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The Scheer Family Business (Part 1), by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on the sea:

Caliban hopes it is obvious to all why I think it is worth examining a small slice of the dangerous reality we face, under the most powerful 'microscope' we can bring to bear.

If people want to understand the American Left, if they want to understand how these people think, and how they function, you could learn a LOT from learning about my own experiences. The entirety of 'the truth' as far as I am able to 'see' it, (and I'm just a poor dumb human, please let's not forget), about what isb happening in our nation, can be 'seen', in microcosm, in examining this one slice of reality.

Well ... It takes lots of words to tell a tale. A 'vision' is VERY hard to 'explain'. 

For any interested in my plan for getting us the frack OUT of this dangerous predicament, it's 'mission critical' to understand what is happening now. 

This essay is my response to the FIRST 'personage', from the ENTIRE edifice of the American Left, to answer Caliban's challenge that the Left 'stand and deliver', that someone the Left considers a capable spokesperson, or spokespeople, (however many they want), rise to defend their ugly and hateful racist Identitarian Politics ideology that demonizes white people, and divides the Common People along the fault-lines of our most primitive tribal passions. 

A man in Oakland, CA, USA, (for my international readers), named Dan Siegel, has risen in righteous indignation to re-state the Marionette Left's same old 'case', that all the white people alive today must be punished for all the 10,000 years of Human History's tragic 'sins'. His article (linked below) is a reiteration of the ugly, hateful, and BLATANT racism of the Bolshevik Marionette Left. 

Mr. Siegel at least has some stones to throw. The rest of the entire Marionette Left 'intelligentsia' is still cowering somewhere, quivering in intellectual fear. Unfortunately, however, Mr. Siegel does NOT respond, at ALL, to Caliban's primary objection to these clownish marionettes' twisted and ugly racist ideology, which is that it 'obviously', (as in "duhhh"), only serves to divide the Common People into mutually hateful factions, which, NOT coincidentally, is EXACTLY what our Enemy, The Syndicate of Elites that rule over us, wants most of all. 

The highest priority of the American Bolshevik Marionette Left, and the highest priority of our Common Enemy, is the SAME! Divide and rule. To keep the Common People, the Many, hopelessly divided, so that the Elites, the  Few, can rule over us and cruelly exploit our lives with impunity.   

This ugly, hateful, racist Identitarian "hate white people" ideology is ironic because most of the people who adhere to this 'cult' (isn't it OBVIOUS?) ideology ARE white people. They are white people who for some reason feel guilty for the many 'sinful' deeds of people that lived and died long before ANY of us were even born. The Left wants to rub our noses in OTHER people's doo-doo, blaming us for what OTHER people did.

And the 'blame' is 100% entirely predicated on the color of our skin ALONE. And these people are so lost into this cult ideology, that in their twisted thinking, advocating for an obviously racist ideology is somehow not only NOT racist, it is the epitome of righteousness and sheer goodness itself. 

Ahh ... But these cowardly people won't step forward to defend their ugly twisted hateful racist ideology because it is (again, OBVIOUSLY), indefensible. It is a morally repugnant ideology that is rooted in ugly hateful spirit. 

Whenever people who think like this, ('bolsheviks'), have taken over a country, they have ALWAYS started killing anyone who disagrees with them. I'm sure no scholar. Can anyone cite an exception? This 'bolshevik'-type thinking has REPEATEDLY led not just to widespread 'proscriptions', (the killing of political rivals), but REPEATEDLY to actual genocide, to millions upon millions of people being murdered by self-righteous bolsheviks.

The author of the article defending the Left's blatant and fatally counterproductive racism, Dan Siegel, is an attorney in Oakland, CA, who was almost prevented from being admitted to the California Bar, after graduating from Cal's law school, because he was accused of leading the famous and deadly riots over People's Park in 1969. (For international readers, People's Park was an unused parcel of University of CA-owned land in Berkeley, CA, that Berkley 'street people' had occupied and claimed property-use rights over). Dan Siegel, a student at Cal at the time, is reported to have said over a loudspeaker system aimed at a large crowd, "Take the park!" At which point the people toward whom his words were broadcast attacked the armed police who were 'defending the park'. Shots were fired by the police. A man named James Rector, a sort of itinerant 'biker' type dude, (he could have been a great character in a Kerouac adventure tale), was hit in the belly with a load of # 00 buckshot, while he was standing on the roof of a two or three story building overlooking the park. Reportedly, someone had thrown something from the roof at police. James Rector died. 

I was at UCLA then. 'We', meaning the general collective of UCLA 'student radicals', headed up to Berkeley in support. We were openly and publicly threatened by Reagan, and his attack dog, Sheriff (Alameda County) Frank Madigan and his boys. "We ain't messing around. We shot one, and we'll shoot more if we have to", was basically (in so many words) what they said. (No shit ... broadcast over the air). 

Lotta people came. (maybe 50k? 100k?). Nothing much happened. I saw an army-green painted jeep-like truck with a double .30 caliber machine gun 'turret' type battery mounted on the back. I had just graduated from high school, in KANSAS, fer crissakes, in '66. I had been steadily 'catching on' since the Tet Offensive. Learned a lot, real fast, especially when my number was a 'winner' in the first draft lottery. 1A, and on my way. That's what I was in '69, when I said "Fuck Frank Madigan, let's go". 

Nothing happened that day. Marching. Lotta blah..blah..blah, "hooray for us" stuff. Big anti-climax. (But those machine guns, maybe 25 yards away, were certainly impressive to a callow young Kansas boy).

Anyway ... (Sorry, an old man and his 'stories', LOL ...) Dan Siegel, the man who reportedly said "take the park!" into the microphone, which initiated immediate violence, which resulted in a person's death, wrote the article I am responding to here.

He is now apparently a highly noted and spectacularly successful trial and appeals attorney in Oakland. My only source on that is his own web site, where he is not the least bit shy of boasting in the third person, and where he claims he has been somehow "recognized", (he doesn't say how, or by whom), as a "Best Lawyer in California", (all-caps as quoted). And he also claims that he has been awarded, (he doesn't say by whom), the title of "Super Lawyer". (Hey ... It's on his web site .. swear .. You couldn't make this stuff up).

Anyway ... As some may know, rascally ole Caliban has been stirring up trouble for a genteel middle class intellectual leftist cadre of Bolshevik Marionettes, headed up by Robert Scheer, a man in his 80s who apparently was an associate of Dan Siegel's at Berkeley in those halcyon People's Park days. Mr. Scheer went on to a noted career as a 'radical journalist', after leaving his position as a reporter for the LA Times. Mr. Scheer published 'Ramparts' magazine in the 60s, which largely made its name by promoting Eldridge Cleaver, (of 'Soul on Ice' fame), and subsequently the Black Panther Party.  

I just found out yesterday that Robert Scheer's blog business, ScheerPost, which I had been reading intently and writing on a lot over the past several weeks, is a family business, when his son, Chris Scheer, wrote to tell me that HE is the one who personally censored my comments responding to SEIU-generated propaganda on ScheerPost. 

Mr. Scheer informed me that HE is ScheerPost's 'head censor', (in so many words, of course). He complained about what an insufferable drag it is to deal with these comments from the riff-raff. (I have his email, of course). 

Young Mr. Scheer, (there are 2 'Mr. Scheers' in this story), offered up his 'writ' of prosecution, against my general behavior on his blog. He apparently had been censoring me all along, and I didn't even know. 

I lack a proper"filter", he said. Yea ... I plead guilty. I wasn't properly self-censoring. In my comments to articles, I questioned the motives of people who write the articles. (Honest that's what he fracking actually said. I have the email, of course). I am rude and overbearing. Basically, what he told me, in so many words, is that ScheerPost is run to entertain genteel middle class intellectuals, and that my rough and ready working class manners and attitude are Verboten!, in such genteel venues.

Okey doke, then. This is how these people 'think'. This man, Chris Scheer, Robert Scheer's son, told me, out loud, fer crissakes, that he censored my rebuttal (maybe 2500 words) to a piece of SEIU-generated propaganda disguised as an 'article', because I had the bad manners to challenge people's beliefs with hard questions. This man is delusional. He feels self-righteous. He wields his cute little hammer of totalitarian party-line (often called "Stalinist") censorship, with self-righteousness. 

They can't have working class ruffians in dirty clothes asking genteel people hard questions. Our 'job', as 'readers' on ScheerPost, apparently is to clap after we read the material ScheerPost presents, which is primarily 'articles' advertising the services of incorporated (501c) businesses, or else authors 'selling' (promoting) their books.     

Well ... Wouldn't ya just know ... Turns out that Dan Siegel, the spectacularly great lawyer of People's Park fame, is married to Chris Scheer's mother. Huh ... (Like I said, you couldn't make this up).

Anyway ... 'Noted' Oakland attorney Dan Siegel wrote an essay defending the American Marionette Left's ugly racism. His "pot calling the kettle black" essay posits, in its very title, 'White Supremacy Is Only Plausible Explanation for 2020 Election Results'.

Well ... Surely it is obvious, to any reasoning person making even a minimal effort to be objective, that this article is very clearly intended to inflame emotions to more deeply divide the Common People into mutually hateful factions. This is, apparently, what passes for 'reasoned intelligence' among the American Left 'intelligentsia'. For some reason that defies any and all logic I can understand or identify, the American Marionette Left, as represented so well here by Dan Siegel, think that demonizing the largest faction, by FAR, of the American working class, provoking them into reactionist hatred of the Left, is somehow going to cause the Left's political fortunes to rise.

This is SO immensely stupid, (there's simply no better word for it), that it is hard to believe that the Left is not being 'led by the nose', by wealthy investors, who have many paid operatives that easily take advantage of leftist's ego-starved frustrations and raw desires, in order to exert influence on leftist people's thinking. 

I know many of these people. Some are brilliantly intelligent people. How could such intelligent people be THIS stupid? I mean, seriously. It's a fascinating lesson in social dynamics. 

I actually have NO evidence of operatives controlling the Left. But 'they' do it in virtually every other nation on earth. It seems foolish to think 'they' are not doing it here, and it sure is one possible explanation of the Marionette Left's clownishly bizarre behavior. 

We could, I suppose, suspend our imputation of motive to Mr. Siegel. (Chris Scheer just today sent me that personal note scolding me for questioning people's motives. Swear t' god, you couldn't make this up. (Again..I have the email. of course). Anyway ... Perhaps creating divisiveness was not Mr. Siegel's intention. Perhaps his thinking is so skewered by his own raging political passions that he just does not realize that the net social effect of his incredibly bigoted article will be to exacerbate needless and OBVIOUSLY counterproductive racial animosities.

What the Left has done, as exampled by Mr. Siegel's completely bigoted essay, which overtly demonizes about 100 million of our fellow American citizens, is to intentionally provoke the white working class into a reactionist response by demonizing them, and then using their reactionism itself to 'prove' the point.

This is the EXACT same thing that Jewish people in Israel are doing to the Palestinian Arabs. They provoke them. Then they provoke them more. Then more. Then more still. They torture those people's lives with every misery their cunning creativity can devise. Then, when those people finally 'explode' in raw reactive violence, the Jewish people then turn to us and bat their lashes like dewey defenseless maidens, and say, "SEE? Boo-hoo ... Poor us ... Look how we suffer ... Didn't we tell you that these Arabs are violent monsters"

This macro methodology, this social cunning, is deeply rooted in Jewish culture. There are actually REASONS that Jewish people have been 'persecuted' in virtually EVERY society they have ever lived among. Black Lives Matter's main-line source of funding is Jewish Baron Oligarch George Soros. BLM co-founder Alicia Garza's father is a white Jew. (And the kind and generous Mr. Soros pays for Ms. Garza's $3500 hairdos). 

End of part 1. 

Part 2 will recount some personal history, my own experiences, that allowed me to 'see' what it is I 'see', which seems SO obvious to me, but SO many people, for some reason, cannot seem to 'see' at ALL.


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