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The violence in Gaza doesn’t stop when the bombs stop falling, by Scott Roth

It’s inevitable that sometime in the near future Israel will engage in another round of overwhelming violence in Gaza. History tells us that the narrative fed to Americans via their trusted news sources will be that Hamas will have instigated the latest round of violence. American Zionists and Israeli spokespeople will flood the TV and radio waves with their claims that Israel, the region’s only democracy, is the innocent victim of ruthless and antisemitic violence. These enemies of Israel have no legitimate grievance with Israel, they will say, because Israel is a peace-loving state that "sanctifies human life.” It’s getting more difficult for these people to make this claim because most reasonable people have begun to correlate news from Israel and Palestine with pictures of dead babies and children and demolished apartment blocks. Yet for some odd reason which nobody can figure out, we only see these images when projectiles of non-Israeli origin are flying inside Israeli airspace and then hitting the ground.

In other words, the conventional wisdom is that if things are quiet in Israel then they’re quiet in Palestine. And this is simply untrue. It’s not merely a falsehood to assert such a thing, it’s obscene to do so. No aspect of Palestinian life is left unmolested by Israel and no Palestinian is left untouched.

The Israeli state has made it clear that it isn’t merely agnostic about Palestinian rights, it’s downright hostile towards them. Given the demonstrable evidence that is available to almost anyone it’s sad but mostly pathetic that prominent leftist Israelis even wonder why certain folks don’t like them all that much. Maybe someone the Israelis listen to should tell them?