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To Rise over Chaos, by Ray Zwarich

To all the really good ones, and to all in peril on the sea:

Caliban once heard someone ask, "I wonder how many times Elvis sang 'Heartbreak Hotel' and still gave a shit?" Imagine being a politician running for office, giving the same 'stump speech' over and over? (Sheesh).

The thing is ... An ole ape-man carpenter knows you gotta keep hitting the nail. (And then the next one). 'At's the only way the job ever gets done......

The essay below, for any interested, is a part of the same ongoing discussion, on the international Shamir Forum, that Caliban has recently forwarded.

Hope all are well and strong, (or have someone if you're not),


To Rise over Chaos

Many thanks to Mr. Scott for his thoughtful reply. I did submit a long paper, and it did cover a lot of ground, but it is disappointing that Mr. Scott was not able to "go through the whole thing" before responding. It is, indeed, rather a burden trying to sort out 'reality' in our age of propaganda and lies, but the 'big picture' is surely the one we are all trying to 'see'. Surely we all know that a 'vision' can be easy to 'see', but can take many clumsy words to try to 'explain', (to have others 'see' it).  

I don't think it's really useful, at this point, to argue the facts of the Floyd case. It seems obvious to me that the facts have been carefully, deliberately, and skillfully obfuscated through highly sophisticated use of the powers of Mass Media. 

I continue to think that many people, even among those who complain most about "the corporate media", don't really understand the psychological sophistication being used in applying the power of Mass Media to favorably 'engineer' the population to comply with the Elites' priorities.   

I have done my best to sort through the Floyd-related evidence that exists, and I believe, (at this point, pending formal presentation of evidence at trial), the evidence shows that the police likely had no intention of harming Floyd. They were merely arresting him. They were just doing their job. They were arresting a dangerous criminal. He violently resisted, AFTER he was already under arrest and cuffed behind his back. He refused to simply sit down in the patrol car. He 'went berserk', for no apparent reason. 

There is no evidence that the forceful restraint being applied against Floyd by the police caused his death, or even contributed substantially to it. Floyd died of cardiac failure. He 'couldn't breathe' because he was having a deadly cardiac emergency. He was having a 'heart attack'. He was a 46 year old meth and opioid/fenantyl junkie. He had "severe" heart disease. Extreme shortness of breath is a symptom of cardiac emergency. He was not 'strangled'. The knee did not restrict his airway. The knee did not cause or contribute to his death. (The actual autopsy report can be accessed online).    

The most salient point I have tried to make about the Floyd case is that people should try to realize that it was the Media Powers, the Mass Media Barons themselves, (call them the 'Goebbels Committee'), that deliberately selected the Floyd case to sensationalize, (as they did the Brooks case in Atlanta, and the Trayvon Martin case, etc), for the specific purpose of inflaming tribal rage on every side. 

These are all cases in which 'appearances' give a strong impression that is contradicted by the actual facts. One side thus erupts in mass mob hysteria over 'appearances', while the other side accesses the actual facts and is thus outraged over the first side's hysterical mob reaction. 

This is the exact 'dual', (or multi-faceted), reaction that the Media Barons want to produce. The more 'righteous' that each side can be induced to feel, the better. Every time the Left howls out in its mob hysteria about Floyd's "racist murder", people who know the facts, who know Floyd was NOT "murdered", are outraged that police just doing their jobs, (arresting a mean, aggressively violent, sky-'high' crystal meth/opioid junkie), are being accused of murder.   

The Elites' reason for using the power of their centrally controlled Mass Media to sensationalize the Floyd case, (and others like it), their reason for launching this Mass Mob Hysteria, is as obvious as it is devastatingly effective. 

At the precise moment when the first economic hammer blows of the covid-cratered economy are just starting to fall on teeming millions of families, a Race War 'spontaneously' erupts to divert people's attention away from the relatively small handful of Bankster Mafia 'Dons', (aka: the Media Barons), who control our nation, including not just our economy and our government, but also their own authority to create/print money). 

Instead of the entire 'edifice' of the Common People, of ALL races, rising to stand together, shoulder to shoulder, UNITED in Mind and Purpose, to march together against the Bankster Dons, we now have a Race War that divides the Common People against each other, along fault lines of our deepest, (and thus most highly emotionalized/irrational), tribal divisions, and sets us to fighting each other in deadly violence, INSTEAD OF fighting the Bankster Dons. ("Divide et impera" ... Get it?) 

And the American Left, (which I have called the Marionette Left, for obvious reasons), is helping the Bankster Dons/Mass Media Barons. If the entire American Left were made up of staged actors, if every left activist actually drew a paycheck from the Bankster Dons for their endeavors, the Bankster Dons would have the American Left do, and say, and think, exactly what the American Left is doing, and saying, and thinking.  

Same old, (same old), same old, same old. (Did I remember to mention "same old"?) "Divide et impera". Divide and rule. (And the Left dances its jerky marionette dance and says, "we'll help divide us all into mutually hateful factions"). 

The Left has been reduced to a 'frame of mind'. It has become a 'pattern of thought', comprised of well-drilled habits of mind. The Left has fashioned itself into a spectrum of 'religious' sects and belief systems. Identity Politics is so devastatingly effective because it is rooted in our basic Tribal Human Nature. 

Like every other 'religion', Identity Politics offers 'absolution' from sin. "It's not your fault. You're not responsible for your failures. You're a poor innocent 'victim' ", (from the Latin 'victima', a sacrificial animal, but rooted in 'victus', to conquer). 

Identity Politics is a classic 'cult' belief system. The Left has 'drunk the kool-aid'. The Marionette Left has been induced, and cunningly led, into a closed-minded, closed-feedback loop, 'tribal' frame of mind.  

We, the Common People, can't even get to first base against the Elites because we're having so much 'fun' hating and fighting each other.

"I can hire half the working class to kill the other half." --J Gould  

People who should be allies must first stop being enemies.

Some may believe that this eruption of Race War is merely 'coincidental', (and indeed, coincidence alone is not causation), but I think that is very naive and foolish. We can surely ALL see and understand the raw social engineering power of Mass Media. The Bankster Dons have complete control of Mass Media. We can ALL see that these people are morally depraved. Whatever they CAN do, we can pretty much figure they DO do!  

Besides direct ownership control, the Media Barons/Bankster Dons also control the flow of advertising dollars. You think Zuckerberg, or Alphabet, is going to dance a different tune than the piper commands? (You think Bezos couldn't create a competing 'social network' if he took a mind to?)

In a 'Syndicate', every 'Don' is an equal, but a Don with $190 BILLION is a tad bit 'more equal' than one with a mere $20 BIL. The Syndicate owns ALL Mass Media.  

Believe me, folks, (on faith, I sure can't prove it), there IS a Goebbels Committee that is being advised and counseled by the most brilliant minds in mass psychology that our nation has produced.        

Outright 'mob rule' is now being actively encouraged by the powers that rule over us, as has been very clear since at least  the #metoo Mass Mob Hysteria, (which, like the current Mass Mob Hysteria, was entirely Mass Media generated). 

Public flogging and lynching is now our habitual behavior. Any person can be singled out to be humiliated in the Public Square at High Noon, or even to have her or his life completely ruined, (as in loss of livelihood, home, and family, often in that order).

These conditions of Mob Hysteria are perfect ground for the rise of fascist nationalism. Trump is a stupid 'patsy'. It's a much more cunning mind than his that is desperate to survive. Instigating a Race War, with flames on the horizon, and the mob rampaging, is a dangerous way to go, but it makes sense. Security, (staying alive), is the highest human priority. When the police come to restore 'order', the Common People will welcome them. 

THAT is how Fascism rises. 

Somewhere ... There IS a 'Goebbels Committee'. 

Becoming aware of how Mass Media social engineering power is manifest all around us is only the first step to growing our consciousness. The next, more difficult step is to become aware of how it is manifest IN us. None of us are immune to this power. 

The American Left has fully given itself over to not just supporting, but actually helping to organize, the Elites' most immediate primary agenda, which is to stir the American Pot to a boil of 'juu-juu' tribal animosities.  

The Right always wants to step in To Rise over Chaos. Do we think they are satisfied to wait for chaos? Might their very power not tempt them to create some? These people are morally depraved. Whatever they CAN do is very likely what they ARE doing.