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The Moral High Ground - Caesar's Parable, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in deadly peril, which is everyone, everywhere:

"Those who should be allies must first stop being enemies". --R Zwarich

Caliban has included some new people here. I'm not acquainted with them. I'm 'sorry' to be so impolite as to assault people's inboxes, but these are extraordinary times.

These new guests are people the blatantly racist clown show Marionette Left has demonized and de-humanized because they are largely white working class people. (It's blatant racism of the most vicious ugliest kind). As I can find more of these people's email addresses, I will be adding more.

To briefly introduce myself to these new people, I am a leftist myself. Have been since 1968. Always will be. I am a retired carpenter. I swung my trusty 20oz straight claw Estwing for some 35 years. My wife of 47 years and I now run an organic farmstead in rural Massachusetts. I have three daughters. Six grandchildren (and counting, I think there will be one more).

People on every side can 'see' that our bleeding nation has gone stark batshit nut-ball crazy, and we have enough nuclear weapons to end Humanity 50 times over. It's like having enough pesticides to kill the entire population of all carbon based life forms on Earth 50 times over stored in rusty leaking drums right next to our drinking water. (Oh wait, we have that too).

Most of the population of Earth understands that ALL our lives are in immediate deadly danger. Many foolish people all over the world are dancing for joy to see the US fall into this morass of moral ruin. But most are simply horrified, aghast, to see that our nuclear arsenal is controlled by a nation that ALL can see has gone stark raving mad, and is now controlled by Mass Media orchestrated Mass Mob Hysteria, led directly from the White House, and also from the higher levels that actually control the US Government.  

There are people all over the nation, and all over the world, who receive and read Caliban's lonely dispatches.

This note will largely be addressing Caliban's new guests, but I am avidly hoping that it will help my long time readers better understand what I am doing. 

According to poll data, (which I don't necessarily trust, but they're all we have, and surely represent at least an approximation), 40% of Americans saw what we saw, which is that the election we just saw wasn't merely 'crooked', it was a steaming crock of the stinkiest-ass dog shit one could possibly imagine. It was a full blown Mass Media Coup, which is STILL 'in progress'. 

There are some 210 million people of voting age in America. 40% is 84 million. 17% of registered Democrats say they saw that the election was rigged. That's almost 15 million people. 31% of 'independents' say the same thing. That's over 14 million. The other 55 million Americans who are alert and awake to reality are Republicans. 

That's a LOT of people, folks. NONE of these people are currently in the correct political party. Why? Because that party does not yet exist, (as it soon will, but these things take time).

I only use the terms Left and Right, loosely, according to how we have been duped into using them. We've been tricked, yet again, into dividing ourselves politically along false lines of division. It is the OLDEST strategy for The Few to rule over The Many. "Divide and rule". The Elites learned 10,000 years ago that they just had to keep the Common People divided and hating each other, and the Elites could then easily rule over them. 

There have been ONLY two valid 'parties' in EVERY human civilization, since the misty-dawn of Human Civilization. A class of Elites forms in every human society. And there are always the Common People. 

By tradition, the Common People stand on the Left. The Elites stand on the Right. (I have no idea at the moment, how that tradition originated).

I am a Leftist. I am a Common Man. I stand with the Common People. I consider every one of the 84 million to be Leftists just like me. 

People are VERY confused. I don't care what people think they are right now, in their confusions. The Common People, ALL the Common People, of every race, creed, and/or ethnic group, despite any confusions they may be trapped in at the moment, are my fellow Leftists, and they ALWAYS will be.

The Common People WILL prevail, just as soon as we learn that "people who should be allies must first stop being enemies".

Caliban has had VERY wise teachers, who have sent me to teach others.

On the other hand, of course, against the 40% - 84 million, we have the 60%, about 126 million, who say they think the election was "free and fair". Many of these people are merely apathetic/unaware. Noted and popular writer Paul Craig Roberts likes to use the word "insouciant" to describe them. They just wanna get laid, eat ice cream, and watch the ball game, or else fantasize about the sex lives of vapid celebrities.

Many of these 126 million people, some in my own family, are merely delusional. They still don't understand that our Mass Media have been fully captured under our Enemy's power, and are nothing but a source of constant lies and propaganda. These poor delusional people still believe what the Mass Media blare at them, but they feel a lot of internal pressure because they know that things just aren't making sense any more. (Crazed Contradiction, thy name is now America).  

But many among that 126 million are batshit crazed in Mass Media fueled Mass Mob Hysteria. This latter group is the openly and blatantly (already) fascist DPM's, the Democratic Party Machine's primary 'ZZZbase'. 

These batshit crazed/delusional people have defined those 84 million of their fellow citizens as "traitors", and are currently zealously committed to using the full might of raw Corporate Power to purge the traitors' representatives from government, (for the 'crime' of voting against them), as well as get any of these 84 million that they can, fired from their jobs. True of not, (I can't actually confirm it), it is being reported that people with positions in government, or working for the government, (police, teachers, etc), are being fired from their jobs, as "traitors", if they dare to continue to believe what they saw with their own eyes, bigger than shit, right in front of them.

Anyone in America who does not obey the all-powerful DPM, anyone who will not 'get their minds right', ('Cool Hand Luke' is on Netflix right now, folks), are in these batshit crazy people's sights to be 'purged' not just from government, but from American society itself. 

I swear I saw old GeorgieBoy Orwell last night. He had risen from his grave, and was moaning as if in terrible pain. "Why did you not LISTEN!", he kept saying, but I couldn't see who he was 'a talkin' to. 

The precursor to the American Gestapo is already operating, under the guise of the Orwellian-named Progressive Change Campaign Committee, (PCCC), a branch of a DPM front group that calls itself BoldProgressives. This Gestapo-precursor PCCC seems to be the primary thrust of an effort to get the DPM forces whipped into a lather of deadly hatred of any who dare oppose it. "Drain the Traitors" is very obviously a sinister Gestapo-precursor.

These people are clearly NOT 'fucking around'. (Excuse the language, but among carpenters about every other word usually starts with 'f', so I'm actually doing pretty good here). They aren't even making a credible effort to disguise what they are doing. This is full blown, and openly brazen fascism, and they seem to think the 84 million are shaking in fear of them, when in fact it is their own fear that they are revealing with their unwise, (actually stupid), acceding of "the moral high ground". What they are doing only fully exposes their OWN fear and desperation. They would NOT be doing this if they had ANY other options.

This is SO brazen, that like Caesar learned from the brilliant wiles of Hannibal, this is a trap. This DPM force that has just seized control by means of a crooked election, is trying to lure its opponents onto poor ground, onto LOSING ground.

They are DELIBERATELY trying to provoke actual violent insurrection.

Do NOT do it !! Do NOT be provoked !!!

Act, don't React. Don't be a stupid beast. Engage human intelligence first, THEN act decisively. Don't let your Enemy control your actions, which is what you do when you 'react' to what your Enemy does.

Think first. What does my Enemy want me to do? What does my Enemy expect me to do? What could I do that would take my Enemy unawares?

Act. Don't React.

Y'all hear?

In just a 'seat of the pants' assessment of these various forces, they could be somewhere much closer to equal in actual number, because those who saw the election for the stinky-ass farce it was are possibly more densely committed to what is happening. Few people who saw the stink-ass election for what it was are "insouciant" over what they saw. A huge percentage of those who think the election was "free and fair", really just wanna get laid, eat ice cream, watch the ball game, or read about who some Hollywood bimbo with rubber breasts, and rubber lips, is fucking these days.   

But what Caliban knows is CRUCIALLY important for folks to realize is that in 'warfare' and/or battle, (this is 'figurative'/symbolic language), the 'lay of the ground', and the strength of determination in people's will, make MUCH more difference than the number of the 'soldiers'.  

Caesar's Parable

I learned this directly from Caesar, (the OG Caesar, JulieBabe Caesar). He wrote a book that I have studied intently since I was about 12 years old, (about 1960), when I first read 'Caesar's War Commentaries' as a Classics Comic. Why? Why this weird obsession? The frack should I know? I was just a kid. Kinda just a weird nerdy kid. It's just been a kinda' weird obsession. I wore out that comic book. I've probably read the book itself on the order of 50 times, maybe more. I was reading about the stunningly tragic human drama of the Siege of Vercingetorix at Alesia just last night.

Caesar had about 26,000 or so men. Vercingetorix had 80,000 "picked warriors". They were the best fighters, the Elite 'special forces' warriors from all of Gaul, (modern day France). With his 26,000, Caesar had the 80,000 trapped in the fortress town of Alesia. Caesar's men built a circle of fortifications 10 miles in circumference, to besiege the town. Before the line of fortifications could be quite completed, Vercingetorix sent out his cavalry, before it was trapped in the siege, to ride to every corner of Gaul to summon every able warrior to his aid.

Caesar was disappointed that these forces escaped, but he figured what their plan was, so he built another line of fortifications, this one 13 miles in circumference, facing outward. 

Over a month went by. Vercingetorix' warriors' grain was running out, so they banished all the townspeople from the town. All the women and children and men too old to fight were kicked out. The women "bared their breasts" in pleading, Caesar tells us, and "shook their disheveled hair", making female promises, begging their men not to turn them out to starve. 

But the warriors did. The fate and freedom of Gaul was 'on the line'. The remaining grain must be reserved for those who could fight. After the women, children and old men were kicked out, the warriors then held a general council and resolved that when they started dying of starvation, they would eat the bodies of their dead comrades, to retain their strength to fight the Romans. 

The women and children and old men were not taken in by Caesar, of course, whose own men were living on half rations. So this mass of tens of thousands of people were left to wander and starve, in utter misery, trapped between the town walls and the Roman fortifications.

So ... 80,000 picked warriors in the town, being besieged by 26,000 Romans, awaiting the arrival of another army of Gallic warriors, with tens of thousands of starving old men, women, and children trapped in starving misery between. This REALLY happened.

A horde of Gallic warriors, that Caesar estimated at 250,000, finally appeared. They had to fight right away because they had not had time to create supply lines, and had brought little food with them. As soon as they appeared they attacked the Roman lines. From the town, the 80,000 poured from the gates to attack the Roman line from that side. So ... 330,000 Gallic warriors attacking 26,000 Romans. Well, Caesar tells us it was a real tough fight, but as he confidently expected, his army prevailed. The discipline of the horde-army was broken. Once an army loses its discipline, panic always immediately sets in. They turn and run away. Their weapons are heavy, so they throw them away to run faster. The Roman cavalry is then sent out, to lop off the heads of panicked fleeing men, until their arms grow so tired they can't swing their swords. Maybe 200,000 men were killed by Caesar's troops in a matter of a few hours. Gaul was crushed, and would never rise again against Caesar's conquering authority. Even when he was all the way in Egypt, just a couple or so years later, dallying around with Cleopatra, the Gauls still feared him. They never rose again.

How did those Romans do that? How did those 26,000 defeat the 330,000? Caesar's soldiers carried swords and shields and javelins, just like the Gauls did. Caesar notes that the Gauls were actually generally much larger and stronger, in physical stature, than the Romans were. How did they do that?

Well, that's the moral of this parable. The Romans could do this because Romans had learned the 'art of war', and Roman generals were trained to know that the 'nature of the ground'  that an army fights on was the determinant factor in any battle. Caesar was, of course, among Rome's, (and all Humanity's) most brilliant generals. His skill in maneuvering an enemy to fight from unfavorable ground was the key to his military success.  

His fortifications were designed to exploit the 'lay of the land', so that the attackers would always be attacking from poor ground, (uphill, or marshy ground, or loose sandy ground, etc.)

The Moral High Ground

To the 84 million ... Our forces are numerous, but how strong we actually are is not yet apparent. Numerous forces can provide stupid cannon fodder, if they do not use their minds. What will make our forces invincible, however, is not our numbers, but the nature of the ground.  

We are deeply entrenched, deeply dug in, with powerful fortifications, on the Moral High Ground.

We are fighting for Truth and True Democracy. Quite literally. This was not a stupid Enemy that ceded this ground. It was a desperate one. 

But here we are. We can hold this ground indefinitely. Unless we are too stupid to do so.

We must NOT do ANYTHING illegal. We do not NEED to. The US Constitution gives us all the power we need.

If we do ANYTHING illegal, if we engage in ANY unwise violence, we will cede the moral high ground back, and then we will be quickly annihilated. 

I want to stand as an example of this. My longer term readers know that I have advocated that the American Marionette Left is the "First dragon we must slay". (Again, this is symbolic language). These are currently, politically speaking, the stupidest people in the US. They are so stupid that they have allowed themselves to be cunningly duped into helping their own professed Enemy seize power. These Marionette Left people are the dingbat craziest among a whole bunch of other dingbat crazy (delusional) folks. 

I have publicly challenged the Left to a public debate, in the Public Square at High Noon, for the past several weeks. They won't do it. These are people I 'know'. As an old Leftist myself, I've 'known' some of these people for 50 years.  

They are cowering in abject disgrace before an old, broken down, has-been carpenter now shoveling chicken shit out in the boondocks of Massachusetts.

Let me tell you fer sure, "It's a heckuva thing" to witness from where this old ape-man sits.

Why am I able to do this? Because I occupy the moral high ground. They are smart enough not to try to argue their dingbat crazed-cult Stalinist Identitarian Politics losing position. 

So there they cower, in all their full bozo glory. (Honk! Honk! Aoogah! Aoogah!) They are ALL reading this.

Surely all get 'the moral' here. 

The moral is do NOT do anything that will cede the Moral High Ground.

Hope all are well. Be of good heart. We are in a strong position. No hurry. We need to get organized. It'll take some time. In our impregnable position, we've GOT time. We are defending our rights as free democratic citizens. We are defending our families' welfare. We're not going anywhere. (Stop this nutty talk about succession. It's impossible. Why talk about doing shit we could NEVER do?)

We must find a way to make peace. But here we are, well dug in, exactly where any forces, in the 'art of war', would want to be. (again.. all language is symbolic)

We CAN make peace. The moral leverage is ours. Get organized. More about that later.

If you don't believe in True Democracy, then DON'T call yourself a True Democrat.


PS: Joe Lauria, I haven't forgotten ya, buddy. That'll give me something to do after breakfast, or maybe tomorrow. Or maybe I'll forget. We'll see.

R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm (The Old Webber Place)
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield, MA 01506
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