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Pope Francis comes out against LGBT indoctrination in schools, etc., from Fred Myer

Pope Francis comes out against LGBT indoctrination in schools. Printer bans book against Gay Marriage

(1) vs Pope Francis on Gender indoctrination in schools
(2) "This is against nature:" Pope Francis reaffirms disagreement with teaching gender identity in schools
(3) Francis’ LGBT failure: Vulnerable transgender community needs his active support - Salon
(4) Pope Francis backs anti-Gay Marriage protests in Mexico
(5) ‘Catholic’ LGBT Group Slams Pope Francis for Denouncing Gender Ideology
(6) Printer bans book against Gay Marriage - Andrew Bolt
(7) Commercial printer acts as censor; bans book against same-sex 'marriage'
(8) Gays to infiltrate book launch, printer backs out
(9) Two attempts to suppress pro-Marriage book, but successful launch in Sydney
(10) Orthodox oppose Gay march in Jerusalem
(11) Bearded Feminists; Abnormality is the New Norm - Lasha Darkmoon
(12) Duterte calls US ambassador 'Gay'
(13) ABC Keeps 'Modernizing' the Family Leftward

(1) vs Pope Francis on Gender indoctrination in schools

Salon: Pope Francis ‘Not So Cool After All’ After Slamming Gender Ideology

by Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D.

7 Oct 2016

The liberal flagship Salon magazine has decided it doesn’t like Pope
Francis anymore, ever since the pontiff came down hard against
indoctrinating children in gender theory.

In his article titled "Pope Francis’ LGBT failure," Salon writer Nico
Lang compares the Pope’s "harsh words" against the gender ideology to
those of "the right-wing extremists who have sought to prevent trans
people from using bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity."

The Cool Pope is "not so cool after all," Lang quipped, just before
comparing the Catholic Church to the Republican Party—apparently the
meanest slur he could come up with.

The gender ideology claims that governments should require individuals
to accept the "gender identity" of men or women who seek to live as
members of the opposite sex. For example, new federal rules now urge
punishment for K-12 students who refuse to use the female pronoun –‘her"
— when referring a male classmate who dresses like a girl, or who do not
want to share a bathroom with members of the opposite sex.

Lang notes that this past weekend, Francis referred to teaching gender
theory in schools as "ideological colonization."

During his short trip to the Caucasus, Pope Francis also called gender
theory a "great enemy" of marriage, adding that the ideology of gender
is part of a global war of ideas out to destroy traditional marriage.
Pope Francis Criticizes Trans People In Recent Conversation

In an extended, off-the-cuff speech in Georgia, Francis said that today
we are witnessing a "global war to destroy marriage" in which gender
theory places a key role, fighting "not with weapons, but with ideas."

But although the Pope’s stern opposition to gender theory may strike
Nico Lang as a novelty, in point of fact, it is nothing new.

For years the Pope has been an outspoken critic of LGBT agitators’
efforts to impose same-sex marriage on society along with theories of
gender fluidity that divorce gender from biological sexual differences.

In March, Francis published an extensive teaching letter on marriage and
the family called The Joy of Love (Amoris Laetitia), in which he
underscored the unique roles of motherhood and fatherhood, and called
same-sex marriage legislation the "legal deconstruction of the family."

In that same text, Francis slammed gender theory for its denial of "the
difference and reciprocity in nature of a man and a woman," and for its
dream of "a society without sexual differences."

"An appreciation of our body as male or female," he said, is "necessary
for our own self-awareness in an encounter with others different from
ourselves." Efforts to erase sexual differences based in biology are a
symptom of a sick society that "no longer knows how to deal with it," he

In the past, Francis has used even stronger language to denounce gender
theory. In early 2014, the Pope called modern gender ideology "demonic,"
and compared the teaching of gender theory to children with the
educational policies of Hitler.

In his Salon article, Lang declares that the pope’s message on
transgender "boils down the old canard that the Catholic Church has been
using against gays and lesbians for decades: ‘Love the sinner, hate the

The Pope’s ideas are "biblically inaccurate" and outdated, Lang insists.

If loving sinners and hating sin is a "canard," at least the Pope has
Jesus on his side—even if Salon is no longer a fan.

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(2) "This is against nature:" Pope Francis reaffirms disagreement with teaching gender identity in schools

Posted 8:57 pm, October 2, 2016,

by CNN Wire Service

Pope Francis reaffirmed his disagreement with teaching gender identity
in schools on Sunday, after earlier calling it a "war against marriage."

On a return flight to Rome at the end of a three-day trip to Georgia and
Azerbaijan, the Pope recounted a meeting with a French father whose
young son wanted to be a girl after reading about it in a textbook.

"This is against nature," he said. "It is one thing when someone has
this tendency … and it is another matter to teach this in school."

"To change the mentality — I call this ideological colonization," the
Pope said.

The Pope said he still spends time with transgender people, leading them
closer to God.

In August, the Pope called the teaching of gender identity theory

"Today, in schools they are teaching this to children — to children! —
that everyone can choose their gender," Pope Francis said.

New Ways Ministry, a Catholic LGBT advocacy group, criticized those remarks.

"The pontiff’s remarks are further evidence that church officials need
desperately to educate themselves about the lives and experiences of
LGBT people," said Francis DeBernardo, executive director of New Ways
Ministry. "Nobody chooses a gender identity. They discover it."

As a new Pope in 2013, Francis made headlines around the world for his
progressive stance on homosexuality.

"If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who
am I to judge?" Francis asked.

The position appeared to be a shift from the traditional Catholic stance
on homosexuality as a sin.

(3) Francis’ LGBT failure: Vulnerable transgender community needs his active support - Salon

Friday, Oct 7, 2016 01:06 AM EST

Francis’ LGBT failure: Vulnerable transgender community needs his active
support now

The Catholic Church has made great strides on gay and lesbian issues but
still lags behind on trans understanding

Nico Lang

The Cool Pope may not be so cool after all.

Pope Francis, who has been lauded as pushing the church toward a more
accepting view of the LGBT community, appeared to back off from that
stance during a Sunday interview with reporters. While aboard the papal
plane, the Associated Press reported, Francis referred to teaching
gender theory or trans acceptance in schools as "ideological colonization."

"It’s one thing if a person has this tendency and also changes sex," the
pope said. "It’s another thing to teach this in school to change
mentalities." The previous day he claimed that transgender people are
launching a "world war against marriage."

"What I was talking about was the nastiness that is present today in
indoctrinating people in gender theory," Reuters reported Francis
claimed when pressed to elaborate his position.

These harsh words aren’t all that different than those of the right-wing
extremists who have sought to prevent trans people from using bathrooms
that correspond with their gender identity. Micah Clark of the American
Family Association, the group that led a boycott against Target’s
trans-inclusive bathroom policy, has referred to Gay-Straight Alliances
and equal access for transgender students as "homosexual indoctrination

Sen. Ted Cruz, whom Clark endorsed in the Republican presidential
primaries, added that trans people "don’t have a right to impose [their]
lifestyle on others." Cruz advised trans people to use the bathroom at home.

How can this be the same Pope Francis who was honored by the Advocate as
the LGBT magazine’s "Person of the Year" in 2014? The one who — when
asked about his stance on homosexuality — famously replied, "Who am I to

In truth, the Roman Catholic Church finds itself in a strikingly similar
position to the Republican Party, pushing traditional, conservative
values during a time when social progress has made those beliefs
increasingly unpopular with its membership. Following the Supreme
Court’s decision to overturn the ban on marriage equality in 2015, 55
percent of the U.S. public supports the rights of same-sex couples to
wed. Intolerance, especially when the fight has already been lost, is
bad optics. The public, however, has not yet caught up when it comes to
transgender acceptance, meaning that trans and gender-nonconforming
people remain vulnerable to being to singled out for ridicule.

The church may have lost the culture war, but the battle over trans
rights remains the last available hill to die on. ***

Attacking the LGBT community used to be de rigueur for the Vatican, even
as recently as a few years ago. In a 2003 letter titled "Considerations
Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions Between
Homosexual Persons," the church stated its clear and emphatic opposition
to same-sex marriage.

"The Church teaches that respect for homosexual persons cannot lead in
any way to approval of homosexual behaviour or to legal recognition of
homosexual unions," read the letter, which was issued under the tenure
of Pope John Paul II. "The common good requires that laws recognize,
promote and protect marriage as the basis of the family, the primary
unit of society."

The letter continued, "Legal recognition of homosexual unions or placing
them on the same level as marriage would mean not only the approval of
deviant behaviour, with the consequence of making it a model in
present-day society, but would also obscure basic values which belong to
the common inheritance of humanity."

The resolution also said that "homosexuality is a troubling moral and
social phenomenon," adding that the legal recognition of same-sex unions
poses a particular danger to the church because these couples may have
"the possibility of adopting children."

The Vatican would harden its stance toward the LGBT community under Pope
Benedict, who co-wrote the letter during his time as a cardinal.
Benedict (neé Joseph Ratzinger) would ascend to the papacy following
John Paul’s death in 2005. While a prefect of the Congregation for the
Doctrine of the Faith, the religious leader referred to LGBT people as
"intrinsically disordered."

"Although the particular inclination of the homosexual person is not a
sin, it is a more or less strong tendency ordered toward an intrinsic
moral evil," he claimed in a 1986 memorandum, "and thus the inclination
itself must be seen as an objective disorder."

After Benedict stepped down in 2013, Francis’ papacy signaled an
about-face for the church when it came to LGBT inclusion. Pope Francis
struck a more tolerant, compassionate tone than his predecessors,
repeatedly stressing compassion and forgiveness on both sides of the aisle.

In a March letter, Francis wrote that the church should accept and
welcome populations that the religion has historically shunned,
including gays, lesbians and even divorcees. "A pastor cannot feel that
it is enough simply to apply moral laws . . . as if they were stones to
throw at people’s lives," he wrote, adding, "By thinking that everything
is black and white, we sometimes close off the way of grace and growth."

The Pope expounded upon that message in June, urging Catholics to
"apologize" to marginalized groups, stating that they "must be respected
and accompanied pastorally."

By bringing the church into the 21st century, Francis was merely
catching up to his parishioners. In a 2015 survey, the Pew Research
Forum found that Catholics were among the most tolerant religious groups
when it came to the support of same-sex marriage. Fifty-eight percent of
Catholics believe that all couples should have the right to wed, as
opposed to 27 percent of white evangelicals who stated the same.

That’s also true globally: Many of the countries that are the most
accepting of homosexuality are heavily Catholic. Whereas just 60 percent
of the U.S. population said in a 2013 survey that relationships between
people of the same sex are morally acceptable, homosexuality was OK with
88 percent of Spaniards. The Iberian country is estimated to be 70
percent to 75 percent Catholic.

Argentina is 71 percent Catholic and an estimated 74 percent of its
population believes there’s nothing immoral about homosexuality. The
same was true for the Philippines (80 percent Catholic), France (77
percent) and Italy (74 percent), countries in which more than 70 percent
of the public stated the same.

Given the widespread support of gays and lesbians, the Catholic Church
had no choice but to soften its rhetoric, even if none of its official
policies have changed.

The trans community, however, has not yet benefitted from that wave of
social tolerance, despite some progress in recent years. Actress Laverne
Cox was nominated for an Emmy in 2014 for her groundbreaking role in
Netflix’s "Orange Is the New Black," while shows like "Transparent’ and
"Strut" have brought trans issues to a national audience.

Meanwhile, trans people remain at a high risk for harassment and abuse.
The Center for American Progress reported in 2011 that 90 percent of
trans people have been discriminated against in their place of
employment, while 70 percent have experienced negative interactions when
using a public restroom. In 2013, the vast majority (73 percent) of hate
crime killings in the U.S. were of trans women.

The pervasive bigotry that trans people face on a daily basis, as well
as the community’s relatively small numbers, makes them extremely easy
to demonize. The most recent estimate found that there were 1.2 million
trans individuals living in the U.S., which means that many Americans
simply don’t know (or know that they know) a trans person. A 2013 survey
by the Public Religion Research Institute found that just 10 percent of
respondents had a friend or close family member who is transgender. That
number, however, appears to be growing.

Republicans, following the gay marriage defeat, have exploited that
vulnerability by making trans people into the wedge issue du jour,
giving conservatives a common enemy to fight. The GOP has cast trans
people as dangerous "bathroom predators," ones who will prey on women
and young girls if allowed to use restrooms that are appropriate to
their gender identity. This specter has been present in the nine states
— including Illinois, South Carolina and Massachusetts — that have
considered anti-trans bathroom legislation this year. North Carolina
passed House Bill 2 in March, which blocks equal access in public
accommodations for trans people across the state. That includes public

(4) Pope Francis backs anti-Gay Marriage protests in Mexico

Pope Francis backs gay marriage protests in Mexico

The Pontiff supports anti-LGBT campaigners in Mexico 'in favour of
family and life'

May Bulman

Monday 26 September 201

The Pope has voiced his support for Mexicans campaigning against the
government's push to legalise same-sex marriage.

Speaking at his blessing on Sunday, Pope Francis said he supported their
protest "in favour of family and life, which in these times require
special pastoral and cultural attention around the world".

The Pontiff's comments came as tens of thousands of demonstrators in
Mexico took to the streets, led by far-right nationalist party Frente
Nacional por la Familia (National Front for the Family), to protest
against President Enrique Peña Nieto's proposal to legalise same-sex
marriage and demanding parents’ right to control sex education in schools.

It is not the first time Pope Francis has spoken out against gay
marriage - despite apparently relaxing the church’s position towards the
LGBT community in 2015 - but he has rarely intervened in national debates.

In June, the Supreme Court in Mexico legalised same-sex marriage in a
landmark legal ruling that concluded it was unconstitutional for Mexican
states to bar gay marriages.

No official legislation was brought forward in parliament to introduce
marriage for gay and bisexual couples, instead requiring courts
throughout the country to follow suit, but it meant same-sex marriage
was effectively legalised throughout the country.

Same-sex marriage is now legal in the capital Mexico City and nine of
the 31 Mexican states.

Mexican bishops have strongly opposed the measure, with one bishop
announcing he was "willing to go to prison to defend the family".

The issue over gay marriage appears to have divided Mexico. Earlier in
September, a photograph went viral of a 12-year-old boy standing up to a
protest march in the state of Guanajuato by thousands of anti-LGBT
activists opposing the plans.

(5) ‘Catholic’ LGBT Group Slams Pope Francis for Denouncing Gender Ideology

by Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D.3 Oct 2016756

A nominally Catholic LGBT advocacy group is blasting Pope Francis for
his ongoing criticisms of gender ideology, which he calls a "global war
against the family."

During his weekend trip to the Caucasus, the Pope twice decried the
evils of indoctrinating children with the idea that gender is a fluid
concept, disconnected from biological sexual differences.

While drawing a distinction between individuals who struggle with their
sexual identity and those who push a radical agenda, Francis forcefully
denounced the latter, saying that gender theory is "against the nature
of things."

The director of New Ways Ministry, Francis DeBernardo, published a
statement attacking the Pope for his comments, accusing him of being out
of touch with reality for his "reliance upon so-called ‘gender theory’
and ‘ideological colonization.’"

While praising the Francis’s pastoral sensitivity, DeBernardo said that
the Pope’s remarks "reveal that he thinks children are being encouraged
to choose their genders in a frivolous way. That simply is not the case."

"Throwing about terms such as ‘gender theory’ and ‘ideological
colonization’ is a red herring," he said. "It deflects from examining
the deeper causes of marital strife and deterioration." Autoplay: On | Off

New Ways Ministry was founded in 1977 Sr. Jeannine Gramick and Father
Robert Nugent, who were later reprimanded by the Vatican for promoting
"ambiguous positions on homosexuality," while also noting that their
pastoral activities were "incompatible with the fullness of Christian

In the end, the Vatican "permanently prohibited" the pair from any
pastoral work involving homosexual persons, citing their unwillingness
to teach in accordance with Catholic doctrine and the confusion they
were spreading among the faithful.

Later, the president of the United States Conference of Catholic
Bishops, Cardinal Francis George, further clarified that "New Ways
Ministry has no approval or recognition from the Catholic Church and
they cannot speak on behalf of the Catholic faithful in the United States."

(6) Printer bans book against Gay Marriage - Andrew Bolt

Printer bans book against gay marriage

Andrew Bolt

Herald Sun

September 23, 2016 11:36am

First we saw two commercial TV stations ban an ad backing traditional
marriage. So did SBS. Then we saw a Catholic Archbishop taken to the
Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commission for defending traditional
marriage. Next, we saw a meeting of Christian opponents of same-sex
marriage bombarded with abuse and threats, forcing its cancellation. And
now a printer has refused to print a book arguing against same-sex marriage:

The Australian Marriage Forum announces:

Yesterday, the publisher, Connor Court, was notified by the printer,
McPherson's, in writing: "Due to the subject matter and content of your
book, unfortunately I have been instructed by senior management not to
proceed with printing this title."

McPherson's is a printing company in Maryborough, Victoria, and is now
owned by OpusGroup, headquartered in Sydney.

McPherson's has had a ten year relationship with Connor Court,
publishing many volumes including controversial books such as Ian
Plimer's best-seller, Heaven and Earth, and Cory Bernardi's Conservative
Revolution. Never before has the publisher known a printer to refuse to
print a book on political grounds....

"This was a shock, because you don't expect a printing firm to act as a
political censor for the gay lobby", [author] Dr van Gend said today.

"It is also a shock because it comes just days after the Mercure
International Hotel in Sydney cancelled the venue for our big gathering
of groups opposing same-sex 'marriage', after gay activists threatened
hotel staff if they let us meet there....

"I defy anyone to find a single word in my book that should not be
printed. I can understand the gay lobby being worried about a book that
so clearly exposes the harms of genderless 'marriage' and of the whole
genderless package deal that comes with it, but they should not try to
shut down our side of the debate by banning a book!"

(7) Commercial printer acts as censor; bans book against same-sex 'marriage'

OpusGroup refuses to print Dr van Gend’s book:

Commercial printer acts as censor; bans book against same-sex 'marriage'

Today is the release date for a much-anticipated book by Dr David van
Gend, President of the Australian Marriage Forum.

The book is titled, Stealing from a Child: the Injustice of 'Marriage
Equality', and has sold over two thousand copies prior to its release.
It is described as "a manifesto in defense of society's inviolable
foundation: Father, Mother, Child".

The first in a series of launches in all state capitals begins tonight
in Brisbane.

Yesterday, the publisher, Connor Court, was notified by the printer,
McPherson's, in writing:

"Due to the subject matter and content of your book, unfortunately I
have been instructed by senior management not to proceed with printing
this title."

McPherson's is a printer in regional Victoria now owned by OpusGroup,
headquartered in Sydney.

McPherson's has had a ten year relationship with Connor Court,
publishing controversial books such as Ian Plimer's best-seller, Heaven
and Earth, and Cory Bernardi's Conservative Revolution. Never before has
the publisher known a printer to refuse to print a book on political


"This was a shock, because you don't expect a printing firm to act as a
political censor for the gay lobby.

"It is also a shock because it comes just days after the Mercure
International Hotel in Sydney cancelled the venue for our big gathering
of groups opposing same-sex 'marriage', after gay activists threatened
hotel staff if they let us meet there.

"We had to find a different venue in Sydney at short notice, and we will
have to find a different printer at short notice - but we will not be

"I defy anyone to find a single word in my book that should not be
printed. I can understand the gay lobby being worried about a book that
so clearly exposes the harms of genderless 'marriage' and of the whole
genderless package deal that comes with it, but they should not try to
shut down our side of the debate by banning a book!

"We have been through this censorship already, with our TV Ad last year
for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras banned at the last minute by
SBS - but that led to widespread condemnation of SBS, and I hope this
act of political censorship by a corporation gets the condemnation it

"We are meant to be an open society where great issues are debated
freely. What's the difference between burning books and banning them
being printed?

"The printing company, OpusGroup, has had my book with them for two
weeks - why did they wait until the day before the launch to pull the
plug? If they were trying to make it impossible for me to supply books
for the national tour, they have failed, because the heavy early demand
for books meant we had to run off a few thousand interim copies
digitally at a different company and we will be able to supply demand
for at least the next week, until we find a new offset-printer.

"I can only say to people, read the book and try to find anything that
could justify this printing company acting as a branch of the Thought
Police. Only today a Member of Parliament messaged me and said, "I
couldn't put the book down. It's a clarion call to the complacent - a
wonderfully kind but persuasive read."

The national book tour starts in Brisbane today, and goes to all state
capitals before ending in Canberra on Monday 10th October, the day
Parliament is expected to resume debate on the marriage plebiscite.

(8) Gays to infiltrate book launch, printer backs out

Andrew Backhouse | 22nd Sep 2016 4:00 PM Updated: 23rd Sep 2016 10:19 AM

UPDATE: A printer has reportedly pulled out from publishing a book on
same sex marriage written by a Toowoomba doctor because of its
controversial subject matter.

Television host Andrew Bolt, speaking on Sky News, said the printer had
previously agreed to print the book, which argues against same sex marriage.

The book, named "Stealing From a Child: The Injustice of Marriage
Equality" was written by Dr David van Gend and is due to be officially
launched at a function in Brisbane tonight.

Gay and lesbian groups are planning to protest the book, arguing it is
inflammatory  and denigrates gay people.

The book has the support of the Australian Marriage Forum, of which Dr
van Gend is president, and former Toowoomba councillor Lyle Shelton from
the Australian Christian Lobby.

Mr Bolt said the book had been pulled by the printer just as the press
was about to start rolling.

He quoted senior management as saying the book's "subject matter and
content" were behind the decision.

"This closing down of debate is getting really too much," Mr Bolt said.

The book is still available online.

Gay rights proponent Gary Dodkins is planning to picket the official
launch of the book tonight at Maylon College in Gaythorne.

The launch starts at 6pm and will feature George Christensen as a
special guest.

Mr Dodkins slated the protest as a "peaceful vigil" but added "far left"
groups and "militant unions" would be in attendance.

He said gays were becoming so frustrated about the debate over marriage
equality they were "willing to be arrested" and would likely infiltrate
the event.

Mr Dodkins is expecting hundreds of people to attend the rally.

"People have said to me: 'Most of us have been bashed at some point in
time, and I'm willing to be bashed again this time if something will
come of it', which shows the level of sentiment that is out there," Mr
Dodkins said.

"The fuse has been lit and things will get ugly in the next couple of

The Chronicle understands that as yet no permit has been issued for the
rally, which will take place on private property.

EARLIER: The gay and lesbian community in Brisbane is preparing to rally
against the launch of a new book by Toowoomba doctor David van Gend.

The book, named "Stealing >From a Child: The Injustice of Marriage
Equality" will be launched with special guest George Christensen at
Maylon College in Gaythorne from 6pm tomorrow.

Former Toowoomba councillor Lyle Shelton from the Australian Christian
Lobby wrote: "If you think same-sex 'marriage' won't affect your family
or freedom you haven't read this book."

Gary Dodkins is organising what he called a "peaceful vigil style
protest" outside the event and is urging protesters to bring candles,
rainbow flags and banners supporting marriage equality.

He said the gay community was becoming increasingly frustrated with the
debate around same-sex marriage.

Mr Dodkins said members of the far left and militant unionists were
expected to attend the protest, which is being held in the context of
the government's push to hold a plebiscite on same-sex marriage.

It comes after an Australian Christian Lobby event was cancelled after a
satirist Simon Hunt, sometimes known as Pauline Pantsdown, led a social
media campaign against it. The Queensland Government also recently
lowered the age of consensual anal sex to 16.

Dr van Gend was contacted for comment.

(9) Two attempts to suppress pro-Marriage book, but successful launch in Sydney

Marriage Book Banned By Printer: Melbourne Launch Thursday Night

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After a sold-out launch in Sydney last night, the national book tour for
Dr David van Gend's manifesto against same-sex 'marriage' goes to
Melbourne Thursday night.

A capacity crowd at Sydney's Hellenic Club on Hyde Park listened to
State Labor MP the Hon. Greg Donnelly introduce STEALING FROM A CHILD:

Dr van Gend, a family doctor and president of the Australian Marriage
Forum, then spoke about the "genderless agenda that comes with
genderless 'marriage'" and this was followed by a lively Q&A.

Book sales are averaging over 200 per night, with the total now around
three thousand just a few days into the release.

Last week saw two attempts to suppress the pro-traditional marriage
voice  - the cancelling of a marriage meeting at the Mercure Hotel on
Tuesday, and the cancelling of the book's main print run on Thursday -
and Dr van Gend commented on the significance of launching this book at
such a time:

"Part of this book tour is going to be a gigantic defiance of those
forces that would silence public discussion on matters of great
importance. That is a value of this book launch at a time like this...
It is an exercise in asserting civil discussion in a free society - and
I could really feel that animated in a meeting like we had tonight."

Media are welcome at the launch in Melbourne which will be held at the
Community Hall, Maronite Centre, 230 Normanby Ave, Thornbury at 7pm

All attendees including media need to register at Eventbrite for
security purposes, with a $6 ticket cost towards expenses.

(10) Orthodox oppose Gay march in Jerusalem

The triumph of Jerusalem's Gay Pride Parade

The large participation of politicians and of figures from the
Orthodox-Zionist stream at the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade was a victory
for liberalism over incitement against the LGBTQ community.

Author Mazal Mualem Posted July 22, 2016

Translator Danny Wool

Some 25,000 Israelis, including dozens of Knesset members, marched in
Jerusalem’s Gay Pride Parade on July 21. They were taking part in much
more than a heart-warming show of strength by the LGBTQ community. More
than ever, it was a demonstration of enlightened liberalism. At the
largest gay pride parade that Jerusalem has ever seen, it was a
comforting final note after a very harsh week for the LGBTQ community.

It all began with a July 13 speech by Rabbi Yigal Levenstein, the head
of the pre-military service yeshiva in the settlement of Eli, in which
he called gays and lesbians "perverts." These disparaging and insulting
remarks, made by the head of an influential educational institution,
were surprising not only in their crassness, but also because they were
made openly, at a public conference. Then came a letter in support of
Levenstein signed by 300 prominent rabbis. It was suddenly obvious that
despite the enormous progress that Israel’s gay community has made over
the past few years in the struggle for equal rights, there is still a
long way to go.

One positive surprise was the response by politicians from across the
political spectrum denouncing Levenstein’s comments. They included the
chairman of the right-wing Orthodox HaBayit HaYehudi, Education Minister
Naftali Bennett. His rejection of Levenstein's remarks was especially
important, because it gave voice to a tense debate within the religious
Zionist community. Bennett had most probably chosen his words carefully
when saying, "You cannot call an entire community derogatory names and
hide behind [Jewish law]. … What was said is unacceptable to me. … That
is not our way."

In addition to Bennett, several Orthodox-Zionist rabbis joined the
pushback against Levenstein's statement, vehemently condemning it. Rabbi
Benny Lau, a leading Orthodox-Zionist figure, harshly criticized
Levenstein, warning that his words could have dangerous repercussions
for some young boys. He said that a young gay yeshiva student had tried
to commit suicide following similar comments Levenstein made in the past.

Over the past few years, some politicians, particularly from the
mainstream secular parties, have "discovered" the gay community and have
sought ways to reach out to it, not least for basic political and
electoral reasons. Tel Aviv’s Gay Pride Parade has become a mecca for
politicians ranging from Culture Minister Miri Regev to Yesh Atid
Chairman Yair Lapid. The parties have courted the LGBTQ community and
electorate, and many of them have established gay groups within their
organizations. Regardless, this embrace has not always found expression
in the struggle for equal rights legislation, and in many cases, the
LGBTQ community has come out against these very politicians when they
abandoned them and their fight at the moment of truth. Even Amir Ohana,
Likud's only openly gay Knesset member, disappointed his community by
voting against such legislation because of his overriding commitment to
coalition discipline.

Yet, even if the community failed to obtain legislation it sought, when
it comes to mood and attitude, politicians have embraced the gay
community, and this is important. By standing beside the LGBTQ community
after Levenstein's remarks, and especially by participating in the
parade, politicians have shown a level of solidarity that extends beyond
calculations of political benefit.

Recalling the benighted comments that former Shas Chairman Eli Yishai
made just a decade ago, it is quite apparent that times have changed.
Yishai didn't have a second thought, and he certainly didn’t apologize,
when in 2006 he said in an interview to the Knesset Channel, "Gays and
lesbians are sick people who, until just a few years ago, were exempted
from military service because of it. It’s a sickness, literally. I
didn’t decide that. Medicine decided that. It’s an illness. The Torah
speaks about how serious it is."

At the time, only a handful of politicians openly challenged him and
condemned his comments. After all, he was industry and commerce
minister, an important portfolio, and an influential political figure
who could determine political fates. Instead of speaking out against
Yishai's remarks, most politicians simply decided to ignore them.

The shocking murder of two young people at Bar Noar, a gay youth club in
Tel Aviv, in 2009 was a transformative moment in terms of public
attitudes toward the gay community, especially among the political
classes. Immediately after the murders, ultra-Orthodox politicians were
accused of incitement because of their attitudes and statements about
gays and lesbians. Yishai’s comments were cited again and again, and the
ultra-Orthodox political leadership was forced to defend itself.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and several of his
ministers visited the site of the murder and publicly embraced the

For several years now, it seemed as if unenlightened comments about gays
and lesbians by public figures had just about disappeared from public
life. Then along came Levenstein, a man who seemed rather enlightened
and liberal. By saying what he did, he delivered a harsh blow to the
community and set the country at least a generation backward. He did
this in the shadow of the one-year anniversary of the murder of Shira
Banki, who was stabbed to death at last year’s event by an
ultra-Orthodox homophobe named Zvi Schlissel. Banki was only 16 when she

The dark mood hovering over the event was exacerbated by the letter from
the rabbis supporting Levenstein and by ultra-Orthodox demands that the
parade be canceled, amid threats that they would cause a disturbance. To
make matters worse, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat announced that he would
not be participating in the parade. In an interview with Yedioth
Ahronoth newspaper, Barkat, who is secular, explained that he did not
want to offend the ultra-Orthodox community. Instead of showing his
support just a year after Banki was murdered, in his own town, in an
attack against the gay community, he chose instead to ingratiate himself
to his city’s ultra-Orthodox community solely for political considerations.

If there is any other reason to consider this year's huge Gay Pride
Parade in Jerusalem a stunning victory, it is that it offered a
resounding rebuttal to Barkat’s infuriating comments at a time when he
should have been standing at the forefront of the marchers. That dozens
of politicians — including Home Security Minister Gilad Erdan,
opposition leader Isaac Herzog from the Zionist Camp, Yesh Atid's Lapid
and many other Knesset members — turned out in Jerusalem to show support
for the LGBTQ community makes Barkat look ridiculous for putting
politics above all else. In a city as divided as Jerusalem, Barkat had a
chance to be a uniter, but he chose instead to join the dividers.

In an interview during the parade, Erdan commented on the incitement
against the LGBTQ community preceding the event. "What I saw over the
last few days was very, very painful," he said. "We live in a Jewish and
democratic state. I grew up in a religious home and attended a yeshiva
high school. The most important rule that we are taught is that ‘"You
shall love your neighbor as yourself" is a central principle in the
Torah [Jerusalem Talmud, Nedarim 9:4].’ It is what preserved the Jewish
people throughout the generations."

(11) Bearded Feminists; Abnormality is the New Norm - Lasha Darkmoon

When Abnormality is the New Norm

Lasha Darkmoon

July 24, 2016

  When the abnormal has been normalized, it becomes a crime to be normal.

CONCHITA WURST, the bearded drag queen, winner of the Eurovision song
contest in 2014 and promoter of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender

Can you imagine a world in which heterosexuality has been criminalized
and straight people are hunted down and killed? I can. It’s on its way.

You may have to go underground if you are perverted enough to prefer the
opposite sex to your own, but don’t worry, they won’t compare you to a
pedophile — because by that time pedophilia will be all the rage and
incest the ‘in’ thing.

Brave New World, stop! — I want to get off!

Pretty soon it will be a crime even to think like that, let alone say
it. We are moving into uncharted waters where the old certainties no
longer apply. This is what has been planned for us. It didn’t just
happen. This is Nietzsche’s Umwertung der Werte—"the revaluation of all
values"—in which the traditional verities our ancestors took for granted
are kicked into the long grass.

Moral anarchy is the result. Mass immiseration. Universal despair,
planned in advance. And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
slouches towards Bethlehem to be born…? —  §  —

I was shocked to read an article in the Daily Mail the other day which
began by revealing that scores of schools throughout Britain had decided
to adopt a ‘gender-neutral’ uniform policy that would allow boys to wear
skirts to school in future—and girls, presumably, to cultivate beards if
they wished.

Around 40 state secondary and 40 state primary schools have recently
changed their dress rules in a drive to be more sensitive to transgender
pupils. Schools have been ordered to stop referring to "girls" and
"boys" because to do so, allegedly, can give rise to serious
misunderstandings and cause considerable psychological trauma.

Henceforth, everyone in school undergoing education must be referred to
by the neutral term "pupil", without specifying biological gender. This
is because gender is "fluid" and the person you are referring to
presumptuously as a "boy" or "girl" may have very different views to you
on that subject. A boy today may feel like a girl tomorrow, and vice versa.

The result is that pupils are now being encouraged "to dress in the
uniform in which they feel most comfortable. It will mean children as
young as five will be able to ‘come out’ as trans without breaking
uniform rules."

According to the Daily Mail:

     "Diversity campaigners have warned schools that current policies
risk discriminating against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
pupils. However, Christian groups fear that introducing a choice of
uniform could confuse youngsters.

     Allens Croft School in Birmingham is believed to be the first state
primary school in Britain to declare it has a ‘gender neutral’ uniform.

     Its rules state that boys can wear a grey or black skirt or
pinafore while girls can wear grey or black trousers. It says it aims
‘to promote each child’s right to express their gender and personality
in whichever way feels right for them’. " (See here)

Logically, this means that girls with a surplus of male hormones can
come to school sporting beards if they want. Bearded females, like the
40-year-old housewife pictured below, will be encouraged as future role
models for schoolgirls who are not sure of their gender identity.
article-2239177-163C0317000005DC-170_1024x615_large SIOBHAN  FLETCHER,
feisty role model for the bearded feminists of the future

A feminist colleague of mine has a thing about beards. "If men can have
beards" she told me indignantly, "why can’t women? I was given the sack
at my last job for growing a goatee beard."

"Beard luck!" I quipped.

She wasn’t too pleased.  ?? —  §  —

Head teacher Paula Weaver told The Sunday Times: "Everybody has the
right to be themselves. We do lots of work through literature and drama
and we talk to children about the fact we have someone who was assigned
male at birth who is saying ‘I’m a girl’. It’s about being open with
them and about everyone feeling OK."

Elly Barnes, founder of Educate and Celebrate, echoed Ms Weaver’s
politically correct views:

     "In some schools, when I have the initial staff meeting and talk
about gender-neutral uniforms, the reaction is ‘We can’t do it, parents
won’t like it’. But as soon as they do it, they find out there is
absolutely no difference.

     You don’t get boys coming in to schools suddenly wearing skirts.
But it just gives that space for it not to be an issue if there are
trans kids."

I can see some kids getting a bit confused, like the little mite below:

Andrea Williams of Christian Concern, however, takes a more traditional
attitude. She argues that gender-neutral uniforms could mean schools
were pushing an agenda on impressionable minds. "We are increasingly
seeing boundaries being overstepped," she said, "and it is concerning."

You bet it’s concerning. It’s more than concerning. It’s creepy.

Take the issue of unisex toilets. If you’re a woman, how would you like
a miniskirted serial killer barging into your "safe space" and beating
you to the only available cubicle? That is soooo unacceptable!

HE :  Your first time doing it standing up, is it? SHE :  Yep, I’m still
a learner. HE : Careful you don’t splash your shoes!

New York City has just launched a $265,000 tax-funded ad campaign to
push transgender bathrooms on the city’s residents. There’s nothing now
to stop a serial killer—and 99.9 percent of serial killers are
males—from freely entering female bathrooms and going berserk.
Disturbingly, it’s now a criminal offense in Washington State to ask a
man in a woman’s bathroom if he thinks he is male or female. —  §  —

The Daily Mail goes on to report the case of 34-year-old Emma Symonds
from Gloucester. She has a 4-year-old son called Logan who insists on
dressing up as a girl. Logan’s (non-identical) twin brother Alfie is
quite happy to dress up as a boy, but Logan prefers wearing pretty
pinafore dresses and playing with dolls. If Emma dresses Logan in male
clothes, he throws a tantrum.

Result: Logan goes to nursery school kitted out in pinafore dresses and
"the head of his school has been most supportive." The only problem is
that Logan runs the risk of the other little boys in his class calling
him a "sissy". The government takes a stern view of this sort of
"antisocial" behavior and is pouring vast sums of money into training
staff to deal with "transphobic bullying."

All very interesting, but the paragraph that made my eyes pop came right
at the end of the Daily Mail article:

     "Transgender criminals will be able to choose between male and
female prisons under official guidance drawn up by ministers. The policy
would mean convicts would be allowed to serve their sentences alongside
those of the gender they ‘identify with’, The Sunday Times reported."

That takes the biscuit. We are living in Absurdistan.

If criminals are going to be free to choose between male and female
prisons, depending on which gender they identify with at the time of
their conviction, it doesn’t require much imagination to figure out what
kind of prison the average  heterosexual male convict is going to end up
in—provided he is willing to trade in his trousers for a skirt. What if
the Jack the Rippers of tomorrow should claim, "Hey, I now feel like
Jill the Ripper!" —  §  —

A few words now on the difference between "transgenders" and "transsexuals".

If a boy likes dressing up as a girl, like the 4-year-old Logan
mentioned above, there’s no need for alarm. He could be going through a
phase. He could grow out of it.

If he doesn’t, then he becomes a "transgender", i.e., someone suffering
from gender dysphoria, a term introduced officially by the Diagnostic
and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 2012. This means: a
profound dissatisfaction with the sex assigned to you at birth. If
you’re a boy, you want to be a girl; and if you’re a girl, you want to
be a boy.

Many people are confused between "transgender" and "transsexual" and
often assume these two terms are synonymous. Let me explain the
difference. Consider the tomboy: the little girl with short hair who
wants to be a boy. First of all, she could grow out of it. If she does,
no problem. She is behaving like most women do: happy to wear female
attire, showing a healthy interest in men, and not particularly anxious
to acquire a beard or moustache.

If, however, she continues to be dissatisfied with her female sex and
would prefer to have a penis and grow a beard, then she has a problem.
She is now a "transgender", suffering from gender dysphoria. She
continues to be a "transgender" as long as she holds on to her breasts
and refrains from drastic surgical treatment. She can dress up as a man
if she wishes, but at least she retains her breasts and can, if she
wants, make an effort to pass as a woman again by growing her hair long,
wearing skirts and heels, and generally trying to look feminine.

It’s the same with a man. No matter how dissatisfied he is with his male
sex and would prefer to be a woman, he remains a man—a transgendered
man—as long as he keeps his penis. As soon as he has his penis removed,
it’s a different ballgame. He is now a "transsexual." With the help of
female hormones, he will grow breasts and even get himself an
artificially constructed vagina.

To all intents and purposes, he is now a woman. And he can be pretty
hot, too, with lots of men lusting after him like crazy—as long as they
don’t know he was once a man. When they find out the gorgeous female
they’ve been wining and dining all evening was a guy with a Charles
Darwin beard only a couple of years ago, passion tends to die the death.

However, not always. Sometimes love triumphs. Amor vincit omnia.

What counts is attitude. If your attitude is the politically correct
one, you will be perfectly happy living with a transsexual in marital
bliss. But you will never be able to have children. The man with the
artificial vagina, now officially a "woman", will always remain a man
biologically. She/He  will never be able to conceive.

In 2014 Facebook created a stir when it added over 50 gender options for
its billions of users. With 50 different genders on the menu, figuring
out what gender you are can be quite a problem for the average dimwit.
You have a choice between several bewildering, exotic and overlapping
genders. I will list only a few: agender, androgynous, bigender,
cisgender female, cisgender male, female to male (FTM), male to female
(MTF), gender fluid, gender nonconforming, gender questioning, gender
variant, gender queer, intersex, neutrois, non-binary, Other, pangender,
polygender, transgender, transsexual, trans-masculine, trans-feminine,
"two spirit".  (To find out what these impressive terms are supposed to
mean, see here).

In my humble opinion, the people inventing these terms are all bluffing.
They cannot even agree on the number of genders in existence: some of
them pontificate that there are 71 genders, others 56, or 58, or 51, or
63. Quite simply, they are making it all up. (Check out these
pretentious figures here).

If the astronomers all differed about the number of planets in the solar
system, and if the geographers weren’t sure how many continents there
were, I think we would be right to take everything they said with a
pinch of salt. So it is with these pseudo-scholars of sexual gender.
Their inability to make up their minds how many genders there are makes
it unnecessary, I think, to believe a word they say. They look like
Frankfurt School charlatans to me.

For the various species to increase and multiply, only two sexes have
hitherto been necessary. So far the grammarians have contented
themselves with three genders: masculine, feminine and neuter. The idea
of 50-plus fluid and overlapping sexual genders is almost certainly a
violation of Occam’s razor.

E.B. White says it for me: "Trust me, Wilbur. People are very gullible.
They’ll believe anything they see in print." —  §  —

The latest trendy term for normal people, by the way, is "cisgender." If
you want to sound really cool, you can shorten this to "cis", as in:
"Are you cis or trans?" (The prefix "cis" in Latin means "this side of";
which is the opposite of "trans", meaning "across from" or "the other
side of".) With any luck, you will find the terms "male" and "female"
buried away in small print among the voluminous footnotes.

The case of Caitlyn Jenner (pictured here on the cover of Vanity Fair)
will serve as a useful illustration of the difference between
"transgender" and "transsexual".

Caitlyn Jenner was born William Bruce Jenner in 1949 and is biologically
a man, though he insists he is a woman. Though he retains his penis, he
dresses as a woman and looks like a woman after receiving hormone
replacement therapy and cosmetic surgery. "For all intents and
purposes," he maintains, "I’m a woman." He says this in spite of that
fact that he has never been attracted to men, always preferring women.
He has never had "gender reassignment surgery"—which would involve the
removal of his penis, turning him into a full-fledged "transsexual".
This is an option, however, he is prepared to consider. (See here)

To clarify and summarize: if you’re a man who prefers to be a woman, you
can do this by taking three steps: (a) hormone replacement therapy which
will give you breasts and feminize your voice, (b) cosmetic surgery,
which will alter your face and make you look more like a woman, (c) by
dressing like a woman. However, you can still hang on to your penis in
case you change your mind and wish to revert back to being a man. The
final step is the removal of your penis: gender reassignment surgery.
There’s no going back after this. You are now a "transsexual."

A "cross-dresser" or transvestite is simply a man who dresses up as a
woman or a woman who dresses up as a man. You can be a cross-dresser
without cosmetic surgery, hormone replacement therapy, or gender
reassignment surgery. These three steps come later, if you are really
determined to switch over. One fact remains indisputable: you can change
your sex only in appearance, but you can never change your underlying
biological gender.

MARITAL  BLISS, 2020 (How long will it last?)

"Would you like to see a picture of me before the operation?"

     Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;     Mere anarchy is
loosed upon the world,     The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and
everywhere     The ceremony of innocence is drowned;     The best lack
all conviction, while the worst     Are full of passionate intensity.

     — WB Yeats, The Second Coming

(12) Duterte calls US ambassador 'Gay'

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte calls US envoy Philip Goldberg
'gay', prompting summons

Updated yesterday at 5:31pm

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has sparked a fresh diplomatic row
after calling the US ambassador "gay", in comments that prompted
Washington to summon Manila's envoy.

Mr Duterte used a local Tagalog language homophobic slur to express his
displeasure with US Ambassador Philip Goldberg in televised comments.

     "As you know, I'm fighting with [US Secretary of State John
Kerry's] ambassador. His gay ambassador, the son of a whore. He pissed
me off," Mr Duterte said.

Mr Duterte surged to power with a landslide victory in May following an
incendiary campaign in which he gleefully used foul language to
disrespect authority figures, from his local political rivals to the Pope.

He first came into conflict with the US envoy during the campaign, after
he said he wanted to rape Australian missionary Jacqueline Hamill, who
was sexually assaulted and murdered in a 1989 prison riot in Davao, the
city Mr Duterte ran for two decades.

Mr Goldberg and Australia's ambassador Amanda Gorely both strongly
criticised the comments.

     "[Mr Goldberg] meddled during the elections, giving statements here
and there. He was not supposed to do that," Mr Duterte said.

The US State Department said the Filipino charge d'affaires Patrick
Chuasoto had been summoned to discuss the President's comments.

"We had that conversation," department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said.

"I think what we were seeking is perhaps a better understanding of why
that statement was made," she added.

Philippine foreign affairs spokesman Charles Jose confirmed the meeting
but said Manila's envoy had been "invited to the State Department to
discuss the entire breadth of Philippines-US relations".

"Philippine-US relations remain strong," he said.


(13) ABC Keeps 'Modernizing' the Family Leftward

By L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham | September 30, 2016 | 8:16 AM EDT

The cast and crew of " Modern Family" pose backstage after winning the
award for outstanding comedy series at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards.
(AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

ABC debuted the sitcom "Modern Family" in 2009 in part to push a broader
acceptance of same-sex couples. But the cultural deconstructionists
cannot rest until the mission is complete, so then they pushed it even
further, agitating for a broader acceptance of same-sex marriage as just
as sacred as traditional marriage. Now, the deconstructionists are doing
it again, this time pushing transgender acceptance ... with a
transgender child actor.

This new initiative came just a few weeks after transgender actors
became the latest social justice cause pushed at the Emmy Awards. When
he accepted a highly politicized Emmy award for the second year in a
row, Jeffrey Tambor of "Transparent" pleaded that he should be the last
"cisgender" actor — an actor who "identifies" with his or her biological
sex — to play a transgender on television. He said: "Please give
transgender talent a chance. Give them auditions. Give them their story."

This trend was already underway. One CNN writer gushed that "'Modern
Family' is truly living up to its name." It hired Jackson Millarker, an
8 year old from Atlanta, Georgia, to play a transgender boy who
pressures the gay characters, Cam and Mitchell, to explore whether they
are tolerant enough. Cam and Mitchell are upset when their adopted
daughter, Lily, calls her new playmate Tom (formerly Tina) a "weirdo."

You read that correctly. The child is 8 years old.

When the episode aired on Sept. 28, Millarker was on screen for just
seconds, and the transgender plot was a mere fraction of the half-hour.
Cam and Mitchell first imagine themselves winning parenting awards for
their daughter's commitment to tolerance. When the "weirdo" moment
arrives, they're upset, of course. One says to the other, "One little
spat, and her instinct is to go all baby bigot on him?"

Then, Mitchell's father asks how they would react if their Lily decided
to become "Lou." They want to approve but struggle with the thought. In
horror, Cam says, "Are we not being as tolerant as we think?" Mitchell
replies, "But that's our thing, lording our tolerance over others."

That's a fitting slogan for "Modern Family" and the Emmy-awarding elite.

Gay actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays Mitchell, tweeted that he was
"super proud of this weeks episode." The director of the episode, Ryan
Case, took to Instagram to post a photo of herself with Millarker with
the caption: "This is Jackson Millarker. He's 8 years old, from Atlanta,
and just happens to be transgender. He plays Lily's friend Tom in this
week's Modern Family and he's wonderful. One of the many reasons I love
being a part of this show."

People magazine touted Stacey and Jen, the two lesbian parents of
Jackson, who say that he "transitioned at 6 years old." They boasted:
"We followed Jackson's lead from a very early age and supported him in
every aspect of his transition. ... He was always a very gender-neutral
child, but at the age of 4 he started experiencing intense anxiety in
his daily life." They insisted that they gave the child "the freedom to
express himself however he felt comfortable."

You read that correctly, as well. Four years old.

In today's oh-so-tolerant culture, it seems no one ever opposed this
child's denial of actual biology. Millarker insisted on being referred
to with male pronouns at age 6, and his parents said: "He entered second
grade as his true self, a boy. His family, friends, and school have been
very supportive from the beginning. He is now a confident, happy,
healthy young man."

They loved ABC's invitation, saying, "Jackson has been a young activist
in our community and he knew that 'Modern Family' would portray the role
of a transgender child in a positive light."

Apparently, America's culture is unanimous. If millions of you disagree,
then you're prehistoric, stuck in the dark days of ... 2009.

Question: Have you ever known a 6 year old who questioned (without any
prompting) his or her own gender? We pose that question to the entire
national readership of this column.

Disney-owned ABC runs a Mickey Mouse "news" operation.

L. Brent Bozell III is the president of the Media Research Center. Tim
Graham is director of media analysis at the Media Research Center and
executive editor of the blog

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