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So Hath It Been Decreed, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on the sea:

There is no telling where events are leading us. Surely we all sense the danger. 

Several nights ago, my youngest daughter and her family felt threatened in their own home. There was a 'riot' at a traffic roundabout, embedded and surrounded by residential neighborhoods, in the early AM hours, very close to my daughter's family's home. They felt 'scared'. They didn't 'panic', of course, (what can anyone do anyway, except hunker down and hope that marauders don't break down their doors?). But they are very much aware that they were afraid.

Some reports suggest that the pattern of the looting and rioting that are happening seems to suggest organized and well-planned sophistication by organized 'squads'. 

The looters, who have appeared to be mostly young men of color, left a pattern on the map as they "fanned out" to loot in one community after another. The same 'crews' seemed to be doing the actual looting, from place to place, with the looted goods being loaded and transported by organized convoys of vehicles.  

I suppose it's possible that such a highly coordinated network could just spring up (ad hoc), but that seems far fetched. I have no way of knowing, though ... Could be ...

The rioters, ('the rioters' and 'the looters' were two distinctly different groups, according to these reports), appeared to include many white people as well as people of color. Mostly young people. They were reported to be throwing objects at the police. The objects included large (M-80 type) fireworks/flash-bombs.  

It was also reported that the rioters were being 're-supplied'. Vehicles were delivering 'supplies', like pieces of bricks to throw, stocks of the M-80 flash bombs, etc, as the riots progressed. If these reports are true, (a very big 'if', as lies and propaganda pour forth copiously from every side), that suggests a degree of organization that sounds as if it were pre-planned, (just like the 'convoys' trucking away the looters' booty). 

It's hard to know what to believe. Once the Left has embraced the Big Lie, to fight the Big Lie, once the Left has renounced any commitment to truth, there is no reason to believe anything from the Left any more so than from the Right. 

With deliberate lies being slung every which way, like grenades, by every side, (maybe even worse by the Left, and I say that as a committed Leftist myself), one cannot know what to believe or not, from ANY side. 

From 'la boca de Eqqus', (I know a guy who knows some guys): Boots on the ground 'grunts' in Brockton, MA, (police), who also did tours in Iraq, say that the scenario in Brockton, being pelted in the early AM dark by the flash-bomb M-80s, (anyone who knows what an M-80's 'blow-your-fingers-clean-off' power is, can imagine one going off in close proximity), was very much similar to the extremes of violence they had experienced in Iraq.  

This was all very predictable in March, especially for anyone familiar with the 'aspirations' of the American Left. Protests, erupting into riots and looting, were always inevitable once the 'free money' ran out. Some paid April's rent. Some didn't. How many paid rent in May? How many didn't, because they couldn't? We're way into June. It was predictable in March that we'd likely be here by June.    

To fashion this inevitable outbreak/outpouring of pent-up mob emotion as a Race War is a huge mistake. The people doing this, the people insisting on characterizing these economic events, which are affecting ALL races in profound ways, as Race War, clearly think that dividing the nation's Common People over racial/tribal 'Identity Politics' animosities, somehow serves the cause of winning political power for the Common People, (of ALL races). 

One thing we can see, for SURE, is that the Enemy of the Common People, the Elites who rule over us, are delighted to see the Common People focus all our anger on one another's racial animosities. 

It's still the same old story ... "Divide et impera" ... Divide and rule. Keep them groveling and gnashing their teeth at each other over Race, and they won't come after us. Keep them thinking about Race. Keep them distracted, at ALL costs, from thinking about CLASS, (about the inequitable distribution of wealth). 

It's so nice for them, it's so nice for the Elites, when the Left so kindly agrees to help them divide the Common People into mutually hateful tribal groups, based on race, gender, and/or any other identities that can be discovered and/or contrived. 

The American Marionette Left ... Is it really this stupid? Or is it being led to fulfill motivations it does not reveal? 

It's hard to say. What we DO know, (because we can see it in front of our very eyes), is that the Marionette Left is doing EXACTLY what the Common People's Enemy, the Elites, MOST want us, the Common People, to do.

The Marionette Left is being 'led' by a classic 'Tyranny of Structurelessness'. We have been 'self-aware' of the evils of this sort of tyranny for a very long time. Jo Freeman's renowned essay captured this very well in 1970. 

Yet here we have it still. It IS a very real sort of 'Tyranny'. With invisible leadership, no one ever knows where, or how, or by whom decisions are made, but they are very obviously made somewhere by somebody, somehow. 

The leadership, then, of this 'Tyranny' that rules the Left with PC Iron Fist, (which is now doing everything it can to whip the nation into a lather of Racial Animosity), is invisible. It leads by hook and/or crook. It has no regard for truth. It lies as easily as our Enemy. Trust me, folks ... I've been a 'leftist' since late '68, early '69, (or thereabouts). There is no more anti-democratic political entity on planet Earth than the American Left. The 'leaders' are NOT representatives. They appointed themSELVES! Most of them 'lead' 501(c) corporations. They are 'entrepreneurs'. They're 'in the politics bid'ness', and a good many of them are 'in the race bid'ness'. 

Who ARE today's African American 'leaders'. Isn't Black Lives Matter a corporation that is funded by a billionaire oligarch? Who pays for the elaborate coifs of BLM's glamorous klieg-lit black women? Who pays their rent? Who bought them their computers? Who taught them to be 'stars'? 

Who is Max Elbaum? He's in the 'politics bid'ness'... Literally... He's an old Jewish communist leftover from the 60s who runs a cafe in Brooklyn that is run as some kind of 'political collective'. Is that his primary source of income? Is he primarily a cafe proprietor who is using a political ideology as a business plan? I don't really know. (If he's a 501 corp, his tax records are 'out there'). 

He may just run his cafe out of the goodness of his heart, just to help his ideologically committed employees in their lives. I don't really know. 

Frankly, a few months ago I never heard of this guy. Now, Max Elbaum, this old Jewish Brooklyn communist, has been pushed forward as a prominent spokesperson for the white people, and LBGTQ people, and all those self-annointed with Identity Victimhood, who are supporting the black led Race War. [(Caitlin Johnstone? ... Clever girl ... Brilliant writer ... Two faces, at least ... many more methinks)]. 

It's 'all about race', these invisible 'leaders' say. Max Elbaum, old Jewish communist, says so. It's 'all about race'. That's what THEY themselves say. And BLM co-founder Alicia Garza's father was Jewish. And an old Jewish billionaire, George Soros, signs her paychecks. 

Hmm ... 

Race War, which is exactly what our Enemy wants, is the best thing for us, folks ..... So hath it been decreed by the American Marionette Left. 

From the perspective of anyone who thinks there is a way to gain political power for the Common People without seizing it through violence, the American Left is clearly dancing on the ends of its own Enemy's strings. This 'Marionette' Left thinks that doing exactly what our Enemy wants us to do is the best thing for us to do.

Why? Why does the Marionette Left advocate that the Left should do what we all can see is EXACTLY what our own Enemy, the Elites who rule over us, MOST want us to do?

Well ... That's the thing, see ... They don't say ... They are invisible ... They have created a substantially effective one-way communications network among a certain sort of people, primarily composed from those disaffected with, or by, their own identity. But the 'Ideology of Identity' is powerful. This Ideology convey's 'victimhood' as an award. Victimhood absolves responsibility. ("Nothing's my fault, I'm just a poor victim"). When exalted to the exaggerated degree it has attained, Victimhood defines status. It defines rank, in quest of power.

We're surrounded, folks. It's just as bad on either side. Both Left and Right are lying hypocrites. Neither can, or should, be trusted. 

Where from here? Ya got me. Ole ape-man Caliban is scratching my head on this one. In March it was easy to see that riots were inevitable, and probably by June. But from this point? I don't pretend to know what is going to happen, but unless some 'new factor' should arise, prospects don't look very good for anybody, (anywhere). 

Gotta go water the hens ...