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The Forest is Over Yonder, Right Behind Them Trees, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on land or sea:

A worried friend wrote to ask if Caliban is OK. "You've been very quiet lately", he said.

Yea, I'm OK. Any writer worth 2 cents better spend some time 'staring into the abyss' if she or he wants her or his work to be worth a shit. There's a time to speak, (or write), and a time to listen, (and think). Self-awareness is the crucial key to our (Humanity's) survival. Anyone who does not spend some time questioning their EVERY belief, might manage to write a thing or two of interest, but they'll soon fall far astray of whatever purpose their writing may have wanted to serve.

It's sure not fun. Self-awareness does NOT 'tickle'. It is an excruciatingly painful and difficult process. I'm used to it. Some people go to the gym to 'work out'. Some do 'workouts' of their spirit.

Half measures bring little gain. Ya gotta 'go to the root', (ya gotta be 'radical'). You gotta question EVERY dang belief, down to the most basic premise. Much like working out our muscles, if you can do that, if you can do disciplined exercises 'of the spirit', your spirit will be that much stronger for it.

Everybody remembers what ole Nietzsche said, "That which does not kill me", etc. Yea ... well ... it can be risky awright, this 'staring into the abyss' stuff. (You CAN die from it). But if you want your words to be worth jack shit, there is no other way to accomplish that.

Well ... Blame my friend, then. There I was, earnestly depressed and searching for new hope, questioning every belief, trying with every ounce of spirit to 'understand', to 'see', and along comes a true friend with some simple caring concern. Blame him, folks ...  Ole Caliban done got his mojo back.


I’ve been reading Andre Vltchek’s material for a relativelylong time, (at least years). He certainly writes a lot, about a lot of things. Hedoes present us with valuable insights from time to time, which is why I’m still readinghis stuff, but he also seems to think he should write about things he knows very little about. He has a habit of scratching the surface of things, and then giving us his 'in-depth' opinion of what he has found.

He constantly reminds us of his valiant travels, to reportfaithfully, and heroically, (he’s  always sure to let us know), on a lot of situations andcircumstances that he actually knows very little about. (I guess he never heardDylan’s ‘Hard Rain’. “I’ll know my song well before I start singing”).

“Investigative reporter” is among the many distinctivetitles our good Mr. Vltchek  claims, (in his self-bio). If his report on events in Minneapolis,USA is indicative of the general quality of his ‘investigations’, hiscredibility, as a journalist, just plummeted precipitously among any who knowthe actual facts about the George Floyd tragedy.

Clearly Mr. Vltchek considers that ‘playing to the mob’,seeking popularity, will serve him far better than actually acting like an‘investigative reporter’, by actually doing some investigating, and searchingfor the truth. Anecdotal accounts from the ‘person on the street’ do have theirown value, (and thank you for those, Mr. Vltchek), but does this poor man think that they represent ‘the truth’? (LOL … Geez… Apparently the poor man does).

George Floyd was NOT ‘murdered’. He was not even ‘killed’.He ‘died’ of catastrophic heart failure while being arrested for criminal behavior.He had a heart attack, after he went violently berserk and violently resistedarrest. He was flying so sky-high, on several drugs, that he was stupid enoughto fight the police AFTER the sum-bitch was already under arrest and handcuffedbehind his back.

The police involved in Floyd’s arrest were trained to usethe ‘kneel on back and neck’ restraint to control a violently berserk person.It is believed, by consensus of many of the nation’s police, that thisrestraint is the best way to control a violently berserk person  safely, (including, in fact especially,for the berserk person’s OWN safety). The knee on neck did NOT restrict Floyd’sbreathing. There is no evidence in the official autopsy that Floyd wasstrangled or choked. He “couldn’t breathe” because he was dying of a heartattack.

Extreme shortness of breath is almost always present duringa heart attack. Chances are that this poor meth and opiate junkie’s diseasedheart was spiking to over 200 bpm, and his blood pressure with it. All he hadto do is sit down in the damn car, and he might still be alive, if the hugedose of fentanyl in him, along with the crystal meth, which was plenty enoughto kill many people, did not do him in while he just sat there. (I suspect, buthave no evidence of it, that Floyd ‘swallowed his stash’ when he saw the policecoming, and this pushed a person already in a state of drug psychosis/mania,‘over the edge’).

It is just completely dingbat crazy to contend that a meanand aggressive drug addict, a man with a history of convictions for violentcrime, who was not only sky-high on crystal meth when he died, but also had apotentially lethal dose of fentanyl in his blood, (anyone can examine the officialautopsy report online), was “murdered” because his diseased junkie heart gaveout while he was being arrested for yet another crime.

There is no evidence, at ALL, presented by ANYONE, that anyof the four arresting officers held any racial animus or enmity, at all, against the personthey were arresting. They remained veryb calm and professional throughout the entire incident. They had called an ambulance when they realized Floyd was gone completely psychotic. They had been arresting Floyd for ‘just cause’, after he allegedly passed a counterfeit bill at a convenience store, which has long been afavorite ruse of many junkies. You buy a 59 cent item with a bogus $20 bill,(not a Benjamin, or a 50, because they look at those too closely), and then youhave $19 and change of real money in your hands. You go when the store isreally busy, and the cashiers are moving too fast to pay attention.

Two of the four officers accused of ”racist murder” by TheMob, (in a nation now fallen under blatant ‘mob rule’), were people of color.

Mr. Vltchek has embarrassed himself severely, in coming tomy nation, (where my children live, and where they are trying their best,against increasingly long odds, to nurture my grandchildren's hopes and dreams), doinga couple of ‘on the street’ anecdotal interviews, and then clownishly pretendingthat he is an “investigative reporter” presenting the results of an‘exhaustive’ investigation.

Mr. Vltchek makes himself look rather like ole Bozo here,and he is too good a writer to do this to himself. (Get your massively pompousego in some kind of ‘check’, sir, lest you keep embarrassing yourself thisway).

Caitlin Johnstone, just posted another of her brilliant articles, this one about the new ‘color revolution’ underway in Belarus. Mr.Vltchek doesn’t even need to do any investigating. Just read her article, andthink back on the events in Maidan, (and/or Hong Kong, or where any ‘colorrevolution’ has taken place), and then just s’more about what he reports is happening in the US.

If Mr. Vltchek wants to try to understand what is happeningin the US, he best do a LOT of thinking, or investigating, (or some dang thing), before he goes on embarrassinghimself like this.

The US is currently itself being subjected to a well-planned‘color revolution’. Mr. Vltchek reports of thge activities of the color revcolution operatives, without even being able to gerasp or realize what he is seeing and reporting on. (The forest is over yonder, sir, just behind all them trees). 

Just as ‘they’ do in all nations whose government ‘they’want to overthrow, they coddle and encourage, and, most critically, FINANCE,the opposition, (whether on the Left or Right), in that country.

That is EXACTLY what is happening in my nation now, Mr.Vltchek.

Mr. Vltchek goes on and on about this sophisticatedoperation taking place, (and still in progress), with well-disciplined ‘crews’ of deep state-type operativesfunctioning in dozens, if not hundreds of places, disguised as ‘demonstrators’.What does he think happened in Maidan? Who does he think was financing AndriyParuby and his ‘UkroNazi’ buddies? The US spent $5 billion to buy Mr. Parubyhis sandbox. Who does Mr. Vltchek think those snipers in Maidan were paid by?

‘They’ are now doing this in the US. (It's only a matter of time until the snipers show up). 

Black Lives Matter is financed by the friggin’ ENEMY, (fereffin’ crissakes, Mr. Vltchek … geez. This is well-established FACT!). Mega-billionairesbought BLM their computers. Our Enemy, the Syndicate of the Mega-Rich thatrules over our suffering nation, pay the rent for BLM’s offices. The Syndicatepays for the Glamorous Ladies of BLM’s $1500 hairdos, (so they can better fight forthe poor and downtrodden), and the glamorous glisten on their ruby red lips,and the sparkly glitter they like to dabble on their beauteous cheeks. (Gee …One can squint one’s eyes and imagine Alicia Garza looking in her bedroommirror and ‘seeing’ herself as Beyonce. The ego is the crucial linchpin, ladies and gents).

Every damn one of the mega-billionaires in the US, everycorporation, every media-propaganda outlet, every single effin’ ONE, (okay, I’merupting into silly hyperbole here, LOL, “almost every one” would be an accuratestatement), have issued ‘heart felt’ support for BLM and the ‘heroic’leadership of its ‘heroically’ glamorous ladies.

Hey … When your own damn Enemy is supporting what you do,maybe folks oughtta’ stop and think over their own strategy? Ever thought 'a that angle, mister hot-shot investigative journalist? 

The human ego is the crucial linchpin, the crucial lever, that the Enemy uses.Divide and rule is STILL this cunning Enemy’s ‘game’. At the precise momentthat the earthquake of the cratering US economy begins its portentous deeprumble, deep below our feet, a Race War just ‘spontaneously’ happens to breakout? Hmm … Gee … Wasn’t it Mass Media hype over the carefully selected Floyd videothat ‘set this off’? Doesn't our Enemy, the Elite Syndicate that rules the US and wants to rule the world, own and completely control ALL the Mass Media. Can Mr. Vltchek add 2 + 2? (How many deeds has Mr. Vltchek bought, to how manybridges? Geez ...)

"Heh-heh-heh", resounds our cunning Enemy's evil chuckle. "If we get the ignorant masses groveling and fightingeach other over their primitive tribal animosities, they will be too busy tofight us". Does Mr. Vltchek think our cunning Enemy just thought this up? (TheElite Class among the ancient Sumerians were doing the SAME dang thing almost10,000 years ago).

There is PLENTY of GENUINE police brutality happening in mycrazy, suffering, long gone certifiably insane, nation. The militarization ofThe Police is clearly incipient naked fascism. The Police in the US kill about3 people every damn day. (And they kill TWICE as many white people as blackpeople. Do you HEAR? TWICE as effin’ many. Geez). Thousands of videos ofgenuine police brutality exist. The Mass Media Barons who run our nation, Mr.Vltchek, don’t select videos to hype that show clear-cut police brutality. Nooo… They always select a video to hype in which appearances give a strong andvery dramatic impression, while the actual FACTS tell a much different story.

They do that (obviously) because their objective is NOT topromote justice, (racial, or any other kind), but rather to create the maximumamount of divisive strife between various social (tribal) groups. Every timesome duped idiot leftist writer talks about Floyd’s ‘murder’, the reactionistpassions of people who know the actual truth are inflamed. That’s EXACTLY whatthe Enemy wants.

Divide and rule. With the Enemy holding control of ALL Mass Media, (the means of communication are the means of power), this is much easier to do today than it was in ancient Sumeria.

"I can hire half the working class to kill the other half". J Gould

One wonders if Mr. Vltchek has ever even been exposed to theconcept of ‘divide and rule’, or if his ego’s desire for popularity, whichseems to be causing him to ‘play to the mob’, is just so intense that he can’tsee the forest because he is far too engrossed in ‘investigating’ every tree.

Please don’t come to my nation, Mr. Vltchek, pretending tobe an ‘investigative reporter’, spewing this kind of grossly clownish and negligently uninformed bullshit. my grandchildren are not under dire threat just so you can feed your massive ego.

If you’re going to stumble around as a duped agent of theEnemy, please do it someplace else.

My family, my beloved grandchildren, are in great danger. (“Diredanger?”, asked the smart aleck lawyer. “Is there any other kind?”, answeredthe smugly, but stupidly, confident colonel). Do you 'get' that, sir?

The last effin’ thing we need is pretentious clowns comehere to serve their massive egos.   

My nation is in a possible death spiral, Mr. Vltchek. Wesure don’t need pretentious pompous idiots coming here from foreign lands toplay to the mob while pretending to be ‘investigative journalists’. People likeyou, obviously completely duped by the Enemy's cunning, are just making things worse.

You are INCREASING the danger that threatens my family, sir.An old ‘papa’ ape-man does NOT take kindly to that, sir. Please STOP! (I'm asking nicely).


R Zwarich

Bent Birch Farm

63 Webber Rd

Brookfield, MA 01506

774 449-8030

PS: As long as you’re here as a tourist interested in USaffairs, Mr. Vltchek, why don’t you give a call and stop buy here in central MA. Good coffee hereat ‘the farm’. I’ll make ya some sourdough pancakes. We can have a chat. What say?