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Save the Status Quo - Vote for Skinny Joe, by Ray Zwarich

(“Ahh, Ram … Ah, Ram ….” … M Gandhi)

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on land orsea:

Sigh ... Some may be relieved to know that Noam Chomsky has heroically weighed in to exhort us to “Dump Trump then Battle Biden”, in a dramatic “openletter” signed by “Fifty-five progressive writers and activists with a message for2020 voters”.

Are these 55 really Noam Chomsky’s BEST people? Oh geez ... This is whothis celebrated intellectual turns to as representing ‘leadership’ on theAmerican Left? Sigh ... 

When you are a ‘celebrity intellectual’, and you launch agrandstanding ‘open letter’, with a prominently displayed list of signatories, asa political ‘play’, it only makes one look weak when most of the ‘signatories’are people that few have ever even heard of. 55 names on this list of‘celebrity’ signatories? I actually recognize 18 names, as people I have atleast heard of. This is who the celebrated Noam Chomsky turns to, to lend somber gravity tohis advice to the nation?

Perhaps our self-perception has become a tad-bit estrangedfrom the ‘lingua’ of the Common People, good Professor? I doubt if one out of ten of myneighbors have heard of ANY of these people, (other than the genuine‘celebrity’, of course, Dr. Chomsky himself). 

This is Noam Chomsky’s best ‘posse’? ("Ah, Ram ... Ah Ram ...")...

I can see it now. Even just two years ago I revered thisperson, and reacted defensively to criticism of him. Now I can see at leastsome possible measure of truth in what they say. Professor Chomsky is a wealthycelebrity living in one of the most rarefied and exclusive, (both economicallyand intellectually), ‘communities’ in the United States. He has earned a degreeof ‘rank’ in that community. He is thus deeply invested, both emotionally, ANDfinancially, in the preservation of the status quo.

When presented with Professor Chomsky’s ‘choose your enemy’dilemma, any rational ‘revolutionist’, (read Jack London, (I think it was,probably in ‘The Iron Heel’), to learn the difference between a ‘revolutionist’and a ‘revolutionary’), would base her or his decision on which option providesthe most direct route to achieving the specific goal of wresting politicalpower away from a deeply entrenched and mega-powerful Enemy.  

Both Trump and Biden fully represent the interests of TheEnemy. C’mon, folks … We ALL know this … Both these men will do everything intheir power to maintain and increase our Enemy’s wealth and vice-grip hold onpower over us.  

“Who’s the best lawman?”, Butch asked Sundance, as theystopped to let their horses catch their breath, and looked back at their doggedpursuers in the distant canyon.

“Best?”, asked Sundance, as he tried to catch his ownbreath. “You mean toughest? Or easiest to bribe?” (Turned out it WAS Joe Leforswearing the ‘skimmer’).

Who’s the ‘best’ enemy? Trump or Biden? Well … Depends onwhat we mean by ‘best’, doesn’t it?

Any rational revolutionist knows, of course, that neitherTrump nor Biden is The Enemy. One is a crazed narcissist buffoon/reality showstar, the other has been a toady boot-licking lackey to the wealthy and powerful for hisentire career.

“Fools line up to vote. Those with the REAL power pick thecandidates”.

The Enemy is the Syndicate of Wealth and Power that chosethese candidates to be in the positions they are in. Are any of us so foolishand naïve that we think The Enemy could not have chosen other people to be inthese positions, if that was their priority?

Any rational and aware revolutionist can easily ‘see’ thatthe ‘worst enemy’, meaning the toughest, the REAL Enemy, is the one we MUST(sooner or later) fight, to achieve our objective. Why expend energy, even toexhaustion, fighting your ‘best enemy’? If you defeat your ‘best enemy’,(‘best’ because you perceive it as the weakest), you then still must fight your‘worst/stronger enemy’, and now you’re tired and depleted from your recentbattle against the ‘best/chosen enemy’.

It’s better to sidestep your ‘best/weakest enemy’. Thatenemy is likely set in your way deliberately by your real Enemy, to tire anddistract you. Best to lay strategy for fighting your real Enemy, not the ‘false-flag’forces he sets in your way.   

The Enemy holds power far more deeply rooted into the leversand gears of society than these office holders who come and go. The ones whoare “easiest to bribe” are the ones who stick around the most and the longest,(like ‘old hack’ Skinny Joe Biden). We can ALL see that our system ofpseudo-democracy is a giant sewage swamp of legalized bribery, specifically anddeliberately designed for the ‘Frank Underwoods’/Joe Bidens to control onbehalf of their ‘benefactors’, (who thus rule over The Swamp).

When he accesses his better powers, his powers of reason andknowledge, the good professor knows all this perfectly well. We tend to give‘wisdom’ a sort of ‘reverential’ status. We read these kinds of things in ‘SunTzu’,for example, like it was momentous ‘revelation’. But it’s pretty much just whatmy Grampa, (on my mother’s side) called “just common horse sense”. (Caesar wasreportedly a renowned horseman. He loved to gallop full speed, Plutarch tells us, riding bareback,with his hands raised in the air, exactly as young Sioux warriors, like CrazyHorse, would yet do millennia hence. Horses were magnetically drawn tohim). 

The last time the American Left became ‘hysterical’ was whenBush the Younger was elected. The Left remained in a state of aroused hysteriafor Bush’s entire term. Obama, who any rational revolutionist could see wasjust another lackey boot-licker for the Enemy, elicited these same argumentsfrom the likes of Dr. Chomsky, and so many of the nation’s other ‘celebratedintellectuals’ and distinguished public personages, whom few have ever heardof, who have joined the good professor in again believing that it is ESSENTIALthat we do what any rational revolutionist can ‘see’ is just about the worstpossible dang thing for us to do.

The best thing for revolutionists to do now, (for anyone whowants to actually wrest real political power from The Enemy), is not just ‘somethingelse’ other than what Professor Chomsky recommends, it is pretty close todiametrically the exact opposite of what an elderly celebrity professor at an eliteuniversity passionately implores that we MUST do.

Okey doke, then … Duly noted … Celebrity intellectual Dr.Noam Chomsky thinks it is ESSENTIAL that we exhaust our energy and resourcesfighting every ‘false-flag’ enemy that our REAL Enemy puts in our way, whileour cunning Enemy, our REAL Enemy, plans his campaign against us once we are exhaustedand bleeding.

Gee … Thanks, Professor. So generous of you to grace us withsuch ‘wisdom’ gathered from your ivy-festooned ivory tower.

So … Anyway … The American Left was hysterically energeticfor eight years during the Bush Regime. Then we elected Barack Obama, just likeour Enemy wanted us to, and just like the American Left told us was ESSENTIALfor our children’s future. (I seem to recall shrieking references to “the skyfalling” if we did not elect that cunning sweet Mama’s boy with the silver-tonguedgift of gab, who had learned the Snake Oil Salesman’s Credo very well: “Onceyou learn to fake sincerity, boy, you got it made”).

So … We elected Obama, and the American Left went to sleepfor the next 8 years. They were happy. Life was good for celebrityintellectuals and Executive Directors of two-bit 501(c) corporations.Billionaire donors were happy to, and therefore generous to 501(c) corporations, like Black Lives Matter. (I heard that Alicia Garza's hair weave cost about $2200, but I'm sure it enhances her ability to fight for the downtrodden. Anyway ... So nice of George Soros, and other billionaire oligarchs, to pay her bills for her). 

Last time around we were all set up to seamlessly elect a corruptblood-thirsty war-monger to be “the historic first female president”, when thereality show star stepped in and spoiled our fun. Too bad. The American Left was SOOO happy that their candidate had politically correct 'plumbing' that all blissfully ignored her primary role in contracting for the brutal murder of a sitting head of state, (the 'coup de grace' of the Clinton contract on Gaddafi was sodomization with a large knife), and her running Obama's operation that turned rthe most prosperous nation in all of Africa into a hellish lawless Mad Maxx territory ruled over by armed bands in Toyota pickup trucks. 

Clinton strongly advocated for a direct confrontation between American hot shot 'top guns' and Russia's fly-boys, via a 'no fly zone' in Syria. Wouldn't that have been fun, with this bloodthirsty maven of wealth and power leading us to the very brink of WW3?

Yet she was the darling hero of the crazed Identity Politics American Left, in their pink pussy hats, (some even bizarrely festooned with black yarn). 

Now, as the nation is in the throes of unfocused rebellion,and seemingly teetering on the brink of widespread violence, Dr. Noam Chomsky wants us to elect a‘safe’ neo-liberal so we can get things calmed down, and he can get back tobeing a wealthy celebrity intellectual drawing a generous salary from theEnemy, in a safe orderly system, with a nice messy ‘professor’s office’ at MIT, adevoted secretary, and excellent health insurance.  

 Well … From theperspective of a revolutionist, the good professor better stick to professing.As a strategist, he sure makes for a very good linguist …

Anyway … From the perspective of a revolutionist….. One caneasily see that a wealthy celebrity intellectual, who draws his (very generous)paychecks from the Enemy, is, like most people, frightened by the specter ofanything that threatens his own “rice bowl”, (how many are old enough toremember Steve McQueen in ‘The Sand Pebbles’? “Don’t wanna break nobodies’ ricebowl”).

Life will be better under Skinny Joe for celebrity left-wingintellectuals earning a high salary from an institution that trains the childrenof the Elite to take up their lives of privilege and power. Life will also bebetter under Biden, (and then under the Black Woman, what's her name), for all the AmericanLeft’s myriad ‘Executive Directors’ begging George Soros, and other billionaireoligarchs, for rent money and new computers.

Life will ALSO be better for our Enemy, themselves, underBiden. The Enemy may be forced, temporarily, to curb some of their worst, mostmonstrously demented appetites and excesses, but in the longer term they willprosper much better than they have under the oafus-buffoon Trump, (or at leastthey THINK they will).

Gee … Ya think maybe that’s why our Enemy is working so hardto get us to elect this corrupt old sewage swamp creature hack, ole SlipperySwamp Lizard, Skinny Joe, and the anonymous Black Woman, (whom voters in theelection ‘reality show’ either ignored or rejected, depending on how you wantto look at it), whose job it will be to stick to the script until those inpower usher her into the Oval Office to take over?

Why has Dr. Noam Chomsky fully adopted thestrategic political priorities of his own ‘professed’ Enemy? (Is there an older wiser political adage than "people vote their paychecks"?).  

Isn’t it wonderful when celebrity intellectuals drawingtheir paychecks from The Enemy, somberly advise us that we MUST do, as anabsolutely ESSENTIAL priority, EXACTLY what our own Enemy most wants us to do?

The power of the human mind to deceive itself knows nobounds. One of the smartest people in our entire nation is telling us we MUSTdo what will be good for HIM, and for those who sign his paychecks, but will continue and propagate the conditions ofdanger, anxiety, and misery, for most ALL the rest of us.

Gee … Thanks, Dr. Chomsky. Always good to be graced by yourgreat ‘wisdom’, but has it ever occurred to you, (or any of these 55 obscure "progressive activists"), that much like a deeply festering boil, when social conditions grow worse, that tends to bring revolutionary conditions 'to a head'.

When social conditions improve incrementally, even if not substantially, revolutionary conditions are shunted, and thus avoided, even as misery remains widespread and unrelieved.

Things must 'get bad' before the boil can be lanced, and things can start getting better

Noam Chomsky is devoting himself to helping the Enemy prevent our nation from getting to that point.

"Vote for Skinny Joe. Help us save the status quo".

So say these self-styled "progressive activists".


R Zwarich

Bent Birch Farm

63 Webber Rd

Brookfield, MA 01506

774 449-8030

rzwarich at gmailetc