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Psychic surgeons in Mexico & Philippines cf Scientific Atheism, from Peter Myers

(1) Evangelical Christians say Psychic Surgeory is Demonic(2) Pachita Hermanito psychic surgeon in Mexico(3) Eleuterio Terte psychic surgeon in Philippines(4) Some phychic healers are frauds(5) Learning to perform psychic surgery(6) More Incredible Healers, Josephine Sison & Juanito Flores(7) Psychic surgery is a pseudoscientific medical fraud - Wikipedia(8) Acupuncture is a pseudoscience ... not based on scientific knowledge, ... quackery - Wikipedia(9) Scientific Atheism - One Dimensional Men(1) Evangelical Christians say Psychic Surgery is DemonicFrom: Elspeth Gass <>Subject: Re: Pope Francis blesses Pachamama book: The Beautiful Side of Evil documents Johanna Michaelson and her helping a psychic surgeon.Satan counterfeits - there are always 'doubles' to deceive, as we will continue to be deceived.ElspethComment (Peter M.): You seem to endorse that Christian Fundametalist view. But your email led me to discover Pachita (item 2 below). She was a famed healer; why do you see that as evil? Jesus of Nazareth would seem to have been a shaman too.(2) Pachita Hermanito psychic surgeon in MexicoWatch the video: Psychic Surgeon, Medium & MysticPosted November 27, 2017 Robert BittoIn the Colonia Roma Norte neighborhood in Mexico City, across the street from the wooded and shady Plaza Rio de Janeiro stands a somewhat spooky-looking red brick building built in 1908.  While the sign in the front of the building says "Edificio Rio de Janeiro," the locals call this place something else:  La Casa de las Brujas, or in English, "The House of Witches."  It is so named not just because of its spooky appearance.  Visitors to the building and passersby have reported strange phenomena in and around the building.  Apparitions of various forms have been sighted there and a strange energy field enveloping the building has been reported throughout the years, especially since the late 1970s.  It is perhaps not just a coincidence that for many years the beautiful building in this somewhat upscale Mexico City neighborhood was home to one of Mexico’s most famous psychics and mystical healers, a woman known to all as Pachita. Pachita died there on April 29, 1979.  To this day some claim to see her stout figure standing in one of the windows looking across the wooded plaza with a stern expression on her face.Pachita was born Bárbara Guerrero in the town of Parral in the Mexican state of Chihuahua in about the year 1900.  As a little girl she began to hear voices and by the age of ten she was already demonstrating the ability to heal people.  As a girl, she would slip into trances and claim that her body was being taken over by an entity she called, "El Hermanito," or in English, "The Little Brother."  She would later identify El Hermanito as Cuauhtémoc, the last emperor of the Aztecs and nephew of Montezuma.  While in her trance state Pachita could heal people, she could see the future and she would often speak languages unknown to her.  By the time she was a young adult Pachita left rural Chihuahua and headed for the big city.  She established herself in the building later known as the Casa de las Brujas on the tree-lined Plaza de Rio de Janeiro Street where she lived and had a small consultation office.  It did not take Pachita much time to cultivate a loyal following from all socioeconomic classes and backgrounds including some high-ranking members of Mexico’s political and social elite who would visit her secretly.Before her healings and procedures with people Pachita had a specific routine to prepare herself.  She would sit in a chair in front of an altar in her consultation room and then would close her eyes and breathe softly until she heard a soft buzzing in her ears.  According to Pachita the buzzing indicated that a shift in her state was about to occur, as if she was about to fall into a big hole into another form of consciousness or another dimension of consciousness.  She would then "let herself go" and perform whatever healing was necessary as directed by forces outside of her control.Pachita was most known for her psychic surgery.  Very rarely seen outside the Philippines where it has been an accepted practice to many since the 1950s, this is Wikipedia’s description of the procedure:"Without the use of a surgical instrument, a practitioner will press the tips of his/her fingers against the patient’s skin in the area to be treated. The practitioner’s hands appear to penetrate into the patient’s body painlessly and blood seems to flow. The practitioner will then show organic matter or foreign objects apparently removed from the patient’s body, clean the area, and then end the procedure with the patient’s skin showing no wounds or scars."Pachita did not use her bare hands when practicing her craft, rather, her go-to tool for her operations was an old hunting knife with its handle fixed up with successive layers of duct tape.  She would perform her surgeries swiftly and efficiently, often operating on several people at a time and always with one or two assistants helping her.  Procedures were done under dim lights, preferably in candlelight, as Pachita claimed that bright lights harmed organs. Witnesses claimed that she could conjure new organs out of thin air and even with her crude tool, no one suffered from infections or bad side effects from the lack of the use of antiseptics or even anesthesia.  As Pachita was the only one in Mexico performing psychic surgeries, she drew a lot of attention to herself from Mexicans and from people overseas.  People came to the Casa de las Brujas from all over the world to witness, marvel or debunk.One such investigator was Dr. Andrija Puharich, an American paranormal investigator whose claim to fame was bringing psychic Yuri Geller from Israel to the United States and thus making Geller a worldwide sensation.  Dr. Puharich visited Pachita in January of 1978 with a small group of investigators to study her methods in depth.  By the time of this visit Pachita was close to 80 years old and still doing 8 to 10 consultations or healings per day.  Here is Dr. Puharich’s testimony of his experiences:"I decided to undergo instant surgery myself before allowing any of my own patients to be operated on by Pachita. For two years I had been suffering the gradual onset of spongy bone growth in both ears, causing progressive loss of hearing. The operation was to correct this.I was not hypnotized before the operation, nor was any medication given. I lay down on the table, and some cotton pads were placed around the ear to absorb bleeding. Three witnesses were present, one of whom took photographs. Holding the knife in her right hand, Pachita quickly inserted 3 inches of the knife blade into the right ear canal; the forefinger of her left hand guided the blade in. The pain was acute; yet I did not scream, or try to avoid the knife, even though it felt as if the tip of the blade had penetrated the eardrum. After holding the knife in the ear canal for about forty seconds, Pachita withdrew it, and the pain ceased immediately. The left ear was operated on in a similar way; this time the pain was even greater – close to my breaking point. As soon as the knife was withdrawn however the pain stopped.The surgery had taken three minutes; no sterile procedure was used, and Pachita’s bare hands were covered with blood from previous operations.After the operation there was only minimal bleeding. But a new complication appeared. My head was ringing with loud noises – so loud that I could not hear what people were saying to me. I was given a tincture and told to put one drop in each ear daily; the noises decreased gradually, and by the eighth day after the operation had ceased altogether. In fact my hearing was now so acute that I suffered painfully from hyperacusis (which is the abnormally increased power of hearing); this condition lasted for about two weeks. One month after the operation my hearing was completely back to normal.After this experience I felt completely confident in Pachita’s treatment, and able to recommend her instant surgery to patients."While known for these unconventional surgeries, Pachita also performed other sorts of consultations for her clients, often in her famous trance states.  Many of her treatments used the patient’s own belief systems for help in their healing.  Those who had strong faith in the Catholic religion, for example, were given specific prayers to say or offerings to make to specific saints.  Pachita was said to use her gifts of ESP to act as a sort of psychotherapist to help her clients work through emotional issues or medical conditions that were based on emotional issues.  She was also well-versed in the use of Mexican herbs after studying healing methods used by indigenous healers throughout the country.  Because of her vast knowledge of Native American herbal medicine, Pachita was often classified as a shaman. In fact, Mexican author Jacobo Grinberg Zylberbaum included her in his multiple book series on Mexico’s famous indigenous healers called Chamanes de México, or in English, Shamans of Mexico.Dr. Grinberg, in addition to being a prolific author, was one of Mexico’s most controversial neuroscientists.  Meeting Pachita to write his book series on Mexican indigenous folk healing totally changed his views on medicine, biology, healing and psychology.  Grinberg, a professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, also known as UNAM, had professional interest in and was widely published in the fields of the physiology of learning and memory, physiological psychology and visual perception.  Dr. Grinberg spent several months studying Pachita, traveling with her and meeting with her patients. The UNAM professor was convinced that what Pachita had managed to do was somehow combine two different types of realities or fields to heal her patients.  Grinberg theorized that the brain creates and emanates what he called a "neuronal field", almost like a personal Wi-Fi signal that interacts with the broader and larger "Source Field," or what he called a "pre-space structure."  This Source Field or pre-space structure is a field that all time, space, energy, matter, consciousness and biological life emanates from.  In Grinberg’s own words, these are the rather technical conclusions he came to about the interaction of the two fields from observing the elderly Mexican healer:"The pre-space structure is a holographic, non-local lattice that has . . . the attribute of consciousness. The neuronal field [created by the brain] distorts this lattice, and activates a partial interpretation of it that is perceived as an image. Only when the brain-mind system is free from interpretations, do the neuronal field and the pre-space structure become identical. In this situation, the perception of reality is unitary, without ego and with a lack of any duality. In this situation, pure consciousness and a feeling of an all-embracing unity and luminosity is [sic] perceived. All the systems that spiritual leaders have developed . . . have had the goal of arriving at this direct perception of the pure pre-space structure. . . . The science of consciousness that I would like to develop is a science that will try to understand, study and research the above-mentioned ideas."Jacobo Grinberg embarked on a series of experiments to test out his theories on the "Mind/Source" interface that continued after Pachita’s death and involved other human subjects.  In 1994 Grinberg published his findings in the prestigious peer-reviewed scientific journal Physics Essays in an article titled "The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox in the Brain; The Transferred Potential."  Soon after the article was published Dr. Jacobo Grinberg Zylberbaum disappeared and no one has seen or heard from him since.Although considered by many throughout Mexico as a folk saint, Pachita is not without her detractors, even to this day.  Critics range from those who see her as being merely misguided but with good intentions, to being an outright fraudster and hoaxer.   One American paranormal researcher, Johanna Michaelsen, even claimed that Pachita was harnessing unseen demonic forces in her healings.  The treatment that Pachita was most known for, psychic surgery, has been branded as a medical fraud by most legitimate medical authorities worldwide.  The miraculous cures experienced by Pachita’s many thousands of patients may simply be chalked up to the placebo effect, according to skeptics. Others, although wary of her genuine healing talents, recognize Pachita’s ability to harness the mind-body connection in healing through her use of talk therapy and basic psychoanalysis during her consultations. Whether a fake or a gifted healer, Pachita continues to inspire wonder and controversy to this day.(3) Eleuterio Terte psychic surgeon in Philippines Surgery Part One: My Introduction To Eleuterio TerteToday, I want to begin to share with you the story of one of most profound chapters of my life - my experiences with the pioneer psychic surgeon, Eleuterio Terte. Much has been written of psychic surgery over the years, much of it negative speculation for reasons that will become clear in this series of posts. Terte, however, was without a doubt a true healer and my life was forever changed from the years I spent under the tutorage of this gifted, wonderful man. It was an experience that I consider one of the most fortunate and greatest privileges of my life.I first heard about Terte through a spiritual healer in Auckland, New Zealand. He had simply said, "If you go to the Philippines, Terte is the man you must see. He is an old man now. He is the original faith healer."In 1975, I decided to travel to the Philippines in search of him.After searching for the best part of three months, I was one day wandering through the market place in Baguio City, the summer capital of the Philippines, when I heard a voice call out."Hey Joe! Who are you looking for?"(Being white-skinned, the locals assumed you to be American).On that particular day, I actually wasn’t looking for anyone. Yet I found myself asking about Terte."Do you know the old man Terte, the faith healer?" I asked."I know him well. I can take you to him now," my newfound friend said.I must admit I had already heard this said by many, all to no avail. The locals were so eager to please, they would naturally tell you whatever they thought you wanted to hear.Yet, much to my surprise and delight, 10 minutes later our cab pulled up out side a modest house. It turned out to be the home of Arsenia, Terte’s daughter."Father has just now left," the attractive young women explained. "But don’t worry. I can take you to see him tomorrow," she continued, sensing my disappointment at having missed him.The next day, I set off with Arsenia and after a challenging trip in a chauffeur driven ‘50s American limo, we arrived in a small village and pulled up outside a simple cement block shed. It turned out to be the home of Terte - the famed psychic healer.I had already heard that Terte was not just any healer; he apparently had the ability to operate surgically with his bare hands. It was a challenging, almost incomprehensible, concept that I was about to witness and experience for myself.It was also the start of a most remarkable chapter in my already remarkable life.The besser block shed turned out to be a simple chapel. There was a small room to one side, which (I was to discover) was Terte’s sleeping quarter. The chapel was the central venue in which all services and healing took place.We were asked who among us required healing; a line up quickly formed, each person waiting expectantly for Terte, the famed healer. After some time, a little Chinese looking man appeared. He seemed nervous and shy. Nothing like I was expecting, yet come to think about it, I didn’t know what I was expecting.I was rather alarmed to see that I was the solitary white face lined up with a dozen or so locals.I stood before Terte, who turned out to be one of the most humble men I have ever encountered.He muttered something, and then moved on to the next person."What did he say?" I asked his daughter, who was also translating for me."Father says you have cancer of the lung," she replied."Cancer of what?" I muttered in pure disbelief.Terte turned back, sensing my alarm."Don’t worry Sir, I can fix," he said.My mind was spinning. I felt sick. Cancer of the lung! If any of you have ever received such a diagnosis, you will know where I was in that moment."Lie down on the table, Sir."I can still recall that hard wooden bench I was laid upon. Someone had placed a bible under my head that felt even harder than the bench.Terte’s kind almost childlike eyes held mine; seconds later, I felt the impact of his fingers as they hit my abdomen, winding me. I felt his fingers physically enter inside my abdomen. It felt like he was tugging on something inside me.The next moment, Terte triumphantly held up a bloodied mass.He then proceeded to do the same thing with my chest. There was the initial impact, followed by the probing fingers physically inside me. There was no pain - just a definite feeling of something being extracted from my body.I opened my eyes and looked into the twinkling eyes of this remarkable man."You are healed, Sir," he said with a bright smile.I sat up and stood up somewhat shakily, then staggered out into the sunlight and promptly vomited under a papaya tree. I looked down at my abdomen and chest. There was only a small amount of blood. I would soon learn that Terte was also often referred to as the bloodless healer; he had control of the bleeding, so there were often no wounds and little blood remaining at his entry points on the body.Challenging as it was, I later came to find an understanding of what happened that day. Terte was a psychic; he saw beyond the physical. The sickness that he saw and interpreted as cancer was in my energy body. It may well have become cancer later in my life, had I not learned to clear my unexpressed emotion.Psychic surgery removes the roots of the sickness, which causes the physical lump/tumour to dissolve.I was also to learn that unless the emotional issues that had initially begun the sickness were dealt with, the sickness would return. This explained why so often psychic healing helped for a short time before the sickness returned.These learnings and much, much more would soon unfold on my journey with Terte. I had began what was to be a two year journey into healing under the teaching of a wonderful man they called the bare handed surgeon. What I had experienced that day was very real. However, before my time in this wonderful country was up, I would experience the other side of the healing world - psychic fakery. The Philippines was to prove to be a land of contradiction and contrast of truth and falsehood…Blessings,Peter.(4) Some psychic healers are frauds Surgery Part Two: Psychic FakeryAs the weeks turned into months, my journey into the world of psychic healing continued. I learned something new every day from the old man, Terte. He was a remarkable healer who possessed a deep wisdom. He was quiet and humble. There was no fanfare; he had pride and seemed to have mastered his ego. My respect for him deepened.In addition to his unique healing gifts, Terte had the ability to see deep into a person’s soul. This often occurred with little more than a passing glance on his behalf; such was the ability that this man had. I was beginning to learn that perception was the key for us all. That we all viewed life through the programs we carry, built on the experiences we have had along the journey of life. Terte seemed to be able to see without these filters.Terte would often treat several hundred people in a morning session, something almost inconceivable to our western way of thought. It was an entirely different way of healing than anything I had seen before.During my time with Terte, I also had the opportunity to witness many other different healers doing their work. Some were exceptional, and much to my amazement and disappointment, some who were complete frauds.Using bloodied tissue and other materials positioned discreetly in their palms, they would fake the entire healing in exchange for a quick buck.These are the con artists whom you will now find most often referred to in writings about psychic surgery and who have marred its well-deserved and incredible merits.The first time I had witnessed true psychic surgery, I had no trouble believing it. However, when I first saw psychic fakery, I could NOT believe what I was seeing.I had been invited to observe a Filipino healer named Jun. After he had begun ‘healing’, I noticed something weird; the only part of him that was touching the patient’s body were his fingertip, yet blood was seeping out of the back of his clenched hand.As I continued to silently observe, I had to accept that this healer was palming pieces of "blood and guts". And he wasn’t even doing it all that well. Once I had become aware of what he was doing, it was so obvious. However most who were watching were so caught up in the moment they weren’t aware of the deception unfolding in front of them.My first reaction was shock and disbelief. To say I was shattered would be an understatement. I considered that maybe all the healers I had witnessed had been fraudulent. My next reaction was anger. It took some soul searching to find a place of understanding for fake ‘healers’. My main question was why would they do such a thing - deceiving genuine people in search of healing, taking advantage of people in sick and vulnerable states?After some time, I eventually came to accept it all as an example of egos out of control. The ego is only concerned about itself, unlike the soul that sees all as one and cares as deeply for others as much as it cares for itself. The true healers were genuine in their quest to assist others; the frauds were only interested only in the glory and money.In time, I came to understand that when true healing was taking place in a room, the entire energy shifted and a deep stillness pervaded the room. Conversely, the energy when fake healing was happening generated a flat or dead feeling. But the big giveaway was that the true healer had control of his/her ego; he or she had humility, while the fakes were true showmen who had no qualms flaunting their garish jewellery and expensive outfits.When I asked Terte about the fake healers, he said that there were two types of healers: the ones who worked under the seven spirits of God, and those who worked under money. The money focused ones soon lost their power to heal.I eventually found I knew immediately I walked into a therapy room whether or not a healer was genuine; I simply got to know and trust the sense of energy that came to me.I realised I had been so lucky to have the humble Terte as a benchmark. The fake healers weren’t even fit to be his student, let alone his equal.In the next post: learning to perform psychic surgery.Peter(5) Learning to perform psychic surgery Surgery Part Three: I Perform Psychic SurgeryI had been living in the Philippine’s for several months by now, and continued to spend time with Terte, the wonderful old healer. In fact, a number of us had become his students.One day, he invited this small group to travel with him on what he called a mission. This turned out to be a long journey, travelling via a Jeepney to isolated areas along bumpy dusty roads to attend to peoples healing needs. We were often worn out and battered after these journeys. Terte seemed unfazed. The Philippines was under martial law in 1975, so travelling had to take place outside of curfew hours, which meant we would drive during the day and conduct healing services in the evenings.Wherever we went, hundreds of people seemed to simply appear. Terte was the most famous of healers and word spread quickly that he was coming. There were so many people, that it wasn’t usual for Terte (and his assistants - us) to work well past midnight. No one was ever turned away. We would finish the healing service, and wait until 3am when the curfew was lifted, then continue on to the next village, arriving in time for breakfast. On one occasion, we even politely ate six breakfasts, as different families would invite us into their homes and generously produce yet another one. I worked out later that they were all trying to outdo each other at the expense of our overburdened stomachs.One night, in the middle of the healing service, Terte called me forward."Peter, you can do this one. It’s a kidney stone," he said, poking at the back of a young man lying on the wooden bench."Me? I can’t do that," I said."That’s your problem - a lack of belief in yourself," Terte said, shaking his head."Come, come. I will help you," he said, motioning me forward.Terte held his hands about half a metre above the young man, lying quietly on the bench."Point your finger there," he said indicating the kidney region. "Now concentrate and push you finger into his body."Although I had no conscious idea what to do, I did as he instructed; I pushed on the skin in the area he pointed, my finger indenting the flesh. Suddenly I felt my finger slipping through the skin into the patient."What do I do now?!" I said in disbelief at what had just happened.I could feel a warm energy on the back of my hands. I looked up at Terte’s hand, still held above mine. He smiled."Concentrate. Push deeper," my instructor said."Can you feel it?""Yes, I feel something," I said, grasping something hard come between my thumb and forefinger."Pull it out!" exclaimed an excited Terte.I did as instructed and held up a small round stone. Terte promptly grabbed it, placed on the table and banged with his fist. The little stone disintegrated into dust. I remembered thinking to myself "why did he do that?" I wanted the evidence that I had actually done psychic surgery, but alas it was now just a pile of dust!"I told you that you could do it," Terte exclaimed.For about 10 seconds, my ego went into the clouds. Later when I tried it again, this time without the help of the little master, I found that I couldn’t reproduce what I had done with Terte’s assistance. I had only been able to perform the healing with his help. I was under no illusion that Terte had done the healing using my hand.I was later to come to realise that he was trying to lift my belief in myself.Terte often told us that he didn’t need to perform psychic surgery; that he only did it this way so people would believe. He had learnt that seeing was believing."I only need to point my finger," he said at first.Then later, "all I need to do is to focus my concentration."This was to be my first lesson on the power of focus and intent, something I was later to find to be the key in my later career as a therapist.So that was the extent of my psychic surgery career - one operation, albeit at my mentor’s doing."Don’t try to live another’s gift," the old master used to say. "Find what it is that you can do, find your gift and be happy with that."Stick to what you are good at."In time, I came to know and understand the value of this advice.(6) More Incredible Healers, Josephine Sison & Juanito Flores Surgery Part Four: More Incredible Healers, Josephine Sison & Juanito FloresI had been working with Terte for a number of months and learning constantly about the history of healers in the region. I did some research and discovered that all of the modern day psychic healers in the Philippines had originated from a 30 km radius in the lowlands of the province of Pangasianan, north of Manila (the capital of the Philippines). Many of them had moved on to other regions, but two (in addition to Terte) remained in their birthplace: Josephine Sison and Juanito Flores.Like Terte, both Josephine and Juanito lived in small, isolated villages. They were so remote in fact, a great deal of patience and endurance was required to track them down, as well as a generous measure of faith and belief that the dusty trails I travelled would actually lead somewhere.I arrived at Josephine’s place to be told that she would be with us as soon as she had finished hanging out the washing. She turned up half an hour later and walked straight past us into her little chapel. She seemed rude at first but I was later to realise that she was shy and embarrassed in front of foreigners.There was a banner hanging above the alter: "GOD DOES THE HEALING - I AM ONLY THE INSTRUMENT. PLEASE PRAY".These simple words summed up a remarkably gifted woman with an aura of compassion surrounding her.Every healer in the Philippines seemed to have a specialty; Josephine’s specialty was putting cotton wool in the ears. When people complained of headache, congestion, and or concentration issues - anything connected to their head or mind - Josephine soaked some cotton wool in coconut oil (that had been blessed) and pushed the sodden mass into the patient’s ear canal until it could no longer be seen. A few minutes later, she would pull the wool back out the opposite ear; it would always go in clean and come out the other ear black.On occasion, she would advise the patient to return the next day for the wool to be extracted. "It absorbs the toxins," Josephine would say (some months later I saw an X-ray of a person’s head, who had been given the cotton wool treatment, and the outline of the cotton wool could clearly be seen in the middle of the cranium).I later came to understand what the healer had actually done with the cotton wool - she had moved it from the physical dimension and transposed it into the psychic dimension; that’s why it could be transported in one ear and out the other. Then when she pulled the cotton wool out, she in fact pulled it back into the 3-dimensional world and it once again became visible (whether you’re a cynic or a believer, let’s face it - there was no way this process could have taken place in the physical dimension alone).People reported a great deal of relief from Josephine’s cotton wool psychic surgery.Similarly, we found no one at home when we arrived at Juanito Flores’ place. When we finally found someone and asked where the healer was, "over there" was the reply. In the distance, we could just make out a lone figure several hundred meters away in the distant rice paddies. It’s a very interesting exercise in working out how to get to someone in the middle of a rice paddy since you cannot go straight – you have to follow the banks that surround the water logged paddies. When we finally made our way to him, we met an equally shy and humble healer. Juanito advised us, through an interpreter, that we should return tomorrow, as today was farming rice day; tomorrow was healing day.When we turned up the next day, we were told that Juanito would only perform five healings and these people he would select from the audience. Too bad if you had traveled around the world to see him! It would only happen if "The Spirit willed it".A young man soon lay on the treatment table. Juanito poked at the guy’s exposed abdomen and looked around. He picked up a pair of not too clean looking scissors and stabbed them into the bewildered, fully-conscious patient. By my side stood a Scottish surgeon, staring in disbelief."We are all hypnotised!" he declared."Don’t be so bloody silly," countered his wife, excited by what she was witnessing."He has a razor blade up his sleeve," The bewildered surgeon grappling for an explanation."He has short sleeves!" said his much more open-minded wife, impatiently.I watched as the Scottish surgeon’s mind battled with what broke all the rules he had spent a lifetime following. I could almost hear his tortured mind saying, "How is this possible? No it isn’t possible! We are being tricked!"Later, I wondered what the conversation would have been at the dinner table later that night between he and his wife.Meanwhile, Juanito had drawn the patient’s intestinal mass out of his abdomen and pointed to a large bulge in the intestines."Pus," he muttered and promptly stabbed the area with the dicey looking scissors.Next, he rolled the intestinal tube like it was a cigarette. As he did this his assistant wiped up the pus. The patient looked like he was about to pass out. Flores pushed the mass back into the young man’s body, pulled him to his feet and said, "You’re finished. Stop drinking so much."The young fellow staggered off looking very ‘green’, the Scottish surgeon not far behind him.All of the healings Flores performed were visually spectacular; you could clearly see what was going on. Watching the Scottish surgeon that day showed me how much our beliefs govern our reality - there was no way that what happened that day was in any way part of his reality.I was blessed to have met these two remarkable healers and to have had the opportunity to witness their wonderful healing abilities.(7) Psychic surgery is a pseudoscientific medical fraud - Wikipedia surgery is a pseudoscientific medical fraud in which the practitioner creates the illusion of performing surgery with their bare hands and uses trickery, fake blood, and animal parts to convince the patient that the diseased lesions have been removed and that the incision has spontaneously healed. ...Accounts of psychic surgery started to appear in the Spiritualist communities of the Philippines and Brazil in the mid-1900s.[10] The 16th-century explorer Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca records an account, related to him by Native Americans, of a bearded figure known as "Mala Cosa" (Evil Thing), who would take hold of a person, cut into their abdomen with a flint knife, and remove a portion of their entrails, which he would then burn in a fire. When he was done the incision would close spontaneously.[11]In the Philippines, the procedure was first noticed in the 1940s, when performed routinely by Eleuterio Terte. Terte and his pupil Tony Agpaoa, who was apparently associated with the Union Espiritista Christiana de Filipinas (The Christian Spiritist Union of the Philippines), trained others in this procedure.[3]In 1959, the procedure came to the attention of the U.S. public after the publication of Into the Strange Unknown by Ron Ormond and Ormond McGill. The authors called the practice "fourth dimensional surgery," and wrote "[we] still don’t know what to think; but we have motion pictures to show it wasn’t the work of any normal magician, and could very well be just what the Filipinos said it was — a miracle of God performed by a fourth dimensional surgeon."[12]This page was last edited on 28 September 2019, at 17:54 (UTC).(8) Acupuncture is a pseudoscience ... not based on scientific knowledge, ... quackery - Wikipedia is a form of alternative medicine and a key component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in which thin needles are inserted into the body. Acupuncture is a pseudoscience because the theories and practices of TCM are not based on scientific knowledge, and it has been characterized as quackery.This page was last edited on 15 October 2019, at 08:12 (UTC).(9) Scientific Atheism - One Dimensional Men- by Peter Myers, October 29, 2019The official ideology of the Soviet Union was Scientific Atheism.Yet such a viewpoint has also become entrenched in the West - in academia, the media and politics.The above accounts of psychic surgery attest that it is a real phenomenon; yet because it defies the Materialist mindset, it is dismissed as fakery.The case of Acupuncture is illustrative. Although it is not obviously a psychic art (yet it MAY be so), it is well attested, not least by Pope Francis.Yet Wikipedia dismisses it as "quackery". Why? Because the scientists can't explain it.Herbert Marcuse wrote a book called One Dimensional Man, characterising Western civilization that way.But the Materialists and Scientific Atheists, denying the possibility of another, spiritual, dimension, are the true One Dimensional Men.Not without reason did Pope Francis say, "I don’t go to the Doctor, I go to the Shaman!"