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Zionist plot to overthrow Corbyn, from Peter Myers

Zionist plot to overthrow Corbyn at Labour Executive Committee. Israel & Lobby do NOT decide our Foreign Policy

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(4) Major General (former Israeli minister) Matan Vilnai threatens Palestinians with a 'Shoah' i.e. Holocaust

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(1) Trump and Corbyn: heavily Jewish MSM is Accuser, Judge & Jury - Israel Shamir

Trump and Corbyn

And the Russian Warning Over Syria


AUGUST 26, 2018

As a new military confrontation over Syria is impending, thought out by Israel, prepared by the British and executed by the US, the West’s future depends greatly upon two mavericks, the US President Donald Trump and the UK Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn. These two men are as different as you can make. One is for capitalism, another one is a socialist, but both are considered soft on Russia, at least they do not foam at the mouth hearing Putin’s name. Both are enemies of Wall Street and the City, both stand against the Deep State, against NATO, both are enemies of globalism and of world government. One is a friend of Israel, another is a friend of Palestine, but both are charged withracism and anti-Semitism.

It is a quaint peculiarity of our time, that anti-Semitism is considered the great and unforgivable sin, trading places with Christ Denial. Negative attitude to Christ-denying Jews had been de rigueur at its time, and the Church, or its Tribunal, the Inquisition, had tried the charged. Nowadays, the heavily Jewish MSM is the accuser, the judge and jury, considering anti-Jewish attitude as a worst sort of racism. The two leaders aren’t guilty as charged, but the MSM court dispenses no acquittals.

Racism is indeed an ugly trend (though greed is worse), and hatred of Jews qua Jews is not nice, either. (You wouldn’t expect a different answer from the son of Jewish parents, would you?) Jews areentertaining, clever, cunning, sentimental and adventurous folk, able to do things. They can be good, that’s why the Church wants to bring them to Christ. If they were inherently bad, why bother with their souls? Are Jews greedy? Everyone would sell his grandma for a fistful of dollars, but only a Jew would actually deliver, say Jews. Jews tend to preach and claim high moral ground, but that is a tradition of the Nation of Priests. However, universalism and non-racism is not their strong point, and it is amazing that they appointed themselves thejudges on racism.

Nazis were against Jews, ergo, Jews are the pukka anti-Nazis, this is the logic behind the appointment. It is easier to deal with ethnic or racial categories than with ideas. However, an easier way can lead to wrong results, as we shall prove by turning… no, not to bad Netanyahu or Sharon, but to the best of Jews.

Would you call “a leftist and a liberal” a man who wants to create a reservation for Blacks, a separate state for Blacks, to give them the voting rights in this separate state? A man whose motto was “you are there; we are here”? Hardly. Depending on his colour, you’d probably describe him a white racist, or a member of the Nation of Islam. Butfor Jews, there are different standards.

The recently demised Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery had been eulogised royally. Many Israelis came to part with him before his body was cremated and the ashes spread on Tel Aviv seashore. Mass media from all over the world, statesmen, politicians, activists dedicated many words to his memory. A brave man, a noble spirit, a fighter for peace, all that was said, and all that was true. But this the most progressive, the most left-liberal man in the whole of Israel was the godfather of the Separation Wall; he coined the slogan “you are there; we are here”. He did not want to live with Arabs in one state. He pushed for creation of ghetto for non-Jews.

He was fine to visit Arabs, to play chess with Arafat as he did during the siege; to defend them if they were mistreated by Jewish lowlifes. But to live with them as equal? No, no way. Avnery’s attitude was that of an old-time Boer Nationalist, a Bantustan creator. He would find himself at home with founders of Rhodesia.

There was a practical and pragmatic reason: Avnery and his ilk had robbed Palestinians of their lands and their livelihood in 1948, expelled them from their homes, corralled them into reservations, and split the booty. They became rich. They did not want to allow refugees back and give up the stolen loot, oh no.

Avnery believed peace was possible, for the Arabs should be grateful if they were left in peace in their Bantustans. He was for peace with Hamas, for he was sure they also will gratefully accept keeping what’s they’ve got.

This is Israeli Left: people who had got enough of Arab goods, and do not need more.

Avnery’s adversaries weren’t Arabs; they were Jews who arrived in Palestine at a latter stage. They didn’t share in the Big Robbery of 1948; they wanted to get something for themselves.

This is the Israeli Right: people who want to squeeze more out of Palestinians, even if it means armed conflict will go on.

The common ground of Israeli Left and Israeli Right is theirunwillingness to give Palestinians freedom and restore the stolen goods. The difference is that the Left, wealthy Jews, wanted to leavePalestinians in peace in their Bantustans. The Right, poorer Jews, want to keep squeezing Palestinians.

The late Mr Avnery greatly disliked the poorer Jews that migrated to Palestine after 1948. He denied they were mistreated by his pals. The talk about Oriental (or Sephardi) Jews being exploited and abused upon arrival annoyed him immensely.

He was, however, a very nice man. Regretfully I must admit that wealthy men looking for peace (even while keeping their booty) are more pleasant than poor guys keen on robbing somebody else.

Uri Avnery was one of the best of his kind. But he was not a liberal, nor a non-racist, neither a leftist by a long shot. As Ron Unz made a point in his widely read piece on Jews and Nazis, he was a living example of a Jew informed by Nazi Germany. He was brought up there; and upon arrival to Palestine, he joined a fascist terrorist group that courted Nazi Germany. He wrote in fascist newspapers, he actively participated in ethnic cleansing, and he freely admitted that.

His attitude to Arabs was similar of Adolf Eichmann to Jews in 1930s, mutatis mutandis. As Unz correctly stated, Eichmann was a big fan ofJews and a top liaison with Zionists at that time. He wanted Jews to prosper, just not in Germany. Avnery wanted Arabs to prosper, but on the other side of the border.

If he was the best, you can imagine the average of Israeli Left (Israeli Right is even worse). The previous leader of Israeli Labour, Mr Isaac Hertzog, became the head of the Jewish Agency and declared that his main task is to fight “the plague of mixed marriages”, that is marriages between Jews and non-Jews. The present leader of Israeli Labour, Avi Gabbay, told a meeting of party activists that “the Arabs have to be afraid of us”. He added: “They fire one missile – you fire 20. That’s all they understand in the Middle East”. He also vowed to never enter into a coalition with the non-Jewish party (the JointList, a Knesset group representing Palestinian citizens).

Such views are totally unacceptable for any mainstream party in the US or the UK. Probably they are too radical for KKK, too.

Now sit tight and prepare yourself for a shock. This Israeli Labour Party, which would be considered a Nazi party elsewhere, decided to cut ties with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party for British Labour is “anti-Semitic”, they said. It is a shame that Corbyn hasn’t been the one to take this step first. If you maintain ties with any Israeli party, you should have no problem to fraternise with Hollywood Nazis, let alone the Ku Klux Klan. And Jeremy Corbyn quite correctly compared Zionists with Nazis. Now he is being skinned alive by British Jews.

They ran the same front page in their three newspapers saying that Corbyn is an existential threat to British Jews, because he does not agree with their definition of anti-Semitism. He is not anti-Jewish, but he doesn’t worship the Jew. And he is not a Jew. A young British Jewish Labour voter regretted that Ed Miliband, the Jewish formerLabour leader, is not in power, for “there wouldn’t be Brexit, there wouldn’t be Jeremy Corbyn, and we’d just have a lovely Jewish prime minister.” Isn’t it a racist sentiment? But Jews are pukkaanti-racists…

Corbyn had been trying his best to accommodate the Jews. He expelled his staunch supporters whenever the Jews demand their heads. He is going to a compromise after a compromise, he denounced the Jews who stayed with him despite community pressure. All in vain, because the Jews care little about definitions, but they are worried about Corbyn’s hostility to banksters, by his excessive (in their eyes) sympathy to British workers and by his unwillingness to fight wars for Israel. They can’t say that openly, that is why they keep pushing anti-Semitism button hoping to unseat Corbyn and return Blair-2.

My respected friend Jonathan Cook, the great British journalist based in Nazareth, summed it up well:

“Besieged for four years, Corbyn has been abandoned. Few respected politicians want to risk being cast out into the wilderness, like Ken Livingstone, as an anti-Semite. Corbyn himself has conceded too much ground on anti-semitism. He has tried to placate rather than defy the smearers.”

Cook points out that by conceding ground, Corbyn betrayed Palestinians and betrayed anti-Zionist Jews who were expelled by droves from Labour. Even Tony Greenstein, a Jewish nationalist though anti-Zionist, had been expelled; the same Tony Greenstein who attacked me and Gilad Atzmon for our anti-Semitism (I responded to him here). He was also sent home packing. The late Hajo Meyer, a Holocaust survivor and defender of Palestinian rights, a personal friend of Corbyn, had been denounced. Palestinians were betrayed, and we should care about them more than about Jewish fine feelings.

But why should we give a damn about Corbyn and/or Palestinians if we aren’t British voters? I’ll tell you.

In the British establishment, pro-Jewish forces decided to side with the Washington War Party to push us close to war. The recent visit of the British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt (the man on the shortlist of Israel’s agents within the British establishment) to Washington whereHunt delivered a speech calling for full-out war on Russia, “has been read as an intervention on the side of the anti-Russian faction in the split and divided US administration”, said the Guardian.

The speech is just an opening, missiles will follow soon. Today, I was informed by my contacts, the Russians have delivered a demarche to the State Department, warning the Americans to desist from their plans to attack Syria. Russian intelligence learned that eight tanks containing chlorine have been delivered to Halluz village of Idlib province where the group of specially trained militants has already been deployed in order to simulate the rescue of the victims of chemical attack. The militants were trained by the British private military company Olive (which had merged with the American Constellis Group.

The operation, the Russians say, had been planned by the British intelligence services to justify an impending airstrike directed against Syrian military and civil infrastructure. For this strike, USS The Sullivans guided missile destroyer with 56 cruise missiles onboard arrived to the Persian Gulf, and the US Air Force bomber B-1B with 24 cruise Air-to-Surface Missiles had been flown to the Al-Udeid air base in Qatar.

The idea is Israeli, the operational plans are British, weapons and vessels are American, and a possibility for confrontation grows stronger each day. The success of Corbyn would put a stop to theseplans of war. But will he have a chance?

Ron Unz wrote that the British establishment together with Organised Jewry were able to push unwilling America into the world wars twice, and perhaps they will be able to repeat this feat a third time. It seems that the Question of Palestine, one of the reasons for America’s entry into the world wars, is likely to unleash another war.

Who is the master and who is the slave of the two, Organised Jewry or English establishment? This is the-chicken-and-the-egg dilemma, and there are conflicting answers.

* Indiana University’s Professor of Geography, Mohameden Ould-Mey provided strong arguments that English were the Master. I presentedhis case here.

* The opposing view is that of the late Times correspondent Douglas Reed, presented in his Controversy of Zion, a cryptic book. Proponents of both views had been banned beyond marginalizing. You are just aren’t allowed to ponder it.

I do not intend to rule who is right; however, the moot area where the twain intersect is definitely a trouble spot. Conservative Friends of Israel and Labour Friends of Israel are the groups within this intersection. Their desire for war against Russia sends us a powerful signal of danger.

On the opposing side, there are two intersecting groups: (1) friends of Palestine, and (2) opponents of Jews.

The racial and tribal anti-Semites are of little value, for they are not particularly bright and are easily misled and manipulated. They do not like Jewish noses, but who cares?

But people rejecting globalism, rule of the banks, neoliberalism, impoverishment of native workers, uprooting, Christ-denial, massmigration and population replacement, the “invite and invade” mode – are the core of the resistance. They are called “anti-Semites”, evenif they never mention Jews, even if they are Jewish.

Some people who strongly reject this paradigm prefer to dismiss a thought of Palestine. Bannon and his ilk, the British Nationalists never fail to express their admiration of Israel. It shows they are immoral and dishonest. As long as you choose between Banksters’ rule and Zionists’ yoke, you will get both.

Palestine is the heart of the matter. Palestine is why the Jews want the attack on Syria.

Palestine is the tool allowing us to unmask the racist nature of our adversary and defeat him. This is the way to compassion and the way to Christ. If the only escape from anti-Semitism label leads through betrayal of Christ and Palestine, I’d rather bear this label with pride.

Trump and Corbyn are coming to the point from different sides. They are fighting a strong and well-entrenched adversary. Both are tired,both are full of imperfections, but they offer us a chance to save our beautiful world from destruction. It would be silly if they fail for antisemitism scare.

P.S. The first ever trial of a Holocaust Denier in Russia is taking place now in Perm, the Doctor Zhivago city. Roman Yushkov, a Perm University Professor, had been sacked; his social accounts erased, his YouTube presentations removed; there is practically no publicity at all. He reposted an article expressing doubt of the amount of Jewish dead, and a local resident of Habad Chassid House reported him to authorities. There is no law forbidding H denial in Russia, but there is a law forbidding to cause interethnic wrangle. The verdict is expected on September 4. You can write to Prof Yushkov <>

Israel Shamir can be reached at

This article was first published at The Unz Review.


(2) Rabbi Jonathan Sacks brands Corbyn 'an antisemite' who has “given support to racists, terrorists and dealers of hate”

Jeremy Corbyn's 'Zionist' comments are most offensive by a senior politician 'since Enoch Powell', says leading rabbi

August 27, 2018

A former chief rabbi has accused Jeremy Corbyn of the most offensive comments by a senior politician “since Enoch Powell”, after his criticism of British “Zionists”.

Jonathan Sacks made the most outspoken attack yet on the Labour leader, branding him “an antisemite” who has “given support to racists, terrorists and dealers of hate”.

“It was divisive, hateful and, like Powell’s speech, it undermines the existence of an entire group of British citizens by depicting them as essentially alien,” Lord Sacks said.

Corbyn accused over Zionists 'don’t understand English irony' claim The condemnation deepens the crisis that has engulfed Mr Corbyn since his remarks at a pro-Palestinian event five years ago emerged last week.

He criticised “Zionists” who “don’t want to study history, and secondly, having lived in this country for a very long time, probably all their lives, don’t understand English irony either”.

Some Labour MPs reacted with horror, while Helen Grant, theConservative MP, reported him to the parliamentary standards watchdog.

Now Mr Sacks has described the words as “the most offensive statement made by a senior British politician since Enoch Powell’s 1968 ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech”.

“We can only judge Jeremy Corbyn by his words and his actions,” he told the New Statesman magazine.

“He has given support to racists, terrorists and dealers of hate who want to kill Jews and remove Israel from the map.

“When he implies that, however long they have lived here, Jews are not fully British, he is using the language of classic pre-war Europeanantisemitism.”

Mr Corbyn has defended his comments, insisting that he was referring to a specific group of “pro-Israel activists” and had not used the term Zionist as a “euphemism” for Jewish people.

He claimed he was “now more careful with how I might use the term ‘Zionist’ because a once self-identifying political term has beenincreasingly hijacked by antisemites as code for Jews”.

But Lord Sacks added: “When challenged with such facts, the evidence for which is before our eyes, first he denies, then he equivocates,then he obfuscates.

Does Corbyn really want to find himself on the same side as Farage? “This is low, dishonest and dangerous. He has legitimised the public expression of hate, and where he leads, others will follow.

In response, a Labour Party spokesperson said: “This comparison with the race-baiting Enoch Powell is absurd and offensive.

“Jeremy Corbyn described a particular group of pro-Israel activists as Zionists, in the accurate political sense – not as a synonym or codefor Jewish people.

“Jeremy Corbyn is determined to tackle antisemitism both within the Labour Party and in wider society, and the Labour Party is committed to rebuilding trust with the Jewish community.”

Labour has been dogged by allegations of antisemitism all summer, sparked by a refusal to fully implement the International HolocaustRemembrance Alliance's (IHRA) examples to define antisemitism.

Mr Corbyn and his key advisers have resisted including any statement that says that claiming the Israeli state is a "a racist endeavour" is "denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination".

A meeting of the party's ruling National Executive Committee next week is expected to finally force Mr Corbyn to step into line with the wishes of his MPs.

However, critics fear the implementation of the IHRA definition and examples will be done in a way to prevent disciplinary action against anyone who breached the IHRA examples in the past.

That would protect the likes of Mr Corbyn and Seumas Milne, his closest aide, from the risk of being investigated for their historicalcomments.

(3) Zionists to get UK Labour's National Executive Committee to force Corbyn to adopt pro-Zionist policy

from same article as item 2 above

Jeremy Corbyn's 'Zionist' comments are most offensive by a senior politician 'since Enoch Powell', says leading rabbi

[...] A meeting of the party's ruling National Executive Committee next week is expected to finally force Mr Corbyn to step into line with the wishes of his MPs.


(4) Major General (former Israeli minister) Matan Vilnai threatens Palestinians with a 'Shoah' i.e. Holocaust

The Corbyn anti-Semitism row reveals how desperate Israel and its lobbyists are

August 6, 2018 at 10:37 am

by Yvonne Ridley  @yvonneridley August 6, 2018 at 10:37 am

The socialist leader of a British political party embroiled in an anti-Semitism row has apologised for appearing on platforms with people who drew Nazi-style comparisons with Israel’s actions. His remarks, though, have backfired among some Jewish and other pro-Palestinian groups.

They have accused the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn of “crumbling” after pointing out that the original “Nazi” comments were made by a Jewishsurvivor of Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Corbyn’s statement and apology were delivered last week in response to a British media furore over reports that he hosted an event in 2010 during which Israel’s behaviour towards the Palestinians was compared to Nazism.

Corbyn’s critics in the pro-Israel Lobby failed to consider that the Nazi comparison was made by Hajo Meyer, a Holocaust survivor who died in 2014. Meyer made the comparison during a talk in a House of Commonscommittee room on “The Misuse of the Holocaust for Political Purposes”. Furthermore, a man who was removed by security officials from the meeting for making a Nazi salute and shouting “Sieg Heil” was actually from the pro-Israel lobbyists who were in the audience.

Among those rushing to condemn the Labour for further “proof” of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party under Corbyn’s leadership wasone of his own MPs. Liverpool’s Louise Ellman told the BBC that she was “absolutely appalled” to hear about his involvement in theHolocaust meeting. She forgot to mention that she had attended the same meeting in parliament and was among those who jeered a Holocaustsurvivor. No one from the BBC questioned her about that, or the fact that the comments at the heart of the anti-Semitism row were made by a Jew who survived Auschwitz.

Attempts to smear Corbyn as an anti-Semite ignore Israel-Nazi comparisons made by Jews

The latest, and harshest, criticism by the co-organisers of that meeting have been saved for Corbyn himself. “We will not crumble, as Jeremy Corbyn seems to have done,” insisted the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign. “By his apology and attack on two advocates ofPalestinian freedom Corbyn has only emboldened those who defend every Israeli crime and work to silence opponents of the crimes against humanity carried out by the State of Israel on the Palestinian people.” Such opponents, the SPSC claimed, will never be placatedbecause they hate the idea of Corbyn being within reach of 10 Downing Street where he might challenge Britain’s alliance with Israel.

“False accusations of anti-Semitism by defenders of Israeli snipers,” the Campaign added, “is ‘the gift that keeps on giving’. Once a false accusation has been made the act of denial is portrayed as proof of guilt. This new version of Catch 22 submerges areas of British politics in a McCarthyite madness where the accusation, howeverabsurd, means inescapable guilt, at least in much of the mainstream media.” That media, it must be said, has been shamefully biasedtowards Israel’s increasingly far-right position.

Corbyn’s apology read thus: “In the past, in pursuit of justice for the Palestinian people and peace in Israel/Palestine, I have onoccasion appeared on platforms with people whose views I completely reject. I apologise for the concerns and anxiety that this has caused.”

The man who drew parallels with the Nazi regime, 85-year-old Dr Hajo Meyer, was joined at the meeting in the House of Commons on Holocaust Memorial Day, 27 January 2010, by Dr Haidar Eid, who participated in the meeting from Gaza via speakerphone. Both men compared the dehumanisation of Jewish people in Hitler’s Germany pre-1941 with thedehumanisation of Palestinian people in current day Israel and occupied Palestine. Throughout his UK speaking tour, Dr Meyer receivedstanding ovations.

Jeremy Corbyn: A devil in Israel, a hero to the Arabs

Co-organisers from the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN) said that the tour had provided an opportunity for “many hearing for the first time important truths about Israel’s occupationof Palestine.” In a press statement issued last week, IJAN quoted Meyer: “My great lesson from Auschwitz is: whoever wants to dehumanise any other, must first be dehumanised himself. The oppressors are no longer really human whatever uniform they wear.“

The event in 2010 attracted leading Zionist figures including Ellman [then and now, Vice Chair of Labour Friends of Israel], Jerry Lewis [then Vice President, Board of Deputies] and Jonathan Hoffman [then Co-Vice Chair of the Zionist Federation], as well as Christian Friends of Israel. “Most of them had clearly not come to listen,” explained IJAN. “They barracked both Dr Meyer and Dr Eid, and one of them,Martin Sugarman, had to be escorted out by the Commons security; on his way out he stunned everyone by giving the Nazi salute and shouting ‘Sieg Heil’.”

IJAN added that following the deaths of more than 2,000 Palestinians in Gaza in July 2014, a letter from survivors of the Nazi genocide and hundreds of their descendants called for a full economic, cultural and academic boycott of Israel. “Genocide begins with the silence of theworld… We must raise our collective voices and use our collective power to bring about an end to all forms of racism, including the ongoing genocide of Palestinian people. ‘Never again’ must mean NEVER AGAIN FOR ANYONE!” Dr Hajo Meyer was the first to sign the letter, which was published in the New York Times on 24 August 2014, themorning after he died.

IJAN describes itself as an international network of Jewish people opposed to imperialism, militarism, apartheid and genocide. It said that the event in question was “a coming together of many communities which have faced dehumanisation, racism and genocide.” Speakers were Armenian, Bangladeshi, Irish, Native American, Roma, Rwandan and Tamil. There were also people with disabilities, and a speaker on the slave trade from Africa to the Americas and the revolution which ended slavery in Haiti.

In its literature, IJAN says that it supports “the liberation of the Palestinian people, and the right of return for those driven from their homes and their land by Israeli occupation and ethnic cleansing.” The group has active chapters in Argentina, Canada, France, Spain, Britain and America.

Labour’s anti-Semitism row highlights the hypocrisy of Corbyn’s enemies, again

Its tour partner on that occasion, the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, recalled the events clearly: “During his talks, Hajo Meyer movingly described his experiences in Nazi-occupied Europe; how the regime dehumanised him and other Jews, and drew compelling parallels between his life before 1941 and Israel’s progressive dehumanisation of Palestinians up until the present day. Dr Meyer argued at each meeting that ‘Zionism was the polar opposite of Judaism’, ie a brutal programme of settler colonialism contrasted with the ethical power of one of the great world religions.”

Dr Haider Eid spoke at that meeting in 2010 from the Gaza “prison camp”, as former British Prime Minister David Cameron once called the besieged territory. Most of the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip are refugees from other parts of historic Palestine, having been driven from their homes by waves of Israeli ethnic cleansing.Successive military offensives have been carried out by Israel over the years.

Dr Eid spoke a year after Israel’s massacre of 1,400 Palestinians, which the UN Goldstone Commission concluded was “a war crime and possible crime against humanity.” Crimes against humanity were first prosecuted against the Nazi leadership in Nuremberg after the end ofWorld War Two. The Palestinian academic suggested that Nazi-type bestiality was not consigned to history by the Nuremburg trials. “Theworld was absolutely wrong to think that Nazism was defeated in 1945,” he insisted. “Nazism has won because it has finally managed to Nazifythe consciousness of its own victims.”

SPSC added that while the pro-Israel lobby seeks to criminalise such statements, Dr Eid’s comparison of modern day Israel to Nazi Germany has also been articulated by several prominent political figures in Israel, including the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Israeliarmy, Yair Golan. Major General Golan said in a speech delivered at a 2016 Holocaust Memorial event in Israel that, “It’s scary to seehorrifying developments that took place in Europe begin to unfold here.”

The senior officer came under intense attack inside Israel but was defended by prominent figures. His comment was widely believed to be a reference to the case of Elor Azaria, an Israeli soldier who was caught on film taking deliberate aim and shooting dead an injured and already prone Palestinian, Abdel Fattah Al-Sharif. Golan may, though, have been thinking of the recently appointed Military Chief Rabbi Eyal Karim who, as well as calling for genocide in Gaza, had endorsed rape of “comely Gentile women” if it maintained the morale of Israeli soldiers in wartime.

Another example of a senior Israeli drawing on the horrors of World War Two under the Nazi regime was provided when another Major General, and former minister, Matan Vilnai threatened the Palestinians with a Holocaust. In order to leave everyone in no doubt about what he meant, he used the Hebrew word “Shoah”.

Intensive efforts by pro-Israel groups in Britain have so far failed to provide a single anti-Semitic word written or uttered by Corbyn toback up their accusation, but this has not stopped the campaign against him, which is apparently being directed by Israel’s Embassy onthe British capital. Unable to win the debate by rational means, it seems that the tactic now is to try to shut down open and honestdebate altogether. Anyone who does not toe the pro-Israel line must be discredited and disregarded at all costs, even when that person is both a Jew and a survivor of the Nazi Holocaust. That’s how desperate Israel and its apologists are.


(5) The Palestinian cause must not be traduced into oblivion by wealthy and powerful circles


THE Daily Mail has form in fashioning fake news to discredit left-wing politics, but it plumbs new depths in linking Jeremy Corbyn with thekillers of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics.

Both it and Jewish News should be ashamed of their role in exploiting the grief of Ankie Spitzer and Ilana Romano, whose husbands were murdered in the Olympic village in 1972.

No wonder the women feel moved to condemn the Labour leader, but their condemnation should be reserved for cynical politicians and media prepared to distort the truth for base purposes.

Spitzer herself has drawn criticism previously for refusing to express pleasure over assassinations carried out by Mossad in pursuit of Palestinians said to have participated in the Munich terroristatrocity, insisting she wanted justice not revenge.

Corbyn’s weekly Morning Star column (October 6 2014) quoted by the Mail concentrated on the need to “break with US policy on the Middle East and give full political recognition to Palestine.”

To this end, he welcomed the recent declaration of unity between Palestinian factions, still fraught with problems but also the goal of the oppressed Palestinian people, and the support given by Tunisians released from jail in the 2011 revolution to the Palestinian cause.

Corbyn reminded Star readers that Tunis had suffered a state terrorist attack in 1986 when Israeli warplanes destroyed the offices of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, killing 60 people, many of them Tunisians.

The PLO had moved to Tunis after being driven out of Lebanon, following the 1982 mass slaughter of unarmed Palestinian refugees in the Sabra and Shatila camps by Phalangist militia, assisted by an Israeli invasion force headed by Ariel Sharon, who later became prime minister.

He noted too that a conference was being held in Tunisia, discussing Gaza’s reconstruction, just weeks after Israel’s Operation Cutting Edge assault had levelled housing and infrastructure and killed over 2,100 Palestinians.

This was just five years after its predecessor Operation Cast Lead killed around 1,400 Palestinians, with international condemnation of Israel’s use of white phosphorus in populated areas.

The Israeli widows told Jewish News: “We do not recall a visit of Mr Corbyn to the graves of our murdered fathers, sons and husbands.”

But neither they nor those who have set them up for this shameful media ambush spare a thought for the bereaved families of thousands upon thousands of Palestinian men, women and children slaughtered by Israeli state terrorism.

The implication of those who smear Corbyn is that only Israelis can be innocent terrorism victims while overwhelmingly nameless Palestinianseither merit their fate or are reduced to anonymous human collateral damage.

The Labour leader remains today, as he was as a backbencher, resolute that the Palestinian cause will not be traduced into oblivion by wealthy and powerful circles, including the Daily Mail.

In his above-mentioned Star column, Corbyn commended Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East chairman Grahame Morris for proposing aHouse of Commons motion to recognise the state of Palestine.

“Already, Israeli supporters are saying no motion should be debated until the long-stalled peace talks reach a conclusion,” he warned.

Israeli leaders are content to find one pretext after another to prevent meaningful peace talks from starting, let alone concluding, using the negotiations hiatus to press ahead with illegal colonisation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

Corbyn, unlike too many British politicians, will not stand idly by while this injustice persists and this is the real reason for the bogus anti-semitism furore exploding around his head.


(6) Lobby plans to get IHRA definition of anti-semitism adopted at Labour’s National Executive Committee

Lamiat Sabin's picture LAMIAT SABINWEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29, 2018

Palestinian groups call to reject IHRA definition of anti-semitism

PALESTINIAN civil society groups called on the Labour Party and trade unions today to reject the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of anti-semitism because it would silencecriticism of Israel’s policies.

A collection of 24 trade unions, campaign groups and refugee networks issued a statement against the adoption of the definition, saying that it “conflates anti-semitism with criticism of Israel.”

The signatories include the General Union of Palestinian Workers, General Union of Palestinian Teachers, General Union of Palestinian Peasants, Palestinian Camps Boycott Movement (Lebanon) and WomenCampaign to Boycott Israeli Products.

They entered the row over Labour’s decision not to adopt allaccompanying examples to the IHRA definition on anti-semitism, circulating the statement online with the hashtag#DontSilencePalestine.

ITV reported today that three members of Labour’s national Executive committee said the party would adopt the IHRA definition at its next full meeting on September 4.

The Palestinian organisations’ letter says the IHRA guidelines “deliberately conflate hostility to or prejudice or discrimination against Jews on the one hand with legitimate critiques of Israel’s policies and system of injustice on the other.”

The IHRA definition “attempts to erase Palestinian history, demonise solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality, suppress freedom of expression, and shield Israel’s far-right regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid from effective measures of accountability in accordance to international law,” it adds.

Britain-based Palestine Solidarity Campaign director Ben Jamal called the statement a “hugely significant intervention.”

He said: “We share these concerns about how the IHRA is being used to suppress discussion of the realities of Palestinian dispossession and the ongoing denial of their rights as well as a tool to quash the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

“Labour and the trade union movement must heed Palestinian voices.”


(7) Orban Is a Clever anti-Semite. Corbyn Is a Stupid One - Haaretz

Orban Is a Clever anti-Semite. Corbyn Is a Stupid One

Who is worse - the devious or the deluded?

Anshel Pfeffer

Jul 19, 2018 6:39 PM

I had dozens of conversations last week with Hungarian Jews on anti-Semitism. The overwhelming majority of those I met in Budapest are convinced that Prime Minister Viktor Orban, visiting Israel this week, has been appealing to the anti-Semitic instincts of Hungariannationalist voters.

They see it in the way his government has sanitized and venerated the record of the fascist Horthy regime and in the nation-wide smear campaign against the "global capitalist" Holocaust survivor George Soros which has been going for nearly three years.

But at the same time they have been at pains to emphasize that "personally" they feel perfectly safe as Jews in Hungary. Anti-Semiticincidents are down and the media, regulated by the government, has largely been cleansed from the once prevalent negative references toJews. The only overt anti-Semitism they encounter is usually in the shape of non-politically-correct and ignorant remarks.

But the majority of Jews in Hungary, and the official leadership of the community, still believes that the government-funded anti-Soros campaign blatantly uses anti-Semitic imagery and their requests that it be stopped have been repeatedly ignored. So has anti-Semitism under Orban got worse or better?

I constantly find myself asking the same question about Britain, the country of my birth. These things weren’t measured when I was a kid there in the late 1970s and early 80s, but I remember a great deal of anti-Semitic graffiti and vandalism, even in the Jewish neighborhoodwhere we lived, and across the country there was more violence from the fascist hard-right, and anti-Semitic chants were the norm at football matches. It hasn’t disappeared - but it’s no where near as bad nowadays.

But in the last three years, since Jeremy Corbyn was elected the leader of the Labour Party, barely a week goes by without another anti-Semitic scandal at the heart of Britain’s largest (in terms ofnumbers of paid-up members) political party.

There have been two kinds of scandals. Either it has been party members, of all levels, coming out with the most odious statements about Jews, sometimes only barely veiled by using the words"Zionists," "bankers" and "the lobby." There was one thing all thosemembers had in common - they were all diehard supporters of Corbyn.

The other kind of incident were the periodic revelations of Corbyn’s own participation in events with Jew-haters and Holocaust-revisionists, his support of them (sometimes tempered withhis excuse that "I knew they did good work, I wasn’t aware of other things they said,") and his membership of real-life and online groups where anti-Semitic statements were routinely aired.

I’ve never quite been able to work out whether Corbyn is an anti-Semite himself. But this week, Margaret Hodge, a veteran Labour parliamentarian and party member of fifty years’ standing called him "a fucking anti-Semite and racist" to his face. The normally mild-mannered Hodge has known Corbyn as a colleague throughout his political career, so I think we should maybe take her word for it.

The reason for Hodge’s outburst was the decision by Labour’s National Executive Council, dominated by Corbyn and his supporters, to reject the International Holocaust Remembrance Authority’s (IHRA) officialdefinition of anti-Semitism and adopt instead guidelines favored by the hard-left of the party.

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of defining anti-Semitism. I think I know what it is when I see it. You can go online and read elsewhere about the various merits and flaws of the IHRA definition.

Vans with slogans aimed at Britain's Labour Party are driven around Parliament Square ahead of a debate on antisemitism in Parliament, in London, April 17, 2018.

Vans with slogans aimed at Britain's Labour Party are driven around Parliament Square ahead of a debate on antisemitism in Parliament, in London, April 17, 2018.\ HANNAH MCKAY/ REUTERS But what you need to know right now is that the IHRA definition has been adopted by successive British governments, and more important, the British legal system and the overwhelming majority of British Jewish organizations and communities.

This week, an unprecedented list of 68 prominent British rabbis, spanning the range from female progressives to Hasidic ultra-Orthodox, signed a letter beseeching Labour to adopt the IHRA definition. But Corbyn’s team refused.

So the British Labour Party now officially allows within its ranks anti-Semites who could be prosecuted by the authorities. And it is now the second major political party in Europe, along with Orban’s Fidesz, to reject the definition of anti-Semitism as understood by the very people it is directed against, the local Jewish community.

I’m really not sure how best to define anti-Semitism. It’s the most ancient hatred which has proved extremely adept in evolving to life in the feverish conspiracy theory marshes of the internet. It’s the template for all hatred towards minorities but also unique in the way it sees Jews as both inferior and all-powerful.

Anti-Semitism is both the socialism of fools and the most evil form of nationalism. Which is why those on the both the far-left and far-right are particularly susceptible to it. And it can masquerade equally as being, "Just criticism of Israel" and as, "How can you call me an anti-Semite, I love Israel?"

Supporters of Orban, including some Jews like Netanyahu, strenuously deny he is anti-Semite. They point to his support for Israel (notexactly Israel, more like Netanyahu’s policies) and insist that Soros, while being Jewish, is a malicious influence on global politics andthat there is nothing anti-Semitic about the campaign against him.

Similarly, Corbyn has his Jewish supporters, who are convinced that a man who claims to have fought racism all his life (racism for Corbyn has usually consisted of the policies of western and western-supported governments; he’s blind to racism in regimes with which he’s moresympathetic), can not be considered an anti-Semite.

As a journalist and freedom-of-speech fanatic, I don’t want anyone else defining for me what is or isn’t anti-Semitism. But political leaders and parties need to be held to definitions and the one rule they have to abide by isanti-Semitism-is-whatever-most-of-its-potential-targets-and-victims-say-it-is. Orban and Corbyn refuse to do so.

Who is worse? Orban or Corbyn? I don’t know what either of them actually feel in their heart and mind towards Jews, but both are certainly enablers of anti-Semitism.

From all available evidence, Corbyn is a stupid anti-Semite. Blinkered by his outdated dogma from perceiving it among his allies, and within the hateful environment in which he has been immersed his entire adult life. He has convinced himself it is all legitimate anti-capitalism,anti-Zionism and anti-imperialism.

Orban, on the other hand, is a clever anti-Semite. He has a keen understanding of European history and politics, and knows exactly which buttons to push, how far to go and how to cover himself.

Who is worse? The devious or the deluded? History proves that both sorts of anti-Semite can cause terrible damage.

Only one thing I can say for certain about anti-Semitism is that the best antidote to it is liberal democracy, moderate politics, and - for all the derision it now attracts from young firebrands and aging ideologues alike - centrism.

Orban’s nationalist government has engendered hatred towards Muslims and migrants. The diehard supporters of Corbyn’s radical socialism are now focusing their hatred on Jews, but two years ago, when a lesbian parliamentarian led the challenge to his leadership, there was anoutbreak of misogyny and homophobia.

Hatred, both overt and latent, not just of Jews, but of allminorities, of women and members of the LGBT community is always more prevalent on both the far-left and far-right fringes of politics. Thatis where hate and anger rule.


(8) Jewish Labour activists defend Corbyn as Israel lobby attacks

Asa Winstanley

26 March 2018

Left-wing group Jewish Voice for Labour has praised Corbyn’s “consistent commitment to anti-racism” and condemned currentright-wing attacks.

The show of support comes after two Israel lobby groups issued a call on Sunday to demonstrate against alleged anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, for which they hold Corbyn responsible.

But Jewish Voice for Labour has called an emergency rally as a counter-demonstration, accusing the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council of “playing party politics” ahead of May’s local elections.

Mick Davis, chief Executive of the ruling Conservative Party, is former chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council – a leading part of the UK’s Israel lobby.

On Monday morning’s edition of BBC Radio 4’s flagship Today program, the Jewish Leadership Council’s current chairperson Jonathan Goldstein issued an unprecedented personal attack on Corbyn.

Goldstein claimed that “Jeremy Corbyn is now the figurehead for an anti-Semitic political culture, based upon obsessive hatred of Israel, conspiracy theories and fake news.”

Labour witch hunt Since Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party in 2015, he has facedrelentless attacks from right-wingers and supporters of Israel due to his long-standing support for Palestinian human rights.

Exaggerated and often entirely fabricated charges of anti-Semitism against Labour activists have been used to attack Corbyn and hisgrassroots supporters.

These activists have often been Jewish themselves, targeted for supporting Corbyn and for longstanding Palestine solidarity activism.

Polls ahead of May’s local elections have predicted that Labour under Corbyn will make significant electoral gains.

Jewish Voice for Labour on Monday accused the Israel lobby and its allies of using the current wave of anti-Semitism allegations to undermine Labour’s chances.


The JVL statement said that as Jews in Labour currently campaigning in local elections, “we are appalled by the actions and statements of the Board of Deputies. They do not represent us or the great majority of Jews in the party who share Jeremy Corbyn’s vision for social justice and fairness.”

“Jeremy’s consistent commitment to anti-racism is all the more needed now,” the group added.

Jewish Voice for Labour also accused Israel lobby groups of being “silent” on the “massively more anti-Semitism on the right of politics.”

They pointed to a “senior ex-adviser to the prime minister who recently used a national newspaper to dredge up anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.”

In February former Theresa May advisor Nick Timothy wrote an article in the Conservative-supporting Telegraph accusing Jewish billionaire George Soros of a “secret plot to thwart Brexit.”

The piece was widely condemned for “dog-whistle anti-Semitism.”

But some on the pro-Israel right supported the piece. Anti-Muslim journalist Melanie Phillips claimed “there was nothing whatsoever anti-Jewish, with or without the dog-whistle, in anything Timothywrote.”

Soros is often a hate figure for right-wing anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists, especially those promoted by the Hungarian government – which is closely allied with Israel.

 Mark Elf, the Jewish anti-Zionist who has for years blogged at JewsSans Frontieres tweeted on Monday evening that the Jewish Voice for Labour counter-demonstration outnumbered the pro-Israel one.

 Times correspondent Lucy Fisher tweeted that there were ten Conservative lawmakers at the demonstration, but only a “handful” of Labour lawmakers “milling around solo.”

Mural controversy

The current wave of right-wing, anti-Palestinian attacks on Corbyn’s leadership was triggered last week after a Facebook comment by Corbyn from six years ago was dredged up.

Labour lawmaker Luciana Berger Tweeted a screenshot of Corbyn commenting on Facebook in 2012, criticizing the removal of a mural in East London titled “Freedom for Humanity.”

 Berger is parliamentary chairperson of the Jewish Labour Movement – agroup which lobbies for Israel and has strong links with the Israeli embassy.

The group said in a statement on Sunday night it would be joining the demonstration against Corbyn.

Corbyn responded to Berger with regret over the old Facebook comment and said he should have “looked more closely at the image” of themural first.

He also issued a statement on Sunday saying he was “sincerely sorry for the pain which has been caused” by what he described as the “anti-Semitism [which] has occurred in pockets within the LabourParty.”

Conspiracy theories

Mear One, the Los Angeles artist behind the 2012 mural, on Sunday denied it was anti-Semitic.

In a 2012 video showing how he painted it, he said it depicted “the elite banker cartel known as the Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Morgans, the ruling class elite few, the Wizards of Oz … The symbol of the Free Mason pyramid rises behind this group.”

Lutfur Rahman, a left-winger and then the elected mayor of Tower Hamlets in East London, had the mural removed, saying at the time that whether “intentional or otherwise, the images of the bankersperpetuate anti-Semitic propaganda about conspiratorial Jewish domination of financial and political institutions.”

In the late 19th century, some leading members of the Rothschild banking family financially supported early Zionist colonization of Palestine.

Indeed, the infamous Balfour Declaration – which announced the British Empire’s intent to hand Palestine over to colonization by the Zionistmovement – was addressed to Lionel Walter Rothschild.

Zionism, however, was an idea intricately tied to British imperialism and principally supported by Christian Zionists, while being opposed by a majority of prominent British Jews at the time.

Yet British and American anti-Jewish and right-wing conspiracy theorists ignore these facts and regularly cite the Rothschilds’ role in Palestine as part of their claims asserting secretive “Rothschild” control over the world.

Palestinians have repeatedly made clear that they want such conspiracy theorists to have no part in their struggle.

Updated since publication.


(9) Soros-funded J Street & Project Syndicate make no comment on Corbyn or Lobby

by Peter Myers, August 29, 2018.

I searched  J Street & Project Syndicate today to see if George Soros has taken a stand on Corbyn or the Jewish Lobby. Specify time-frames: within the last week, & last month.

Neither site had anything on Corbyn.

Soros only writes about Brexit, Orban, and Euro opponents. Nor does Project Syndicate, overall, have anything to say about Corbyn & the Lobby. Which means that Soros doesn't care much about the Palestinian cause. He does oppose Netanyahu, but Soros is still a Zionist.

Nothing on Corbyn.


(10) Corbyn wants to break the grip of tech giants & billionaires on our media

Corbyn as PM would overhaul BBC & tax tech giants in bid to make media ‘hold power to account’

Published time: 23 Aug, 2018 13:06

Britain’s Labour Party would tax tech giants and shake up the BBC, as part of a media strategy to be announced by leader Jeremy Corbyn. It aims to build “a free and democratic media for the digital age” if the party wins power.

Corbyn is expected to outline the plan during a speech at the Alternative MacTaggart Lecture at the Edinburgh TV Festival onThursday, where he will call for radical reform of the UK media landscape, and claim journalists are being “held back” by media tycoons or, in the case of the BBC, by excessive state influence.

“We need to set journalists and citizens free to hold power to account, by breaking the grip of tech giants and billionaires on our media,” Corbyn said Wednesday night on Twitter.

 Jeremy Corbyn @jeremyCorbyn

 We need to set journalists and citizens free to hold power to account, by breaking the grip of tech giants and billionaires on our media.#ChangeTheMedia

Outlining his vision for the future of the BBC, the Labour leader’s speech will promote complete transparency about the diversity makeupof the BBC’s work force and allow for the election of some BBC board members by the corporation’s staff as well as license fee payers. Labour would also remove the government’s powers of appointment.

Another measure would see Labour impose a digital top-up to the license fee, payable by tech giants or internet providers in order to supplement the existing licence fee with a view to reducing the cost for poorer households.

British Media is not waving, it’s drowning…in a sea of its own mendacity. Public interest journalism would be supported by Labour, with Corbyn expected to say that without it, a “few tech giants and unaccountable billionaires will control huge swathes of our public space anddebate.”

To this end Corbyn will advocate that not-for-profit news organisations, like the Bureau for Investigative Journalism, should be given charitable status while the creation of “news co-operatives” could be created with a remit to report on local government, privatecontractors operating public services, and regulated bodies.

“The best journalism takes on the powerful, in the corporate world as well as government and helps create an informed public,” Corbyn’s text says. “This work costs money. We value it but somehow that does not translate into proper funding and legal support.”

The plan has already been slammed by the ruling Tories, with the party’s deputy chair James Cleverly saying the measures were only going to result in more charges for the consumer.

“Tech companies would just put up their prices and pass this internet tax straight onto families and businesses across the country — addingmore pressure to weekly bills,” he said.

Labour’s media plan comes amid an ongoing battle between the Labour leadership and British media outlets, including the BBC, which have been accused of bias in their coverage of stories about Corbyn.

Last week, the party filed a complaint to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), over reporting by several British right-wing newspapers, many owned by Rupert Murdoch’s NewsInternational, over “misleading” coverage of a wreath-laying event Corbyn attended at a cemetary in Tunis, in 2014.

In March, a report by BBC’s ‘Newsnight’ program was accused of “extreme bias” against Corbyn after it produced a mocked-up image of him wearing a Bolshevik-style hat superimposed in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral.

-- Peter Myerswebsite: