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Three Card Monte, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really good Ones, and to all in peril on land or sea:

A much decorated Academic operative, whom I have never heard of, (lots of those these days), a person who actually has a seat on the Council on Foreign Relations, Professor Rajon Menon of the City College of NY, has posted yet another article by a black pot, which hatefully castigates a black kettle, well into the territory of 'demonization' ... why? ...why does the black pot hate the dang black kettle so much? ... Well.. everybody knows that ... for being black, of course. 

BASTA! Capisce?

To anyone who has not had his daily dose of Blue Pill with a Kool-aid chaser, to anyone looking at you from outside your looney cult belief system, it just makes us want to vomit, the more we hear this stupidity from both sides.  

Caliban believes that most of the nation's people want our differences to be settled without resorting to violence. Bloodshed serves NEITHER side. Bloodshed only serves BOTH sides' Paymaster.

C'mon ... Get it? There is only One Side. That side pays both 'sides'. The Syndicate has both sides on its payroll. 

C'mon, folks ... No rocket science here. It's a game of Three Card Monte. If you aren't running the game, or working for whoever is, then YOU are 'the mark'.

The ONLY way to win is not to play. 

A pox on the DPM, the Fascist Iron Heeled Obama-Clintonista Democratic Party Machine. I will NEVER submit to their Tyranny. I hereby pledge. I will NEVER submit. We can talk about Trump's stupidity when we can. But this foul corrupt ruthless and deadly DPM Regime will NOT rule over us.

C'mon, folks. The Truth is the ONLY power that has any hope of saving us, and it SURELY can.

Most of the nation's people do not accept the 'divisions' assigned to us by people who would rule us. We are a free people. We are determined that We, the Common People, should rule our own affairs, through True Democracy. We stand aside and watch in horror as so many good people set themselves at each other's throats, all of them duped by their own Paymaster. 

We, the Common People, do NOT accept the divisions assigned to us. People who should be allies must first stop being enemies. The ONLY division that matters, politically, economically, socially, or any other way, is between The Rich, who have Syndicated their power, and the Common People, who are suffering ever more misery and fear under the rule of The Syndicate.

When the Common People divide themselves in any other way, aside from between The Syndicate, and The Common People, they are allowing themselves to fall prey to (quite literally) "the oldest trick in the book". Divide and rule. It's worked like a charm for 10,000 years. Works better today than ever. 

The Syndicate demands that we choose between Stalin or Hitler? Between Tweedle-Dee, or Trumpty-Dumpty? Uhh ... No thanks ... I know a back street clown show scam when I see one. This is Three Card Monte, and I learned real well when I lost that 5 pound note in London, in '69.

A pox on the slithering snakes of the DPM, who would set the US Army on US citizens, on US soil. 

From Left or Right, let no slithering snake that plots to seize power, that plots to keep the Common People under the yoke of the Iron Heeled Jackboot of The Syndicate, think that it fools us all.  

C'mon, folks ... If we don't come to our senses, as a polity, as a nation, some REAL bad stuff is going to happen to a LOT of good folks.

C'mon ... Folks is just folks. We ALL act like idiots about half the time ... We're ALL just poor dumb humans here... Folks on both sides feel RIGHTEOUS... And THAT is a tinderbox recipe that could run sewers red. 

A red tide dumped into every blue bay? It makes Purple Water. Regal purple cloaks are drawn about in fur-lined warmth, as Fascism quickly rises, and as quickly comes to reign.

C'mon ... Really? ... You all are going to do this? Guns in the streets? The US Army gunning down US citizens, on US soil? 

What is this, a game of 'chicken'? (cue the shoelace caught on the brake pedal). 

We could come to our senses, could we not?

Both of these factions now at violent loggerheads need to 'cool their jets'. Can we at least TRY listening to one-another?

Anyway ... related to the above, my reply to Professor Menon's article is copied below, (in case the link above is broken).

Hope all are well 


R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield. MA 01506
774 449-8030 

 Caliban's reply to Professor Menon, as posted in the comments section of his article linked above


Ahh …. Good.

Professor Rajan Menon is one of Colonel Bacevich’s finest. The Colonel is commanding officer of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft. His wages are paid by Charles Koch and George Soros, and other such powerful forces. QI has seemingly assembled much of the Obama-Clintonista Democratic Party Machine brain trust. Once they were bank-rolled by the Big Boys, Koch and Soros, a couple of Baron Oligarchs who are among those that take their seats when the Ruling Syndicate meets, the money has poured in from the underling dukes. duchesses, lords, and ladies.

It’s been Kaching! Kaching!, over at QI, since Colonel Bacevich opened QI’s brand new bank accounts, just a few months ago, by depositing generous checks signed by the nation’s most powerful ruling Baron Oligarchs.

Within months QI has assembled the Obama-Clintonista Democratic Party Machine’s (DPM’s) Ivy-league brain trust, the upper crust of the nation’s best and brightest. What’s the starting salary for a QI “Resident Fellow”? How about for its “Senior Fellows”? What do they take to the bank on Friday?

Within months, Colonel Bacevich was able to assemble a staff of 55 of the DPM’s best and brightest under the QI banner, each with a long glowing bio after her or his name, recounting their glories won, in Ivy festooned Academia, Government, Finance, and, the key QI identifying characteristic, in senior positions in the DPM Juggernaut Machine that is so desperate to win this election that their spokespeople, including key people at QI, have openly threatened a response by the US Military, (who are already being moved into position), should any of the people the DPM identifies as ‘The Deplorables’, rise up to resist the DPM seizing power through a staged ‘disputed’ election, followed by an intricately planned Mass Media Coup, backed up by the Iron Fist of the US Military if need be?

Let’s do recognize that Dr. Menon is ‘just a stringer’ at QI, not one of their paid staff brains. At least that’s what I think “non-resident fellow” means in plain talk. It seems a bit curious, though I guess we should have expected, that when he holds forth in TomDispatch he does not mention his chair on the Council on Foreign Relations.

When the representatives of the Syndicated Baron Oligarchs who rule over us meet, Dr. Menon pulls up a chair. He’s VERY proud of being a CFR “member”, so proud that in his City College bio he cites it twice. (Only a friend will tell you when you have lipstick on your teeth, or bad breath, good Dr. Menon).

But when addressing the ‘liberal’ wing of the broad spectrum of forces the DPM Juggernaut has assembled, (from Never Trump repubs, to antifa/BLM goons, they’re ALL on the Soros/DPM payroll), our good Dr. Menon neglects to even mention that when the nest of slithering vipers meets, to decide, as representing the Barons who rule over us, (with no consideration, at ALL, for the interests of the US Common People), our nation’s foreign policy, Dr. Menon is exceedingly proud of the CFR role he plays. But with he’s wearing his CFR ‘hat’, he ducks his head if any ‘liberals’ might spot him’?

Okey doke then … Interesting …

I don’t know what a stringer makes at QI. (By the word?) Let’s just recognize that behind the chest full of ribbons and laurels he wears, Dr. Rajon Menon speaks on behalf of the forces of the DPM Juggernaut, as represented by his commission with the QI Regiment, under the command of Colonel Bacevich.

The facts of the QI Case, (for any trying to keep up here), are self-evident. (Search: Colonel Wilkerson WBUR, and ‘ditto’ Quincy Institute). This is an arm of the DPM Juggernaut that has already put in motion contingency plans to use the US Military to seize power should disputed election conditions make the nation’s Common People feel such outrage, to confront such Tyranny, that they would rise from their homes, and bearing arms, as is their RIGHT, to oppose Tyranny, that they would rise in just armed resistance against DPM Military Tyranny … Colonel Wilkerson assures us that the DPM, through his New 7th, (TIP), under his dashing command, has plans IN PLACE, to use the US Military to gun down any US citizens who would rise bearing arms against the DPM’s seizure of power..

But wait … There’s more … They’re not even trying to keep it secret … The DPM’s hired guns, their ‘liaison officers’, (shall we call them), like the dashing cavalry officer, (and Senior Fellow, or something, at QI), Colonel Larry Boy Wilkerson, have already PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED that they have plans in place to deploy US Troops, on US soil, against US citizens.

Colonel Wilkerson has PUBLICLY recounted, as a high-ranking DPM officer, (the Colonel’s portfolio seems to include facilitating/coordinating communications between the DPM and the US Military), and presumably in his newly appointed command of the New 7th Cavalry, the DPM-created-and-financed Transfer Integrity Project, ole Blood an’ Guts Larry is all set to gun them Deplorables down.

What does TIP do? What is the good Colonel Wilkerson’s assigned mission for his New 7th? how shall he pursue a warrior’s glory? (Hey … Don’t listen to me. Do the research. Search: Lawrence Wilkerson WBUR. There are TWO interviews. Together is where their meaning lies).

Colonel Wilkerson’s New 7th is riding point as the DPM Juggernaut comes down the track, right at us. Sabers are sheathed, but at their sides. Their carbines are tucked under their saddles. The officers carry pistols.

As Colonel Larry rides ahead to keep the tracks clear, he’s telling one and all that should any rise to resist the DPM, the US Military will be deployed to gun them down, if necessary, and he’s telling us we should fear as many as 280 million guns, in the hands of what the good Colonel calls ‘Trumps forces’, in public, but many among his New 7th Regiment call The Deplorables.

Well … C’mon folks … This is an old OLD story. It has so often been told. It does NOT ‘end well’. EVER!

C’mon, Dr. Menon … Enough of the City College hoighty-toity … Sorry … not impressed. CFR, eh? THAT is certainly impressive.

And you come to tell folks, out here among the filth and rabble, where no one wears much in the way of ‘ribbons and laurels’, (’cause there ain’t none t’ be had), that the DPM Holy Crusade Force is planning for various scenarios, but you never think to mention your employers’ threats to deploy the US Military against US citizens bearing arms?

Hmm … Do they call you ‘Chameleon’ Rajon when the drinks get to flowing, and songs are sung?

Can you answer three questions, Dr. Menon?

1) What unbiased authority does the DPM pretend exists in our nation, that could possibly store, move, guard, and eventually (supposedly) count, thousands upon thousands of pallets of tens upon tens of millions of paper ballots? Once dropped into a collection box, what is the chain of authority and responsibility for these truckloads upon truckloads of paper? How many times will each ballot be loaded onto or off a truck? By whom? Anything ever ‘fall off a truck’ in your neck a’ the woods?

Does the DPM require, (command?), that the Common People must makes ourselves into complete idiots, lapping up any foul smelling gruel you throw down like it was tender meat, or the freshest crust of bread?

(I guess somehow that could be construed as all one question, LOL … since the same answer is all wrapped up in every question).

2) Isn’t the DPM’s clearly stated threat to use the US Military against US citizens, on US soil, proof enough of the Common People’s JUST fears of YOUR Tyranny? (DPM Tyranny)?

3) Isn’t the DPM’s Iron Heeled Juggernaut so desperate to win back power, (so desperate that they would threaten the US Common People with a bloodbath if any resist), because they fear prosecution for their crimes while in office, should Trump win another term, and thus have the opportunity set ole PitBull Giuliani loose on these crooks for what they did. (C’mon, folks… Nixon just hired some two bit hoods. Under the Obama Regime, the DPM used the fracking FBI, and the US Judiciary. The FISA warrant is the smoking gun).

Stalin or Hitler? A jackboot is a jackboot. The steel hob-nailed heels are all sharp and cruel against any human cheek.

A bullet is a bullet. From some crazed Antifa/BLM Goon, or from some alt-right stooge. Sounds like hot lead and warn blood t’ ole Caliban.

Are such sad times upon us?

A pox on any who would raise weapons against their fellow citizens. The Enemy is The Syndicate. BOTH the Left AND the Right, are on their payroll.

It’s NOT that complicated, folks. It’s Three Card Monte. The pea turns up as ‘they’ want it to. If you’re not running the game, or working for whoever is, then YOU are ‘the mark’.

And the ONLY way to win, the ONLY fracking way, is not to play.


R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030