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The Reverend Snake Oil's Great Purge, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril in bleeding America:

"Majority RULE!", thunders the 'great' Reverend Jesse Jackson, (he who was baptized in Dr. King's own blood).  

"The Reverend". "The revered one". Isn't that a strange title when you think about it? What kind of person would even claim such a title? They affect the uniform known as 'the cloth', and adopt the expectation that others should then 'see' them as having different motivations from other humans, motivations we should hold them 'in reverence' for, and thus feed and provide for them?

Well ... Shall we revere Jesse Jackson, do we owe him our reverence, for the stand-up comedy routine he presents here? The quintessential champion of minorities is now the thunderous revered champion of Majority Rule? LOL .. Okey doke, then.

Our good citizen Mr. Jackson, who apparently makes a substantially lucrative living by 'ministering' for God, (with a special concentration on 'the racism bid'ness'), has advanced the rights of minorities in a democracy for his entire professional life, since even before that day on the balcony in Memphis.

When the majority of a town in BumFrack, Alabama didn't want black folks to eat in the same restaurants as white folks in that town, and all the voters in whole states voted for Jim Crow segregation, and in the whole nation sentiments ran strong against black folks trying desperately to find a life in America after being dumped out slavery's Front Gate as 'freed slaves', the way convicts are set loose from prison with $200, a cheap suit, and zero prospects ... well, young Jesse Jackson, ambling along in Dr. King's inner crowd, sure wasn't 'a preachin' majority rule back then, was he? 

'Minority rights' were more in Mr. Jackson's mind then. Now Majority Rule isn't just everything. It's the ONLY thing. (Like the Old Coach said). "Majority Rule is democracy itself", (paraphrased), now sez the goodly revered Mr. Jackson.

Well ... What's changed? Minority rights? Now, according to Mr. Jackson, majority rule is the ONE determinant of democracy? Where did his 'deep' concerns for minority rights evaporate to so glibly? 

Shall the nation's narrow urban liberal majority now claim majority rights dominion over all the nation's folk?  

Hmm.. Is this man a simpleton? Does he really think that his own delusionally self-biased/bigoted frame of mind has the power to affect the thinking of people who don't share his bigoted delusions? Does he think that his glaring 'hypocrisy', (some would call it), is not visible to all outside his own 'belief cult'? 

In this bizarre belief-cult that has just captured power over our nation, it is perfectly fine to have however many 'faces' one wants to have. Remember. Reality doesn't matter. Who's the best pretender? The Narrative is all that matters. One minute the good citizen Mr. Jackson can plead for the rights of The Minority with all the desperation of God's own passion, and the next he can claim the Right of Majority Rule as 'sacrosanct' to the very central concept of democracy itself. 

Only a simpleton, or a charlatan, could have written this belief-cult cartoon comedy of an article.  

Does Mr. Jackson, in his simpleton's reverence for Majority Rule, now think that the majority should simply vote to expel the minority from government altogether? Isn't that EXACTLY the diabolical Democratic Party Machine (DPM)  plan, which the Orwellian-named, and obviously well-financed Progressive Change Campaign Committee is now executing? 

These people now claim the mandate of the stink-ass process we just witnessed, which in their delusional cult belief system they consider to have been a "free and fair election", to execute a general purge of as many as 85 to 100 million Americans from the ranks of not just government, but from society itself.

That's how many Americans (40% to 50%) say that they believe the 'election' was rigged. 

And the Reverend Mr. Jackson is apparently aligned with the forces that are executing 'The Purge' of all 100 million Americans who refuse to 'get our minds right' over how free and fair this stink-ass Reality TV clown show election was? 

Where o where did the Biden Laptop Story go? Down the memory hole, GeorgieBoy? For two fracking years the Mass Media Barons running this clown parade demanded that we pay attention to the circus. Two fracking years. How many candidates? 27? 63? 21? And the FIRST candidate who dropped out, because NOBODY liked her, is going to be POTUS.  

Okey doke, then. LOL .. Gee ... This Pretend Democracy video game is real fun. When can we start again and see if we can make it to the next level? 

The Orwellian-named PCCC is very obviously a Gestapo pre-cursor. These fiendish DPM ghouls are sending out hundreds of millions of emails calling for Corporate America, The Imperial American Corporate Establishment itself, to fully align itself with the DPM by refusing to contribute campaign contributions, (aka: bribes), to any in Congress who dared to cast a legal vote against the DPM. 

This Gestapo PCCC wants their opponents purged from the ranks of government entirely, using Corporate Power as "muscle". They want the ranks of teachers, and police, and government employees of all kinds, to be 'purged'. The Imperial US Corporate Establishment is now reportedly receiving assistance from US military and intelligence expertise in reviewing the online 'social media' behavior of corporate employees. The US Military is reportedly initiating a program of systematic review of all US Military personnel's online social media 'behavior'. 

Big Brother has arrived to 'take over', and The Reverend Jesse is Big Brother's 'hired gun', proffering a greasy-oily handshake with the Right hand, and a bottle of snake oil with the Left, (and a dagger always up one sleeve or the other). Has the good reverend dipped his beak in Barry's gentrification scheme over on the South Side?   

If you're a fry cook working graveyard in a sleazy 24/7 downtown diner, where the whores and pimps go for breakfast and coffee at 3 AM, you think the Gestapo-PCCC couldn't threaten your job? That diner depends on corporate suppliers, does it not? What to do when most orders are back-ordered, according to ABC Giant Food & Restaurant Supply? Call the competition? Oh, wait, there isn't any. Your tires start getting slashed? A grease fire in the kitchen? Naw ... They wouldn't even need to do that. Who owns the building? How much does he want for this dump? 

That's how the Gestapo works. They are organized down to the neighborhood 'on the street' level. They have 'eyes' in the back of many heads. They hear everything. There's no privacy in communications anymore. Your most trusted confidante would also be the most likely to suspect of being a 'mole'. 

Welcome to the New America, where the FBI loyally serves the Ruling DPM, including by conducting espionage on the DemoPartyMachine's political opponents, (as Obama had them do).

A chill frozen crackling wind howls a moaning threat over America. God's own minister, The Reverend Jesse, is now fully onboard the fascist Red Queen's Train. When two wolves and a sheep sit down to decide what to have for lunch, majority rules. That's now the comic book Reverend Jesse's cartoon version of 'democracy' in America. Majority Rule. Period. End of discussion. The great Reverend Jackson hath spoken.  

The majority will vote to 'purge' the minority. Then The Reverend Jesse can clap his hands like a gleeful school girl, jump up and down in giggly joy, and play the really fun 'democracy game', (like Stalin taught all his folks t' do).  

With all opponents 'purged', with the entire population too scared for their jobs to even write a comment online anywhere contradicting any DPM Mass Mob Cancel Culture Dictate, democracy will be just peachy keen wonderful in America, the home of the brave and the free.  

Just ask Dr. King's 'protege', The Reverend Jesse Snake Oil, ole Majority-Rule Jackson.    

I do hate to be a bother, but can the good 'reverend' please explain his concept of the difference between 'mob rule' and 'majority rule'? I guess a mob is a perfect 'direct democracy'? 

The Great American Purge is upon us. Claiming the mandate of what about half the nation believes was a stink-ass crooked election, the DPM Iron Fist now pounds on the table. Glasses are up-ended. Bottles spilled. And the hob-nailed Iron Heel of raw crazed power steps heedlessly and heavily among the Common Folk, thoughtlessly crushing human dreams to wet forgotten stains ground to meaty sheepy shreds.  

If we folks in America don't 'get our minds right', if we don't bend to kiss the 'free and fair election' ring, if we don't issue profuse compliments for the Naked Emperor's New Clothes, we won't even be able to get a job in corporate America. It's a DIRECT threat. It could hardly be more overtly explicit. 

Big Brother is HERE! Now!

He will come presenting many faces. The tired puffy old failed face of this tired puffy old failed preacher-man, is but one. The racism bid'ness been real good to Revrun Jackson and his family. They say he now has a net worth almost $10 million? Yea? ... $10 million? The racism bid'ness sure been real good to Dr. King's protege, Revrun Jesse 'Majority Rule' Jackson.

Ain't it?