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The Ignorant American, by Ray Zwarich

To all the really good ones, and to all in peril on the sea,

The Caliban Clown is always worried about overstepping welcome. It is his difficulty in prioritizing social niceties that often makes him unsure. He takes comfort in acknowledging that people's 'delete' keys are always close at every hand.

But like any old silverback, Cal takes his responsibility to family, clan, and tribe VERY seriously. Danger rapidly approaches. The silverback becomes razorback, as neck bristles with awareness of threat.

There are things that MUST be said. If Cal was hearing other people say them, as forcefully, as widely, and as effectively, as they MUST be said ... Cal would gladly exhale, peel another banana, and listen. 

But I'm listening, and I'm just not hearing what MUST be said. 

The instincts that compel an old male human ape are so powerful that they drive him past many vain concerns. 

Copied below is an essay I posted in today's Boston Globe, (where I have established, and maintain, a public voice).

"The Ignorant American" would probably be a suitable title.  

Our nation's leaders, on every side, are all gone WAYY off the 'deep end'. It's time we look to one another and realize that our fate, the fate of all Humanity, and all our grand-children's dreams, is up to us.  

Hope all are well and strong,

R Zwarich (CC)
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The Ignorant American  

The Pot and the Kettle got into a nettle and called eachother “Black!”

Each could see the other but neither one could bother to seetheir own self-lack.

My friend, the Caliban Clown, laughs sardonically when hehears ignorant city folks make fun of ignorant country folks, as does our goodself-parodying exemplar of bigotry, our good citizen 2000lex in comments above.

Most of the citizens in our nation believe many things thatare easily demonstrable, (if we used reason, and orderly 'rules of evidence'),as completely untrue.

Since most of the people in our nation live in urban areas,there are many (many, many) more 'ignorant' people in cities like Boston thanthere are ignorant “hicks” in places like small town and rural Tennessee.

We should note that the word 'ignorance' is rooted in theword 'ignore'. Ignorance is not 'stupidity'. Many very smart people are smuglyignorant. Ignorance is an ignoring of the facts. Many very smart people believewhat they want to believe, and in doing so they willfully ignore the facts.

The roots of the current “Impeachment Frenzy” (as Ms. Krantzcalls it) lie in Ukraine.  

Hmmm … The Caliban Clown says he would sure like to test thegood citizen 2000lex's knowledge of affairs and events in Ukraine. Perhaps sheor he would surprise Cal, but I don’t need ole Caliban to tell me that mostAmerican citizens are woefully ignorant of the actual facts. I see it everyday, right here in this BG public forum.

Anyone who doesn't know who Andriy Parubiy is, (the leaderof the Maidan 'movement’, and also the founder of the Ukrainian NationalSocialist neo-Nazi party, which changed its name to Svoboda, 'freedom' inUkrainian, at the behest of US officials), or who doesn't know who IhorKolomoisky is, (the powerful warlord oligarch who signed Hunter Biden'spaychecks), and so on, and so on, is ignorant of what is going on inUkraine. 

Most Americans regard Russian President Putin as some kindof brutal dictator, when in fact he is the elected president of a democraticnation, which is at LEAST as democratic as is our nation. (That's not sayingmuch, given that our nation is ruled over by a Syndicate of Elites).

Putin is no more, nor any less, a 'dictator' than anAmerican president is. He is more powerful in Russia than any Americanpresident is in the US simply because he is so popular. And he is so popularbecause his policies have directly benefitted the Russian people so much. SincePutin first was elected in 2000, the income of average Russians has increasedtenfold. Ten times over!

If an American president increased the income of the averageJill and Jack ten times over in a twenty year period, she or he would be MUCHmore powerful that ANY American president we have ever seen, (and I’ve seen ‘emall since Eisenhower).

Putin advocates constantly for peace. He wants peace withthe US, and he says that ALL THE TIME!

People don’t know that because the American Mass Media isentirely owned and centrally controlled by people who don’t us to know that.They want us to believe that Putin is “the new Hitler”. (Verbatim quote fromHillary Clinton).  

Anyone reading this can hear Putin, in his own voice, (witheither dubbed translation or sub-titles), advocating for peace, simply by usingthe Youtube search engine. There are literally hundreds of hours of his majorspeeches, his mundane press conferences, his talks at meetings of youth groups,etc, etc, etc.

The man constantly and patiently advocates that all nationsmust recognize and respect the interests of all other nations, and mustnegotiate, with mutual respect for each other’s interests, agreements that willhave the best chance of bringing prosperity to people in all nations.

That summarizes Putin’s foreign policy credo …

And that is also the self-evident reason that that a majorityof the world’s population regard Putin as among the world’s foremoststatespersons, at this crucial juncture of Human history. Our closest European,and even Anglo, erstwhile allies are courting favor with Russia and China, andare even joining in allied efforts against the US, to subvert US policies bycreating an entirely new international payment system that will largelyundermine the power of deadly US ‘sanctions’.      

Most Americans appear to be completely ignorant of the factthat Ukraine represents naked, bald-faced violent US aggression against Russia.It would be just like Russia sending in operatives to overthrow the Mexicangovernment and installing a Russian junta government in Mexico City.

Using neo-Nazis like Andriy Parubiy (and his forces) asshock troops, the US engineered a violent overthrow of Ukraine's democraticallyelected government. We then installed a government whose officials were hand-selectedby US officials. There’s an actual recording of a phone conversation between assn’tSecSt Victoria Nuland and US AmbUk Gregory Pyatt, where they select who will bethe Ukrainian president after the violent coup has run its course.  Anybody can listen to this recording onYoutube.

Anybody who hasn’t already heard it is ‘ignorant’, (isignoring the facts).

We’re talking just like Mexico … Ukraine and Russia share avery long border. What? … Did we expect Russia to just say “Oh Sure, go ahead …take over Ukraine … Steal our major Naval base in Sevastopol … Sure … Helpyourself” …

Crimea? … Geez, folks … Sigh … Russia’s naval base in Crimeahas been in continuous operation as a Russian naval base since 1783. Sevastopolis Russia’s ONLY year round warm-water/deep-water port.

Really??!!… Are we THAT dingbat nutball delusional that wewould expect Russia to just stand back and let us do that? (Unfortunately, formost of us, the sad answer to that question is “yes”).

Oh … Wait … the operational word for today is “ignorant”.

If my fellow citizens want to stop being ignorant, we hadbetter start trying to understand that to the rest of the world, we look like anation that has long gone over-the-top dingbat nutball insane.

People all over the world are very fearful to see theAmerica Juggernaut, bristling deadly jet fighters and invisible Predatordeath-drone missiles, all over the world, gone so completely self-delusional.

We are so delusional, (all outside the US can see), that wethink we can execute (by proxy) a blatantly genocidal war in Yemen, keep UScitizens ignorant of what is happening in Yemen through our control of MassMedia, and that the rest of the world, the people who simply look and see whatis happening, just won’t notice?

C’mon, folks … Believe me … Most ALL the world has noticedthat the US seems to have gone nutball dingbat way off the deep end … Most ofthe people now alive on this planet are very afraid of what the United Statesis going to do … Will the US graciously accept the defeat of our clearly statedobjective of “Full Spectrum Dominance” rule over the Earth, or is the US so dementedthat it will figure, “if we can’t have it then nobody will”, and actually setloose the Nuclear Demon?

People are afraid. People are VERY afraid. They can see thatthe Power that lusts to rule over them has become crazed. Is the US ‘line inthe sand’ going to be a “submit or die” proposition to Humanity? Is the USdemonically resolved to win this insane game of ‘nuclear chicken’, as hot rodsare speeding ever faster toward the cliff?

The problem is, from the point of view of most of theworld’s people, that even if they bow to the US “submit or die” dictate, theystill die. They see the American Bristling Juggernaut belching fumes, and thetyphoons get worse every year. Submitting to this Juggernaut means death to hundredsof millions of people we might still be able to save.

People see that … People already see that if the US will notchange course, if the US continues to project our “America uber alles” dictate,submission still leads to death for Humanity, as we choke to death on our ownwastes.

To reasoning people pursuing their own self-interests,submission to US Dictate is not an option.

The ONLY reasonable option becomes to defeat the US. (We areThe Empire, folks. We are NOT the Jedi Warriors)   

Ignorant? Well … My friend the Caliban Clown told me thatfrom up there on his branch, up in his favorite calibar tree, (good bananas),that it looks to him like American citizens, living as we do under our bubbleof centrally controlled Mass Media propaganda, are right up there among themost ignorant populations of any nation on Earth.