected!If I get thrown off my social platforms I’ll let you know my thoughts and where I end up.— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) January 9, 2021The night is not over yet, and as the great purge continues, nobody knows how many more voices will be silenced. ...Update (2000ET): As the purge accelerates, color us not so completely stunned that Google has just suspended Parler from its Play Store:"In order to protect user safety on Google Play, our longstanding policies require that apps displaying user-generated content have moderation policies and enforcement that removes egregious content like posts that incite violence. ...Update (1830ET): With a post published on its blog, accompanied by a tweet from Twitter's "Twitter Safety" account, the social media company has officially caved to pressure from a growing chorus of leftists, and agreed to permanently ban President Trump from twitter.  ...Update (1705ET): Big tech is on a cancel crusade today - with Twitter suspending General Michael Flynn, attorney Sidney Powell and various other pro-Trump accounts (see below).Meanwhile, Apple is set to remove Twitter competitor Parler from its app store unless they enact a series of draconian crackdowns on free speech.BREAKING: Apple is currently threatening to ban Parler -- the free speech alternative to Twitter -- unless the service enacts draconian censorship policies demanded by left-wing Big Tech oligarchs, according to two sources familiar with Apple's threats.— Sean Davis (@seanmdav) January 8, 2021Via BuzzFeed:Apple has given Parler, the social network favored by conservatives and extremists, an ultimatum to implement a full moderation plan of its platform within the next 24 hours or face expulsion from the App store. ...Cancel culture is back with a vengeance, after Reddit banned yet another pro-Trump forum, /r/DonaldTrump, from the public square in yet another example of leftist technocrats using outlier groups of extremists - in this case, the Capitol 'raid' - to justify their actions, while having given their own side a pass during four years of violence and incendiary rhetoric. ...It’s over for pro-Trump movements on the Internet. The purge is on.— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) January 8, 2021And in what's got to be the icing on the cancel cake, Lehigh University just revoked a 33-year-old honorary degree given to President Trump in 1988, after the school's board of trustees voted to do so on Thursday following the violence in the Capitol.It seems like these institutions were just waiting for the right excuse...(8) Google bans Parler app after users flock to it to avoid censorship 8, 2021Google bans Parler app after users flock to it to avoid censorshipBy Christina MaasPosted 8:52 pmParler is one of the fastest growing apps in the world right now, as it has been somewhat of a salvation for those who support freedom of speech.But the Big Tech giants that control the app stores are threatening to put an end to it and its business.Google has suspended its upcoming competitor Parler from the Google Play Store, the app store that is used on Android devices.In a statement, Google said:"In order to protect user safety on Google Play, our longstanding policies require that apps displaying user-generated content have moderation policies and enforcement that removes egregious content like posts that incite violence. All developers agree to these terms and we have reminded Parler of this clear policy in recent months. We’re aware of continued posting in the Parler app that seeks to incite ongoing violence in the US. We recognize that there can be reasonable debate about content policies and that it can be difficult for apps to immediately remove all violative content, but for us to distribute an app through Google Play, we do require that apps implement robust moderation for egregious content. In light of this ongoing and urgent public safety threat, we are suspending the app’s listings from the Play Store until it addresses these issues."This follows a wave of Big Tech censorship that has taken place this week.Apple has threatened Parler to censor its app or be removed within 24 hours.Both Big Tech giants Google and Apple have come under pressure from media outlets to ban Parler, which is known for its support of free speech and will only remove illegal posts or posts that call for violence.(9) Apple threatens to ban Parler from the App Store unless it censors is threatening free speech social network Parler with a ban from the App Store unless it censors "objectionable" content and bears full responsibility for everything users post to the app.In a message sent to Parler via Apple’s App Review Resolution Center, Apple accused the app of "serious App Store guideline violations." This message cites complaints about "objectionable content" and accuses Parler of being "used to plan, coordinate, and facilitate the illegal activities in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021."It also holds Parler to the impossible standard of being "responsible for all the user generated content" on the service and ensuring that this content meets Apple’s App Store requirements.Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube all host content that some users would deem to be "objectionable" but the alt-tech app Parler seems to be the only app that’s facing a potential ban from the App Store over this content.Apple has given Parler 24 hours to "remove all objectionable content" from its app and provide "detailed information" on how it plans to moderate and filter the app for "this kind of objectionable content going forward."If Parler fails to comply with Apple’s demands, it will be booted from the App Store.Parler CEO John Matze highlighted the hypocrisy of Apple imposing this impossible standard in a statement:"Anyone who buys an Apple phone is apparently a user. Apparently they know what is best for you by telling you which apps you may and may not use.Apparently they believe Parler is responsible for ALL user generated content on Parler. Therefore by the same logic, Apple must be responsible for ALL actions taken by their phones. Every car bomb, every illegal cell phone conversation, every illegal crime committed on an iPhone, Apple must also be responsible for….Standards not applied to Twitter, Facebook or even Apple themselves, apply to Parler."Matze added: "We will not cave to pressure from anti-competitive actors! We will and always have enforced our rules against violence and illegal activity. But we WON’T cave to politically motivated companies and those authoritarians who hate free speech!"Apple’s threat follows numerous mainstream media outlets and activist groups pressuring Apple and Google to deplatform Parler from their app stores over user-generated content on its app. Many of the complaints from these mainstream media outlets and activists are cited in Apple’s message to Parler.Related: ?? After pushing for Big Tech censorship, mainstream media outlets will now complain about alt-tech "echo chambers"Supporters of Big Tech censorship commonly use the argument that those who don’t like the censorship should build their own platforms.Alt-tech platforms such as Parler have done just that and created a Twitter alternative that supports free speech. As a result of the mounting censorship this year, Parler and other alt-tech platforms have enjoyed substantial growth.But now that these platforms have grown and provided a space for users to discuss topics that are censored on Big Tech platforms, their App Store distribution is being threatened.The App Store is an essential distribution channel for social media apps on the iPhone. While Parler can be accessed via a browser, most mobile users only connect to social media via apps.