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Redundant Quest for Sanity, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on the sea:

Dr. Susan Rosenthal, a retired Canadian physician, and now a very thoughtful blogger, (who sends me her well-written essays pleading her impassioned concerns for Humanity's future), recently expressed her warnings about how the medical profession, and specifically psychiatry, are often used for a 'policing' function. Dr. Rosenthal is a self-professed 'Socialist', and like many people who embrace that 'belief system', she seems to embrace it 'whole', as people do when they embrace 'religion'.  

The latest 'religious' belief being promoted by the American Left is that our society does not need The Police. Dr. Rosenthal believes, (she says in the essay linked above), that we should "abolish The Police". 

The American Left has been its own worst enemy ever since I've been a leftist. (About 52 years). I think it's very suspicious that the Left constantly undermines itself by adopting the most absurd conclusions to which its various cult-like 'sect' ideologies lead it. Doesn't anyone else besides me find it suspicious that The Left never has 'leaders', but is very clearly being led, 'by the nose', by cadres of 'invisible leaders', into advocating 'crazy' things that alienate the Left, politically, from the Common People?

Doesn't that just sound 'fishy'? (As folks used t' say).  

Examples abound. 'Occupy Wall St' was an excellent one, with its clownishly contorted 'Direct Democracy', its anti-hierarchy 'anarchism', running its clown-show General Assemblies, pretending to be democratic while a secret group of elite insiders held ALL the real power, and made all the meaningful decisions in secret. The truth, that the GAs had no real power, and that elite insiders made all the key decisions, became ever more apparent as the days and weeks went by, until near the end fistfights were breaking out during the GAs. Chairs were being thrown. The opposing 'general' saw the opportunity, and clubs, tear gas, and pepper-spray broke up the dispirited chaos of the 'anarchy' that Occupy had inevitably devolved into.

The Left behaves like a 'Belief Cult'. Like all cults, it's objective is to get EVERYONE to "drink the kool-aid", (or else to somehow 'neutralize', to de-humanize, as 'the other', those who refuse).  

Hmm ... Ya think them nice folks over at the CIA, (and/or over at the 16 other US 'spook' agencies), ever thought it might benefit them if they tried to infiltrate, or otherwise affect, the Left's decisions? (Cointelpro anyone?). Ya think them nice CIA-type folks mighta' thought 'a that? Ya think they might be doing stuff like that now? Naw ... Them nice 'spook' folks? ... Naw ... They wouldn't do that! ... Would they?... 

What's that ya say? Black Lives Matters, the folks now leading all this Race War/Abolish the Police ruckus, is actually financed by an Elite Billionaire Oligarch? 

For REAL? 

Yea ... for real ... No shick sherlock ... Fer frackin' REAL ... THAT's how dingbat crazy this whole deal is ... People are completely, and willfully, blind to the obvious ... An Elite Jewish Billionaire Oligarch picks up the tabs for half-Jewish, (her father), Alicia Garza's elaborate hairdos. 

Ms. Garza is one of BLM's glamorous co-founders. They sure glisten in the klieg lights. All sparkle and glitter. The Ruby Red lips. The hair pieces. Nice clothes ... Egos to match, one might presume. Would they sign on to do a Netflix 'documentary' about BLM? Netflix would no doubt think of it as a 'reality show'. The 'Glamorous Ladies of BLM'. Netflix top ten, nationwide, for sure. How much would BLM clear in a Netflix deal? (For The Cause, of course, although the hairpieces ARE expensive).

The Revolution WILL be televised, (sponsored by the generosity of our corporate benefactors). The Glamorous Ladies of BLM are the perfect 'leaders' of our corporate-sponsored Reality Show Revolution.   

It was a Billionaire Oligarch who made these BLM ladies into 'stars'. Imagine how much raw power a mega-billionaire has. Lay your money down on Red 7, and the pea somehow nestles into that slot, and here we are, with the attention of the entire nation now riveted on BLM's Billionaire Oligarch sponsored Race War.     

Hey ... You know what billionaire oligarchs and Jim Jones-type cult leaders have in common? They both discovered the same formula for success. Once you get a 'cult' belief system inculcated into people's minds, (once it is 'religiously' adopted by them), you can get them to drink most any kool-aid, even poison, (as Jim Jones proved).  

George Soros. Jim Jones. Why should we think that either is more 'sane'? Or, to put it another way, if Jim Jones had been a mega-billionaire, like George Soros, would he have been any more successful in hacking out a personal kingdom from the jungle?

Well ... Soros is doing pretty good at staging quite a 'show' in America. I wonder if he knows how old silverbacks feel when their nose opens to danger, and they think their families safety is threatened? 

But the Left is NEVER self-aware. The Left does NOT learn from its mistakes. Instead it does the EXACT opposite of 'learning from history', the exact opposite of self-awareness. The Left pretends that its mistakes and failures were actually great successes, as the Left still does with the miserably failed 'Occupy', (and/or the '99 Seattle 'wilding' that accomplished exactly NOTHING politically).

The American Left is a cult Belief System that has been deliberately fashioned, by very cunning people, to prevent an authentic Left from forming up to challenge the Ruling Elites for a fair share of political power.   

And now the Left has again organized riots and looting, and dramatic 'protests', this time against Racism, and against Racist Police. If things keep going down this road, the Elites will grow in power. They will exert ever more control over mass communications media. And this woebegone Left Identity Politics cult will just become more pathetic and politically marginalized than it already is. But the Left will boast about this 'uprising' for decades to come. ("I was Executive Director of Black People against Racist Police, BPARP, during the uprising of '20", todays 'invisible leaders' will boast to their grandkids). 

This Left Tribal Identity Cult is on an unbroken 60 year long losing streak, so bragging about its failures is about all this poor pathetic Left Tribal Identity Cult can do.    

Well ... Great ... At the very historical moment when a critical mass of the Common People were rapidly developing a unifying vision of Class Consciousness, (between people of ALL races, and all ACROSS the political spectrum from Left to Right), the Left has somehow 'decided' that starting a Race War is the best thing to do at this exact moment. 


It's beyond merely 'irrational'. It's outright 'craziness'. It's VERY obvious that Race War greatly weakens the political prospects of the American Common People, of ALL races. Riling up people's basest tribal animosities, (like racism), at the exact moment when we are starting to 'see' our Common Bonds, at the exact moment when Class Consciousness was bringing disparate tribal groups into a 'forming-vision' of Unifying Harmony, which is VERY obviously, (other than to morons, perhaps), the ONLY path that leads the Common People, of ALL races, to win a fair share of political power, the Left's 'invisible leaders' have decided that Race War, at this exact historical moment, to rile up people's deepest tribal 'juu-juu'  animosities, to better divide the Common People AGAINST each other, is the exact perfect thing the Left must do. 

"Ding!-Cukoo! Ding!-Cukoo!", saith the Clock to the Kettle. 

Anyway ... Sorry ... ole ape Caliban does get off on tangents, (sitting on branch with good banana). Point being: As long as I have been a leftist, (since about '68), the Left has consistently been its own worst enemy. And now the Left has followed the weird ideations of its Identity Politics Cult ideology to the conclusion that the Left should add 'Abolish the Police', to it's solid Medicare for All, Green New Deal, Tax the Rich, (etc), Class Policy Agenda. 

We, the Common People, of ALL races, can't get anywhere, politically, with advancing our solid Class Policy Agenda, (by claiming a fair share of political power for ourselves), because the Left's 'Invisible Leaders' ALWAYS attach a 'poison pill' to the Agenda. (ALWAYS!).  

At least 25 years ago, the American Left told the American working class to "go frack itself". The Left fully supported the Elites' deliberately engineered importation of tens of millions of foreign workers into the US, which has devastated the lives of tens and hundreds of millions of American working people. (American working class people, of ALL races, are dying of the various "diseases of hopelessness'. Their children are dying in filthy places, fer crissakes, in rat-alleys or molded abandoned houses, with needles still stuck in their arms).  

Since then, since the American Left told the American working class to "go frack itself", the Left's own racist and sexist 'anti-white' and 'anti-male' Identity Politics Cult ideology has just grown steadily more strident, to the point of Bozo clownish absurdity. 

The American Left has become so 'crazed' with its Identity Politics Cult ideology, that any American citizen who does not believe that the Federal Government should decide that a person with a penis should have the "Constitutional right" to shower naked side by side with high school girls with natural female genitals, (and/or vice versa), will find herself or himself intensely demonized as a sub-par human being by this bizarre Cult. Cults are Belief Systems. They define and maintain 'slots' for cult-members to put non-members ('the others') into. A 'transphobe' is every bit as bad as an evil 'racist', in these people's cult belief system. If you disagree with a cult about anything, they have a Demon Slot to put you into. They have a plethora of epithet labels that they can freely apply to anyone who disagrees with them about anything.

Now we have Race War. Any white man who will not formally "bend the knee" to African Americans, is a no-good demon racist white supremacist Nazi scum-bag. Women too, kinda, but they get a 'get out of jail free' pass for being poor female victims of the Evil Patriarchy. 

The intricately complex Cult of Victimhood hierarchy that comprises the Identity Politics Cult Left, is a byzantine labyrinthe of carefully ranking beliefs. ("If you're saying that being a racist is worse than being a transphobe, that's just like saying that a black person is more important than a transgender person", is the kind of discussion that one hears from these Identity Politics cultists).  

But the Cult of Victimhood is an intoxicating 'brew' of absolution. "Nothing's my fault ... Nothing is my responsibility ...I'm a poor victim". (The kool-aid is sweet, and goes down so easy).  

The American Left's 'invisible leaders' hath spoken. Know ye all that Race War hath been declared. All white people are hereby commanded by the mighty and powerful Left to Bend the Knee, or else be declared 'enemies of the Left', as evil racist white supremacist Nazi scum.  

Yea ... Well ... There goes Class Consciousness, tumbling off the train, ass-backwards over heels, and receding into the distance as the Crazy Train just chugs on.  

Gee ... At the VERY moment ... Sigh ... Hmm ... Coincidence? Or deliberation? Indeed, coincidence alone does not prove causation, but coincidence, especially when it repeats itself, is certainly 'curious', is it not?

Naw ... Them nice folks out Langley way wouldn't do stuff like that. 

My reply to Dr. Rosenthal's essay is copied below. But if anyone is still reading, my most important message has already been delivered above. The American Marionette Left, doing its own Enemy's bidding so faithfully and diligently, is several bricks shy of a decent load. Something's 'hincty'. Something just ain't right. 

It's just not credible that people could be THIS stupid. No ... There's a mind at work here ... Caliban's nose flares open, as he smells 'deliberation' and 'causation'  

What follows (attached below) may seem overly tedious, (if any are even interested at all). It's mostly just for 'documentation'. This is the approach I am taking in my efforts to affect an 'intervention' with fellow leftists I encounter, like Susan Rosenthal. Breaking the power of the closed-loop-logic of a cult belief system is possible, but never easy. There is nothing more tedious than being required to present an argument to 'prove' that the clear sky above is blue in the daytime, but my reply to Dr. Rosenthal tries to do so with patience. (We must remember that the objective is to 'awaken' people, not defeat them).

The good doctor presents herself as an extraordinarily kind and thoughtful person. 
Best to all. Hope all are strong and find new courage each morning.


R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030

My direct reply to Dr. Rosenthal (largely redundant to the message above):   

Dr. Rosenthal:

The point in your comments about psychiatry being used to conform people to oppression/moral-corruption is a good one, but these calls to "abolish the police" are doing GREAT harm to the Left's solid Class Agenda. We're losing support for solid class policies, like Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, etc, by associating such policies in people's minds with policies that make no sense at ALL, (in fact sound dingbat crazy), to most ALL people.

While all the horrors of a crazed and morally depraved society swirl around us, amidst a heavily armed population, you REALLY think 'abolishing police' is an idea that the Common People are ever going to support? Is the Left bound and determined to NEVER win ANY political power? 

It is true that police enforce the power of Capital. The Police serve as 'muscle' for the 'Dons' of Capital, just as Lucca Brazzi served Don Corleone, (or Paulie Walnuts served Tony Soprano). In an unjust and morally corrupt society like ours, (ruled over by The Syndicated Dons of Capital, (aka: the Elites), police enforce much injustice and moral corruption. 

But the police also enforce basic social 'order', basic 'law'. People place a VERY high value on those basic social tenets. Good ole 'Law and Order'. When 'order' is abandoned, and 'law' no longer exists, (laws may be passed, but they never actually 'exist', on the street, without law enforcement), the deadly dangers of Social Chaos immediately present. Thugs and warlords seize power, and the Common People feel great fear.

In such conditions, more and more of the Common People take to carrying weapons all the time. Gunslingers strut through every saloon, (and women are always drawn to powerful men, but keep their own weapons strategically placed). Wyatt Earp used the threat of his own gun to enforce Dodge City's law against firearms inside city limits. Like checking your hat. You turn 'em in when you get here, and pick 'em up when you leave. Or else "skin that thing, right frackin' NOW, cowboy, and see what happens next".

That the Law. It's socialized violence to enforce order and (theoretically) justice. 

After you get rid of The Police, who do YOU plan to call, Dr. Rosenthal, when confronted by the business end of a .45? How are you planning to enforce and administer basic Law, and a basic Justice system. 

How are you going to have a justice system? Why would anyone accused ever show up in court? People show up now because if they don't the court sends an armed person to bring them, under arrest, to court.   

Geez ... How does the Left get this stupid? Deliberately making an enemy of The Police is just about the stupidest thing that the Left could do. Initiating a Race War, just as wealth inequality has reached such a extreme degree that it is bringing Class Consciousness into crystal focus in the Common People's minds, is just about neck-and-neck as idiotic. It's getting VERY hard to tell what the Left's true motives are, but its behavior is so stupid that many suspect key infiltration, coupled with closed-loop-logic cult ideology. 

US CIA-level 'spooks' operate all over the world, Dr. Rosenthal, (you could be one, although I do NOT think you are), with a virtually unlimited budget of tens of billions of dollars. (If they need hundreds of billions, all they need to is ask). Gee ... Ya think it ever occurred t' them 'spook' guys to try to exert some kind of 'steering influence' on Left people's thinking and actions? Naw ... Ya think they're THAT smart? Naw ... They're just a buncha dumb guys....Right?

What's that you say? Black Lives Matter is financed by the Elites? (Look it UP! Geezus, good Dr. Rosenthal ... When a stinky slimy vampire-squid slaps a cold mucous tentacle across your face, are you 'too far gone' to even notice? Black Lives Matter is financed by mega-billionaire international Jewish oligarch, George Soros.  

It's VERY obvious, Dr. Rosenthal, that the ONLY chance the Common People, of ALL races, have to win a fair share of political power from the Elites, (the Dons of Capital who rule over us), is to UNITE our own power. But the Left, (in the 'wisdom' of its nameless 'invisible leaders'), has decided, instead, to help the Elites accomplish their highest "divide and rule" priority. 

At the exact time that Class Consciousness was beginning to 'take root' among the Common People, of ALL races, the Left has bizarrely decided that what it should do is pursue a Race War, to divide the Common People against each other, along the natural fault lines of highly emotionalized tribal animosities, (tribal creatures that we are), and to pursue an outlandish proposal to "abolish the police", (even as rioters rampage, and an orange glow lights up the night sky, where people can see it out their living room windows).    

People call the police when we are confronted with danger we feel (or think) we cannot 'handle' on our own. Abolish the police? So ... When you are home alone, and you hear the distant sound of a window breaking in another room, what do you imagine your options should be, with the police abolished?   

Poverty does not make people 'noble', good Doctor. Poverty degrades the human spirit. The correlation between poverty and crime is very high. Poor people are more likely to be criminals, and poor people are more likely to be the victims of crime.

People need the police to protect us from each other. The Left's ideology has led it into ideations, like abolishing policing from society, that sound dingbat crazy to a large percentage of people, of ALL races, in our society.

This is doing great damage to the Left's 'Class Agenda'. Instead of working to UNITE the Common People, of ALL races, behind shared beliefs rooted in Class Interests, the American Left has decided to declare Race War, to divide the Common People along the fault lines of our basest tribal (animal) instincts?? 

The people who have the least, good Doctor, need the police the most, because poor people aggress dangerously against one another more than more affluent people do, (due to the degrading effects that poverty has had on their moral social sense). 

Poor black people kill other poor black people (in the US) exponentially more than police kill black people. I'd have to look up the exact statistic, but it's something like 10 to 1, just for those 'cases' where the race of the killer is known, which is less than half the caes, since many murders are never solved. Although the exact figure is not known, it's likely that the true ratio of black-on-black killings to police killings is closer to 20-1. 

About 2800 black people every year are murdered (in the US) with the murderer known to be a black person, and likely that many more black people are killed by other black people but the murderer is never known.

For the last three years, (2017, '18, and '19), police killed an average of 222 black people each year. For the same 3 years, police killed an average of 409 white people each year. 

When police come into 'enforcement' contact with poor black people, it is usually to help them face some kind of danger from other poor black people. When police kill a poor black person, it is most likely to protect another poor person, and likely another poor black person, from them. 

Let's try to remember that George Floyd was a crystal meth and fentanyl junkie, who was sky high, and also drunk on his ass in the middle of the day. He worked as 'professional muscle' for a club owner. He was, himself, a 'professional bully'. He was so aggressive toward a store clerk, (who was a person of color), that the store clerk called police. (Floyd had stolen cigarettes from the store, by passing a counterfeit bill, or so the store clerk believed). Floyd also went violently berserk AFTER he was already under arrest and AFTER he was already cuffed behind his back. He violently fought police to resist simply sitting down in the patrol car to be taken to be 'booked'. 

As a physician, Dr. Rosenthal, you surely recognize that his extreme shortness of breath, ("I can't breathe"), was a symptom of the cardiac emergency that the autopsy report noted as the cause of death. Mr. Floyd was not 'strangled', or 'asphyxiated'. Chauvin's knee did not 'strangle' Mr. Floyd, or likely contribute much, if anything at all, to his death. Chauvin's weight on Floyd's back, and Floyd's general face down posture, were much more serious problems for Floyd in his cardiac emergency. 

The police facing charges, two of whom are people of color, failed to recognize Mr. Floyd's cardiac emergency. Was this a failure in their training? Or did they violate their training?

Heavily under the influence of multiple drugs, and after presenting dangerous threatening behavior to a fellow citizen, Floyd went violently berserk, and these police applied force to bring him under control. They screwed up, big time, AFTER they had him under control, but it does not appear that any of the police involved had any idea at all that the force they were applying to Floyd might kill him.   Floyd's family will likely get a generous payout. The city was negligent, whether in training, or discipline.

And there is no evidence at ALL, that Floyd's race had anything to do with this incident. There is no reason to think that a large powerful white man, a drunk, sky-high junky, with a 46 year old junkie's diseased heart, who stole cigarettes from a store and was extremely aggressively toward the store clerk, and then fought the police, would not have been treated in exactly this manner.

If the officer violated his training, he should be 'disciplined'. Anyone examining the actual evidence, Dr. Rosenthal, can see, however, that these police did not 'murder' anyone. A 46 year old drunk junkie died from a cardiac emergency brought on by the 'adrenaline' of a violent physical struggle that he, and he alone, initiated. 

The police appear to have been negligent. Criminally so? Maybe, to some legal degree. All the facts are not yet even gathered and known. That's why we have 'trials', remember? But the shrieks of "murder" are those of an hysterical mob that has set aside all semblance of Reason and given Desire free rein, (or reign). 

In your essay you cite "disproportionate killing of black people" by police. Well ... Yea ... It appears disproportionate, until you consider it in correlation to poverty, as well as race. 

There are an estimated 16 million white people living below the poverty line in the US. There are about 9 million black people living below that line. Well ... The 409/222 ratio is certainly similar to the 16/9 ratio. (.543 to .56, if I punched the numbers right on the calculator). 

The Police kill poor people more because poor people, in general, lead coarser lives that tend to degrade people's moral sense. Poor people are much more prone to become violent faster. 

If the statistics cited above are true, then correlated with poverty, (numbers of poor whites and poor blacks), police do NOT kill disproportionately more black people. They kill poor people in approximately equal proportions, regardless of race, and most all the poor people they kill are killed in the course of protecting other people from them. 

Best to you, Dr. Rosenthal. I enjoy reading your essays. You seem to be a kind and very thoughtful person. I hope you are not offended by my frank replies. I would not direct so much energy your way if I did not think it was merited. 

R Zwarich