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Pope Francis: "I don’t go to the Doctor, I go to the Witch!" (Shaman), from Peter Myers

Pope Francis: "I don’t go to the Doctor, I go to the Witch!" (Shaman)By Peter Myers, October 15, 2019This newsletter is at Francis' doctor is Liu Ming, a Taoist Acupuncturist from China.Francis' other doctor is a Shaman from South America. She visited him at the Vatican and gave him healing.Critics call both of them "witches".Some of these articles are written by conservative Christians who regard all traditional religions as satanic. Such Conservative Catholics brand Francis as Illuminati.But for me Francis is like a breath of fresh air. If his religion is Catholicism, maybe I'm still Catholic after all.Visi the links to see the photos. They are really worth looking at.(1) Meet the Pope’s Acupuncturist!(2) Pope Francis: "I don’t go to the Doctor, I go to the Witch!" (Shaman)(3) Francis candidly jokes that ‘witch doctor’ is behind his stamina(4) A Shaman from South America visits Francis at the Vatican and gives him Healing(5) Pope Francis wore a rainbow-coloured cross; and carried a ‘stang’(6) It’s a Stang: Francis opened Vatican Youth Synod with Sorcerer’s Staff(7) Shaman from Colombia's Inga tribe, blesses people during a Bishops conference(8) Pope may allow married priests for Amazon(9) Catholic Women to be given a ministry in Amazon(1) Meet the Pope’s Acupuncturist!, January, 2019When Pope Francis was still Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, he became friends with a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Liu Ming.Cardinal Bergoglio went to the good doctor for acupuncture (a form of alternative medicine where thin needles are inserted into the body) for eight years, from 2004 to 2012. He tells My Pope about what it was like to meet and treat the man who became Pope Francis.How did you meet the Santo Papa?In September 2003, a patient I cured spoke to me about a cardinal who needed treatment. A few days later, Bergoglio called asking me if I could visit him in the Archbishopric. When I entered, he looked into my eyes for a minute at the very least. A very strange situation, but instead of making me uncomfortable, it gave me great confidence. We got along right away. He used to have a lot of health concerns; he said his gall bladder was removed and that he had a problem with his liver. He had also undergone lung surgery and he had heart problems and was supposed to have another surgery.Was he taking many medicines?Yes, a lot of pills. I told him to start a treatment right away. We first started with three times a week.Did he go to your clinic?No, never. I would go to his place. After a while, we would see each other twice a week, then once. After three years, we started to see each other much less, only every three months.At the end of this cycle, was the Pope well?Yes, he has stopped taking medicines for the heart and his diabetes. To this day, as far as I know, he is not taking anything.What did the treatment consist of?It was a combination of acupuncture and massages. Chinese medicine acts naturally. I often say that a person treated with Chinese medicine may live up to 140 years.How was Pope Francis as a patient?Very calm. Needles did not bother him. He is a very spiritual person. It has been an honor for me, treating a person of nobility who does not care for appearances. The first thing that struck me was the condition of his clothes. They were quite worn out, [and he wore] always the same shoes. And I would ask myself: How can such an important person be so humble?{photo} Dr. Liu Ming with his family (his wife and daughter, Maria Guadalupe) and Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio.(2) Pope Francis: "I don’t go to the Doctor, I go to the Witch!" (Shaman) "I don’t go to the Doctor, I go to the Witch!"Francis is currently aboard the "papal" airplane on his way to Chile and Peru, where he will spend a few days doing what he does best: talk, hug, and receive the adulation of the crowds. Speaking to the members of the press accompanying him on his trip, the "Pope" today delivered yet another contribution to our ever-growing "You can’t make this stuff up" stack of files.Asked jokingly by Italian journalist Cristiana Caricato what the doctor prescribes him to be able to go on such long journeys, Francis gave an answer that is going to make headlines. Andrea Tornielli reports in the Italian edition of Vatican Insider:Loud laughter accompanied the joke Francis made in answer to a question posed to him by the journalist Cristiana Caricato of TV2000, who, greeting him, asked him what the doctor gives him to be able to face such long journeys. "We want to know what the doctor gives you so that we can take it too, we who struggle just as you do" — a reference to Bergoglio’s stamina during these trips. "But I do not go to the doctor, I go to the witch!", he said, laughing heartily.(Andrea Tornielli, "Che medicine prendo? Vado dalla strega!", Vatican Insider, Jan. 15, 2018; our translation.)Yes, Francis really said this. No, this is not fake news. No, it’s not a mistranslation. ...Was it perhaps a Freudian slip? Was he thinking of witch doctor perhaps, after a profound meditation on the life of the Voodoo admirer "Saint" John Paul II?{photo} John Paul II greets a Voodoo priestOriginal caption: "A Mexican Indian brushes Pope John Paul II with herbs as they burn incense in a traditional cleansing ritual at the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City Thursday, August 1, 2002. John Paul beatified two Mexican Indian martyrs on Thursday, proclaiming them examples of ‘how one can reach God without renouncing one’s own culture.'" (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)Or perhaps he remembered with fondness the visit at the Vatican of the representatives of indigenous peoples attending the United Nations’ Third Global Meeting of the Indigenous Peoples’ Forum for Investing in Rural People organized by the International Fund Agricultural Development (IFAD)? This took place on Feb. 15, 2017, and it is then that a Pagan witch seemingly worked some sorcery on him. Recall the images released by the Vatican and the related news stories: ...(3) Francis candidly jokes that ‘witch doctor’ is behind his stamina, January 15, 2018On the papal airplane from Rome to Chile, Francis offered his latest off the cuff quip."Loud laughter accompanied the joke Francis made in response to the query asked by Cristiana Caricato, a journalist of TV2000, who, (upon) greeting him, had asked him: "We want to know what the doctor gives you so that we can take it too, we who struggle just as you do" — a reference to Bergoglio’s stamina during these trips. "But I do not go to the doctor, I go to the witch!", he said, laughing with gusto."source: La Stampa, Vatican Insider, Che medicine prendo? Vado dalla strega! (English translation CMJ)As is usual with Francis’ jokes there is always a grain of truth to his answers.  In the past Francis has:told several blasphemous jokes about Our Lord (see #1, #2, #3), told a blasphemous joke about the Holy Trinity, blasphemously joked about St. Peter’s crucifixion, mocked an altar boy for his piety, mocked the confirmation ceremony with a joke, joked about breaking papal protocol, taught his Godson how to swear and laughed as this Godson swore in the middle of his Novus Ordo mess, joked to his rabbi handler that he was trapped in Rome when elected, mocked the account of God creating Eve in Genesis, joked that bishop’s mitres resemble Burlamacco the clown’s hat, mocked theology, joked that he is a Jew, routinely makes fun of the Church, said jokingly he is a devotee of the broom, and we could go on but we think one gets the point.All of these ‘jokes’ reveal facets of Francis’ inner-Jew.  Francis publicly maintains that, "One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s faith, one cannot make fun of faith."  Notice what he never jokes about Talmudic Judaism, the Holocaust, or noahidism — a synthesis of all heresies.  All these are strictly off limits while the Catholic faith is open to mocking jests.  We are digressing, returning to Francis reply, Francis does see witch doctors — typically they come to visit him.  Below are two of the witch doctors whom have visited Francis in the Vatican.{photo} Liu Ming is a Taoist monk (aka witch) who has been Jorge Bergoglio’s doctor since 2004.  He disturbingly practices Reiki energy on Francis.{photo} A shaman (aka witch) performs an incantation on Francis (15 February 2017) in the Vatican.  So one can see the truth in Francis’ latest joke.  The question arises whom is Francis mocking when he jokingly but truthfully replies that ‘visits from witch-doctors give him stamina’?  Simply, the answer is the typical pewsitter that thinks Francis is a practicing Catholic. Francis has nothing but contempt for these people as his mocking jests and candid jokes reveal.(4) A Shaman from South America visits Francis at the Vatican and gives him Healing website is, disrespectfully, named 'Call me Jorge' - Peter M.Friday, February 24, 2017A shaman visits Francis at the Vatican and works her sorcery during a private audienceEarlier last week at the Vatican, Francis had a private audience with ‘indigenous peoples’ who were attending the United Nations’ Third Global Meeting of the Indigenous Peoples’ Forum for Investing in Rural People organized by the International Fund Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Rome, Italy.  When they were assembled for this private audience, Francis delivered a speech, then went around the room and personally greeted each attendee.  As would be expected with ‘Indigenous Peoples’, and we are using that term very loosely, they practiced a hodgepodge of pagan religions.  One encounter Francis had caught our attention.  It is shown below.  What is the heck is happening?Who is this woman and what is she doing?  To us at Call Me Jorge... she appears to be a shaman working some sort of sorcery.  Well, we did a bit of digging around and found out that she is a member of the Amaicha del Valle settlement in Valles Calchaquíes, Tucumán, Argentina.A photo from the United Nations’ Third Global Meeting of the Indigenous Peoples’ Forum for Investing in Rural People organized by the International Fund Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Rome, Italy.The two circled people, in the picture above, are from the Amaicha del Valle settlement.  The man is Dr. Eduardo Alfredo Nieva and the woman is the one who performed the incantation on Francis.  Dr. Eduardo Alfredo Nieva is the commissioner of the Amaicha del Valle settlement. They are holding a bottle of wine because Dr. Nieva runs a community winery (Sumak Kawsay means ‘good living’ in the Quechua tongue and is precept of the Pachamama religion) which he started with the help of one of Francis’ favorite pet causes, micro-usury.  During this trip to Rome, Dr. Nieva helped secure an additional 50 million dollar loan to the people in rural Argentina.  He also gave a bottle of Sumak Kawsay to Francis when they met (see video below, It’s pagan day at the Vatican!).As you can see, it’s the same woman.The people of the Amaicha del Valle settlement are pagans as they believe in a multitude of gods. The four gods of primary importance are the husband and wife tandem — Pacha Kamaq (creator of the world) & Pachamama (mother earth) — and their two children — Inti (the sun) & Mama Killa (the moon).  Every year in the Amaicha del Valle settlement they hold a six day festival for Pachamama the mother earth goddess.Dr. Nieva participating in the pagan Pachamama ritual.Dr. Nieva has high hopes for this religious festival, "we are already preparing everything needed for the national holiday of the pachamama that will take place as every year in our central square."   Other than photos, the only reports from the local Tucumán press has been that Francis thanked the two for the visit and the gift, then sent his greetings to the people of the Amaicha del Valle settlement.It’s pagan day at the Vatican!So here we have Francis having a private audience with a United Nations’ group.  This same United Nations which pushes all sorts of anti-Catholic causes is also selling the belief in pagan deities in their children publications by equating belief in Pachamama as environmentalism.  So what do others in the Novus Ordo church think of Pachamama?On 17 January 2015 in Chile on the occasion of the consecration of the new diocesan bishop of Arica, Bishop Moisés Atisha, after the service in the cathedral finished, all the bishops assisting including the Apostolic Nuncio and the Cardinal archbishop of Santiago poured outside into the area directly in front of the cathedral and participated in Pachamama worship.  The Pachamama shaman placed a rug on the ground and proceeded to offer coca leaves, seeds, water and fermented chicha (corn alcohol).  These items were being offered to the deities Pachamama (mother earth), Inti (the sun) and the Malkus (mountain spirits).  As can be seen from the photos below, the assembled bishops participated in this offering.  After the offering was complete the witch then placed multi-colored necklaces onto the bishops.(5) Pope Francis wore a rainbow-coloured cross; and carried a ‘stang’ the Pope a Catholic?10th October 2019   Comments (15)Mark PowellPope Francis — pontiff #266— has gone woke. For some bizarre reason, he has embraced the spirit of the South American rainforest by including animistic religious rituals in the opening of the recent pan-Amazon Synod (watch the video clip below and be amazed). It has many people seriously asking the question, is the Pope Catholic? Or does he represent something else entirely? As Cathy Clubb writes in The Remnant:Idol worship was on full display in preparation for the Pan-Amazon synod, with the tacit approval of Pope Francis. Although the Synod hadn’t yet started, the celebration of pagan ceremonies added weight to the concerns being voiced by prominent prelates and laymen that the Synod will be a vehicle for apostasy.Committed Catholics have been increasingly concerned about many of the Pope’s statements regarding divorce and remarriage, homosexuality (‘Who am I to judge?’), capital punishment, the existence of hell, and even the re-wording of the Lord’s Prayer. But the current document goes even further and comprehensively outlines seven key areas of doctrine, as well as a plethora of public actions, that the current Pontiff has been guilty of committing. Here are some of the more notorious examples:# On June 9, 2014, Pope Francis received the leaders of the militantly pro-homosexual Tupac Amaru organisation from Argentina at the Vatican, and blessed their coca leaves for use in their pagan religious rituals, which involve recognition of the coca plant as sacred.# Pope Francis has failed to speak a word in support of popular campaigns to preserve Catholic countries from abortion and homosexuality, for example, before the referendum to introduce abortion into Ireland in May 2018.# At the opening Mass of the Synod on Youth in 2018, Pope Francis carried a staff (right) in the form of a ‘stang’, an object used in satanic rituals.# During the Synod on Youth in 2018, Pope Francis wore a distorted rainbow-coloured cross, the rainbow being a popularly promoted symbol of the homosexual movement.# Pope Francis has concluded an agreement with China that permits the Chinese government to choose Catholic bishops in that country, and has ordered a number of faithful Catholic bishops to yield their dioceses to bishops appointed by the state. China is an atheist state that persecutes Christians, and enforces an immoral population policy that includes promotion of contraception, and coerced abortion on a massive scale. This population policy is a high priority for the Chinese government and has caused incalculable harm. Control of the Church by the Chinese government will ensure that the Church in China can offer no resistance to this policy.I don’t write any of this because I think that my own particular denomination is without sin. Unfortunately, the Presbyterian Church of Australia has had more than its fair share of false teachers over the years. From Charles Strong to Samuel Angus , as well as the more recent heresy trial involving Peter Cameron. So, it’s not like my own denomination is guilt-free in this regard.But the reason I address this is because it is the responsibilities of leaders to uphold the values of the institutions which employ them. If they can’t continue to do that then they should have the integrity to resign. As Gillette has found out the hard way, once you go woke you quickly go broke. Which is precisely the direction the Church of Rome is heading under its current theologically progressive leadership.Mark Powell is associate pastor of the Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in Strathfield, NSW(6) It’s a Stang: Francis opened Vatican Youth Synod with Sorcerer’s Staff 10, 2018Move over, Harry Potter…A few days ago we reported on Francis’ opening of the Youth Synod in the Vatican, which is scheduled to conclude on Oct. 28. The pastoral staff, called a ferula, that Francis used represented a new low in post-Vatican II liturgical absurdity. We commented that it looked like a hybrid between a slingshot and a barbecue fork, and indeed it does. However, research by others has now brought to light that this "thing" is more than just another Modernist piece of junk — in fact, it is downright Satanic.To get straight to the point: The staff Francis used is a so-called stang. A stang is basically a sorcerer’s ritual staff used in modern-day witchcraft (Wicca). It had been presented to him on Aug. 11 of this year during a meeting with young Italians at Rome’s Circus Maximus. The video of the occasion is embedded here (the stang is presented to him beginning at the 15:19 min mark):  The following is a close-up of the top of the staff, taken from the video above. It looks as though there is a face carved into the bump, and there clearly are engravings in the two horns.The following links demonstrate the connection with witchcraft, with plenty of pictures and more information:"Satanists Manifesting: Antipope Bergoglio Carries a Stang – the Ritual Staff of Witchcraft" (Barnhardt) ...One very important detail that is not to be glossed over is that the young woman who gave the stang to Francis on Aug. 11 was wearing a red wristband, another occult symbol, as shown in Barnhardt’s second post linked above.Of course, many people will now say that we cannot assume that Francis knowingly used a Wiccan wizard’s staff for a ferula. Aside from the fact that no one in his right mind would use such a piece of sinister-looking junk in place of the Cross of Christ, it is Francis’ obligation to know what he is using.  ...The real question, therefore, is: Why wouldn’t he use a Wiccan stang?At this point, the Great Apostasy is so far advanced that the "Pope" can use a two-horned staff that is clearly linked to witchcraft, and except for a select few bloggers, practically nobody cares. If soon there is open Satanism being practiced in the Vatican, it will barely elicit a yawn. For his next "Mass", expect to see a pitchfork or a broomstick.(7) Shaman from Colombia's Inga tribe, blesses people during a Bishops conference Colombia, bishops, religious listen to Amazonians before synodAug 15, 2019by Manuel Rueda, Catholic News Service SpiritualityWorldBOGOTA, COLUMBIA — Bishops, nuns, priests and residents of the Amazon basin met in Colombia's capital city in mid-August to prepare for a special Synod of Bishops for the Amazon this fall at the Vatican.The meeting gave bishops who will be attending the synod a chance to develop proposals and listen to residents of the Amazon region, before they head to the Vatican in October for the gathering. Similar pre-synod meetings have been held recently in Peru and Brazil.Pope Francis "wants to give visibility to the people of the Amazon and listen to their concerns, their teachings, their spirituality," said Bishop Joaquin Pinzon Guiza of Puerto Leguizamo-Solano, a vicariate deep in the world's largest rainforest. "As bishops we don't just want to take our thoughts to the synod, but also what lies within our peoples' hearts."The synod, announced by Francis in October 2017, will focus on how to improve the church's work in the vast but sparsely populated Amazon biome, which sprawls across nine South American countries and is largely inhabited by indigenous groups. ...German Cardinal Walter Brandmuller recently published an essay in which he accused the synod's working document of being heretical because it refers to the rainforest as a place of divine revelation. In the essay, published in June, Brandmuller also criticized the synod for its plans to get involved in social and environmental affairs.In Colombia, in contrast, indigenous groups have largely welcomed the synod process."The fact that the pope has included indigenous people in his agenda is already a victory for us," said Fanny Cuiro, an indigenous leader from Colombia's Huitoto tribe, who attended the presynod meeting."The heads of state in many of our countries often don't have time for indigenous people, so having the pope's attention fills us with hope."Cuiro grew up in La Chorrera, a remote community in the Colombian Amazon where indigenous people were exploited for decades by rubber tappers, who forced indigenous people to work in that industry. When the rubber boom subsided, Capuchin missionaries arrived and set up a school, where they also took care of children whose parents were killed by rubber tappers.But Cuiro said the missionaries frowned upon indigenous customs and beat children when they spoke their native language at school. She said that over the past three decades, the situation has improved, and members of the church have become much more supportive of indigenous ways."At first we had a difficult relationship with the church," she said. "But now the priests and nuns are friends. We trust them and we can speak with them about our plans for the future."*This job title description in this sentence has been updated.(8) Pope may allow married priests for Amazon's path to allow married priests for Amazon straightforward, say canon lawyersCelibacy is a church practice, not dogmaOct 10, 2019by Joshua J. McElwee VaticanVATICAN CITY — If the prelates attending the Vatican's Synod of Bishops for the Amazon ask that Pope Francis allow the ordination of married men to address a lack of Catholic ministers across the nine-nation region, the path for implementing such a proposal is fairly straightforward, say four eminent canon lawyers.Although the canonists have slightly different ideas about the concrete method the pope could use to allow for married priests on a regional basis, they agree that the way forward is relatively easy, as celibacy is only a practice of the church and not a revealed dogma.Among the two main possibilities: Francis could issue new norms allowing bishops in the region to deviate from the church canon requiring clerics to remain celibate, or could invite the bishops to make appeal to the Vatican for special permission on a case-by-case basis.(9) Catholic Women to be given a ministry in Amazon of pope’s Amazon summit puts married priests, women squarely on the tableJohn L. Allen Jr.Oct 7, 2019 EDITORROME - Not wasting any time, the chairman of Pope Francis’s Synod of Bishops on the Amazon kicked things off Monday morning by putting the hotly contested issues of married priests and the role of woman squarely on the assembly’s table. ..."During the consultation stages, local communities, missionaries and indigenous persons, faced with the urgent need experienced by most of the Catholic communities in Amazonia, requested that the path be opened for the ordination of married men resident in their communities, albeit confirming the great importance of the charisma of celibacy in the Church," he said.Hummes then indicated the reflection won’t stop at married men."Faced with a great number of women who nowadays lead communities in Amazonia, there is a request that this service be acknowledged and there be an attempt to consolidate it with a suitable ministry for the women who lives in these communities," he said, without specifying what that "suitable ministry" might be.The reference to women drew applause in the synod hall.