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RAGA Newsletter, from W George Krasnow

Dear friends of the Russia & America Good Will Association ( and antiwar colleagues!  
Hope everyone in the USA had a Happy Labor Day, and in Russia it was the countrywide New School Year Day!

Below are some important events and articles posted throughout the Summer 2018.
As I am heading to Northern Vermont University for a scholarly conference dedicated to the memory of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, I am in a hurry to survey what has happened last Summer.
A major development for RAGA team was that we have started to cooperate with Ron Unz, the publisher of The Unz Review and the author of American Pravda series. In view of RAGA's mixed Russian and American readership, I translated some of his articles important as they are for both countries.
Welcome Ron Unz and American Pravda
The Unz Review is a flagship of heterodox opinion that seeks to help create an educated alternative to the failed foreign and domestic policies of the US... 
"American Pravda: The Bolshevik Revolution and Its Aftermath" - by Ron Unz
I was not so totally naive that I did not recognize some of the powerful taboos surrounding discussion of the Bolsheviks, particularly regarding their ethnic composition. Although most of the books hardly emphasized the point, anyone with a careful eye for the occasional sentence or paragraph would surely know that Jews were enormously over-represented among the top revolutionaries, with three of Lenin’s five potential successors— Trotsky, Zinoviev, and Kamenev—all coming from that background...
"Американская правда: большевистская революция и её последствия"
Indeed, last Summer marked the 100th anniversary of the brutal extermination of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his whole family in Yekaterinburg. I hail from the city of Perm, on the Western slopes of the Ural Mountains, and I was more concerned with the 100th anniversary of the massacre there on June 12-13, 1918 that eliminated the tsar's younger brother Mikhail whom some historians call Emperor Michael II de jure. Below are the links to my new article on the subject both in English and Russian (a bit shorter) version.
Emperor Michael II in the Solzhenitsyn House - Author: Vladislav Krasnov
Император Михаил II в Доме Солженицына -  Автор: Владислав Краснов.

My RAGA colleagues were not idle either. One of them, Dmitry Tamoikin, produced a number of youTubes

Dmitry Tamoikin. Published on Aug 9, 2018

WHY I CARE ABOUT AMERICA? Message from a Russian || Dmitry Tamoikin || 

Also watch:

✦ There will be no winners in WWIII

Below are links to other important article you may have missed in the Summer heat. Patrick Armstrong is always on top:
WORLD CUP. A triumph. Russia has gained enormously I think. Money well spent. One Brit: “The British media should be ashamed of themselves for their clear propaganda against the Russian people. Absolutely class country.” Millions of people who were there or who had friends who were and told them what they saw will form a mighty bulwark against more anti-Russia lies. This video by an English father-son team has 90K views so far. Casual Russophobia will be harder to sell and the credibility of Western media has taken another hit.  
I was watching WORLD soccer CUP on Russian TV and I concur with Patrick's observations.



PENSIONS. Responding to protests, Putin addressed the nation. He explained the necessity of reforming the pension system so as to keep it funded, explained other alternatives the government considered and explained why it rejected them, and made some softening modifications. As I expected, a little exercise to show that Batyushka listens. In essence, he has said “trust me”. And, because they do, I would expect the protests to die down. And, changing the system is both necessary and appropriate.

RUSSIA INC. Industrial production January to July 2018 is up 3.1%. A bit better than the USA or EU.

TURKEY. As everyone knows, Ankara-Washington relations are bad and getting worse. There are many factors involved in Turkey’s economic problems but Washington’s pressure is exacerbating them and it is using the opportunity/excuse to force Erdoğan back into line. The situation creates, to put it mildly, a tremendous opportunity for Russia and China to offer a better deal, thereby weakening NATO and strengthening their own “Eurasian bloc”.  

Sharon Tennison of Center for Citizen Initiatives reports Observations of Moscow. September 3, 2018
The following letter was written by Sylvia Demarest, a trial lawyer from Dallas, Texas.  Sylvia is one of the travelers on CCI’s current AMMR (Americans Meet Mainstream Russians) delegation.

Dear Friends:
I wanted to take some time to report a few of my  impressions of Moscow and today’s Russia over the last few days.  I was in Russia in 1988 as part of a legal group before the collapse of the Soviet Union.  I have been looking forward to seeing what has changed in the country over the last 30 years.
More Sharon Tennison in her own words:
It’s disturbing to see these eight Republican Senators criticized for merely visiting Russia. Isn’t this what they should do as decision makers of whether we go to war or not? Are Democrats now the “war party”? Will every effort to decrease international tension now be criticized and politicized? This cycle started when Trump expressed the desire to improve relations with Russia. It became a political football when the Clinton campaign decided to use Russia as an election issue to cover up its loss against Trump. 

Another long-time peace champion Noam Chomsky made a very-very revealing statement:
<<Speaking to Democracy Now, Mr Chomsky said “Israeli intervention in US elections vastly overwhelms anything the Russians may have done, I mean, even to the point where the prime minister of Israel, Netanyahu, goes directly to Congress, without even informing the president, and speaks to Congress, with overwhelming applause, to try to undermine the president’s policies - what happened with Obama and Netanyahu in 2015.”>> 

Ambassador Jack Matlock: Amid ‘Russiagate’ Hysteria, What Are the Facts?
THE NATIONJune 4, 2018
“Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.”
..It is a fact that many senior Russian officials (though not all, by any means) expressed a preference for Trump’s candidacy. After all, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had compared President Putin to Hitler and had urged more active US military intervention abroad, while Trump had said it would be better to cooperate with Russia than to treat it as an enemy.

Gordon Hahn: "Through the Looking Glass Falsely: A World Without Facts"
GORDONHAHN.COM  August 31, 2018

As the West has turned more and more to Soviet/Russian methods of the ‘big lie’ in order to advance democracy and its interests, the Russia-West propaganda war had produced a post-fact world in which disinformation comes to be believed by its purveyors.

Ed Lozansky: 'Sanctions bill from hell' Anti-Russia legislation and Capitol Hill
By Edward Lozansky - - Wednesday, August 22, 2018
I’d leave it to the Vatican to figure out if someone can send a message from hell without having personally been on location. But there is no doubt that if the deterioration in relations between the two major nuclear powers continues with the same intensity then hell indeed may break loose on this planet in the not-too-distant future.

In Gorky Park, with nuclear worries

...First, at their next summit, President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin should restate the fundamental point that Reagan and Gorbachev once made: “A nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.” Second, they should direct their governments to make the compromises necessary to resolve the charges of violations of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty that each side is making against the other. Third, they should extend the New START Treaty for five years, keeping its cap on nuclear forces and the inspections and data exchanges that enhance transparency and predictability. 


INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE (Sept. 21),  Dear Promoters of Peace.  To mark the occasion of INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE (Sept. 21), the UNITED NATIONS theme for 2018 is “THE RIGHT TO PEACE - THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS AT 70”... which reads “It is time all nations and all people live up to the words of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which recognizes the inherent dignity and equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human race. This year marks the 70th anniversary of that landmark document.” In commemoration of INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE (Sept. 21) on the said theme, please find here under the link to my exclusive poetic message, with a request to promote and project PEACE to all like-minded people and groups in your circles.

Regards and Best Wishes
Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy
Poet – Review Writer – INDIA

Diverse opinions:

Andrei Kortunov:

<<We have role models to whom we can look up. Our generation still remembers brilliant intellectuals of the bygone years—among them, George Kennan and Yevgeny Primakov, William Fulbright and Georgy Arbatov, Marshall Shulman and Anatoly Dobrynin. They taught us ethics of responsibility. These people were thinking in terms of eras and generations rather than election cycles and bureaucratic squabbles. Now these people are no longer with us; some left us sooner, others later.>> 


Video. Propaganda and the Globalization of War

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research, August 23, 2018

  Professor Michel Chossudovsky has been tracking and analyzing the trajectory of U.S. military planning for the last two decades and has been at the forefront of dissecting the propaganda describing these projects as ‘self defense’ or a ‘humanitarian intervention.’

   “We’re dealing with a diabolical agenda where the United States is intervening under the banner of ‘Responsibility to Protect’ or ‘Global War on Terrorism.’ In other words it is providing a legitimacy to a war of aggression, or a sequence of wars of aggression. And the public is led to believe somehow that these are humanitarian undertakings.”


Patrick Buchanan

Can America Ever Come Together Again?
The people who cheer Trump believe the country they inherited from their fathers was a great, good and glorious country, and that the media who detest Trump also despise them.
  Published  on August 18, 2018 By Patrick J. Buchanan

The U.S. Must Engage With Russia
Real dialogue is necessary for nuclear-arms reduction.
RAND PAUL,AUG 15, 2018
Gorbachev’s youthful concern about nuclear disaster became apparent when he assumed leadership of the Soviet Union. In a speech he gave to senior personnel of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in May 1986, Gorbachev said, “Peace is the value above anything. In the nuclear-cum-space era, a world war is the absolute evil. It cannot be won.”

By Daniel J. Mahoney

August 07, 2018 The time has arrived for some moderation and clarity in thinking about contemporary Russia and its relationship to the Western world. Ronald Reagan was not wrong in the 1980s to call the Soviet Union an “evil empire.” Its death in 1991 was a welcome victory for liberty, peace, and political civilization. But post-communist Russia is not the Soviet Union and it cannot reasonably be called an “evil empire.” The continuity between the two political orders is woefully exaggerated in the West, with some on the left hating contemporary Russia, a half-authoritarian autocracy, more than they ever opposed communist totalitarianism.


CHRISTIANS, IT’S TIME FOR A FRANK, LOVING DIALOGUE WITH OUR JEWISH FRIENDS. Vince Dhimos. 5/13/2018 Recently, Charles Bausman, editor-in-chief of Russia Insider, wrote a landmark commentary titled “It's time to drop the Jew taboo.” It was to many a shockingly frank commentary on the so-called “Jewish question,” focusing on the grievous misdeeds of a people that, at least since the Holocaust, no one had dared to criticize publicly for fear of being called anti-Semitic, being banned from social media, being ostracized, not being elected to public office, even losing one’s job.

Trump-Bibi ‘win-win’ alliance may bring the one-state solution to its political dissolution

Côme Carpentier De Gourdon
May 19, 2018,  

One has to give credit to the Israeli cunning and doggedness which have enabled it to maintain a vice-like grip on the US government, but more far-sighted Jews are worried about the writing on the wall. 


MOSCOW — Republican members of Congress sounded a newly conciliatory tone in meetings with Russian lawmakers and officials here on Tuesday in a rare visit to Moscow and a preview of the looming summit between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

  Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.) told Russia’s foreign minister that while Russia and the United States were competitors, “we don’t necessarily need to be adversaries.” Later on at the State Duma, the lower house of parliament, members attending a plenary session greeted the Americans with applause.

Just do IT: Why Russians dominate cyberland

SCIENCE & TECH JULY 06 2018 SVETLANA ARKHANGELSKAYA ICPC prizewinners from Russia include students from ITMO University, St. Petersburg State University, Moscow State University, and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). For many years, they have got the better of teams from Oxford, Berkeley, MIT, Harvard, Caltech, and others. The secret of Russia’s success is the effective training system developed by Moscow Workshops ICPC under the auspices of MIPT.

Rumors of Edward Snowden being considered a bargaining chip in upcoming Trump-Putin summit
After five years, the fate of the NSA contractor turned epic whistleblower appears to remain secure with him safely in Russia
by  Seraphim HanischSERAPHIM HANISCH. June 30, 2018,

A video introducing Russian Faith for all seasons
David Curry

Published on Oct 21, 2017
Bringing Christian issues into the secular media cycle


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