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The Downton Abbey Deception? by J. Speer-Williams

Today there is a popular British period miniseries on television. The story is set in a fictional Yorkshire country estate known as Downton Abbey. The miniseries begins with the sinking of the RMS Titanic and continues through World War I, the Spanish influenza pandemic, and the formation of the Irish Free State. The costumes used in the series are authentic enough, I am told, as are the relations between the Downton Abbey family and their servants.
But, I wonder … is the story about true aristocrats or about foreign interlopers who were actually plutocrats? (Note: For the purpose of this article I define the terms aristocrat and plutocrat as follows: Aristocrat (blessing): Someone who is the best of their kind; Plutocrat (parasite): A person whose power derives exclusively from their wealth, no matter how unethically or illegally that wealth was attained.) We hear of how aristocrats are effete dilettantes who live only on inherited riches gained off the backs of working men. They are said to be dabblers and amateurs with little purpose, never providing sustenance to others. The confusion and diabolizing of the term aristocrat has been generated to deny us an ideal to which we all could aspire.
At one time England’s aristocracy was based on personal achievements and a responsibility for the welfare of their nation and its citizens. Those born into such honorable aristocratic families were deeply affected at an early age of their need to make important contributions to their country and countrymen. Often England’s aristocratic families were wealthy, but being propertied with grand estates, or having awe-inspiring bank accounts, was not a requirement for nobility. Men or women of humble birth who were knighted by the king or queen for outstanding service to the nation were catapulted into the aristocracy, along with their descendants.
Oliver Cromwell (1579-1658) began the change of this honorable and time-tested system when he became the Lord Protector of England, Scotland, and Ireland. He brought back into England and gave citizenship to the foreign money changers (and their ilk and relatives) who had been expelled from his country by Edward I in 1290 for their deleterious effects on his nation’s general population. It had been well recognized that those usurers ruined countries financially, took them to war, and destroyed the morals of any nation in which they resided.
By criminal means, rather than by public service, many of these bankers were made barons, earls, marquises, and even dukes. With bribes and blackmail, the money lenders bought their titles of nobility, even though they were far from being noble.  No longer were worthwhile contributions to the general welfare as honored in England as they had been. Pure wealth, no matter how one came by it, became the leading criterion for admittance into the ranks of nobility. And by owning the Bank of England, these newly nationalized bankers had all the  money they wanted by stealing it from the people. Then, during what was labeled the Age of Enlightenment (1650s-1780s), the imported bankers hired their kin and other lackeys to fill the Upper and Lower Houses of the Parliament, thus taking control of England’s political life. Under such control, the bankers built a worldwide empire they erroneously called the British Empire in order to deflect attention from themselves. It was a Banker’s Empire that brought destruction and death to the English people and to the world; but it, of course, enriched the bankers both economically and politically.
What was once called the British Empire is today falsely known as the American Empire; however it has always in actuality been the Banker’s Empire, as it is still controlled by the same warlike banking syndicate – the alien International Banking/Monetary Cartel. Now the devolution seems complete. No longer does America have an aristocracy built on the excellent foundation of our Founding Fathers. Instead, our country is run by a nasty plague of plutocrats, who have not only impoverished Americans, but the  entire world, and they are intent on enslaving it. Currently, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the United States of America have economic/political/war criminals forming the upper levels of their societies, governments, and financial apparatuses. The ignorant vast voting public of “democratic” England and America play only supporting roles in forming the policies that cause and continue this worldwide cancer of poverty, destruction, and death. So, the subversion of the UK/US elite is no longer merely an internal problem of those two nations, as this axis of evil has spread its negativity around the world and continues to do so.
These plutocrats will never accept any responsibility for our working classes, and in fact, they enjoy their superiority over them. Worse yet, UK/US governmental entitlement programs will be phased out, as they have served their purpose of centralizing power in the hands of the elite plutocrats. England and America are actually each two countries: the plutocrats who rule, and the rest of us. And with the wide and astonishing ignorant publics in both nations, the plutocrats have little to fear. Yes, noble (aristocratic) births have given way to ignoble (plutocratic) births, therefore the downward spiral of life continues across the world. The only way to defeat these utterly misguided psychopaths (plutocrats) and their New World Order is for enough of us to truly become the change we wish to see and to help others to do the same by putting forth truths that will set us all free.
So, is the family portrayed in Downton Abbey aristocratic or plutocratic? If the young men of the Downton Abbey family actually enter the combat of World War I, it would indicate that the family was, indeed, aristocratic, as the young men of plutocrats are bred to start wars, but to never endanger themselves in them. You can see this played out today in the banker-proxy wars of the dying Middle East: the sons and relatives of the bankers and their minions have lost no blood there – and yet it was this tribe of psychopaths who started the blood shed there.