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Slouching to be Born, by Ray Zwarich

To all the 'really good ones', and to all in peril on the sea,

When Plutarch wrote of the spectacle at Pharsalus, just before the battle began, with Caesar's forces lined up against Pompey's, all in glorious splendor of arms, resplendent armor glinting in the sunlight, scarlet plumes on every officer's helmet bending in the late summer breeze, he lamented that "all the flower of such a great Republic as Rome had come to such a pass. Brother lined up against brother to kill one another, all in pursuit of unbridled personal ambition". (A paraphrased quote from memory).

As a true patriot, who has no choice but to love this land, the only nation where my grandchildren's dreams can be wrought, I weep as I witness that the dream that once was "America", equality, brotherhood, justice for all, etc, has come to such a tragic pass. 

Violent passions fill our nation, as Sauron's eye looks on, ever lusting for ever more power. 

Real tears fall, as I pull at handfuls of my hair, desperate to open the eyes of my fellow citizens to the full scope of impending danger that so ominously threatens to drown our children's dreams in violence and blood.
Wake up! Wake up to the danger!

Many are far too deep into their mass mob hysteria to listen to Reason. But most are happily not even paying much (if any) attention.

"What time's the ballgame start? Did you hear about Bimbo Khardasian having sex with her sister's boyfriend's transgender husband?" 

That's what I mostly hear back in reply to my desperate entreaties: voluntary idiocy with its own laff track. 

It's thus little wonder that both Caesar and Pompey maintained gladiatorial schools at Capua. In thrall to "bread and circus", as were the citizens of Rome as their Republic was reduced to Empire, and forever lost, most of our citizens seem to have little awareness of the danger that approaches. 

The spectacle of the new Impeachment Circus has opened. Marching bands. Flashing colored lights. Calliope sounds. Clowns aplenty. Mind numbing spectacle. This should keep the masses entertained, as doom approaches from every direction.

And the pretext, which is being called 'reason' by its hysterical promoters, is that the evil Trump- monster has brutally assaulted someone's fist with his chin.

Words and Reason seem futile in the face of the madness that has our nation in its grip. Hopelessness grows to infect many hearts. Yea ... When the going gets tough, the tough may get going. That's true enough, I suppose, but only the very toughest keep going when all hope seems long gone.

The Caliban Clown is sorry to disturb on such a beautiful late September day. He would rather sit happily on his branch in his favorite calibar tree, eating a banana, and enjoying the glorious beauty of such a day. 

The scrivener keeps scrivening. What else can such a pathetic old clown do?

Copied below are comments I posted in today's Boston Globe. To which article? It doesn't really matter, (and the Globe is a pay site anyway, for subscribers only), but this one.

John Henry's Rag, (a reference to Globe owner, billionaire oligarch John Henry), is hysterically blaring out article after article, serving our democracy as our local representative of the noble Fourth Estate by hysterically informing the citizenry that the evil Trump monster has again assaulted someone's fist with his evil chin.   

This sets the howls 'a screaming on every side, as shrieking hateful tribes of humans jump up and down, gnashing teeth, beating chests, and slinging their feces at one another.

Aye ... 'Tis such a beauteous September day, but from my vantage point in my sturdy calibar tree, I can see the dark violent storm inexorably approaching.

Hope all are well and strong,

R Zwarich (aka: the Caliban Clown)
Bent Birch Farm
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030

PS: To my friend, El Gringo Loco, in Erongaricuaro, I'm just awakening from my acute illness, and I will be in touch soon

My woefully pleading public comments (1000 plaintive words) posted in John Henry's BG Rag:

Facts don't matter anymore. Reason lies trampled under thewild passions of yet another Mass Media-fueled mass mob hysteria. People are presentingabsurd degrees of bigoted bias and are proudly (however absurdly) calling it‘reason’.

Yeats’ portentous words echo in many minds. What fearsomebeast is this, “slouching toward Bethlehem to be born”? I weep with worry formy grandchildren as they search out their own dreams amidst the ever more darkly gathering clouds of doom, approaching from every direction.  

Let me make one thing very clear. I think Donald Trump is adisgusting human being, and lacks the core competence to be POTUS. It is tragicthat our nation has been reduced to witness such a person presiding over ourgovernment. But Trump is only a symptom. The sickness in our nation lies MUCH deeper. 

I also recognize that our citizenry is being intentionally whipped up into one Mass Media-fueled mass mob hysteria (of unbridled passionatehatred) after another by the Super Wealthy Elites who rule over us, and who own ALL our Mass Media,(including John Henry's BG Rag, of course), pursuant to the age-old basicstrategy of social control that elites (The Few) have used for 10,000 years torule over the common people (The Many).

The immense power of electronic mass media makes thisage-old strategy, often summarized as “divide and rule”,  more effective today than it ever hasbeen in all these 100 centuries of Humankind’s thus-far pathetic attempts totame our bestial passions and become ‘civilized’.

They, (our nation's Syndicate of Elites), have us EXACTLYwhere they want us, gnashing teeth in primitive guttural growls of hatred ofone another. Perfect! … How can the Elites' power over us ever be challenged insuch an atmosphere of primitive tribal passions of raw hatred?

The facts … The facts … Wherefore goes the truth? The truthwould yet serve us well, in this our hour of direst need, if only we would serveit.


While Joe Biden was sitting VPOTUS, and assigned by Obama tomanage US affairs and interests in Ukraine, his son went to work for a Ukrainiancompany, Burisma Holdings, that is widely regarded as among the mostegregiously corrupt companies in a nation which is universally regarded as in thetop ranks of the most egregiously corrupt nations in all the world.


Burisma Holdings, (Hunter Biden’s employer), is owned by anobfuscating corporate shell structure based in Cyprus. The most notoriousoligarch/warlord in Ukraine, Ihor Kolomoisky, is almost surely the largest‘shell’ that contains all the others.


Ihor Kolomoisky, (Hunter Biden’s putative employer), iswidely regarded as a gangster-thug warlord. Why? … Well … Just for starters: Hemaintains his own personal army. We're not talking about a mere tony Soprano type 'crew' here. Kolomoisky keeps 2000 heavily armed (including tanks and heavy artillery) troops on ‘activeduty’, and has 20,000 trained reserves. Ironically, despite the fact that Kolomoiskyis Jewish, his troops are largely composed of rabid neo-Nazis, (many of whomhave actual swastika tattoos on their necks).


While Hunter Biden served his company, Burisma Holdings, asits chief legal officer, Kolomoisky actually marched his forces on Kiev, andransacked government buildings, because the government had dared to interferein his business. This event was caught on videotape by Ukrainian press and canbe viewed online by anyone who wants to see the man who was signing HunterBiden’s paychecks (figuratively speaking). (I'm assuming all know how ton use a search engine). 


While Joe Biden was managing US affairs and interest inUkraine, he managed the distribution of some $3 billion is US aid.


Out of that total of $3 billion, $1.8 billion simplydisappeared, and has never been accounted for, and Burisma Holdings is heavilyimplicated as the conduit for those funds’ disappearance.

Excerpt from the article linked above:

TheBiden family's dealings with this Ukrainian company involved getting one of thecountry's most notorious mob bankers, Ihor Kolomoisky, off the U.S. governmentvisa ban list. Under Biden's leadership, $3 billion in aid went to Ukraine, andhis son's company was implicated in the disappearance of $1.8 billion of thatmoney.”


Aninvestigation into Joe Biden’s very obviously ‘suspicious’ (Yea … No shickSherlock) family connections to a notoriously corrupt Ukrainian gangster-warlordwas already underway when Trump made the now infamous phone call to recentlyelected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who reportedly has close tiesto Kolomoisky, but campaigned on a platform of détente, leading to peace, withRussia. Campaigning for peace with Russia, he won 73% of the vote.


Aftertwo years of self-imposed ‘exile’, Kolomosiky returned to Ukraine shortly afterZelensky’s election.


Duringthat phone call Trump solicited cooperation/assistance from Zelensky in the already ongoing investigation into Biden’s family connections to Burisma Holdings, and thatcompany’s possible role in the alleged disappearance of $1.8 billion in US aidfunds.


Trumphad put a hold on further aid funds to Ukraine while the investigation into thedisappearance of previous US aid funds proceeded.


At thetime of the infamous phone call, Zelensky was not even yet aware that Trump hadheld up delivery of US aid funds.

Okeydoke, then … As far as I can honestly discern, everything represented as ‘fact’above is true, and if anyone wants to refute them, I’m all ears. (An honestpursuit of truth requires a constant questioning of everything we think weknow).

I usedto use an old joke with my kids when they were growing up, whenever I heardthem bending facts to comply with their own selfish biases. I’d give them aplayful bump on the chin with my fist and say, “How dare you assault me on mydefenseless fist with your chin?”

That ‘joke’makes as much sense as this Mass Media-fueled mass mob hysteria now fully underwaythat has twisted Trump’s request for assistance in an ongoing investigation into possible corruption by US officials into a solicitation of foreign interference in a US election.

Okey doke, then, folks ... Reason lies in the mud ... Madness reigns ... 

Whatcruel ferocious beast is this, slouching to be born?

This ismadness. I smell the burning flesh in old Salem. I hear the brutal rhythmic 'whunk!' of the guillotine, and see the gutters and sewers of Paris running red.

This isa nation gone stark raving mad. with violent passions. Can actual violence be far behind? 

Andindeed, all the while “The best lack all conviction [in hopelessness?] while the worst are full of passionateintensity”.