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The US attack on Syria is naked aggression

The recent US attacks on Syria were ostensibly in retaliation for scores of deaths by chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhoun (Idlib governorate in the northwestern part of the Syrian Arab Republic). Instead of a unilateral attack, the proper course of action should have been an investigation of the Khan Sheikhoun deaths to determine the cause, and then to take proper legal action for the use of force against the perpetrators.
Furthermore, under international law, the attacks constitute an act of aggression and a violation of Syrian national sovereignty, committed without the permission of the sovereign Syrian government and without authorization from the United Nations Security Council.
For the US to unilaterally use deadly and destructive force in Syria against al-Shu’ayrat airfield in the Homs District without such investigation and authorization is a strong breach of international law. It makes a mockery of its claim to be a nation governed by the rule of law.
The Syria Solidarity Movement® therefore condemns the illegal and unjustified US missile attacks on Syria. Furthermore, we call upon the US to pay reparations to the government of Syria for its crimes against that state and to end its aggression upon its sovereign territory. 
This includes withdrawal of all US and all coalition forces currently operating illegally inside Syrian territory, as well as all military and financial aid to terrorist groups seeking to overthrow the legal Syrian government. Furthermore, the regime of economic sanctions levelled against Syria by the US-led (and so-called) “Friends of Syria” Group of Countries must be immediately lifted and diplomatic recognition be re-established by all those countries with the government in Damascus.

This is the only way to hasten the conclusion of the Syrian conflict and provide an opportunity for all Syrians to resolve their differences amongst themselves through dialogue and reconciliation.

The Syria Solidarity Movement

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