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The Line's Drawn. The Curse is Cast, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on the sea

Hope this finds all well and strong. It's been awhile. (I've been bothering someone else instead of you all ... LOL). We surely (or hopefully, at least folks old enough) all remember Dylan's lines:

"The line it is drawn, the curse it is cast
The slow one now will later be fast
As the present now will later be past
The order is rapidly fading
And the first one now will later be last
For the times they are a-changin'  "

56 years it's been since 'The Times They Are a Changin' was released in '64. 'Times' are a lot different now. They changed all right. For over a half century, 'times' have just gotten steadily much worse. 

'Times' will always change. I wish I could believe that what we see happening now, being called "riots", or "rebellion", (depending on points of view), is going to make anything better. It's very easy to imagine these riots making things worse.

Well ... It's 'on' now. For better or worse, it's happening. No telling where it's going. The 'free money' is running out for the Common People, (of ALL races). Millions of eviction notices are 'in the mail'. The Rich are packing tons of gold into their already bursting vaults with D-9 Bulldozers. 

Marching behind the banner of a Debt Moratorium would have united the Common People ACROSS tribal divisions. It was the obvious best move. It struck directly at the very heart of 'the beast'.

But the American Marionette Left, in all the glory of its nearly 60 year long unbroken losing streak, has wanted and planned a race war for a very long time. It's wanted one SO bad.

Nothing serves the power of Capital, the Elites, more than people squabbling over highly emotionalized tribal divisions. A race war is just exactly what the Elites want most, to prevent the Common People from uniting against them, (by refusing to pay their debts). The Mass Media Barons granted their dependable Marionettes' wishes. Well-practiced at hyping up Mass Mob Hysteria, the Mass Media Barons hyped up a 'race war' Mass Mob Hysteria for the Marionette Left. 

I am circulating the essay copied below simply to express a worried old ape-man's concerns. Eh? ... What do I know? Maybe, somehow, from some angle that ole ape-man Caliban cannot 'see', this isn't as big a disaster as it appears. (Let's hope).

Again ... Hope all are well. Did the virus suddenly disappear? It seems like it went from 100 mph 24/7, to a background story in a big hurry. (People's capacity to be 'hyped' will surely be worn out. At some point, won't Mass Media 'hype fatigue' begin to set in? How often and how long can Mass Mob Hysteria be maintained?

R Zwarich ('Caliban')
Bent Birch Farm
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The Lines are Drawn. The Curse is Cast.

So … The American Left has its race war. They (the Left) have beenadvocating for this, and planning this, for a very long time. I first becameaware of it, (I’ve been a leftist since the late 1960s ... still am), in the late 1990s. Nowit’s here … but wait … what? … The Left is now calling it a ‘dress rehearsal’? (OGeez…).

Dress rehearsal … Interesting concept … They have declaredthat the current Mass Media-initiated, and Mass Media-fueled, and highly stage-managed‘uprising’, (in which 16 out of every 100 ‘protesters’ is possibly really anoperative in disguise), is only a ‘practice revolution’ run-through, in fullcostume, (with real batons and real tear gas though), before they launch thereal thing. (Sigh … I suppose somehow someone could be more lame)…

Okey doke, then. It’s on. It may be a “rehearsal”, but the fascistleather boots sure look real, don’t they? The brawny arms … The hardwood clubs… Every one a firearm at her or his side ... There's sure a LOT of 'em. They get paid. 

16 out of every 100 ‘protesters’ are figured to beoperatives? Surely that is an exaggeration? Even so … (who knows?), whateverthe actual accurate numbers, imagine the degree of organization it took to haveall those ‘squads’ in place, ready to go, in all those different cities. TheLeft may be still holding “rehearsals” for the real thing, but seems like theother guys are ready for the ‘performance’ right effing NOW!

In fact, it seems like THEY have already started ‘playingthe game’.

Imagine the degree of organization and planning beingrevealed. This appears to be CIA-level, ‘color revolution’-caliber, stuff wesee happening. These people who appear to be orchestrating these events havebeen doing these things all over the world, for a VERY long time, and they’reREALLY good at it.

Trump doesn’t really appear to even be in the direct ‘command loop’.He looks more like just another ‘king’ on the board. Kings are clunky. They canhardly move. (Their most powerful move is to go hide behind their castle). Everybody has to protect them, but everybody knows that the realpower on the board lies elsewhere.

While the Left wants time to “rehearse”, (in full costume),before the real thing starts, the ‘other guys’ have had lots of practice, andthey appear to be ‘ready’, (right NOW!), for the opening whistle.

I agree with those who say the Elites are scared. Anydangerous beast or foe, however, is even MORE dangerous when cornered and 'existentially' frightened.    

OK, Then. Blacks against Whites. The American Left’s longadvocated race war is here. It’s effing ON! … (soon as the Left finishesrehearsing, I guess).

Let’s see … Shouldn’t a competent general officer assessforces before leading troops into battle? Let’s assess forces then.

63% of the American population is “non-Hispanic white”.Using a base US population figure of 325 million, there are about 205 million ‘non-Hispanicwhite people’ in America.

Race gets really complicated real fast though. Even justcounting races gets real hard, real fast. The very concept of ‘race’ is roughly(very roughly) analogous to ‘breeds’ that humans have intentionally createdamong domesticated animals, (dogs, cattle, birds, etc). The various races were‘bred’ by nature, by environmental forces where they lived, over at least tens,into hundreds of thousands of years.

If we go back to the very mists of human ‘civilization’, we're talking about, (what?), 10,000 years? 100 Centuries?

What is ‘civilization’? Families form into clans; clans forminto tribes. The bonds of intermarriage, human biology itself, make it so. Thenext level, ‘nation’, is where ‘civilization’ starts. Different tribes joinedtogether to form ‘political bonds’, in order to enhance their own chances for survival in a hyper (life or death) competitive environment. When tribes joinwith other tribes, they comprise a ‘nation’ of people. 

We all know that the various ‘races’ are all the samespecies. A pretty girl is a pretty girl. And any man who sees her will smileand hope. Which handsome boy will not catch every girl’s attention? (Substitute‘gender-of-preference’, if desired). The race of either does not matter.

We’re all ‘mongrels’. Human genes have mixed between racesfor a VERY long time.   

So THAT’s why it’s so darned hard to even count up a roster of‘the races’, (an assessment of forces), in America.

Non-Hispanic whites: 205 million. But the problem is that aLOT of Hispanic people consider themselves ‘white’. They identify with theirEuropean (Spanish) heritage, not with the indigenous and/or ‘mestizo’ (mixedrace) people of Latin America.

Are Spanish people ‘white’?

Well … That’s how it goes with race. The Spanish mixed withthe Moors and Carthaginians of North Africa, people who themselves were relatedto Phoenicians, and others, sailing out from the Levant shores of the MiddleEast, and the Nile Delta. King Juba was a great and powerful king, when heannihilated Caesar’s legions, (under Caesar's hapless but loyal lieutenant general, Curio). KingJuba was not white. When King Juba stood on some shores of his kingdom, hecould see Spain through the mists (on clear days). Hannibal encamped in Spain, to plan his attack on Rome.

Pretty girls. Lusty men. Genes mixed.

Rome, itself dominated by the ‘blonder’ North Italiantribes, (back into the mists of the Etruscans), colonized Spain as a‘Province’. The Gauls (French) were blocked by the Pyrenees mountain tribes, (whose descendents are the Basques of northwest Spain), but Marseille, on the south coast, was a center of trade and commerce, (and also a naval fortress), trading with Spain,and Carthage, (and other North Africans).

Are Spanish people ‘white’? Well … THEY think they are. Butthe Spanish do show their heritage in their genes. They show more ‘color’.Darker hair, (in general). More tawny skin. Often natural tight curls, in menand women both.

Anyway … If we count Hispanic people who think they arewhite, as white, then the American population is about 73% white. That’s about237 million white people in the US. (In the entire world, there are a bit lessthat a billion white people, so about 25% live in the US).

African Americans comprise a bit less than 13% of ourpopulation. That’s about 42 million people.

237 to 42. And the American Left thinks that forces are lined upfavorably for a race war in the US?

Okey doke then.

42 million is a LOT of people. That many people can suremake a lot of trouble. But so is 237 million a LOT of people. The Left seems tohave a fundamental misperception regarding the alignment of the relative power ofthe forces that the Left, ITSELF, has ‘defined’.

I’ve seen two videos now, produced by two young black men,who both looked to be in their mid-late 20s, in which these young black menwere warning black people that the current riots are a ‘set up’, and that blackfolks are being used to further other people’s ambitions. Both young menquestioned the motives of Black Lives Matter specifically, and mentioned the rumor that BLM isfunded by a billionaire oligarch.

So … You folks (addressing the Marionette Left) got your race war … “Dress rehearsal”? Yea …Well … The other guys appear to be ‘ready’. (Geez … C’mon guys…Sigh…As aleftist myself, it’s embarrassing).

“OK Listen Up!”, say the Mass Media Barons, (because theMarionette Left demanded it), “Blacks against Whites! Be ready! No ‘holds’ barredonce you hear the bell. Go to your corner and come out fighting!”

“No .. No .. No .. We .. we .. We gotta have a dress rehearsalfirst”. (O geez … Sigh…forehead on fist).

You think the 'bad guys' can’t grind the mill? Sure looks t’me like they’re ready t’ try their best.

42 million Black people. 237 million white people. But wait… There’s more … And it just gets worse.

Only about 21% of those 42 million Black people are ‘poor’,(officially classified as “below the poverty line”). That’s only less than 9million. Add on another 27% of Black people who are ‘near poor’, (to the lowestedge of middle class), and you have another 11 million people. That’s 20million poor (to sub-middle class) Black people.

52 % of African Americans are either upper middle class, ormiddle class. That’s about 22 million Black Americans who have some kind of‘stake’ in the status quo. They have at least a ‘decent’ job. They are able tocare for their families in dignity. Their children wear shoes that fit. Theymight even have a mortgage and some ‘equity’.

And the real ‘kicker’ is, (in our force assessment), thatapproximately half the American working class, (maybe 80 million people or thereabouts) do not merely 'not favor' theMarionette Left, they don't merely 'dislike' the American Marionette Left, they rather hate the Marionette Left’s guts with vehementpassion.

So … The forces are lined up … The Left is whimpering “it’sjust a dress rehearsal”, while the other side practices the heft of the hardwoodbatons on palms … Sounds like ‘The Ref’, (the Mass Media Barons), is all set toblow the whistle …

And here steps center stage, Max Elbaum, (an aging Jewishold-line Brooklyn communist), and the klieg-lit spokeswomen, (are there ANY men? I never recall seeing one), of BLM,(all with 501(c) donation checks already in the bank), to cheer on the "race war dress rehearsal".

And these young black guys in these videos I saw, who looklike they just got back from ‘the corner’, are sitting down, and turning ontheir video cameras, and saying, “Wait wait wait … wait a damn minute here …You want us, you want us poor black folks who got nuthin’ much except maybe a‘piece’, to go fight all those mean ass serious looking cops? Uhh … They gotfuckin’ guns, man. What? … You want us go have gun battles with the cops? Youthink all them fancy black folks already got a mortgage, they kids in goodschools, gonna be rooting for us poor scrabble niggers if we go rioting in thestreets?” (Hey … I’m just quoting … It was a black guy who said it).

"This is a set-up", both young black men said.

(Cue the sportscaster): “Well there you have it folks. TheLeft is holding dress rehearsals. Elite Muscle is already swinging its clubs. Asthe Left apparently awaits the opening whistle, the other side already seems tobe playing the game in full force”.

And meanwhile, (back at the ranch), ‘the troops’, (the boysdown at the corner), are swallowing hard and chafing at their collars. “Blackagainst white? That’s what these sucka’s want? They want us poor ass niggers togo out and fight the ‘whole thing’ for them? Fuck that … That don’t soundright” 

Geezus H, guys (addressing the American Marionette Left) …Are you REALLY this stupid?

Or is there some other factor at work here?

This is CIA-level operations. These people control ALL theMass Media. They are REALLY good at what they do.

Are you, my fellow leftists, REALLY this inept?  

Or … Alternate possibility ... How deeply ‘prepared’ might the Enemy be? (I’mUkrainian by ethnic heritage. Did you know that the 2014 Maidan Coup in Ukrainehad been planned since right after WW2? It's a long story I could explain sometime). 16 in every 100 on the street areoperatives? How deeply, and/or highly, infiltrated might they be?

Well … Anyway … Here we are boys and girls, (and all theother 95 genders) … You got what you wanted … The Race War the Marionette Left has been  planning for SO long is HERE …

(Whenever you finish your dress rehearsals, I s'pose…).

What’s our next move? Do we have any plan, at all, besidesgetting more people to come out and shriek and yell hatefully at the heavily armed police?

How do these events, that the Marionette Left has advocated andplanned for so long, ‘translate’ into benefits for, (anything good happening for), the nation’s Common People? How does the Left plan to 'develop' the race war into gaining political power for the Common People against the Elites?  

You DO have a ‘plan’, don’t you? You didn’t start all thisshit without even having a ‘plan’, did you?

What’s the plan?

Max Elbaum tells us: “The motion of Black America will be decisive”. Well ... LOL ... Yea ... but atleast some black folks are saying, “how come WE always get stuck with the shit work?”.

THAT’s your plan? Black America, and whatever forces Black America canmuster in support, is going to ‘decide’ the issue?

Does Mr. Elbaum happen to know that 3 out of 4 AfricanAmericans “strongly oppose” immigration? Folks barely hanging on the caboose ofthe train correctly see those outstretched hands of the immigrants running tocatch the train, as a personal threat. Every time a hand gains hold on therail, another hand loses hold, and a person, or a family, tumbles off into thereceding distance as the train just chugs on.

Did Mr. Elbaum happen to notice how African Americans REFUSED to vote for the Left, sending ole Bernie down in flames?

But we gotta hand it to ya, (addressing the Marionette Left). You did it ... With your enthusiastic supporters, the Mass Media Barons, hyping people into a frenzy of Mass Mob Hysteria, you got what you wanted.

We gots ourselves an honest-to-god 'race war'!

237 to 42 ... Okey doke .... What's our next move?

Zwarich  ('Caliban')