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September 11, 2001: Osama bin Bush bin Mossad, by Yousef Salem

September 11,2001:  Osama bin Bush bin Mossad

by Yousef Salem, November 11, 2001

By way of deception shall we do war   Mossad credo victor ostrovsky

To kill one innocent human being is as ifthe whole of humankind were killed; to save one human life is as if all ofhumankind was saved.  Holy Quran

I love my country, but fear my government -Bumper sticker

   The tragic events of September 11, 2001 thatinvolved two commercial aircraft to be deliberately crashed into and caused thetotal collapse of the twin towers of the New York World Trade Center that tookthe lives of over two thousand human beings still weigh heavy on my mind.  I do not minimize the tragedy of the aircraftthat crashed in Pennsylvania before it reachedits undisclosed target or the one that allegedly crashed into the Pentagon in Washington, DC.  I have always wondered who would benefit themost from such horrific acts.  Too, theloss of only one human life is as great a tragedy as the loss of untoldthousands.

   There are a number of questions stillunanswered which we, the ordinary taxpaying public who foot the bill for theattacks on Afghanistan that we were promised would not kill innocent people butin fact are, need explained.  We are alsoentitled to examine the “indisputable evidence" that George Bush and TonyBlair claim proves that Osama bin Laden was directly involved with thosehorrific acts.   Many of us would besatisfied that bin Laden was only indirectly involved.  If bin Laden is guilty as charged then lethim be hanged forthwith, but until we are able to prove his guilt, I daresaythat bin Laden’s only verifiable “crime” to date may appear to be nothing morethan his fore warnings and big mouth.

   Mainstream US media have failed toacknowledge that there are millions of people around the world, including Arabsand Muslims, who have suffered for many years due to hardships at the hands ofthe US government and its complacent, uninformed populace, and unless we allstart asking hard questions and demand that our elected officials re-evaluateits disastrous foreign “policies”, which are really agendas, then, as manyothers have warned long before Osama bin Laden, we might expect more acts ofviolence against us.   

   Our ink and air media also fail to advisethat when any government continually shovels excrement into the face of anotherpeople then it is inevitable that one day one or more of them will scoop it upand hurl it back.  Is that not what the US and its allies are presently doing to Afghanistan, and what we did in Viet Nam and Iraq? In the West we call itrevenge, or in some cases, as this one, re-revenge.  The Israelis, more clever with the use ofelastic verbiage, call it “retaliation”, but Muslims know clearly that they arecommitting crimes against humanity.

   Those of us who yearn for the truth shouldconsider the following:  Why would peoplewho took such pains to conceal their identity with stolen passports leavebehind a trail of evidence about themselves? The biggest question is why would any person be so willing to forfeithis life for believing in an obviously strong cause yet not inform the worldwhat that cause is?

   Where is the immediate spoken or writtencause for the September 11 atrocities? Where was the cause for the bombing of the USS Cole and convince me,please, that two alleged unidentified Arabs were able to gain access to thevery-difficult-to-obtain super hi-tech explosive of which such a small amountwas needed to blow a forty foot hole in the side of a huge American war ship.  Who has such access, or manufacturingcapabilities thanks to US-supplied technology, and who would benefit? Where wasthe cause of the bombing of the US Embassies in Tanzaniaand Nairobi,and why did the perpetrators who must have believed that they were committing aheroic act, also keep their identities a secret?   Why would bin Laden make such horrificverbal threats against Americaand then convince his followers to commit them but to not disclose theiraffiliation with him or his cause?  Itjust doesn’t jibe.

   No one that I have asked was able to tell mewhy the camera that was set up in a fixed position and set on the World Trade Center’s twin towers soprecisely was filming before the first aircraft even appeared.  We all saw it many times.  The world viewed that scene time andagain.  Who set it up in advance in thatfixed position?  Why?  How many of our major media television crewswould have been so fortunate to have had taped that incredible news breakingfootage?

   Who in the electronic and print media hasasked why five Israelis who claimed to be in the employ of a New York basedIsraeli-owned moving company were dancing merrily and cheering while taping theairplane crashes into the World Trade Center? Did they have advance knowledge? Why were they simply deported so expeditiously?  Who sent an instant messaging warning abouttwo hours before the first crash into the World Trade Center that the ominousattack would occur? It was sent by the New Yorkbased Israeli-owned Odigo Messaging Center.In 1983 the Israelisknew that a car bomb was going to blow up the Marine barracks in Lebanon that killed 241 US servicemenbut chose not to disclose it so that US-Arab relations would furtherdeteriorate.           

   I am aware that Arabs and Muslims are quickto accuse Israel,but there is sufficient cause to accuse. Colombians and others may find sufficiency as well.  Again, who benefits the most from suchdastardly acts?  Here are a few points toconsider:  Israel’s image suffered enormouslyby its savage treatment of the Palestinian people just prior to 9-11.  The US questioned the legality of usingUS-supplied air weaponry to attack Arab villages that killed hundreds ofinnocent civilians.  Since September 11there has not been a peep of criticism against its ongoing atrocities.

   Who were the alleged Arab perpetuators?  They were allegedly Saudis and a fewEgyptians and Emiratis who just happen to be among America’s best friends in the ArabWorld.  Who would benefit from thedissolution of such friendships?

  Known as the Lavon Affair, the Israelis senta team to Egypt in 1954 tobomb US installations with the intention of destroying its warm relations with America.  They were caught, and they confessed.   And who arrived nearly instantly at thebombed US Embassies in Tanzaniaand Nairobi,roped off their perimeters and forbade anyone from entering those sites forseveral days?  The Israelis.  Why? Perhaps to retrieve any incriminating evidence after the fact?   We don’t know, but it was very suspicious.

   How did the passports of Saudi pilots getinto the hands of the alleged perpetuators of the horrific event that occurredon September 11, 2001?  The answer maylie in the method used to capture Mordechai Vanunu, the Israeli who photographedIsrael’snuclear facility at Dimona thereby disproving its claim that they were notmanufacturing weapons-grade plutonium needed to build their massive arsenal ofnuclear weapons of mass destruction. Vanunu fled to Italywhere “Cindy”, aka Cheryl Bentov, a voluptuous Israeli Mossad agent, now a realestate agent in Florida,lured him to an offshore yacht. An Israeli vessel lay in wait.  And, how did Israelgain the information it needed to destroy Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor?  They used money and sexual enticement to lurean Iraqi nuclear scientist in Paristo extract vital information from him. 

   How is it that those air traffic specialistswho track the flight patterns of all airborne aircraft on their monitor screensand can detect a flock of geese did not notice or report that several jumboclass aircraft bound for the West Coast suddenly changed their flightpatterns?   Onboard transponders are notneeded for such detections.  And, how isit that the indestructible “black box” on the aircraft that crashed into thePentagon destructed but paper passports were retrieved from the site thatburned for four days?

   Had anyone else noticed that the allegedletter written in Arabic that was found in three separate places was of thelow-grade quality that is typical of first semester military languageschools?  Arabs from the aforementionedcountries are well educated in their language. The first book that they learn to read is the Holy Quran, which must beread, recited, and written precisely.

  Also, It is commonly known that Muslimsremove their shoes before entering a mosque, and the letter also ridiculouslycautioned those alleged 9/11 “Muslims” to make certain that their shoes werekept clean since they were going to enter Paradise upon their demise.  How? By covering them with plastic wrap? Not only is this suspicious at airports but one must then ask how theplastic wrap itself was to be kept clean. 

  The claim that the perpetrators of thatungodly act used box cutters as their weapons of choice, presumably becausethey are undetectable at airport security stations, is preposterous. The nexttime you pass though one of those detectors put a box cutter with a plastichandle in your pocket.  The metal bladeis dense enough to set off the alarm.  Itis not likely that there are ceramic cutting blades on the market.  People will believe anything.  The more preposterous the claim, the moregullible most people tend to be.

   The followers of Osama bin Laden have atleast adequate basic knowledge of Islamic restrictions and prohibitions, andthey adhere to them, especially if they intend to martyr themselves for thepromise of Paradise, which was not unlike thepromise of Pope Urban II to the eleventh century Christian murderers andpillagers during the infamous Crusades. Those alleged ” Muslims” who carried out the crimes in questionapparently had little knowledge about Islam’s strict forbiddance of alcoholconsumption and sexual immorality and yet we are asked to believe that the menwho were seen in strip joints downing shots of whiskey and gawking at virtuallynaked female dancers were devout fundamentalist Muslims.  Or, was that a media ploy by the bar owner toget free advertising for his business? Why were there no other witnesses to theirpresence other than the bar owner?

   We are also asked to believe that flightmanuals in Arabic and a Quran were left in an abandoned vehicle.  The flight manual issue is comical to say theleast, and a zealous Muslim with a zealous cause would have taken his Quranwith him. Because of the sacredness of the Holy Quran, no item or other bookmay be placed on top of it except another Quran. This suggests that those whowere involved in the planting of this “evidence” never took the time to learneven the basic principles of Islam and that we should be looking elsewhere foranswers. 

  If those alleged Muslims were carrying out analleged Jihad to achieve Paradise instantaneously as Shaheed, or Martyrs, thenit would have been imperative for their brethren to know their names so du’a,or the asking of blessings, would be made for their acts to be accepted.  But then they also would have known thatmaking du’a in such instances is not acceptable.  If this is the quality of the “indisputableevidence” then it is understandable why we may never be shown Bush ‘n’ Blair’s“spoof proof”.

   Why was Muhammad Atta, an Egyptian andalleged mastermind of the 9-11 attacks, held in an Israeli prison for about twoyears?  Were others on those flights alsoheld in Israeli captivity?  This conjuresimages of John Frankenheimer’s chilling 1962 film, “The Manchurian Candidate”,whose Korean War veteran character of the late actor Lawrence Harvey wasbrainwashed over a long period of time to assassinate the president of the USafter returning home, enacting all orders blindly upon hearing ”The Queen ofSpades” or seeing the playing card itself. 

Ifthe reader has not seen the American-made film titled “The Long Kiss Goodnight”then I urge you to do so.  It wasreleased a few years before the 9-11 catastrophe and towards the end of thefilm we learn that certain US government officials murdered and froze a Muslimwhose body was to be placed into a fuel tanker with the intention of blowing itup to destroy a town.  This US plannedact of terror was devised to prove to Congress that the military needed itsrequested huge increase in the military budget to fight “Arab terrorism.”

   Too, what about that Russian airplane thatcrashed after taking off in Israelnot long after the 9-11 event?  Were anyof its passengers persons that someone may have wanted “offed” because theyknew too much?  One might claim that thiswas coincidental but where there is a possible connection, coincidence becomesless plausible.  The obvious question,too, of course, is how many passports were found scattered about at thatcrash scene.

   Seventeen Christians were recently killed ina church in Pakistan, yetthis is forbidden in Islam and most Muslims in Pakistan are among the besteducated in Islamic behavior and conduct. Once again, who would benefit most from such a negative media report ofthis act?   Naeem Goladi, an Iraqi bornIsraeli investigative reporter who speaks Arabic fluently, researched an eventthat took place in Iraqin the 1950s.  An Israeli team was sentto persuade the affluent Jewish Iraqis to transfer themselves, their vastwealth, and their keen business expertise to the newly formed Jewishstate.  They refused, asking why theyshould leave their beloved homeland to go live in a desert with scorpions,presumably the Israelis who sought peace and were murdering Palestiniansas they stole another piece of their country.  Muslims, all too aware of Israelirestructured rhetoric, know that when they say they seek “peace”, they are reallysaying: “Hey, let’s look around and find another piece of Arab land tosteal.”

   Goladi learned that the Israeli team wasinstructed to bomb a Jewish synagogue in Iraq if the Jews there refused tomigrate and then spread leaflets in Arabic throughout the area as if theperpetrators were Iraqi Arabs.  Theleaflets warned the Jews to leave Iraq or every one of them would bekilled.  Many Jews abandoned their homesand property and fled to Israelout of fear for their lives.  Those thatremained were obviously unharmed.

   Then there’s that troubling fact that US President George W. Bush had invited leadersof Afghanistan’s Taliban tothe White House where he failed to persuade them to allow Unocal and other oilgiants to run a pipeline across Afghanistan.  Huge oil reserves in Turkmenistan,Krygyzstan, and Uzbekistan, formerly part of the defunct Soviet Union,  are the prized desire of George “Dubya” BushJr. and the powerful oil czars that helped put him into office in Washington,and the most expedient and least expensive way to get that hoard of crude tothe Caspian Sea for export into the bank accounts of these people is acrossAfghanistan and part of Pakistan.

   Remarking that he believed that theTalibanis were morally religious people, and obliging them to look the otherway regarding the abuse of Afghani women, Dubya offered the Taliban leaderswealth beyond their dreams.  They couldbe the next Saudi Arabia,he assured, with vast wealth beyond their dreams.  Nope, thanks but no thanks, was thereresponse.   Pleased with being simplefolk who had no desire to descend to the level of corruption evident inoil-enriched Muslim countries whose corrupt leaders horde immense wealth at theexpense of their populaces, and they having no inclination to arrogantly drinkand bathe in water that flowed through solid gold faucets, Taliban leaderscourteously offered their salaam greetings, or “go in peace”, and left.  It is essential that we remind ourselves thatthe Bush family made and continues to make its vast fortune in oil.  Was it not Jeb Bush, another Son of Bush, whoheld offshore drilling rights near Kuwaitthat may have been a leading cause for Bush the Father to bomb Iraqmercilessly in 1991?

   The US apparently subsequently sent an emissary to Afghanistanto advise the Taliban that they either accept its offer of a carpet of gold orthey would receive a carpet of US bombs. The Taliban, unshaken after its ten year fighting experience to expelthe former Soviet Union from their soil that led to the demise of communism andits threat to world security, a feat that no other people could haveaccomplished, bade their guest a second and final salaam fare-thee-well. 

  The rest of thetragic story lies in the untold deaths of Afghanistanis, the second destructionof their homeland, the lost of any love left for the US in the expansive Muslimworld, the reinstallation of yet another apathetic and corrupt so-called ”Muslim” leader, and deeper fear struck into the hearts of Muslims worldwide ofever uniting politically or economically. All this mayhem and the Taliban, truly, never lifted a finger to harm oreven threaten the US, and the latter’s allegation of the Taliban assisting theUS scapegoat, i.e., the alleged “terrorist”, Osama bin Laden, is pure conjecture.  For the record, neither did Iraq, Sudan,or Libya ever verifiablylift a finger to harm America.

   Another troubling factor is the developmentof an electronic apparatus at the behest of the US government, and itsinstallation in aircraft, including jumbo jets, that would allow a ground crewto have the airplane takeoff, fly to the other side of the planet, land, refueland takeoff again, return to its point of origin or any designated landingstrip, and land…and all this without a flight crew.  Such modern day equipment has beensuccessfully tested.  This incredibletechnology might lead one to suspect that the aircraft that crashed in New York, Washington, andPennsylvaniamay have been pilot-less and that the latter craft crashed prematurely due to apossible equipment malfunction.  All thisjust to be able to run a pipeline across Afghanistan?  Is oil that important?  The question is rhetorical.

   Test time. Part One:  Which country releaseda film whose theme was to detonate a fuel tanker and blame it on Arabs andMuslims a few years before the 9-11 disaster?  Which country’s president offered Talibanleaders immense wealth to allow a pipeline through Afghanistan?  Which country would have benefited the mostif the Taliban had approved such a project? Which government offered the Taliban the choice of a carpet of gold or acarpet of bombs?   What commodity createdthe Bush family’s vast wealth?  The sonof which USpresident apparently owned Kuwaiti offshore drilling rights?  Which country developed and successfullytested a ground-operated autopilot system?

Hint:  Part One - It is not the UK or Amsterdam. 

Part Two: Who manufacturesand has access to the type of hi-tech explosives that was used on the USS Cole?Who benefits most from the bad publicity against Arabs and Muslims? Whobenefits from the diminishment of the increasingly cozy relationship betweenthe USand Arab countries? Who roped off our two embassies in Africa?  Against which government did media criticismof atrocities of civilians immediately cease? Who video taped those crashes and danced gleefully cheering thecrashes?  The airline of which countryexploded after take-off not long after the 9-11 catastrophe killing allpassengers aboard? Who held the alleged mastermind of the 9-11 tragedy inprison for about two years? Which is the only government that approves statesponsored torture and therefore may also have perfected brainwashingtechniques?  Who bombed a Jewishsynagogue in Iraq?   So, who benefits most from the aforementionedacts of terror?   Hint:  Part Two - It is not Italy, Ireland,or Iceland.

N.B. There is no suchthing as a “holy war” in Islam. That definition is of a Western origin. TheArabic word Jihad means “to strive for” or “to struggle against”, as tostrive for justice, equality patience, kindness, or to struggle againstinjustice, inequity, oppression, tyranny, etc. A battle to defend one’s rightsand property, or that of others, is in fact a form of Jihad, and it is a“small” Jihad. According to prophet Muhammad, may God’s peace and blessings beupon him, the biggest form of Jihad is a battle within ourselves against egoand pride. The American expression “To preserve and defend our rights andfreedom” is the same meaning of Jihad among Muslims.

What did former USPresident George Bush The Elder mean when he publicly proclaimed that God is onhis side prior to attacking Iraq in 1991, and what did George Bush TheYounger, mean when he publicly announced as President that America was on aCrusade  before he, too, attackedIraq in 2003? Were those not official declarations of holy wars?