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The Balfour Declaration, Chaim Weizmann & the Morgenthau mission, by Peter Myers

Chaim Weizmann scuttled The Morgenthau mission to Turkey, which aimed to make a Separate Peace with Turkey. It might have shortened World War 1 by more that a year. Weizmann did it because, had the mission succeeded, there would have been no Balfour Declaration and no Israel.Morgenthau was Jewish, but anti-Zionist.The text below is a draft of part of the book Prolonging the Agony, by Jim MacGregor & Gerry Docherty. The book was published about a month ago. Serious researchers MUST buy this book. The text below may be slightly different from the book. summary of the important evidence dealing with the Morgenthau mission is at Yale was involved in the mission. His paper is damning of Weizmann. Yale wrote:"three Jews, — Weyl, a French Jew, Morgenthau, a German Jew by birth, and Weizmann, a Russian Jew by origin — decided whether or not the Allies should attempt to make a separate peace with the Turks"William Yale, Ambassador Henry Morgenthau’s special mission of 1917, World Politics, 1/3 (1949), pp. 309-10Yale's article is at (an internet first - and it's ONLY here) of Chaim Weizmann on how the Balfour Declaration came about. materials are here for the first time. You won't find them anywhere else on the internet.Download & save them while you can.

My article The Balfour Declaration, Chaim Weizmann & the Morgenthau missionis now at have added this bit:New York Times article of August 15, 1917, titled SENT TO SOUND TURKEY?; Rumor in Washington That Morgenthau Goes on a Peace MissionSpecial to The New York Times.August 15, 1917, Section , Page 3WASHINGTON, Aug. 14.--According to the Foreign Affairs News Service, Henry Morgenthau, former Ambassador to Turkey, before leaving for Europe, ostensibly as the head of a mission to investigate possibilities for ameliorating the condition of war sufferers in Pales tine, took his instructions directly from President Wilson.pdf is at:

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