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Still Shoveling, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on land or sea:

If there is something we cherish as much as our own families, it must surely be our oldest friends. A dearly loved friend wrote back to thank me for sending the link to Dr. Turley's article, decrying the blatant censorship we can now all clearly see being applied, in unison, by the full power of Mass Media, in full support of the Democractic Party Machine.

My friend presented Obama's rationale, that when he directed his employees to obtain a FISA warrant, using the Steele Dossier as evidence, as presented to the FISA Court to obtain the warrant to spy on a political opponent, he was not using government assets, taxpayer's dollars, as campaign asserts of the Democratic Party, to gain political advantage, but was rather acting in good faith to protect the security of our precious democracy from alien/foreign invaders. 

THAT is their 'defense'? ... Uhh ... okey doke, then ... (Geez ... Is it any wonder that more and more find ourselves muttering to ourselves, "you couldn't make this shit up"?)

Copied below is my reply to my old dear friend. (We had many foolish adventures together, just at that boastful stupid age, when boys are eager to be men. Some worse than foolish. Some downright stupid. But somehow we've survived ..knock knock).

Hope all are well, with Good Spirit in our hearts. That is our badge. That is our strength. Searching for the Truth, with Good Spirit in our hearts. 

That is what we do. 

It'll be enough ...

You'll see. 


R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030

To my old friend:

Thanks for writing, Jim. The FISA warrant was obtained using the Steele Dossier as 'evidence', (as formally presented as evidence to the FISA Court to obtain the warrant). The Steele Dossier was produced 'for hire', by a private 'security firm', paid for by the Democratic Party from campaign contributions. C'mon, old friend. Surely we haven't forgotten 2+2?

RussiaGate was entirely fabricated by the Democratic Party Machine. Some clickbait ads out of a sleaze-ball boiler room operation in St Petersburg, on Facebook? it was something like $150k worth of ads, running on a set schedule, over half of which ran AFTER Election Day. $150k worth of click-bait ads in a $6 BILLION dollar election? And we think that's the Russian Government in action? And we're supposed to hate and fear such clownish bumpkins?

What they, the Mass Media, built into a majestically threatening mountain in people's minds, using the blaring megaphone of flashing colored light, glistening lips, perfect hair, and silken knees, was even less than a molehill. 

You wanna go into the click-bait business? It's like a casino. We could buy some chips. If you have some 'smarts', you know what people will click on, and which one will click on what, you can make some real money. You buy the ad, you place it in the right place, and every time someone clicks on your ad, you make 1.2375219 cents. (Did you know that a million pennies is $10,000?).    

If you do want to go into business right now, we could find some pretty girls to take off as much of their clothing as Facebook will allow. Sex always 'sells', it always reliably motivates people, and there's always plenty of pretty girls eager to sell it. 

Or ... I got an idea ... We could go on Trump Facebook pages, and put Joe Biden's smarmy smiling face, with an insult, say, "I'm Joe Biden, and I'm gonna kick Trump's butt!" You think any 'a them good ole boys'll click on that? And we can do the same thing on all Biden Facebook pages. "I'm Donald Trump, and I wipe up dirty places with scum-sucking liberals". 

It turns out that one of the guys running the St. Petersburg boiler room click-bait racket, knew a guy who knew a guy who used to be Putin's personal chef. It's the Bacon Principle (as in the 'Six Degrees'), of the New (totalitarian) Journalism. It was reported from the outset that the Internet Research Agency, (the sleaze-ball boiler room), "has close personal ties to Russian President Putin". Repeat that 17 gazillion times, out of the mouths of learned men and sexy women, and it sets up an 'echo' that begins to reverberate, and no matter where you may be, whether right beside it or far away, it sounds like a ram's horn, or a didgeridoo, it always seems to be coming from far away, as it fills the air so full of these long powerful sonic bass waves that other sounds, which would sound loud otherwise, are easily drowned out pretty much completely.

The uber-corrupt Clinton's, desperate to keep their multi-million dollar gravy-train, their Clinton Foundation charity scam, on track, latched onto Russiagate to cover their own tracks. They never thought they'd lose. In power, they'd have no worries. THAT is why they are so desperate now to win back the White House. What had been an election campaign strategy, to smear Trump with accusations that he's the puppet of a foreign power, then became an 'excuse'. It wasn't disgustingly corrupt war-monger, Harridan Hilary's fault they lost. The Russians did it! (How would you like to be Hilary Clinton, and know that so many people find you so disgustingly revolting that they'd vote in a scum-bag like Trumpty-Dumpty instead of you?)

It's TRUE, Jim. They DID it. People have testified that THEY DID IT. With Obama at the head of The Party, the Democratic Party machine concocted this Big Scam, Russiagate, and with all the immense social engineering power of Mass Media in their belts, and/or firing away at will, these people did this to our nation, and are still doing it. 

It's the Long Con. (From 'The Sting'?). "The mark's gotta STAY conned". THAT's their game now. They think they can erase events from History. (This is right out of Orwell, good brother Jim. Orwell was a prophet. He warned us, as every prophet has, and as every prophet does). 

Trump's a major league asshole, and he would have been a shitty president, but he hasn't done anything to deserve being painted as 'hitler incarnate'. This Oafus Clown couldn't shine Hitler's shoes. If he wins the election, he will probably be assassinated. He likely KNOWS that.  

THIS is how our 'political system' works, Jim. C'mon, man, you know this ... They could have easily countered his every move, politically, simply using reasoned debate, and stalled him for four years, and won it back easily. It's NOT Trump that is "destroying our democracy". They could have just waited for four years, gotten organized, and easily defeated him. But they could not do that because of what THEY had done. If they allowed him to preside, if they allowed him to exercise his legal powers of office at all, if they allowed him to even build an administration, he would surely prosecute them for their clear crimes against our nation. 

If we allow the Party in Power to use the full powers of government against their electoral rivals, sooner or later one power, Tammany Hall, it was once called, or Daley's Chicago, (now a major Democratic Machine power center), sooner or later, (most likely right-away), One Power will entrench itself behind legally impenetrable ramparts.

Obama was a fascist thug. As head of his Party, he approved the use of the powers of the US Government against a political rival. 

If we cross that line, Jim, there is NO going back, at least not this side of gunfire and blood.  

What we are seeing, before our very eyes, is a consortium of powers, 'The Syndicate', using the immense power of their wholly owned and controlled Mass Media, to affect an intricately planned and brilliantly executed 'coup' to take over our nation's government completely. 

Everything they do sets a precedent. Thus are these things becoming 'law'. They have dropped their masks. They are using their raw totalitarian power to censor a 'story', in the middle of an election campaign, because it will most certainly damage the prospects of their favored candidate. Our Mass Media, Jim, ALL our Mass Media, are working as an 'arm' of The Syndicate, and The Syndicate is currently backing the bulldozer Demo Machine. 

The Syndicate is currently using the Democratic Party Machine to represent its best interests. Yea, sure, Fox News. You think they're idiots? Of COURSE Fox News. There's gotta be a 'steam outlet'. Just as long as they can keep The Truth drowned out. 

Anyway ... Glad you're interested, some of the people who get my emails, and apparently read-them, (since they sometimes write back), are ex-CIA. Ray McGovern would be a good name to learn about. He's got the Russiagate 'case' fully 'down', in great detail. (He was a CIA analyst for 24 years, and in the 80s he personally presented the Daily Intelligence Briefing to the President). 

Say hello to Diane. Hope you and yours are well. We're still kickin' things along here at 'the farm'. I've got to shovel out both coops before winter sets in hard. Ugh ... Caliban no likey shovel chicken shit ... 

Thanks again for writing, old friend