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Trans Runners dominate Female Track Championships, from Peter Myers

Olympics to allow Trans athletes to Compete with Women; Trans Runners dominate Female Track Championships

  Suppose that, one day, victims of the Trans movement want to sue that movement for ruining their lives. Who could they sue? The Soros Foundations, which peddle this subversion in many countries. - Peter M.

(0) Trump to require colleges to support free speech if they want federal funds

(1) Is “gender ideology” a danger to feminism?

(2) NHS Chief Resigns over LGBT pressure to fast-track gender reassignment of kids

(3) Olympics to allow Transgender Athletes to Compete with Women

(4) Trans wrestler Mack Beggs won the Texas girls’ Class 6A 110-pound wrestling division

(5) Rather than wrestle a girl in the state championship, this high schooler forfeited

(6) Mum thrown in cell for 7 HOURS – for calling Trans woman a Man

(7) Female students rebel against transgender bathrooms, refuse to use same facilities as boys

(8) Heartbroken mom on trans teen: “My once-beautiful daughter is now bearded, homeless, and sterilized.”

(9) Gay & Trans Sex Education to be Taught to FIVE-YEAR-OLDS in UK

(10) Marx and Engels loathed homosexuals and referred to them as 'paederasts'

(11) Trans Runners dominate Female Track Championships at Connecticut high school

(12) Navratilova says Women should not have to compete with Trans; not that Trans are Cheats

(13) Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will raise their baby as ‘gender fluid’

(14) Trans activist accused of burning down his own home after reporting it as a hate crime

(15) Unisex Change Rooms "needed to make transgender people feel more comfortable"


(0) Trump to require colleges to support free speech if they want federal funds

Jon Street on Mar 02, 2019 at 3:24 PM EDT

President Donald Trump on Saturday announced that he will sign an executive order requiring colleges and universities to support free speech in order to receive federal funding.

"Today I'm proud to announce that I will be personally signing an executive order requiring colleges and universities to support free speech if they want federal research dollars," Trump said while speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference near Washington, D.C.

The president made the announcement moments after inviting Leadership Institute Field Representative Hayden Williams on stage. Williams, an employee of Campus Reform's parent organization, was punched in the face on February 19 at the University of California-Berkeley while helping a conservative campus group recruit new members.

[RELATED: Trump: Hayden Williams 'took a hard punch in the face for all of us' (VIDEO)]

"If they want our dollars, and we give it to them by the billions, they've got to allow people like Hayden and many other young people and old people to speak. And if they don't it will be very costly."

(1) Is “gender ideology” a danger to feminism?


18 FEBRUARY 2019

Is “gender ideology” really a danger to feminism?

Can we straightforwardly “choose”?

In November 2017 a group of protesters in São Paulo burnt an effigy of acclaimed gender theorist Judith Butler outside an academic conference she was attending, while waving crucifixes and national flags and shouting “burn the witch!” One sign read, “Judith Butler’s dream is to destroy your children’s sexual identity.” Butler has been just one of many visible targets of “transnational anti-gender campaigns” framing women’s, reproductive and LGBTIQ+ rights as threats to societal norms and national identity.

Skip forward to January 2019, and the newly minted Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has promised to stop the “ideology of gender” being spread in schools. The Catholic Church began referring to the problems of “gender ideology” in the 1990s, and the expression has spread internationally among the conservative right. The most surprising development, however, is that the same language is now being used by some feminists who consider Butler and those who share her views to be a threat to feminism and women.

Also in January, Judith Butler published a response to the backlash against “gender ideology” in the New Statesman. In reply, the Cambridge Radical Feminist Network outlined the dangers of Butler’s ideas for feminism in Medium, reflecting its view that a “transgender agenda” is undermining feminist achievements. Low-level suspicion of gender theory has existed among radical feminists for some time, but as transgender rights have gained visibility the debate has coalesced into a more obvious division.

This debate highlights the evolution of a peculiar divide in feminist circles: a schism between gender theorists, such as Butler, and self-identified “gender-critical” feminists who reaffirm an immutable biological basis for the category of female. This debate has created an impasse: how do we determine who is an authority on feminist issues, and who is included and excluded in gender-focused policy matters?

The debate raises a number of other questions, too. Is gender theory really so dangerous for feminism? What do theorists such as Butler actually argue? Is there any merit in gender-critical claims? And can a common feminist ground be found?

Judith Butler is best known for her 1990 book, Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity, which has become a mainstay of many women’s and gender-studies programs across the world. Gender Trouble arrived during the AIDS crisis, when a new language was emerging around the word “queer” to describe sexual practices and identities that rebelled against the discrete categories of “gay” and “lesbian.” Within this social context Gender Trouble has played a central role in precipitating a new way of thinking about the relationship between gender and sexuality in the academy.

First, though Butler identifies as a feminist she challenges the traditional feminist distinction made between sex (as biology) and gender (as culture). Feminists have long argued that biology does not determine capacity.e sex/gender distinction in her 1972 book, Sex, Gender and Society. Many feminists have since separated gender from sex as a strategy to emphasise that women’s lower hierarchical status in society is not innate. [...]

(2) NHS Chief Resigns over LGBT pressure to fast-track gender reassignment of kids

UK: NHS Child Sex Change Clinic Chief Resigns After Disturbing Report from Staff

March 1, 2019 Breitbart

Marcus Evans, a governor with the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, resigned from the non-profit organization that is part of the NHS to protest the group’s dismissal of allegations that the clinic was ‘fast-tracking’ children into gender reassignment due to intense pressure from LGBT campaigners. ...


(3) Olympics to allow Transgender Athletes to Compete with Women

Transgender athletes to be allowed to compete as the other sex in the Olympics WITHOUT having gender reassignment surgery

The International Olympic Committee received proposed guidelines at its 'Consensus Meeting on Sex Reassignment and Hyperandrogenism'

The policy change would allow transgender athletes to compete without having gender reassignment surgery It would allow transgender athletes to compete after one year of hormone replacement therapy and no surgery is required The change would be in line with NCAA standards in the United States


PUBLISHED: 12:37 AEDT, 23 January 2016 | UPDATED: 04:12 AEDT, 24 January 2016

The Olympics are reportedly adopting a new policy that opens the field of competition to transgender athletes.

The International Olympic Committee received proposed guidelines in November from its 'Consensus Meeting on Sex Reassignment and Hyperandrogenism', which allow for broader policies that would include transgender athletes.

Olympic officials have not confirmed the new guidelines, which have already been adopted by other regulatory sports organizations, but the policy is available on the organization's website.

(4) Trans wrestler Mack Beggs won the Texas girls’ Class 6A 110-pound wrestling division

Olympics to Allow Transgender Athletes to Compete with Women — WITHOUT Having Gender Reassignment Surgery

by Jim Hoft February 28, 2019

The end of women’s sports as we know it.

For the second year in a row, transgender wrestler Mack Beggs won the Texas girls’ Class 6A 110-pound wrestling division. Beggs is in the process of transitioning from female to male and taking testosterone. Mack won the title last year too.

In October 2018 trangender Dr. Rachel McKinnon (in the middle) became the first ever transgender world champion in a womens cycling event.

In March 2017, Laurel Hubbard, a 39 year-old transgender who was born male, won her first international women’s weightlifting title in Australia breaking four national records in the process.

Last week two trans athletes won 1st and 2nd place at the Connecticut state indoor track championships.

Democrats call this “progress.”

Earlier this week Olympic officials ruled transgender athletes will be allowed to compete as the other sex in the Olympics WITHOUT having gender reassignment surgery. This is the modern day left.

Actor James Woods weighed in.

James Woods ? @RealJamesWoods The feminists got what they asked for, and what they deserved. All future “women’s” Olympics events will be tarnished with an asterisk...


(5) Rather than wrestle a girl in the state championship, this high schooler forfeited


Brendan Johnston, left, shakes hands with Angel Rios after he forfeited the third-round consolation match in the Colorado state wrestling meet Saturday in Denver. (Michael Ciaglo)

By Samantha Pell March 1 at 10:52 AM

To Brendan Johnston, it was a simple choice. The 18-year-old senior wrestler from The Classical Academy in Colorado had never competed against a girl and, faced with the option to do so and potentially move one round closer to his goal of winning a state title, he instead decided to forfeit.

For one of the two would-be female opponents Johnston refused to face in the Colorado state wrestling championships last weekend, it was a frustrating outcome. She said she understood and respected his decision but questioned why any wrestler, of any gender, would decide to forfeit in the state tournament after making it so far. Johnston cited personal and religious beliefs for not wanting to wrestle a girl.

“My whole thing is that I’m not a girl wrestler; I’m just a wrestler,” said Jaslynn Gallegos, a senior at Skyview High. “So it kind of doesn’t hurt my feelings, but I do kind of take it to heart.”

Watch Jaslynn Gallegos take down a competitor Jaslynn Gallegos, now a senior at Skyview High School in Colorado, wrestled a competitor at the 2018 Freakshow Quarterfinals. (Jaslynn Gallegos/YouTube)

In a situation that got national attention, Johnston’s refusal to wrestle a female competitor disappointed and frustrated many at a time when girls’ participation in the sport continues to rise across the country. While incidents such as these are rare, it’s a scenario that is being confronted more frequently with the growth of women’s wrestling.

“There is something that I really do find problematic about the idea of wrestling with a girl, and a part of that does come from my faith and my belief,” said Johnston, who identifies as Christian and said he attends the International Anglican Church in Colorado Springs. “And a part of that does come from how I was raised to treat women as well as maybe from different experiences and things.” ...

(6) Mum thrown in cell for 7 HOURS – for calling trans woman a man

The Mail on Sunday

MUM THROWN IN CELL FOR 7 HOURS – FOR CALLING TRANS WOMAN A MAN martin.beckford  2 days ago Dubai Police deny teenage suicides link to 'Blue Whale'Dubai Police deny teenage suicides link to 'Blue Whale' Probe as girls sent creepy packages a close up of a logo© Provided by Mail on Sunday A MOTHER was arrested in front of her children and locked up for seven hours after referring to a transgender woman as a man online.

Three officers detained Kate Scottow at her home before quizzing her at a police station about an argument with an activist on Twitter over so-called ‘deadnaming’.

The 38-year-old, from Hitchin, Hertfordshire, had her photograph, DNA and fingerprints taken and remains under investigation.

More than two months after her arrest on December 1, she has had neither her mobile phone or laptop returned, which she says is hampering her studies for a Masters in forensic psychology.

Writing on online forum Mumsnet, Mrs Scottow – who has also been served with a court order that bans her from referring to her accuser as a man – claimed: ‘I was arrested in my home by three officers, with my autistic ten-year-old daughter and breastfed 20-month-old son present. I was then detained for seven hours in a cell with no sanitary products (which I said I needed) before being interviewed then later released under investigation ... I was arrested for harassment and malicious communications because I called someone out and misgendered them on Twitter.’

Confirming the arrest, Hertfordshire Police said: ‘We take all reports of malicious communication seriously.’

The case is the latest where police have been accused of being heavy-handed in dealing with people who go online to debate gender issues.

Sitcom writer Graham Linehan was given a verbal harassment warning by West Yorkshire Police after transgender activist Stephanie Hayden reported him for referring to her by her previous names and pronouns on Twitter. It was complaints by Miss Hayden that led both to the arrest of, and injunction against, Mrs Scottow.

High Court papers obtained by The Mail on Sunday detail how Mrs Scottow is accused of a ‘campaign of targeted harassment’ against Miss Hayden, allegedly motivated by her ‘status as a transgender woman’.

The papers claim that, as a ‘toxic’ debate raged online over plans to allow people to ‘self-ID’ as another gender, Mrs Scottow tweeted ‘defamatory’ messages about Miss Hayden. She is also alleged to have used accounts in two names to ‘harass, defame, and publish derogatory and defamatory tweets’ about Miss Hayden, including referring to her as male, stating she was ‘racist, xenophobic and a crook’ and mocking her as a ‘fake lawyer’.

Mrs Scottow denied harassing or defaming Miss Hayden and said she holds a ‘genuine and reasonable belief’ that a human ‘cannot practically speaking change sex’, but Deputy Judge Jason Coppel QC issued an interim injunction that bans her from posting any personal information about Miss Hayden on social media, ‘referencing her as a man’ or linking her to her ‘former male identity’. Mrs Scottow last night declined to comment. ...


(7) Female students rebel against transgender bathrooms, refuse to use same facilities as boys

Wed Feb 27, 2019 - 1:35 pm EST

Female students rebel against transgender bathrooms, refuse to use same facilities as boys

Jonathon van Maren

February 27, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Over and over again, we are told by LGBT activists that our schools must be transformed for the children. The massive changes to the curriculums, the transgender bathrooms, the revolutionary new ideologies—we are told that these are simply responses to the grassroots demands of parents and students, who have independently discovered that the way we understood the world for the entire history of Western civilization is, apparently, both hateful and inaccurate.

But nobody appears to have actually asked the students what they want. These policies are justified on the basis that the children need them, but in many instances, the precise opposite turns out to be the case. When one school in Alberta decided to bring in gender-neutral bathrooms back in 2017, many students avoided them because, as any idiot knows, boys and girls generally feel uncomfortable doing their business in a stall next to a member of the opposite sex. Lineups began to form outside the gender-specific bathrooms, and students trekked all the way across the school to avoid using the gender-neutral bathrooms.

“I find it uncomfortable. I have other things to do than boys, in there,” one female student told the media, referring to the changing of feminine hygiene products. “You can hear it.” One student eventually started a petition to demand more gender-specific bathrooms, and he was “overwhelmed” by students looking to sign on the first day. Eventually, he ran out of forms. “You don’t see [gender-neutral bathrooms] anywhere,” he noted. “You don’t see those in restaurants, you don’t see them in government buildings, you don’t see them anywhere, yet we throw them into our schools and assume it’s just fine. I don’t know whose idea this was but it wasn’t a very good one.” Parents, too, were angry that they hadn’t been consulted.

In the U.S., a teenage girl and her friends are suing their own high school over the new transgender bathroom policy. Alexis Lightcap, an African American student and 2018 graduate of the Boyertown Area High School in Pennsylvania, recently asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear their student privacy lawsuit, and Alexis penned an editorial for USA Today explaining her decision to take her own school to court. “[The school] didn’t even bother to tell me or the other students that they changed school policy to allow students to choose their locker rooms and restrooms based not on their sex, but on their beliefs about their gender,” she wrote. Parents were not informed, either.

“The moment I walked into our girls’ restroom and found a boy standing there, I turned and fled,” Alexis went on. “The school’s surveillance video caught me running out. I tried to get the attention of the administrators to explain to them how uncomfortable—how scared—I felt sharing the girls’ restroom with a boy. They wouldn’t listen…Instead, our parents first learned of the policy when I found the boy in the girls’ restroom, and when others, like my classmates identified in the [law]suit as Joel Doe and Jack Jones, were changing clothes in the boys’ locker room and looked up to find a girl changing clothes beside them.”

Alexis Lightcap has been through the foster care system, and she knows something about standing up for herself. But she was essentially told that her discomfort, her privacy concerns, and her views meant nothing to anyone. As far as the authorities were concerned, girls like Alexis would just have to get over themselves and perhaps get purged of their “transphobia.” We live in a new world now, and transgender activists are setting the agenda. Nobody is allowed to get in their way: Not parents, not scared teenage girls, not awkward and uncomfortable high school boys.

The same thing is now happening in the United Kingdom. The Daily Mail reported earlier this month that “unisex toilets in schools are leaving girls ‘too afraid to use the loo over fears of period shaming, sexual harassment, and a lack of privacy.” Many girls are avoiding using the bathroom during school hours because of “cruel taunts from boys and a lack of privacy,” and a “growing number” of schools are ditching unisex bathrooms as “breeding ground[s] for bullying.” Some girls, they reported, even avoid drinking water while at school so they can avoid using the toilet. However, because unisex bathrooms are so fiercely demanded by trans activists, many parents and girls do not dare to speak up.

Some of the cultural battles we are being forced to fight are simply too stupid for words. Once again, in order to climb on board with transgender ideology, we are forced to suspend common sense and pretend that we do not know what we all know: Girls are often not comfortable doing girl things in the presence of boys, and vice versa. The excruciating awkwardness of gender relations throughout adolescence is difficult enough to navigate without wondering if the person you have a crush on is one stall over, hearing you relieve yourself. It would seem that transgender activists and their political lapdogs have become so enlightened that they have managed to forget the basic things about girls and boys that every generation prior to this one would have simply taken for granted. ...


(8) Heartbroken mom on trans teen: “My once-beautiful daughter is now bearded, homeless, and sterilized.”

Heartbroken mom on trans teen: “My once-beautiful daughter is now bearded, homeless, and sterilized.”

 Feb 27 2019

By Jonathon Van Maren

Of all the emails I receive from readers, some of the most heart-breaking ones come from parents whose children struggle with rapid onset gender dysphoria, or ROGD. They are confused and heartbroken, and their children are often confused and heartbroken, as well. One mother ended her email to me with a sentence I’ll never forget: “If I had known the world was going to get so bad, I don’t think I would have had kids.”

That might sound over the top or even horrible to someone who has remained blissfully unaware of what the transgender movement is doing to families across North America. Many of the emails I have received I cannot share in case certain details are recognized and the senders are identified. And so I want to share a powerful article from Public Discourse with you, written by five anonymous moms who must remain nameless lest “we face legal repercussions if our names are revealed” because “parents who do not support their children’s gender identity risk being reported to Child Protective Services and losing custody of their children.” These parents are often suffering horribly and alone. These are their stories, in their own words:

I was shocked when my thirteen-year-old daughter told me she was really my transgender son. She had no masculine interests and hated all sports. But as a smart, quirky teen on the autism spectrum, she had a long history of not fitting in with girls.

Where did she get the idea she was transgender? From a school presentation—at a school where over 5 percent of the student body called themselves trans or nonbinary, and where several students were already on hormones, and one had a mastectomy at the age of sixteen. In my daughter’s world—in real life and online—transgender identities are common, and hormones and surgeries are no big deal.

I took her to a gender clinician seeking expert guidance. Instead, he accepted her new identity and told me I must refer to my daughter with masculine pronouns, call her by a masculine name, and buy her a binder to flatten her breasts. He recommended no therapy, and there was no consideration of the social factors that obviously affected her thinking. I was directed to put her on puberty blocking drugs. I was falsely assured that these drugs were well-studied, and that they were a perfectly safe way for her to “explore gender.” I was told that if I did not comply, she would be at higher risk of suicide.

I have nowhere to go for proper help. Therapists are actively trained and socially pressured not to question these increasingly common identities. In Washington, DC, and many states with so-called conversion therapy bans, questioning a child’s belief that she is of the opposite sex is against the law.

I have been living this nightmare for over four years. And despite my best efforts, my daughter plans to medically transition when she turns eighteen later this year.

Parents like me must remain anonymous to maintain our children’s privacy, and because we face legal repercussions if our names are revealed. Parents who do not support their child’s gender identity risk being reported to Child Protective Services and losing custody of their children. In New Jersey, the Department of Education officially encourages schools to report such parents.

Meanwhile, the media glamorize and celebrate trans-identified children while ignoring stories like mine. I have written to well over 100 journalists, begging them to write about what is happening to kids. I wrote to my representative and senators, but have been ignored by their staff. My online posts about my daughter’s story have been deleted and I have been permanently banned in an online forum. As a lifelong Democrat, I am outraged by my former party and find it ironic that only conservative news outlets have reported my story without bias or censorship.

We parents are ignored and vilified, while our children are suffering in the name of inclusivity and acceptance. I hope that some open-minded Democratic lawmakers will wake up to the fact that they are complicit in harming vulnerable kids. I hope that they ask themselves this question: Why are physicians medicalizing children in the name of an unproven, malleable gender identity? And why are lawmakers enshrining “gender identity” into state and federal laws?


(9) Gay & Trans Sex Education to be Taught to FIVE-YEAR-OLDS in UK

Gay & Trans Sex Education to be Taught to FIVE-YEAR-OLDS in UK & Opting Out is ILLEGAL

Curriculum will include: 'When is it OK to let someone touch me?' for 3-year-olds...

By Monday, February 25, 2019 7

The UK Conservative government is set to announce plans for the introduction of lessons on homosexuality and transgenderism for primary school students, despite an official petition against the move, signed by over 100,000.

The Sunday Times reports that the new curriculum has been finalized after a six-month consultation with the Department of Education, and will be rolled out across UK schools starting from the 2020-21 educational year.

It will be taught to pupils from the age of five, and it will be illegal for parents to take their children out of the classroom for the lessons in secondary school, meaning that at least a term’s worth of sex education classes – and likely far more – will be attended by each student.

A popular petition to parliament demanding that the opt-out be retained for the length of the child’s school education will be debated in the House of Commons on Monday, though it is not expected to affect the schedule for the implementation of the legislation.

Tango Makes Three – a story of two gay penguins for primary schoolers. © Simon & Schuster The proposal has encountered resistance from conservative communities, including some Muslims and Jews. In a letter expressing opposition, prominent rabbis expressed fears that some parents would rather take their children out of the education system altogether – which they are allowed to do – rather than subject them to the new curriculum.

Questions discussed during the non-assessed lessons, as listed in the current proposals for the curriculum, will include: “When is it OK to let someone touch me?” for 3-year-olds, and “Why are we all different? Is it OK to be different?” at age seven. At 11, children will discuss “What is the difference between transvestite and trans-sexual?” and by 16, they will be told “how to disclose positive HIV status to a sexual partner, family and friends.”

My Princess Boy extols the virtues of transvestism. © Simon & Schuster Among the teaching materials for primary school children who are currently being trialed at a predominantly-Muslim school in Birmingham are ‘Tango Makes Three,’ a book about two gay penguins who nurture an egg taken from another family, and ‘My Princess Boy,’ which celebrates a dark-skinned child who loves to cross-dress.

The other aims of the curriculum include educating students on issues that have become more prevalent in Britain over last two decades, such as female genital mutilation, sexting, revenge porn, and potential imbalance of power between the sexes in relationships.


(10) Marx and Engels loathed homosexuals and referred to them as 'paederasts'

(11) Trans Runners dominate Female Track Championships at Connecticut high school

Transgender Runners Dominate Female Track Championships

Trans athletes clean up in Connecticut high school champs, questions raised

By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle

 26th February 2019 @ 12.00pm

  © press Transgender runners took first and second place in the championships, raising questions about fair play

Two transgender runners have dominated the female events in the Connecticut high school track championships, reigniting the debate over fair play in athletics.

The two 17-year-old born-male athletes, Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood, now both identify as female and took first and second place in the girls' running events.

Miller of Bloomfield High School finished first in the 55-meter dash at the state open indoor track championships and Yearwood, who is a junior at Cromwell High School, finished second. 

Miller and Yearwood are both currently transitioning to female and are taking hormone therapies. 

Setting a new girls' state indoor record, Miller finished the sprint in 6.95 seconds and Yearwood finished in 7.01 seconds.

The third-place competitor, who is "cisgender" (not transgender), finished in 7.23 seconds.

According to AP, Miller and Yearwood also topped the 100-meter state outdoor championships last year, and Miller won the 300 indoors this season.

Critics say their gender identity amounts to an unfair advantage, expressing a familiar argument in a complex debate for transgender athletes as they break barriers across sports around the world from high school to the pros.

“I have learned a lot about myself and about other people through this transition,” Yearwood said.

"I always try to focus most on all of the positive encouragement that I have received from family, friends, and supporters.

“I use the negativity to fuel myself to run faster.”

Connecticut is one of 17 states that allow transgender high school athletes to compete without restrictions, according to, which tracks state policies in high school sports across the country. ...


(12) Navratilova says Women should not have to compete with Trans; not that Trans are Cheats

'I was not suggesting they are cheats': Navratilova sorry for 'insane' transgender athletes remarks

Published time: 3 Mar, 2

Tennis great Martina Navratilova has apologized for her labeling transgender female athletes "cheats" for competing against biological female rivals and instead insisted she is a "champion of equal rights".

The 18-time Grand Slam champion was the subject of huge backlash from the LGBT community when she suggested the idea was "insane" and expressed fears for a level playing field in women's sport.

Her comments caused uproar and the 62-year-old vowed to “educate herself on the issue.”

Now Navratilova has insisted her words were referring to one "notional case" and said they were not an attempt to "exclude trans people from living a full, healthy life".

She said: "I know that my use of the word 'cheat' caused particular offence among the transgender community. I'm sorry for that because I certainly was not suggesting that transgender athletes in general are cheats."

"I attached the label to a notional case in which someone cynically changes gender, perhaps temporarily, to gain a competitive advantage.

"We should not be blind to the possibility and some of these rules are making that possible and legal. The context may be different, but the case of Lance Armstrong, and the harm he did to his sport, is surely instructive."

She added: "Needless to say, I have always and will always be a champion of democracy, equal rights, human rights and full protection under the law for everyone.

"When I talk about sports and rules that must be fair, I am not trying to exclude trans people from living a full, healthy life.

"And I am certainly not advocating violence against trans people, as has been suggested. All I am trying to do is to make sure girls and women who were born female are competing on as level a playing field as possible within their sport."


(13) Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will raise their baby as ‘gender fluid’

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will raise their baby as ‘gender fluid’ and will avoid any stereotypes, according to friends The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will reportedly raise their baby as 'gender fluid' and 'won't impose stereotypes' on it

By Anna Roberts 1st March 2019, 10:17 pmUpdated: 1st March 2019, 10:17 pm ...


(14) Trans activist accused of burning down his own home after reporting it as a hate crime

A transgender activist in Michigan is accused of burning down his own home months after police initially investigated it as a hate crime

Kelly McLaughlin

Police have accused Nikki Joly, 54, of burning down his home in Jackson, Michigan, with a fire that killed his two dogs and three cats in August 2017.

According to a police report obtained by The Detroit News, police believe he may have burned down the home because there were no gay rights controversies to campaign against in Jackson. In the months prior to the fire, Joly helped open Jackson's first gay community center and organized the city's first gay pride parade and festival. People who worked with Joly told police that he was disappointed that the Jackson Pride Parade and Festival hadn't received more attention or protests. A transgender activist in Michigan is accused by police of burning his own home and killing five pets, months after authorities investigated it as a hate crime. ...


(15) Unisex Change Rooms "needed to make transgender people feel more comfortable"

Unisex toilets are 'paradise for perverts' – SHOCK report

UNISEX toilets have led to a spate of sex attacks.

By Liz Perkins / Published 3rd September 2018

Shock statistics show that nine out of 10 claims of sexual misconduct are linked to gender-neutral loos.

MP David Davies said unisex facilities were in danger of becoming a paradise for perverts.

The Tory MP for Monmouth said: “These figures show that women and girls are more vulnerable in mixed changing rooms and there is a danger these places are becoming a magnet for sexual offenders.

Nicola Williams, of campaign group Fair Play For Women, said: “Spaces where women are undressed should be single-sex as a matter of course. This is obvious, elementary safeguarding.”

A total of 134 complaints of sexual misconduct – including rape and assault – in sports centre and swimming pool changing rooms were lodged last year.

Out of those, 120 were reported in unisex and 14 in single-sex facilities.

Unisex toilets have been on the rise in recent years and campaigners say they are needed to make transgender people feel more comfortable.

But Cardiff residents raised a petition against gender-neutral facilities at a new leisure centre.

Bernie Breen, who started the protest, said the sexes “need to be separate because there isn’t enough staff to keep an eye on everybody”.

-- Peter Myerswebsite: