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The Goebbels Committee in Triumph, by Ray Zwarich

To all in peril, (which now includes everyone):

Things are going really well for the Goebbels Committee. They are flexing their full power now. "Drain the Traitors" is their next move. The full balrog behemoth of Corporate Power is now being brought fully to bear against all political opponents of the all-powerful DPM, (the hob-nailed Democratic Party Machine). 

There's really hardly anything useful to say to to this crazed mob about all this at this particular moment. People are still in the throes of this Mass Mob Hysteria. There is no reasoning with mobs until their raging passion is spent. 

They have won this power. It was by hook and crook, but they won. By the power of conquest, it is now their prerogative to exercise their new-found power. Citizens' constitutional rights have all been summarily suspended. Freedom of speech, and freedom of the press have been canceled. We now must watch what we say, and where, and to whom, we say it. The right to assemble, and to petition for redress of grievances through mass demonstrations has been canceled. 

The Reichstag fire? How easy was it for a handful of highly trained operatives to transform a peaceful demonstration into a "coup attempt"? A few provocateurs, (likely CIA under the guise of Antifa), literally a small handful, supported by the blaring siren voice of Mass Media United, was all it took.  (These people calling that event an "insurrection" and/or "coup" are too stupid, in their raging passions, to even realize that they are fooling only themselves, and the uninformed. And are earning themselves the hateful soul-deep vitriol of tens of millions of people).

Purge any from Congress who dared cast a vote against them? Is Stalin himself their leader and inspiration now? Now any officeholder, any legal representative in Congress, who even dared to exercise their right to cast a vote according to their conscience, to express the will of the people who elected them, are being purged from Congress. 

People are already being fired from their jobs in the public sector (government employees, teachers, police, etc) if they even were present at the Capitol demonstration, whether they entered the Capitol building or not. It's proposed that anyone in the military who attended the demonstration should be court-martialed. The corporate sector will follow, of course. Anyone who dares to oppose the hob-nailed DPM will find it harder to even make a living in America. Some in Congress are proposing that anyone attending should be put on the official 'no fly' list. And on and on.  

Mass Mob Hysteria, orchestrated by the Goebbels Committee that controls ALL our Mass Media, now rules America. For my international readers, please understand that American has fallen under full Mob Rule, orchestrated and fueled by Mass Media, and led from the White House itself. 

Three years ago the Goebbels Committee learned how easy it was to turn perfectly intelligent women into an hysterical mob of shrieking #metoo banshees and harpies, holding 'public executions', (figuratively speaking, of course), in the Public Square at High Noon. (A US Senator was forced to resign for making a lewd joking gesture about a prostitute's breasts, in a private moment with friends. The woman in question, Lee Ann Tweeden, made her living from 'selling her sex', by lifting her dress every chance she got to let all the boys in the whole nation see her pretty titties and her pretty little pee-pee. Earning money by helping millions of boys masturbate sure seems like "selling sex" to me). 

Then last May the Goebbels Committee learned that they could whip the Marionette Left into Mass Mob Hysteria just by running a video of police doing their jobs by subduing a large powerful violent man who was sky high at the time on both crystal meth and fentanyl, who died of a heart attack/heart failure while being subdued.  

Irony abounds. -- J Rohr (City on a Hill).

For a person like me, who has been a leftist since 1968, the 'unkindest cut', in all this, has come from people like Chris Hedges. (Excuse me while I spit). For years, he's spewed forth his cheap dilettante's bullshit (it turns out) rhetoric about the rise of fascism. (I once respected him, until I found out how full of lies and other various varieties of stinky-ass shit he is). 

Then after preaching all that bullshit about the rise of fascism, for all those years, he, and people like his idiot 'professional leftist' Scheer Fambly Bid'ness partner, Robert Scheer, (who still thinks he's really 'somebody' because 50 years ago, as a privileged middle class publisher, he coddled the Black Panthers), cheered this fascist DPM Mass Media Coup as it unfolded. [Chris Hedges is not just a lying propagandist, as he has proven himself to be. (I can PROVE it, if he wants to sue me for libel, and I'd sure relish the opportunity to present the hard evidence). He is either a paid DPM operative, (very unlikely in my opinion), or else he is just a stupid middle class dilettante whose massively needful ego has driven him to complete idiocy.] 

This brazen Mass Media Coup could NOT have happened without the FULL and enthusiastic (and ongoing) participation of the idiot American Marionette Left. These idiotic people, brandishing their racist cult identitarian ideology, just elected their OWN Enemy into power, and are STILL helping their own Enemy in their current take-over of our nation. These incredibly stupid people have just cooked themselves up, with gravy, sauce, and all the fixins', to be their own holiday goose, and they are STILL too idiot stupid to even yet 'see' what they've done.

Now people like AOC are helping the Goebbels Committee purge their opponents from Congress. That girl 'had me going'. I actually thought she had potential to mature into a genuine leader. It hasn't even been but a few weeks ago, (on ScheerPost, as irony would have it, before I was 'purged' by that gang of idiotic Stalinist thugs), that I was writing that she could be president one day. But now she's shown herself to be just another shallow-minded and bigoted bartender from the Bronx, (proving yet again that people do rise to their level of incompetence). She's as dingbat crazed in the current hysteria as anyone, and perhaps more than most.

Do these Marionette Left idiots think the Ruling Elite's DPM is now going to take them to the candy store and get them all the Medicare for All and Green New Deals they can eat? (Geez ... The magnitude of these people sheer raw stupidity just staggers the mind). 

For folks who can 'see' what Caliban 'sees', for folks who actually understand what just happened, (and continues to unfold), please take heart. What we see happening, this takeover and destruction of every last vestige of what many have thought this nation 'stood for', is actually a sign of weakness and desperation on the part of the perpetrators.

The Syndicated Ruling Elites, and their powerful Goebbels Committee orchestrating events with their giant Mass Media United bludgeon, would NOT have done this if they were not desperate. The cunning coyness of the 'one-eyed jack' has been obliterated. The evil knave has shown us its full naked face. He would NOT have done that had he had ANY other option.

According to multiple polls, 40% of American know the election was rigged. There are 210 million people over 18 (of voting age) in American. 40% is 84 MILLION people of voting age who now find themselves accused of being "traitors". 17% of Democrats say they know the election was rigged. That's over 14 million Democrats who acknowledge that their own DPM stole the election. 31% of 'independents' say the election was stolen. That's also about 14 million. These 84 MILLION Americans, 28 million of whom aren't Republicans, are now being accused of "treason" because they have refused to complement the Naked Emperor's New Clothes. 

This Ruling Elite Syndicate will LOSE! They know it! Believe me, they DO! They are in such deep shit on every side that they are desperate. What they are doing now only exposes their own desperation.

They will punch themselves out, like a stupid prize fighter with poor trainer.  84 million Americans will bide our time. (There's a time for every purpose, a time for punching, and a time for some "rope-a-dope"). When it's time to punch back, we'll be well organized, and we'll be fighting from the moral high ground. 

Don't panic. Don't despair. We WILL win! This Ruling Syndicate will LOSE, (and this idiot clown-show Marionette Left with it)! 

But will Humanity survive and prevail? Our Enemy will decide. Will they kneel and offer up their sword-hilts in defeat? Or will they take us all with them? (It's going to be VERY exciting the closer we get to the 'moment of truth').

Be of strong heart, fellow Americans. Hysteria is a state of raging passions. It always burns itself out. This hysterical Mob will 'punch itself out' in its current victory mania. (For those who don't know sports terminology, that phrase refers to a prize fighter who foolishly throws so many wild punches in the early rounds that his arms go dead with fatigue, and he's easy prey in the later rounds).

This Mass Media Coup, this take-over of the United States by the Ruling Elites, will NOT stand. 84 MILLION of us are fully aware of what happened. How many of those 84 million are patriots? How many will 'fight' to save their nation? 

Clearly ... We're going to find out.