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Squatters Behind Barricaded Doors, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on land or sea:

Ms. Ellen Brown answered my comments to her article on ScheerPost.  , (in reference to her article there about monetary theory and the need for Public Banks). 

She wrote:

"Thanks Caliban. Yes agreed getting public banks established is an uphill battle. On MMT, that’s pretty much what the Fed and the Treasury have been doing this last year. Unfortunately it means plunging the federal government further into debt. My preference would be US notes or Greenbacks of the sort Lincoln’s Treasury issued during the Civil War, which would be debt-free, interest-free, and under the control of Congress. But it’s an even steeper uphill battle getting Congress to change the whole monetary system, and Congress itself is heavily influenced by banking lobbyists."  **end quote

I would love to discuss MMT with her. Either she misunderstands the concept or I do, (and she's the expert on monetary theory, not me... LOL). But the point is we can create our money in ways that are MUCH more advantageous to the interests of the Common Good. We can ALL live in greater prosperity, in a more prosperous and happy nation overall, simply by creating our money in a more 'just' way. 

Humans being the emotional creatures that we are, when the nation's general 'mood', the general spirit that prevails, becomes happier due to General Prosperity, divisive human tribal emotions are calmed. That's just the way we humans are made. Get us all grouchy and pissed because we're working a dirt muck job and making half as much, we start hating our wife's hairdo, fer crissakes, let alone each other's cultural oddities and skin color variations. 

When good paychecks are rolling in for all, and all children are happy with their lives, and all of them feel lucky to have been born into THEIR families, THAT is when people most easily 'see' past our differences.

Look ... Some white folks don't like black folks too much. And vice versa. So what? We don't have to like each other. In fact NO one can force us to. We've got a RIGHT to hold any opinion we think is right about any folks we frackin' WANT to. We have free will, and if we choose to be ashholes, well ... that's our choice. 

Racists can be racists. Let 'em. Frack 'em. They got a right. You can't FORCE people to feel or not feel these deep-rooted primitive tribal emotions. People want to act like stupid ape gorillas? Within a strict set of limits, that's their right. You CAN'T prosecute people simply for what they think, feel, and/or believe.

People have a right to be racists. But thankfully there's just not all that many of them on EITHER side, or on ANY side. Bad Feelings have gotten just completely out of hand. There's no need for all this Bad Spirit between so many of us and so many others. 

We don't have to LIKE each other. We just have to TOLERATE each other. Most of all we MUST learn that we should ALL, speaking of the nation's Common Folk, be on the SAME side.

People who should be allies must first stop being enemies.

There are The Common People. By traditional, we stand on the Left. There are The Elites. They stand on the Right. 

THAT is the ONLY definition of Left Wing and Right Wing we must come to understand.

The Enemy has Immense power, but they live by cunning alone. They are few in number. When all the Common People can 'see through' their cunning ruses, we will 'see' that they are no more than wizened old men and women dressed in pickle barrels hung from suspenders. (Or anyway .. About like the Great Oz looked when the brave girl pulled the curtain aside).

If the good people on the American Left could pull their heads out of dark warm places and into the sunshine, if we could stop demonizing people whom we need to be our allies, if we could create and articulate a message that would address the concerns of ALL our nation's Common Folk, we could kick these wizened old fools' asses SO easy.

You folks gotta quit swillin' that Stalinist Identity Politics kool-aid and listen to some Common Sense. We need you. You can do MUCH better. I have faith in you. You can quit being complete duped idiots shilling primitive tribal divisions. You can start being the perfectly intelligent and very highly motivated people that you are, without being Stalinist Bolshevik creeps who think they know everything and that whatever they think is truth itself.  

The correct move is lying very obvious in front of us. We could have been organizing this since April, but NOW is always the best time to start to do the best thing. 

This requires that people who don't like each other should just leave each other the frack alone. Just stay away. Try to understand that even though you may not like each other, you're STILL on the same side. It'll be MUCH better for ALL if we can just tolerate each other enough to form a fist and knock these Elite assholes in the fracking jaw.

Afterwards ... There'll be more for everybody, and therefore we all won't be so grouchy all the time, and we can maybe get along better. We can TRY anyway. 

Just speaking for myself, I LIKE black folks. A LOT. They just have a sort of 'easy' way about them, even as fracked up as are the conditions so many of them are forced to live in. Yea ... Well ... Folks is just folks. We all have our rough edges. I've known plenty of black folks whom I wouldn't turn my back on, but some of my very closest friendships have been with black people. Probably tghe man from whom I learned the modt was an old black homeless man name 'a Thaddeus. Thaddeus Bethel. Thaddeus took me places not too many white boys ever go. Those good folks have seemed to like me OK too, although they kind of laugh at my white bread oafishness ... LOL ... There is toleration and affection in that special laugh they do. These people nurture each other's spirits. That's just what they learn in their culture, if they are lucky enough to have any family at all to have learned culture from. 

People don't understand Poverty. Poverty is a cruel demon. Don't ever romanticize Demon Poverty. Poverty does not make people in any way 'noble'. Poverty tortures people's spirits. It rips families apart. Children grow up 'wild', often raised by older siblings who themselves are growing up 'wild'.  

Copied below are my comments in reply to Ms. Brown's comments to me.

You say you want a revolution? Well you know. 

The correct plan is very obvious in front of us.


Squatters Behind Barricaded Doors

Ms Brown:

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I don’t really know what circles you move in. I don’t know what postures you need to maintain. (We ALL surely have some ..LOL).

It certainly appears obvious that this cannot happen, it will NEVER happen, through the corrupt system that has rooted itself in this DC Sewage Scum Swamp.

A lot of people are thinking in at least the right direction. We must create our OWN political front. But we must also organize more energetic and active people into 'actions' that can bring pressure on current power brokers.

We must NEVER make any ‘demand’ unless it is at the point of our unsheathed swords.

We can ‘see’ it as a negotiation. But those across the table will know that they are, quite literally, ‘surrounded’. We will negotiate with swords in hand. We will offer them terms guided by human decency, human freedom, human love, and human need.

We won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

We’re operating under a legal charter that is eight centuries old.

It’s time for another Sit Down.

We want TRUE Democracy.

The proverbial stinky and that slapping fan blade are getting pretty close together these days. Eh? .. The Piper played, and now The Reaper comes to collect payment … Are they going to put tens of millions of people out to walk the streets?

We could seize the power to bring the engine of Capital to a grinding halt, simply by organizing a ‘general revolt’. Right from home. (Behind well barricaded doors, if need be). We can declare that we can’t pay because THEY failed us, and thus we now declare a General Moratorium on ALL Citizens’ Debt, (the latter term to be defined).

Millions of squatters behind barricaded doors?

If we’re not thinking on that scale yet … well … we’re NEVER going to get ANYTHING from the DC Sewage Scum Swamp. Nothing but their sewage scum dumped on our lives, and on our own children’s heads.