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Ralph Nader: Destroying the Myths of Market Fundamentalism Forum

Market fundamentalism is the dogmatic belief that unregulated, "laissez-faire" markets are the only answer to the world's biggest social and economic problems.

Market fundamentalism’s ideological tyranny is metastasizing, afflicting the young, silencing politicians and hoodwinking the media. Too few progressives have a handle on the powerful arguments that can be made to counter market fundamentalism.

It’s time to confront the myths with compelling empirical reality that deconstructs and destroys the plutocratic hoax.

Join us for an enlightening forum featuring top academics, economists, and experts who will present arguments to turn the tide in this "battle of ideas." See the full list of participants here.

The forum will be live on CSPAN3 and streamed online at

When: Tomorrow! Friday, October 19th 9:30AM-4 PM
Where: The Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1530 P Street NW, Washington, DC

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