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The Forces in the Field, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on land or sea:

Caliban is eager to write much more about his Vision. (I know, writing in the third person is ridiculously presumptuous, and may appear pretentious. Hey....Gimme a break...I'm trying to do a 'thing' here. I assure all that I'm NOT 'presuming' status, and I'm certainly NOT 'pretending' to be anything I am not). Caliban would rather write more about his Vision, but first I think we need to face the stark realities that stand before us, in our way.

I often chide other writers for only dealing with 'what'. Few ever offer us any 'how'. We got 'what' up the ole whazoo. 'How' is pretty scarce these days, as we find ourselves surrounded with what we can ALL see is full blown mass social and political insanity. (Our beloved fallen nation is very far from the first nation that has been gripped with mass insanity). 

Caliban knows 'how'. But again, a 'Vision' is easy to 'see', but difficult to 'explain'.

But clumsy words are the only tools we have. Explaining the 'how' is going to take a few. 

To present the thesis in brief: I think 'the Vision' itself actually represents the 'how'. We have to formulate and present a Vision of a Better World, (do any even remember old Woody?), and then we simply must win both hearts and minds to 'see' it. 

The ground between hearts and minds is infinitely complex, of course. Pitfalls abound. There are many ways to fail, many ways to become ensnared in the myriad traps that The Enemy has laid.  

But the methodology, the basic 'how', is as simple as that. Present a compelling Vision, and then simply win hearts AND minds to 'see' it. (C'mon, folks. This ain't 'rocket science').

True Democracy is 'god-given'. ("The laws of Nature, and of Nature's God", as Jefferson put it). True Democracy is not something bestowed by any human authority. Our personal 'power', our 'social agency', as Citizens, is a gift from God, or Nature, (take your pick). When 'the folks' do 'see' Caliban's Vision, they will 'vote' for it with their bodies, with their feet, with their hearts, AND with their minds. They will vote even with their blood, their sweat, and their tears. (Apologies to Ole John Bull, old Winston, who famously said, "Democracy is the WORST form of government, except for ALL the others").  

Our human spirits have been deliberately much-polluted by the temptations of the flesh, by our primitive animal foibles, in order to control our behavior. Our Enemy is cunning. The Enemy is always eager to exploit every one of the so-called "seven deadly sins" to lead us, in confusion, in this direction and that. The Enemy uses our human weaknesses, which are legion in ALL of us, in EACH of us, to control us. 

But The People, the nation's yeomen folk, instinctively know what we yearn for in our deepest hearts. And The Enemy, however cunning, cannot erase it from there. It is permanently indelible. Love. Family. To cherish our own children's dreams. Those are the things we ALL yearn for, which make us otherwise primitive human beasts capable of Civilization. 

Ah...Paradox....Paradox....again the Human Paradox. Humans motivations are infinitely complex... the human heart is a deep dark cauldron...sometimes it simmers....sometimes it boils furiously...The vapors that rise can often be toxic. But it is the basic simplicity of our deepest yearning that is The Fire. Love. Family. To cherish our own children's dreams. Which of us do not so yearn? 

We just have to actualize this basic human yearning into a Vision that can bring it forth from The People's deepest hearts, to fill our minds. (That's all. C'mon, folks. We can do this. Caliban knows 'how'. But I need YOUR help).

Much more about 'all that' later, (in future essays). First I think we need to look directly into the 'face of the dragon'. I think we must directly confront the immensity of our simple task. We cannot go forth skipping happily like Pollyanna. We must have a sober, narrow-eyed view of the immensity of the power we must defeat, we must clearly 'see' the Enemy forces arrayed against us, in order for a New Nation, and a New World, to be born into a New Spirit.

So let us survey the landscape of the field on which we must fight this Enemy. "Know the Enemy, and know thyself, and ye need not fear the outcome of any battle", saith ole Sun-Tzu. True enough, as far as it goes, but it is also crucial to "know the ground". A wise general knows that his troops must seek out and hold the 'high ground'. Talking of 'troops' is but a clumsy metaphor, of course. We're talking about 'moral ground' here. The victorious 'army' in this epic battle will be the one that wins, and holds, and fights from, the moral high ground. 

In addition to the 'lay of the ground', we need to take inventory of the forces already in the field, and realistically assess the ground those forces now hold. 

Five major forces (at least) are in the field. 1)The Enemy, the Ruling Elites; 2) the Bolshevik Marionette so-called 'Left' faction; aka: the Woke Cult Crazies; 3) the 'free market'/libertarian so-called 'Right' faction, (of which the much-confused 'MAGA bloc' is a sub-faction; 4) those who have no faction to represent them, but are keenly 'tuned in' to events, wishing that some faction would form up to speak for them; and 5) the Apathetic, (some, in the latter group are lost to hopelessness/despair, but many are lost simply to 'bread and circus', to the pursuit of carnal animal needs and desires). 

I write as an Authentic Leftist. I put the terms 'Left' and 'Right' (above) in hash-marks, and use the modifier "so-called", because I 'see' that they are largely artificially contrived, (even if furiously animated), groupings, contrived by the cunning Enemy, to confuse us ALL, to Divide and Rule. 

Many among the Common People are SEVERELY confused, and in their confusion, they are VERY easy for the always brilliantly cunning Enemy to control, to manipulate this way and that.

The Authentic Left understands that. The Authentic Left does not regard ANY among the nation's yeomen folk, as 'enemies'. However confused any among the Common People might currently be, the Authentic Left 'sees' them, and always will, as its crucially needed allies. (People who should allies must FIRST stop being enemies).

Geez, folks. It's been almost 58 years, (the anniversary is in just a few days, on August 8th), since a peach-faced LittleBobby first sang his brilliant 'song of wisdom' in public. He had just written it a few days before. If I'm not mistaken, it hadn't even been studio-recorded yet, let alone released, when Dr. King himself, (surely the greatest prophet our nation has yet produced), invited the scruffily looking little vagabond genius, (maybe the greatest 'poet' our nation has yet produced), to sing it only a short time before Dr. King gave his still resounding "I have a Dream" speech from the same stage. (There's a video of Dylan singing on that landmark historic day).

The Authentic Left understands this crucially important spiritual maxim. However confused any of us among 'the folk' might be, we are NOT The Enemy. We are NOT one another's enemies. Many are confused, but they are "only pawns in their [The Enemy's] game". 

People who should be allies must FIRST stop being enemies.

The Authentic Left, to which the crazed edifice of the Bolshevik Marionette so-called 'Left', (the Woke Cult), is anathema, currently has no formal existence. It is not yet a force that is capable of taking the field. But it is, by FAR, the force with the winning balance of power. Why? Because The Authentic Left represents The People, the nation's common folk, ALL the Common People, left, right, up, down, and all around, no matter how confused any of them might be, against the rapacious Lust and Greed of The Enemy, the Ruling Elites. 

The Authentic Left defines itself by moral and spiritual commitment to the "safety and happiness", (as Jefferson put it), of The People. The Authentic Left always seeks to occupy the Moral High Ground.   

The Authentic Left represents the 'One Great Soul', (as Steinbeck called it), of all Humanity. 

The Authentic American Left has not yet even taken the field, but when it does, it will do so 'by storm'.

The current so-called 'Left', and so-called 'Right', are NOT each other's enemies. They have been duped by the cunning Enemy into thinking they are, into fighting one another. Divide and Rule. (Quite literally, "the oldest rick in the book".) As long as The People are divided into confused and mutually hateful factions, especially along the fault lines of our most primitive biological/tribal instincts, The People will remain politically impotent, pitifully helpless to oppose The Enemy's, the Ruling Elites', immense power.

Identify the Enemy. People who should be allies must FIRST stop being enemies. 

I am going to write an essay assaying the nature of each of the Five Major Forces now in the field. Caliban's next 'dispatch', 'The Bleating of the Bolshevik Sheep', will follow shortly.

All for One. One for All.


R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm (the old Webber place)
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030