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Reaping the Whirlwind, by Ray Zwarich

Note from the Editor: Comfortable and ínsouciant people (Paul Craig Roberts´ favorite word to describe most ´educated´ Americans) would no doubt describe Zwarich as an ´alarmist´. But I´m right there with him. If enough people soon come to realize the gravity of the situation and act accordingly, then somehow, someway, the tide could be turned. Otherwise, most life on Earth may soon be swept away by the approaching storm.

To all the 'really good ones', and to all in peril on the sea,

Here at Bent Birch Farm, the sun rises brightly on on this late October morning. The shadows of the trees are outlined in the frost on the still green grass, as it melts as soon as the sun hits it. 

Late October up at this northerly latitude is still tinged in the remaining bedraggled glory of the yellow and red maples, tops now gone bare, but lower foliage still in full bloom. Ever more of winter's bare bleak branches are waving in this morning's soft breeze, but now even the ground beneath every tree is carpeted in the leaves' maple sugary brilliant color, the remnants of the sun's summer glory. ("Nature's first green is gold, her hardest hue to hold. Leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief" ... R Frost). 

As tempting as it may be to simply shut out the craziness that permeates our nation, and just drink in the joy of nature's highest glory, ("And I have felt a presence that disturbs me with the joy of elevated thought" ... ole Willie Wordsworth), my thoughts are not joyful, even on such a glorious morning. They are rather foreboding with ominous concerns, now even more intensely motivated by my fears for my children's and grandchildren's future. 

A new baby boy was born six days ago, this one bearing my very name. All the Zwarich clan's women are still all aflutter with the joy of birth, of new life in our little clan. But the old silverback, the ole papa, though he does feel the joy, also bears now an even that much greater weight of responsibility for all this troup's safety. 

Caliban's simian brow is deeply furrowed by the ominous nature of unfolding events. He looks into the future through the narrow eyes of responsibility. The gentle fall breeze contains the portent of the winds of war. On the wind he smells the danger that is threatening his clan. He looks upon the women's joy with worry that they seem to be oblivious to what lies just over the horizon. One can almost hear the dull distant "thump!" of cannon, which at this crucial existential cusp, as all Human History has never before seen, fire shells of our apocalyptic nuclear fate.

What wind is this that my beloved children and grandchildren will inherit? (apologies to Jerome Lawrence, and Robert Edwin Lee). 

In this morning's Boston Globe, staff reporter Michael Levenson has been a good little puppy dog to billionaire oligarch John Henry, (sole Globe owner), and has written a vapid piece about the meaning of "quid pro quo". Gee thanks, good citizen Mr. Levenson. At this hour of our nation's dire need for rationality, we sure needed someone with a keen grasp of the obvious to parse terms for us, in the best Clintonista fashion. (Is his article a boon to our understanding? Well ... I guess that depends on what our definition of the word 'is' is. (Apologies to ole Slick Willie for stealing his line).

If people want to, (although it is a pay site), people can read Mr. Levenson's vapid piece here

Copied below are the comments (1500 words) I attached to his article.

Hope all are well and strong,

R Zwarich -- The Caliban Clown
Bent Birch Farm
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030

My comments:

First let me say that I think Donald Trump is a disgustinghuman being. The fact that Trump was elected is a symptom of deeply rooted, andnow widely metastasized, disease in the deep living tissues of our nation’ssoul. We have sown the wild winds of unbridled Greed and Desire, and their evilstepchildren, Lust, Envy, Jealousy and Pride, (the whole ‘host’), and we aresoon to “reap the whirlwind”.

Like depraved evil chickens, all our nation’s demons arecoming home to roost.  

Our nation has long gone dingbat nutball crazy. (We ELECTEDTrump, let’s not forget). Our citizens have become so habituated (by our MassMedia sensationalizing one issue after another) to mass mob hysteria, that mostof us appear to be no longer even capable of rational/critical thinking.

We are witnessing the final nails being driven into thecoffin of what was once widely regarded as the most hopeful experiment in a newidea of human governance, (justice for all, through a government “of thepeople, by the people, and for the people”).

We are descending ever deeper, at an ever more acceleratedrate, into Mass Media driven Mob Rule. (I do hope that at least some folksstill realize that mob rule is NOT ‘democracy’).

Trump is a disgusting person, and it is tragic that he was elected.But the mass mob hysteria that is being employed to bring him down will haveMUCH more damaging and ongoing consequences for our nation that any one administrationpossibly could.   

We all still have the innate ability to think rationally, wehave just been trained by our centrally owned Mass Media to indulge ourpassions, (primarily fear, hatred, and the demon zeal of self-righteousness),instead. We can still recover our good senses, though it is lookingincreasingly unlikely that we will.

Emotion will always be the enemy of Reason. Democracy cannotexist among people who turn their backs on Reason.  

There is a treaty in effect between Ukraine and the US,signed by Clinton in 1998, and ratified by the US Senate, that requires bothnations to cooperate and assist the other in criminal investigations.  

Anyone, (even Michael Levenson, if he’s not too busy writingirrelevant pablum for the masses), can read the actual text of this treaty foryourselves:

There is ample evidence of the overwhelming appearance ofcorruption/criminal wrongdoing by the then sitting VPOTUS in Ukraine, ole UncleJoe Biden. As soon as Obama assigned the 'Ukraine portfolio' to ole Uncle Joe,(like about 5 minutes later, figuratively speaking), his son was given alucrative gig, for which he had no qualifications nor expertise whatsoever, byone of the most notoriously corrupt warlord oligarchs in Ukraine. (Referring toIhor Kolomoisky, whom the Mass Media are ever so carefully keeping out of this'story', preferring, for obvious reasons, to reference Mykola Zolchevsky, aKolomoisky vassal, as the Biden family’s ‘generous’ benefactor).

Hunter Biden was reportedly paid millions of dollars fordoing nothing, nothing at ALL, (other than being ole Joe Biden's son). He NEVERprovided any value to his employer, (other than being Joe Biden’s son), inexchange for the generous sums he was given.  

If we could calm our emotions and bring our god-givencapacity to think rationally to bear, we would all immediately and clearly understandthat if we are going to look for a "quid pro quo" in this 'case', itis obvious that we should be looking at what value Hunter Biden's employerreceived in return for those millions of dollars.

Ukraine is universally regarded as among the most corruptnations on Earth. At the time that Joe Biden was running US affairs in Ukraine,some $3 BILLION dollars in US aid was poured into the maw of this corruptnation, in which oligarchs and warlords, (like Hunter Biden’s employer), runrampant.

Reportedly, some $1.8 Billion, out of that $3 Billion,simply disappeared.

Presumably, that money, given so generously by US taxpayer’sto benefit the people of Ukraine, ended up in the wallets of the Super WealthyOligarchs, like Hunter Biden’s employer, Igor Kolomoisky.

People who want to read an in-depth analysis of the complex mechanicsof this theft of billions of dollars in US aid, can do so here:

Those who just want to read a more succinct ‘populist’ accountcan do so here:

$1.8 BILLION dollars in US taxpayers’ hard-earned moneysimply ‘went missing’ on ole Joe Biden’s watch, and to this day, has never beenaccounted for.

And, coincidentally (??), (we’re induced by our Mass Mediato believe), the primary suspected beneficiary of the theft of those billionsin US aid was the very employer of the son of the US official who was responsiblefor managing the distribution of US aid.

The stench of The Rat is overpowering, but most of those whopassionately hate Trump simply refuse to smell it.

About half our population, the half that has coalesced intoa mindlessly hysterical Trump-hating mob, is so dingbat crazed by theirpassionate hatred of Trump that they are impervious to the smell of thestinking pile of rat-doodoo right beside them.

“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”, cried out poorChicken Little. Using Ms. Little as a role model, we now have tens upon tens ofmillions of our fellow citizens, driven into paroxysms of rage and hatred byour centrally owned Mass Media, running around like … well … like ‘chickenswith their heads cut off’ … shrieking out “Quid Pro quo!!! QUID PRO QUO!!!!!”

But, the thing is, you see, (or at least as rational peoplecan see), that whether or not there was a ‘quid pro quo’ in Trump’s implied (orexpressed) threat to Zelensky, to withhold future US aid to Ukraine, to induceZelensky to meet Ukraine’s treaty obligations to the US, is completelyirrelevant to this ‘case’.

The POTUS, (even a reprehensibly disgusting POTUS likeTrump), has a clear fiduciary responsibility to the American people, to assurethem that their hard-earned tax dollars are not simply poured into the bankaccounts of the already Super Rich, when they are given as US aid to anothernation.

In the Big Orange Buffoon’s phone call to Zelensky, he was,(or can justifiably claim to have been), simply exercising his fiduciary dutyto the America people.

And he was entirely within the purview of his officialduties when he threatened to withhold future aid if Ukraine did not meet itstreaty obligations by cooperating and assisting in an already proceeding USinvestigation of the theft by US officials, (i.e.: ole Uncle Joe and his boy),of billions of dollars in US aid to Ukraine.

The fact that Joe Biden is now a political candidate runningagainst Trump is no more than a coincidental circumstance, and has no bearingwhatsoever on this ‘case’.

There is no provision in US law that gives immunity frominvestigation, and/or prosecution, to political candidates.

Twisting Trump’s entirely justified investigation intocorruption and crimes by the Biden family in Ukraine into ‘interference in  our precious democracy’, (allgenuflect), is an exercise in mass mob hysteria. It makes no rational sense atALL!

Yea … Well … Sure … Being the disgusting human being that heis, (and being at LEAST as corrupt as Joe and Hunter Biden), those of us whoconsider him so all know that Trump most likely DID have political motivationsfor wanting Ukraine to cooperate in a US investigation of corruption and crimeby former US officials (Joe Biden) in Ukraine.

But that does NOT matter.

Trump’s personal motivations are not relevant to this‘case’. The fact remains, and always will remain, that Trump, like every POTUS,has not merely the right, but in fact the duty, as POTUS, to investigate theOBVIOUS (to any rational person) appearance of criminal behavior by Biden inUkraine.

The Syndicate of the Super Wealthy Elites, who now run ournation, own ALL our Mass Media. They are in a panic over the threat that thedemons they unleashed in Ukraine are now coming home to roost.

They have the raw power, through their skillful use of thesocial engineering power of Mass Media, to whip the entire nation into a frenzyof mass mob hysteria. And they are using that power now to its fullest effect,in order to try to escape the inevitable, (the roosting of the evil demons theyunleashed in Ukraine in their own hair).

It’s working in the short term. Our entire nation iserupting in spasms of sheer dingbat nutball craziness on every side.

But in the longer term, those narrow-eyed demons, now howlingand moaning in full throat, will not be forestalled from finding their properplace to roost.

We have sown, and are sowing, the wild winds of chaos.

Unless we make the effort to recover our good senses, ourcapacity to reason … Unless we ‘wake up’ and realize what is happening, thisonly ends one way, folks.

We have sown, and are sowing, the wild winds … And when we‘reap the whirlwind’, we are NOT going to like it.