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Reich the Third - No Law Left, Only Power, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on the land or at sea:

An old ape must soon slacken the pace a bit, but there's just a couple things I need to get done first.

Each day seems to begin with a weary sigh. As you all surely know as well as I, the immensity of the task often seems overwhelming. 

But every carpenter learns that you build a house one measure, one cut, one nail, one hammer blow, one action, at a time. You have a 'plan'. You can roll it out and look at it whenever you need to, but you pretty much just have it already in your head. The 'plan' gives you confidence that every action you do will be effective. 

Every action will directly contribute to the job's 'completion', when the carpenter's actions are guided by a 'plan'. "Git 'r DONE!" is not just a fat comedian's tag line. It's a carpenter's determination and will that defines her or him as a carpenter. 

It's hard! I saw a lotta men try to be carpenters who could swing a hammer OK, but could never get a job 'done'. They mighta' been hard enough workers, even, but without someone to direct and discipline them ... well ... the beer's always cold, and your wife or girlfriend might get lonely during the day. It's easy for a 'nooner' to turn into an 'all afternooner'.

I worked in a jungle. The guys who got the work were the guys who would bring in 'the completion', (an actual form, signed by the customer). I don't know how many jobs I did over the thirty some years I swung a hammer, got I got every single frackin' one of them DONE! 

Ahh ... There's Kurosawa, (from 'Kagemusha'), come to mock me again. He's a good loyal friend. He'll pull my coat, then step on my shoe, then even slap me up side the face if need be. Whenever he 'sees' that Caliban needs mocking, he mocks well ... "Quit yer boasting, you stupid mountain monkey. You were a stupid work beast for all those years. And you're 'proud' of it? What a clown." (Kurosawa, a very wise person, serves me faithfully as a sort of 'moral compass', as a 'point of view' he allows me to share, to actually inhabit, which delivers me into whatever degree of self-awareness an old ape can muster.

When building a house, a wrong action is hugely costly, because it causes what amounts to 'damage' that then has to be repaired, before effective actions can again effectively contribute toward completion. If you drive a nail in the wrong place, it can take easily 50 times longer to get it back out, (depending on where it is). Few rough dumb carpenters like me got paid for time passing while we were on the job. We only got paid for getting the job done. So you don't get paid for the time wasted repairing the damage of 'ineffective actions', (aka: 'mistakes'). Repairing mistakes is done 'for free'. When repairs are made, then you can get back to building the house, and earning money (instead of working for free) again. 

The master carpenter who taught me all that was named after Pretty Boy Floyd. For real. Floyd Feil was really from Oklahoma, and when he was born, his own darlin' young mama really had a bad crush for ole Pretty Boy Floyd himself, who was then alive and rampaging wild as an 'outlaw'. Pretty Boy had just been a lot better wielding his log chain than that deputy was in pulling his gun, (at least according to ole Woody Guthrie, although he maybe put a little 'romance' in the story).  

The real Pretty Boy certainly became a criminal, but he started out as an 'outlaw'. John Dillinger was celebrated as a folk hero. Look at this video, at about the 3:15 mark, you can see actual video of Dillinger under arrest, 'hamming it up" for the cameras, and leaning jovially on the sheriff's shoulder, laughing and joking.

An 'outlaw' is NOT the same thing as a 'criminal', for those who never learned that.

From SteelYard Blues:

Jesse Veldini (Donald Suttherland) : I'm not a criminal, Iris. I'm an outlaw.
Iris Caine (Jane Fonda) : What's the difference?
Jesse Veldini : I don't know.

He knew ... somehow he knew ... but it's 'complicated', idnit? "When those who make the law, break the law, then there is no law" -- Billy Jack

There is NO 'Law' anymore in America. There is only power. This is where nation's end up when their hearts and souls begin to rot with Lust and Greed. 

I remember when I used to read Robert Reich's work eagerly, always watching for his byline. As we all surely know, Robert Reich served as Slick Willie's Labor Secretary, as Slick Willie was helping the Elites maneuver American Labor into ruin, where it remains today. 

Mr. Reich is immensely proud of helping the Clintonista Democratic Party Machine, as a loyal member of 'the team', as the Elites' takeover of our nation, kicked off by Reagan in '80, progressed rapidly under that clever backwoods Arky bootlegger, and his repulsive ghoulishly macabre wife.

Professor Reich still constantly boasts that he was one of Slick Willie's loyal 'boys'. Geez ... Where's ole Lewis Carroll when ya need him? Yep. There was Tweedle Dee. And there was Tweedle Dum. And there was Robert Reich, the Clinton stool's 'third' leg. 

It actually had more than three, of course, but I'm laboriously working in the 'third reich' angle on the clownishly effete professor, who is an 'apologist' for The Elites, but holds 'Labor' out before him as a majestic 'title' , 'see'? 

Frack him! Labor cannot let apologist clowns like him pretend that they in any way represent the interests of working people.

The famed ('fabled' in his own mind) Professor Reich is a two-bit stooge for The Ruling Syndicate. The Syndicate's current primary political apparatus is the DPM, (the Democratic Party Machine). This man, ole Third-LegBob, licks the hands that feed him, and people like him usually end up licking boots as well.

But here he can serve a good purpose, with his clear and lucid exposition of the idiot American Left's Grand Case against the evil scum racist Nazi white supremacist dictator boogeyman, poor oafus Trumpty-Dumpty. 

Dr. Reich, in his great wisdom, has declared an actual Writ of Prosecution against the clownish buffoon, poor Trumpty, who 'never knew what hit him', and NEVER would have run for POTUS had he known what he was 'in for'. 

From his recent article, entitled 'Trump's Vilest Legacy', Sir Robert Reich the Third Leg, who seems to be a card-carrying member of the Legends In Their Own Minds Society, wrote:

"Trump has brought impunity to the highest office in the land, wielding a wrecking ball to the most precious windowpane of all – American democracy.

The message? A president can obstruct special counsels’ investigations of his wrongdoing, push foreign officials to dig up dirt on political rivals, fire inspectors general who find corruption, order the entire executive branch to refuse congressional subpoenas, flood the Internet with fake information about his opponents, refuse to release his tax returns, accuse the press of being “fake media” and “enemies of the people,” and make money off his presidency."
** end quote

Okey doke, then ... At this point, a writer must decide, "who am I talking to here?" That's a tough one. This ole ape is so stupid that he thinks he can make ALL 'see'. 

Yea ... But all at once? Well ... It doesn't always happen that way, but it sometimes does. At this point, it's too early to say how this might roll out.

Even just in recent American History, we have examples of fairly 'sudden' mass awakenings. I was a small child, and have only the vaguest smoky memories, but I do remember watching Ed Murrow's interview with a young Castro, (who was dressed in his flannel pajamas for nighty-night, literally, I remember how my fathered laughed uproariously when he saw that Castro was in his pajamas).

"Have you no decency?" It was a question whose time had come. It was a question that had festered in many minds. When it rang out loud it public, the peals of THAT bell reverberated deeply in the Common People's hearts and minds. It seemed like 'overnight', and swarthy ole Joe McCarthy, a tough bog-Irish black-gang cookie fer sure, knew his goose was 'cooked'. 

When that bell tolled. People 'suddenly' awakened, as if from a trance. It really happened, and not that long ago. Smoky indeed those memories may be, but an old ape does remember it meself. 

ALL 'suddenly' knew the answer was "No. I, Joe McCarthy, have NONE". Masses of people, like tens to over a hundred million people, all realized, pretty much all at once, what they already 'knew'. 

And swarthy ole black-gang Joe McCarthy fell a broken man, and withered away and died.

Anyway ... It can happen ... It DID happen ... But none have a crystal ball. It'll happen however it does. But at this point a 'mass epiphany', a 'mass awakening' can't YET be ruled out.

THAT is what makes this moment, this very slice of History during which we live, SO crucial. That's why THIS moment is perhaps the 'cusp' moment of the entire arc of Human History.

We ALL know that Humanity's survival, as a species, hangs in the balance.

A precipice looms on one side, for sure. What we do, or don't do, will likely decide whether our grandchildren will have children of their own.

What's on the other side? Well ... A lot of democratic discussion must decide, of course, as to the details, but surely we all dream of a world at peace, and of rebuilding our nation, rebuilding America, as reborn in New Spirit, and eager and raring to go to build a gleaming New America, of ALL its people, by ALL its people, and FOR all its people. We will build a TRUE Democracy in America. And we will strive to take our proper place, as a nation, a proud and striving nation, as America, among the Earth's ONLY Ruling Family, the Family of Nations of ALL Humanity.

We've only lost sight, folks, of what America was once actually trying to be. It's OK. We can come to 'see' it again. Eh? You stumble and plop down. Do you lie in the mud crying like a child? We just need to 'wake up', that's all .. and then just get the frack back up on our feet, and in the democratic saddle of our nation's 'pony'. (Yankee Doodle went to town )... Look and 'see' ... Look at the pictures in the video.They tell the whole story. It was a rebellion of aristocratic English Gentlemen against the British king. Yankee Doodle was indeed a 'dandy'.

Democracy was NEVER their intent. They built a 'republic', which is defined as 'rule by the Elites, with the consent of the governed'. Our US Constitution does NOT define a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people. It defines a nation ruled by The Elites, purportedly with the consent of the governed.

Only an imbecile could think our clown show reality TV 'elections' represent a valid means for the Common People to give, or withhold, our 'consent'

Our US Constitution has clearly shown that its rules do NOT fulfill its own mandate, as set out in its own Preamble. The Constitution does NOT define a government that can"form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, ... promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity".

It just doesn't. The proof lies in any direction we care to look. And we ALL 'see' it perfectly well.

The FIRST American Revolution was the Colonial British Aristocracy against the king. The next one, (leastways a butter-birdie told Caliban that some folks is already thinking over), is going to be the Common People against the descendants of the Anglo-Yankee Dandies who have, over the years, somehow gotten in in their crazed heads that THEY must rule the world.

We don't NEED new ideas for this one. "No taxation without representation" served just fine for the last one. It won!, (we might recall). THAT is EXACTLY our predicament. The SAME will serve just fine for THIS one. True Democracy is the 'Cause'. No fracking taxation without representation! Not no fracking how! Not no fracking way! Period. Exclamation point. Non-negotiable.

What's our objective?

A peaceful, prosperous, proudly striving nation; an America that ALL our people are proud to call our nation; in a peaceful prosperous world striving together for the betterment of all Humankind.

Isn't that our objective? If we call ourselves 'progressives', isn't THAT the objective of ALL our 'progress'?

Well ... Luckily for us, both the nations which the US Ruling Elites want the US Common People to fear and hate, say they want the SAME thing WE do. For real. You can hear them say it right online, right on youtube, loud and clear, over and over, every which way they can. They say they want a peaceful world with a prosperous world economy that all nations will create together through multi-polar democratic negotiation. They say it consistently, They say it emphatically. They say it every which-way they can.

An excerpt:
"I [Putin] am convinced that this anniversary makes it incumbent upon all of us to recall the timeless principles of inter-State communication enshrined in the UN Charter and formulated by the founding fathers of our universal Organization in the clearest and most unambiguous terms. These principles include the equality of sovereign States, non-interference with their domestic affairs, the right of peoples to determine their own future, non-use of force or the threat of force, and political settlement of disputes."

An excerpt:
"All countries are closely connected and we share a common future. No country can gain from others' difficulties or maintain stability by taking advantage of others' troubles"

Man ... That all sure sounds GREAT to ole Caliban ... What's holding us back?

Well ... Wouldn't ya just know, The Elites don't like that plan. Why? Well ... We ALL know, don't we, despite our delusional denials? We can't rebuild America in New Spirit, we can't meet other nations as equals, because The Elites, as they have openly declared, in official writings of the US Government, fully and vehemently believe that THEY must rule not just the US, but the entire world as well. 

"Full Spectrum Dominance" translates into "Amerika Uber Alles!" in 'Muricanese'.

"This is REAL!" -- J Bourne

This is called 'reality', folks. We are REALLY ruled over by crazed people who are fanatically determined that THEY must, literally 'rule the world'.

Our nation has actually become an iteration of the same Bad Spirit that took root into Great Evil in Germany, just a few years ago. 

Guys my dad's age were trying to get laid by showing off how they could jitterbug a girl into tight-cheeked smiles on the dance floor. 'In the Mood', (with its 'naughty' double-entendre), was the music that got every girl and boy's juices flowing hot. 

And then the boys, lads of 18, 19, (you were 'old' if you were 21 and still didn't have a 'steady girl'), had to go back and kill more 'a them Nazi Krauts. Almost 400,000 'a them boys never saw a darlin' lovin' girl again.

And look what they done to our song, MA. All those boys died, but that clever Evil Spirit just did what such Spirits do. It quickly found other hearts and minds to take root in. And it now rules over America with deadly determination. 

And most of our entire population, (much as happened in Germany), is so lost in various self-delusions, that they are entirely unaware of what is happening right in front of us ALL. (It's the Naked Emperor's New Clothes thing). 

Our entire nation has pretty much gone way off the deep end 'nutball'. 

So ... Here comes Third-LegBob, (Reich the Third, Slick Willie's loyal toadstool toadie), to provide us a PERFECT case-in-point example of just how completely and utterly delusional, pathologically delusional, a state of mind people like the preening Dr. Reich have fallen into, (along with a LOT of other folks).

When children in ancient Gaul played 'Jacks', they used sticks as the objects to pick-up quickly and artfully. They didn't have a ball that bounced. They threw a small rock up and had to pick up objects, and then catch the rock. If they had anything long enough, (like vines, which they begged their fathers to pull down from a tree, which worked great), they played jump rope.

And the 'ditties' they learned, which children chant while playing such eternal children's games, often contained 'ancient wisdom'. Since its dawn, civilization has been rooted in a moral mythology. No one has any way of knowing, but Caliban thinks the jump rope chants and ditties were likely, eons ago, much the same as those we used as children. This is an example of how culture is passed. ("Talkin' 'bout Hey now. Hey now, Iko Iko one day" ....)

The pot and the kettle got into a nettle and called each other "black", each could see the other, but neither one could bother, to see their own self-lack.

Dr. Reich has performed for us the 'black iron kettle' act so favored by the Powder Whigs, as he accuses poor oafus clown Trumpty-Dumpty of doing exacting what the Ruling Elites, and their DPM Political Machine, (which, not coincidentally, Third-Leg Bob 'works for') has done TO the poor disgusting creep bastard. 

They're viciously accusing Trumpty of doing to them what they are doing to him. The Black Kettle is accusing the black pot of being black.

Anyway ... I'm an old man, and I feel tired this morning, though I slept OK. Sometimes it takes a few nights to catch up ... So this will serve as Part 1, (of at least two). 

I would like to address, with formalized Reason, citing whatever facts we 'know', (and what seems likely reasonably 'safe' to 'believe', always trying to hold 'belief' as clearly distinct from 'knowledge'), Professor Robert Reich's 'Writ of Prosecution' against poor ole Trumpty-Dumpty, laying there at the bottom of his ill-famed 'wall', all in gooey eggy pieces, while "all of his men" gallop by him, this way and that, eagerly looking for new jobs.

That will be Part 2. How we got rid of a weak dufus clown, whom our Enemy, the Ruling Elites, HATE, who really never was able to even get a coherent government organized, and whose own people, by the end, giggled into their palms when he walked by ... And we elected, to take the dufus clown's place, a powerful and highly organized National Political Machine, back into full power, and we have deluded ourselves into thinking that the STRONGER evil, (by FAR, by an exponential factor, by a thousand times a thousand thousand), was and is the LESSER evil. 

We'll calm our hysterical anti-Trump emotions, and look at Third-LegBob's Grand Case against Trump in the light of actual facts, and actual Reason. 

Hope all are well and strong, and caring for those we love.