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Poor Michael's Pathos, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on land or sea:

Michael Brenner, for those who don't know, has run a 'prominent' public forum, in the form of an old-fashioned list-serve, which he uses to distribute his 'wisdom'. He recently announced, by means of a dramatic "Valedictory", that he has become too overwrought with bored despair to continue. 

He was just doing it for "fun", he tells us, and to impress the rarefied few people that he respects, (which he thinks he has, he tells us). He's now already said, he tells us, everything there is to say, and it's just not "fun" anymore. (I wish I could link to his email; some key excerpts are below. Let me know and I'll be glad to forward it). 

Yea ... Well ... This is an excellent case-in-point example of what Caliban has tried to get others to 'see'. This person's incredibly intense self-regard, (as he blabbers out some 'Daoist' Confucian BS, just to impress us), is clearly a product of social engineering. It is in our Enemy's interest to foster, and then encourage, this kind of thinking, and exactly this kind of self-worshipping self-involvement, in people like Michael Brenner, a brilliantly intelligent man whose spirit has been 'captured' to serve a purpose he is not so much as even at ALL aware of. 

This is how people come to serve evil with the zeal of moral self-righteousness.

Michael Brenner is now peddling 'hopelessness', wrapped in a thin veneer of ego-serving pseudo-intellectualism. 

Here is Caliban's reply to Poor Michael's Pathos:

Mr. Michael Brenner, Esq; (and all)

I'm sorry to hear that you are 'dropping out' of Humanity's struggle to survive. You feel hopeless, you say, because people are too stupid to appreciate your 'wisdom', you tell us, in your dramatic self-serving 'farewell', (which you, of course, dramatize into "Valedictory"), and now you want everyone to feel sorry for you, because a person of such brilliance as Michael Brenner, (Michael Brenner tells us),  has become so hopeless? 

Okey doke, then, cowboy ... LOL ... (sigh) ...

Poor Michael Brenner. Poor, poor Michal Brenner. Poor poor poor Michael Brenner. Poor thing. What tragedy, what pathos, what suffering he must endure. He's already shown everybody how smart and highly educated he is, he tells us, and he's not having "fun" anymore, and except for a rare few he respects, we're all too stupid to be worth addressing anyway. 

What other purpose could possibly exist in the entire universe, Michael Brenner clearly thinks to himself, than the intense drama of Michael Brenner's desperate ego as it seeks fulfillment and fun?  

The intense drama of Michael Brenner's desperate ego's NEED to slake its own thirst has now arrived at its dramatic 'last act', which is to announce to all that the great and wise Michael Benner has determined that Humanity's fate is sealed, everything is hopeless, he's said everything there is to say, and he's no longer having "fun" as he once was, (he actually said that ... LOL ...). And geez ... the poor guy clearly doesn't even realize how he makes himself sound like the totally self-worshipping, self-involved effete snob he really IS, (which he told us OUT LOUD, fer crissakes! ... LOL). 

He also says, in his dramatic self-aggrandizing 'Valedictory', that he never intended to be contributing to a collective effort to save our own lives, to save Humanity. He writes: 

"There simply is little point or inspiration. I pretty much have said what I wanted to say, and satisfied my intellectual curiosity about many things which constituted the main incentive for these writings."


"I began composing these pieces by happenstance with no particular purpose in mind. This lack of ambition probably has been seditiously un-American. If there is one professional aspiration, it has been to be respected by people whom I respect. I thank you for helping me to fulfill that wish."


"It also has been fun". 

Well ... Looky there ... Michal Brenner tells us, out LOUD, fer crissakes, that he's just been on a protracted giant 'ego-trip', and he has now sufficiently proven to himself, (he has somehow determined), his superiority to the riff-raff, and now poor Mikey is bored with it all, because we're all too stupid to entertain him. He thinks he has sufficiently impressed, "people whom he respects", (and that is only a rarefied few), and impressing self-involved intellectual snobs like himself is ALL he was ever even trying to do 

Geezus ... Where's old Clint Eastwood when ya need him. Eh? When ole Clint talked about being "a legend in one's own mind", he surely had people EXACTLY like this incredibly over-the-top effete intellectual snob, Michael Brenner, in mind. 

Caliban can 'see' how intelligent you are, Mr. Brenner. I can also very easily 'see' that you are an effete self-serving intellectual snob. Do I respect you? Yes. I do. I respect you as a fellow human who clearly is as lost in the labyrinth of human foibles as any poor junkie shivering in cardboard in some filthy alley. I respect you as much, exactly as much, as I respect that poor junkie. Her or his human foibles brought her or him to ruin, as yours has brought you to effete intellectual clownishness. (You'd look perfect in an orange yarn wig). 

Tell ya what, MikeyBoy, let's you and me have some fun. You 'game'? You wanna prove how smart you are t' everybody? How about a public debate, in the Public Square, at High Noon? Bring help, (from people you respect), if you want.

Debate topic? Well ... I'm not really all that picky. 'Is Michal Brenner a self-involved effete intellectual snob?' probably would be too 'personal'. How 'bout, 'Is Humanity doomed because Michael Brenner isn't having fun anymore showing off his intellectual snobbery?' 

Or, How about, does Humanity have any hope of surviving long enough for our grandchildren to all have children of their own?

Ahh .... But Caliban thinks Michael Brenner would never agree to 'debate' in any venue where he does not own and control the microphone. He's far too cowardly to subject his massive ego to such risk. 

He's the 'king' of his cute little list-serve 'shire', after all, (as he made-sure he showed Caliban right away). Out in the Arena, where the sand is hot in the blistering sun, and the sharp heavy blades swing fast, every which-way, on every side, he wouldn't have that advantage, would he? 
How 'bout it, buddy-boy? Public Debate? Public Square? High Noon? C'mon, cowboy, it'll be 'fun'. Hey, imagine how "fun" it will be to make mince-meat out of a broke-down old carpenter.

You made me send 'writing samples', as if I was applying for membership to an exclusive club? And then did not even have the courtesy to ever even let me know whether or not I 'made the grade'?  And now you're trying to impress me by telling me, out fracking LOUD, (geezus h),what an effete English Gentleman and Peer of the Realm you are? LOL ...

Cold cuts, Mr. Brenner? Make yerself a samwich. 

Public Square? High Noon? 

People all over the world are on Caliban's List, MikeyBoy. I'm SURE they'd be dramatically 'impressed' with the likes of you.


R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm
63 Webber RD
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030