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Revolution? Was Fred Hampton a "Black Messiah"? by Ray Zwarich

To all the Good People on the American Left, (my fellow leftists), and others whom these matters may concern:

I am sending this in reply to a recent article by Dr. Joseph Ramsey, as linked below, which promotes the American movie, 'Judas & the Black Messiah', as a vehicle for invaluable discussion. 

I am not sending this to my full mailing list, but rather just to selected people on the Left, in an open list, (amenable to discussion), as well as to a few others by blind copy, including some of my international readers, who may join in any ensuing discussion if they choose to reveal themselves. 

Many may be aware of the high profile stance I have established in trying to call attention to the American Left's abject idiocy in allowing itself to be duped by its own Enemy, by the the status quo forces of the Capitalist American State, into behavior that is about as stupidly counterproductive to the Left's stated goals as any behavior could possibly be. (You can tell right away that I am NOT a 'diplomat', nor do I try to be. I think that blunt 'plain speaking' is what the self-delusional Left is starving, and even dying, for lack of). 

To wit: At the precise moment when the Enemy Syndicate of Elite Capitalist Forces became more vulnerable to a genuine revolutionary uprising than it has EVER been in modern times, (since at least the 1930s), the American Left, at that exact moment, compliantly fashioned itself into an irrationally enraged troop of 'woke' mindless marionettes, a mindlessly compliant mob dancing on the ends of its own Enemy's strings. 

At the very moment when 'revolutionary' conditions suddenly and unexpectedly developed, as the result of the pandemic-induced economic devastation, conditions that would have favored, (and could STILL favor), an effort to unite the Common People of ALL races/ethnic groups against the cruel murderous regime of the Capitalist Elites, the Marionette Left stupidly allowed itself to be duped into igniting a disastrous Race War, which has only (and predictably) served to sharpen and harden hateful tribal divisions between various tribal/ethnic/racial factions among the Common People, thus greatly strengthening the hold on absolute power by the Ruling Class of Elites that rule over our nation.

The entirely predictable end result of this stupidly fomented 'war against racism' has been that racism has likely never been more pronounced in America (in modern times) than it is now, as a result of the Left's overtly hateful, and blatantly racist demonization of ALL white people. Tens upon tens of millions of people who have long enthusiastically supported the aspirations of African Americans are now staunchly opposed to the bizarre cult ideology of overtly racist Identity Politics, and its crazed nonsensical offshoot, the bizarrely twisted cult ideology of Critical Race Theory. 

Most of the people, by FAR, who now find themselves being overtly demonized as "racists" and "white supremacists", merely because of the color of their skin, have long wanted African Americans and other people of color to achieve their own goals of justice and freedom, just as they have wanted to achieve those self-same goals for THEMSELVES.  Large numbers of white people are suffering intensely, right NOW, under the oppression of the Ruling Elites, just as white people have been enslaved by Ruling Elites for millennia. But any time these suffering people demonstrate, or speak out, to express their suffering under Elite oppression, to petition for relief from their just grievances, they find themselves demonized by the Marionette Left as evil no good white nazi racist white supremacist scum.

Every other ethnic group is encouraged to foster and express its ethnic pride. Every ethnic/racial group is enthusiastically encouraged to take pride in itself, save one. Under the overtly racist cult ideology of Identity Politics/Critical Race Theory, white people are 'verboten!' from expressing any pride in their own intrinsic identity and ancestry as a 'people'. 

White people are being told, by the proponents of cult 'woke' ideology, that they must be ashamed of their ethnic identity. White people are being told that they alone must bear the shame for all the sins of all the 100 tragic centuries of the long sad history of human existence on earth, despite the easily demonstrable FACTS that people of ALL races have formed themselves into Ruling Elites to enslave other people, and people of ALL races have been enslaved by Ruling Elites throughout all of the history of Humanity's thus far failed attempts to rise from our animal nature to become 'civilized'. (Particularly cruel forms of slavery existed in North America, among the Maya and Aztec civilizations, before Columbus first stepped foot on these shores). 

While it's true that the Western/American Ruling Elites are, and have been, almost exclusively white people, these White Ruling Elites only comprise, and have historically only comprised, a tiny fraction of all white people. Most ALL white Europeans have historically lived in indentured slavery, indentured to Ruling Elites, for millennia. 

Here is Caesar writing circa 50 BC about the tribes in Gaul, (modern France), that he was in the process of bringing under Roman Authority: "Throughout Gaul there are only two classes of people whom we considered to be of any importance. The common people, regarded virtually as slaves, never venture to act on their own initiative, and are never consulted about anything. Most of them, crushed down by debt, heavy taxation, and oppression by more powerful men, enter the service of the nobles, who exercise over them the same rights as masters have over slaves". (Caesar goes on to explain that the two classes that 'mattered' were the nobles and the priests, the latter called "druids" among the Celtic Gauls).

Although I cannot cite a specific source, it is virtually certain that more white people, by FAR, have been enslaved by White Ruling Elites than any other race of people, and likely more than all other races combined. My own ethnic heritage, (on my father's side), is Slavic, (Ukrainian). Slavic people were long considered to be the best slave stock, so much so that our very word 'slave' derives from these white people's ancient ethnic identity. 

Most of the white immigrants that came to America were fleeing the miseries of indentured slavery in Europe. When they arrived here most of them were immediately 're-indentured' as wage slaves, working in hellish conditions for wages that barely kept them alive, and living in conditions of filth and squalor that were far worse than the conditions that African chattel (owned) slaves lived in. 

The African chattel slaves were valuable property, and as such were  well 'maintained' in good condition. (A strong male was worth an estimated $40,000 in today's dollars). They were thus well-housed and well fed. (Only the most foolish farmer does not maintain his valuable cattle and harvesting equipment in good condition). Wage slaves were not 'owned' outright, however, and thus the Elites who employed/oppressed them had no interest in 'maintaining' them in good health or in good living conditions. When a wage slave became too unhealthy to work, because of the grossly unhealthy conditions they lived and worked in, she or he was simply kicked into the gutter to suffer and die, to be easily replaced with another wage slave recently 'off the boat'.

The Statue of Liberty was a cunningly brilliant public propaganda stunt that was intended by the Elites who erected it to ensure the provision of a constant supply of excess labor, to keep wage slaves in America from having any capacity to organize themselves to improve their conditions. (The Elites of that day also needed a population to colonize the lands taken from the mostly eradicated Native Americans). "Give us your tired huddled masses yearning to be free" was very obviously a direct appeal to the white European peoples living in indentured slavery, as they and their ancestors had for millennia. 

The ancestors of most all white Americans were slaves, just as the ancestors of most all black Americans were slaves.   

As I have continually pointed out, (and as you'd think any even half-intelligent political activist would know), "divide and rule" has been the most basic strategy of Elites to rule over the Common People for all the 100 Centuries of the sad tragic tale of Human Civilization. How could the American Left possibly be so stupid that they would pursue 'revolution' by putting their whole heart and soul into helping their own avowed Enemy execute the Enemy's eternal primary strategy for countervailing AGAINST revolt? "Divide and rule", saith the Elites. "O goody ... That sounds like fun ... We'll help" answered the American Left.

How could the Left be THAT stupid? I sure can't answer that question, (although I've shared some surmisals in past essays, which I won't go into here). I can only observe what the Left has, in actual stark fact, so stupidly done. 

With the trial of Officer Chauvin set to start soon, (although apparently delayed by a judicial appeal ruling), we may soon learn whether or not the Left has learned anything at ALL since it allowed itself to be 'played', like a stupid proverbial fiddle, into a Race War, by the Ruling Elites last May.  

At the time the Left so stupidly launched its full scale Race War, falling so perfectly stupidly into its Enemy's clumsily laid trap, I was advocating for what was, and still IS, very obviously the 'correct move' from a revolutionist's perspective. With tens of millions of families suddenly without income, the correct move would have been to organize a General Debt Strike. More than a mere Rent Strike, but rather a General Moratorium, unilaterally declared by the Common People, (of ALL races/ethnicities), on ALL debt.

Had we started last March and April, we could already have a powerful movement up and running, instead of having regressed and lost ground, which is where we find ourselves today.

A General Debt Moratorium, unilaterally declared by the Common People, (not waiting and pathetically begging for our Capitalist Elite-controlled government to act), would strike at the very heart of Capitalism itself. No other set of circumstances/conditions have EVER even come CLOSE to existing for doing that, for striking at the very beating heart of the ruthless murderous Capitalist Monster itself, at least not in my lifetime, (born in '48, same year as Fred Hampton). 

Besides offering vast opportunities for good old fashioned Alinsky-type organizing, (which I had learned in the late 60s from John Steinbeck's brilliant novel, 'In Dubious Battle'), a unilaterally declared People's General Moratorium on All Debt would provide ample opportunities for Solidarity-creating marches/mass rallies/demonstrations, behind a powerful unifying message and banner that would UNITE the Common People, (of ALL races), against the oppressor Elites, and perhaps most importantly of all, it would provide the opportunity for tens of millions of the Common People United, people of ALL races/ethnicities united in their common interests, against their Common Enemy, to barricade themselves in their own homes, refusing to be evicted, thus comprising a powerful and effective  mass movement that would not require people to expose themselves and their families to the dangers of 'street actions'. 

My purpose in this essay, however, will not be to argue further for a General Debt Strike. I am rather writing in response to the very deeply thoughtful essay mentioned above, written by a man named Dr. Joseph Ramsey, (a PhD lecturer at UMass Boston, and an energetic socialist activist), which is a cautionary commentary on the recent powerful film, 'Judas & the Black Messiah', about the career and murder of the inspirational Chicago Black Panther Party leader Fred Hampton, who we all surely know was murdered by police in his own bed, after having been drugged by an FBI mole/operative to render him unable to even try to defend himself.  

Dr. Ramsey, a lecturer in English Lit and American Studies, wisely implores us to learn from our experience. He writes: "This is a film that deserves to be seen and engaged widely, not only as a historical primer for those previously unfamiliar with the story of Fred Hampton, the Black Panther Party, and their brutal repression at the hands of COINTELPRO, but also as a work that provides an opportunity for much-needed reflection across a wide range of ideological positions". 

"And we should also be creating forums for both comrades and the people to watch and discuss the film and its ideas seriously, developing our grasp, together", he goes on. Dr. Ramsey then introduces an enumerated 15 point list of his own ideas/hypotheses concerning the lessons contained in the film. Those 15 enumerated points comprise the meat of his essay, which Dr. Ramsey introduces "As a possible contribution to such popular discussion, I’ve tried to crystallize below a number of what I see as the film’s key political “lessons” (as they come through J&BM, sometimes from Fred Hampton’s own mouth) below:" (and then his enumerated list of points immediately follows). 

Although I am a Leftist, (and have been since 1968), I am NOT a 'socialist', (I'll not try to explain that distinction here), so the self-consciously contrived term 'comrade', (a term commonly used by communists, rather than socialists), presumably does not apply to me, but Dr. Ramsey is kind enough to include "the people", (as ironically distinct from "comrades"), in his generalized invitation to discussion. 

I may or may not be Dr. Ramsey's "comrade" in his estimation, (I'd never even heard of him before reading his excellent article), but I AM a 'people'. I am a Common Man, (I am a carpenter by trade), among the Common People. (It also strikes me as ironic that Dr. Ramsey's plea for initiating discussion is published on CounterPunch, and re-published on Portside, neither of which provide forums for discussion). 

In reply, I'll follow along (generally) on his enumerated 15 points, but first I'd like to share the most powerful general feelings/impressions/ideas that were erupting within me as I watched this film. I first saw it only a few days ago, and that viewing was indeed a powerful experience. 

I was in LA (at UCLA, Class of '70) when the Black Panthers briefly flourished, before quickly 'flaming out' as a "flash in the pan", as was inevitable that they would. Like Mr. Hampton and the Black Panthers, (apparently), I, like my fellow 'student radicals', fully believed that 'the revolution' was imminent. I had a couple of buddies who were Black Panthers, (Mike Coffee, and Stan Armstead, if they're still out there somewhere). I helped serve up scrambled eggs and toast, on a couple of occasions, to black school children, shoulder to shoulder with black people wearing black leather. In '69, I bought an assault rifle (M-1 carbine) at a gun shop down on Pico Blvd, and laid up a stock of .30 caliber ammo. 

So please understand that in my critical commentary here, I am applying the same to myself, and I am also doing my best to follow Dr. Ramsey's exhortation that we must learn from our mistakes. I am trying to learn from History to try to avoid repeating the tragic history of abysmal failure that was 'the sixties', which included the quick rise and sudden inexorable fall of the 'legendary' Black Panthers. 

In the 60s I was, whole-heartedly, among those who thought "the shit would hit the fan" (as we so liked to say back then) any day now. I fully believed that 'the revolution' was imminent. I was under the spell of a closed feedback loop cult ideology that taught us things like the foolish (though 'romantic') notion that "for each that falls, ten more will rise". 

Fred Hampton and I were the same age. We were both 21 year old 'kids' in '69, the year he was murdered. (And my first criticism of the 'Black Messiah' film is that Hampton is played by an actor in his 30s, who looks and acts like a more mature man in his 30s, rather than like the 21 year old 'kid' that Fred Hampton was when he died). Looking back on those much troubled times, I fully well recognize that I was 'just a kid', and was every bit as dingbat crazed delusional as was Mr. Hampton. 

Fred Hampton was a very charismatic young man. (I was, as I still mostly am, a painfully shy introvert). He was a highly skilled natural orator. But he was a VERY poor political leader. He was preaching a crazed cult ideology that was totally unmoored from the hard facts that comprised actual 'reality'. In other words, he was starkly delusional, but like all cult leaders, he was a gifted orator able to inculcate his delusions into others, (just as I surely would have done had I possessed his gifts).

A general who leads his troops to slaughter, not in heroic sacrifice to serve some larger military purpose, but simply from foolish disregard of real battlefield conditions, is not regarded as a 'hero'. Historians think, for example, that the commander who delivered the order for the suicidal 'Charge of the Light Brigade', (the idiotic, pointless, even if heroic, suicidal charge of a British cavalry brigade into the teeth of Russian artillery during the Crimean War, made famous by Tennyson's eponymous poem), would surely have been court-martialed in disgrace had he not been killed in the very action he so stupidly ordered. 

We can admire the Black Panthers for their courage, (as I most definitely do), but surely we can see that they were doomed from the outset by their own foolishly delusional disregard of 'battlefield conditions'. They were overtly delusional. They preached 'revolution' when revolutionary conditions did NOT exist. They preached violence when their followers were outnumbered by far more than 10,000 to 1. And in doing so, in exhorting their followers to live and die 'by the gun', they completely obliterated the considerable good that could have been developed and advanced, by wiser leaders, from Dr. King's spiritual and moral wisdom and martyrdom. 

The BPP ranks were rife with divisive ego rivalries. Much of the over-the-top rhetoric of 'revolution' was ego driven. These were VERY young men. The prettiest smartest young ladies looked with the greatest favor on the strongest young men who achieved the highest rank, which they achieved by competing with each other to be the best at spouting delusional 'revolutionary' rhetoric. 

The BPP was an autocratic male-driven military organization, ruled over by various self-appointed (unelected) personality cults. They preached 'power to the people', but were not in any iota democratic. They organized military units, not democratic citizens' groups. Black Panther men routinely regarded women as inferiors, while Black Panther women sought to cleverly manipulate the men through their sexuality. 

The BPP credo was so delusional that they preached that Black people should rise up in separatist revolution. The Black Panther 10 Point Program was a bizarre mix of a call to revolution, a begging 'demand' that the 'Massa' government must take care of Black people, and a statement of separatist Black Nationalism. In a nation of 205 million (at that time), African Americans comprised about 11%, or about 22.5 million. And the Black Panthers, (like delusional 'student radicals' like me), thought they could take up arms and overthrow the US Capitalist Powers, outnumbered 10-1, to achieve specific (separatist) autonomy for Black people? 

Yep ... Those were some 'times', awright ... We were completely dingbat cuckoo-crazed within the closed feedback loop of a cult ideology, just exactly as is the Marionette Left today.

What was their plan, in 'taking up the gun', when outnumbered 10-1? (And what was my plan, with my 100 rounds for my cute little M-1 carbine? LOL ... ) 

Fred Hampton was a delusional charismatic ideological zealot who led many people to their pointless deaths, and many more to hopeless discouragement, when the Black Panthers fell apart into divisive factions, not over policy, but over personalities. 

By the 1980s, the Black Panthers' organizing skills in Black communities had morphed into highly organized drug gangs killing each other over turf. 

Eldridge Cleaver had become a Reagan Republican, Bobby Seale was selling BBQ sauce, and by 1989 Huey Newton was a crack-head drug addict who was murdered outside a known crack-house while trying to 'score', by an adherent of the Black Guerilla Family, a Marxist prison drug gang originally founded by Black Panther George Jackson, whose kid brother, Jonathan, a young teen-ager whom George Jackson's reputed lover, Angela Davis, (who 'came out' some years later as a lesbian), allegedly helped rush headlong to his foolish pointless death by allegedly helping him in a zany but deadly plot to free his brother by kidnapping a judge from the Marin County Courthouse. Ms. Davis was acquitted, despite the fact that she had purchased the guns used in the courthouse kidnapping, one of them, the shotgun that was sawn off and that blew the judge's head to bloody meat, only two days before the terrorist attack, and had apparently been in the close company of young (17 year old) Jonathan during the days leading up to that deadly event in which four people died. (Barely 60 days after the tragic Courthouse events, the Weatherman Faction, a terrorist offshoot of the Students for a Democratic Society, detonated a bomb in the same Marin County Courthouse, in retaliation for the death of Jonathan Jackson).

Angela Davis was certainly an interesting character. I actually was in the only class she taught at UCLA before she was famously fired for being a communist. (She was later re-hired by court order, then fired again). The class was entitled, "Existentialism and Phenomenology in the Myth of Sisyphus", (or some such). 

Professor Davis had worked with the Black Panthers for a time but became somewhat estranged from them due to what she termed their "male chauvinism". But besides being brilliantly intelligent, Ms. Davis also had an absolutely stunning set of 'drop-dead' legs, (she was 26 at the time), that made every red-blooded young man's heart beat faster, and like 'liberated' women of that day liked to do, (as they still do today), Ms. Davis was highly skilled in using her female wiles to manipulate men's sexuality. (Excoriating men for our "toxic masculinity", while energetically and deliberately using every female wile to stimulate the same, has been a bizarre hobby of confused 'liberated' women since at least the 1960s). 

She lectured from an elevated stage in UCLA's ancient Royce Hall, speaking in an affectedly haughty intellectual nasal whine, with a pretentious (though effective) cadence she still affects to this day. (The girl obviously had some 'training'). Besides her absurdly exaggerated 'Afro', (a friend of mine who had worked in Africa in the Peace Corps told me that African women ridiculed such hairdos because in Africa they would be perfect habitats for various parasitic insects), she wore micro-mini-skirts that just barely covered her 'lady's modesty' from full view. There she stood 'on stage', (no pole, however), and there she dramatically paced back and forth across the front of the elevated stage, as she spouted ideological jargon in her affected whine and pretentious cadence, wearing the very shortest skirts possible, parading her drop dead legs, elevated directly over the very attentive upturned faces of all 'the brothers' sitting (naturally) in the front row, (together with horny white boys like me), looking upwards as we were teased by the sheer brilliance of those micro-mini skirts. (Watch out, boys. Take it from a wizened old man who has learned a few things about women. The ladies have many cunning 'tricks' they use to manipulate us stupid men, commanded as we are in youth by the 'little brain' in our trousers).

Although I went on to live a life 'at hard labor', (blood brother to ole Sisyphus himself, rolling that rock up that damn hill every damn day), I don't really remember all that much about Professor Davis' whined Marcusian Marxist jargon. Interestingly, Marcuse himself, Angela Davis' mentor and sponsor, was a CIA alumnus ... As was Gloria Steinem, of course .. Hmm.. thus far the Left has not yet nearly grasped the full scope of Mass Media propagated 'social engineering'. Actually Marcuse's close work with US intelligence dates back to the CIA precursor, the OSS, the WW2 era Office of Strategic Services, although he apparently worked for the CIA until at least the late 50s, shortly before he began mentoring the brilliant young Ms. Davis. .. Hmm .. The ex-CIA operative Marcuse came to be known by many as "the father of the New Left", just as CIA operative Gloria Steinem came to be known by some, (in rivalry with Betty Friedan), as "the mother of the women's movement"... (more on that some other time). 

I don't think Ms. Davis ever had a callous on her soft hands in her entire life, but she was a scholar in the philosophy of hard manual labor, as she paraded her nasally whined, skillfully cadenced, and jargon-laced expertise about poor Sisyphus, and I confess that I really don't remember much of her theoretical ideology about people who actually do physical labor for a living, but I sure DO remember, (hey, I was a red-blooded 21 year old human male), how Professor Davis seemed to enjoy strutting across that stage, in those micro-short skirts, while looking down her nose at we helplessly eager young men (of various races) with utterly palpable disdain.  

I have a vivid memory of my friend Stan Armstead, dressed in his black leather BPP 'uniform', hawking the BPP Newspaper in front of the Student Union. Backlit by the brilliant California sun, I remember how the spittle flying from his mouth as he 'preached' was highlighted in the sunshine, (like dust in a ray of light coming in the window), as he spouted revolutionary BPP propaganda, like a carnival barker selling snake oil. He also constantly flirted with the parade of lovely young ladies always passing by. "Sex and Revolution" was his loudly and constantly declared mantra. He barked it out like he was luring rubes into the carnival tent. "Sex and revolution, folks. Sex and revolution. That's all that matters. Sex and revolution. Getcher Black Panther Party Newspaper right here". 

Same as me, Stan was 21 years old in '69. Same as Fred Hampton was in that year of his tragic death. We was just 'kids'. Hardly yet more than boys. Certainly not yet men. "Young and dumb and fulla' cum", as older wiser men were wont to say. 

The Black Panthers were lionized in their time. Promoted by celebrities like Leonard Berntstein, the Panthers became the "radical chic", (a term coined by writer Tom Wolfe, of 'Bonfire of the Vanities' fame), darlings of the Wealthy Elite Society celebrity NY wine and cheese cocktail party circuit. All the 'radicals' of that day, (like me), wanted to be as 'cool' as 'the Panthers'. (Hey .. We was just 'kids', and "it was still the same old story, a fight for love and glory". Desperate young egos desperately hungry for the company of the most beautiful maidens, or the strongest most handsome men).

But besides ephemerally attracting a lot of attention to their violent unreasoning rage, what did the BPP accomplish? Fred Hampton bequeathed a cruel legacy to his own unborn son, (who came into the world just a few weeks after his father died). Fred Hampton jr, now a man in his 50s, spent most of his twenties in prison for a violent act of 'revolutionary' firebombing during the Rodney King riots, no doubt determined to live up to his famous father's legacy of violence. 

The Black Panthers were an abysmal political failure whose violent extremism only did GREAT damage to the hopeful civil rights movement that immediately preceded it, led by Dr. King, and others, committed to unifying ALL races in America behind the spiritual and moral cause of justice, freedom, and peace, through aggressive revolutionary (Gandhian) non-violence. The BPP killed off the civil rights movement  just as surely as the violent terrorists of the SDS spin-off Weatherman Faction defamed and then destroyed the anti-war movement. 

The BPP was born from the irrational, even though well-justified, rage of young black men who did not have the wisdom to fully understand their predicament, nor the analytical skills, nor the maturity to imagine a realistic solution. "If you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem", the eloquent Eldridge Cleaver famously wrote. Yea .. well .. It sure turned out that the BPP failed to provide ANY solution. As were naively foolish 'student radicals' with assault rifles at the ready, (like me), the Black Panthers were instead a BIG part of 'the problem'.  

What is the purpose of those who control ALL our Mass Media in reviving the legacy of the Black Panthers now? Fred Hampton as a Black Messiah? Gee.... Ya think them nice folks who centrally control ALL our Mass Media might possibly want folks to again lionize people like Fred Hampton, and thus repeat their obvious glaring mistakes, rather than learning from them?

This movie about Fred Hampton's tragic murder was released on February 12th, barely three weeks before the scheduled opening of the Chauvin trial. Ain't it 'funny' how 'coincidences' like that seem to happen across the entire landscape of our centrally owned Mass Media? 

Gee ... I wonder what the Ruling Elites are hoping will happen once the trial gets underway? The poor mope, Chauvin, was just doing his job. He followed his training. (The sitting on back, knee on cheek and neck was a trained posture for bringing a violently berserk arrestee like the pitiably tragic Mr. Floyd under control, and the knee on the side of the neck did NOT cause the tragic death of the aging junkie George Floyd, whose badly diseased heart gave out when he went violently berserk, while sky high on both fentanyl and crystal meth, after he was already handcuffed and in custody. (Extreme shortness of breath, ("I can't breathe"), is a classic symptom of catastrophic heart failure. Had he not gone violently berserk, he would have been arrested and booked without incident. Probably to die soon anyway from his advanced heart disease and addictions. 

Has the Marionette Left learned anything at ALL since last May? 

Dr. Ramsey's 15 point list contains a wealth of food for thought. I started out this rambling essay intending to respond point by point, but each enumerated point would require a long essay in itself to adequately address. I'll belay that for now. I am thankful to Dr. Ramsey for introducing this discussion, as well as for being the 'diplomat' I most definitely am not, as he seems to be ever so gently challenging the Left to engage in introspection, and perhaps to reconsider its foolish racist 'woke' ideology that is playing right into our Common Enemy's hands.

Will the Chauvin trial introduce a re-run of last summer's 'woke' riots and looting, when, if actual 'justice' is allowed to be done, Chauvin is acquitted of the absurd charge of murder? Will more racist antifa riots foster more disastrous "divide and rule" strife to strengthen the Elites and weaken the Common People? Isn't that exactly what the Mass Media Barons want and expect? Isn't that perhaps why this film has been released just long enough before the trial to make sure everyone sees it? 

Has the Marionette Left learned ANYTHING from the mistakes of the past? 

Or is yet another re-run of the Black Panther Party's violent self indulgent delusions, destroying dreams and damaging the Common People's lives, in store for us?   


R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm (the old Webber place)
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030        

PS: I'm in the middle of another writing project, but I'll try to address Dr. Ramsey's 15 points, point by point, when I can.