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Trust The Shrieking Mob? by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on land or sea: 

I have in the past lauded the work of Frank Scott, a writer who (I think) lives in Chicago, USA. As we all know, we can often not be certain how we came to encounter people 'online', but I think I am acquainted with Mr. Scott through a popular international forum. (I'm always amazed to have this capacity to address people in other nations). 

It's always much easier to cast laurels than to take exception, but isn't that what 'friends' must do? (I am perhaps being presumptuous. If so, sorry). The essay that follows is addressed in response to Mr. Scott's recent blog post, on 'Legalienate'.  


So stipulated ... We are ruled over by a murderously rapacious Syndicate of Elite Wealth and Power. These people are morally depraved and spiritually demented sociopaths who intentionally inflict  great suffering and death on billions of people in order to incease their own wealth, power, and lives of luxurious useless splendor, but somehow, nonetheless, manage to think of thermselves as Humankind's kind benefactors.  

These Ruling Elites have perfected their methods of control over a comical political process, now fully run by TV Networks as a form of 'reality show', in which two representatives of the Ruling Elites vie with each other to more skillfully dupe the thoroughly propagandized and largely narcotized citizens, who spend an average of almost five hours a day staring at bright flashing colored light, accompanied by fake laughter and a constant drumbeat of lies and coercive commercial messages that each try to control their behavior in some way, (usually by stimulating their carnal appetites). 

The citizens are force-fed hours upon hours of myriad blaring voices telling one version or another of various lies, 'promises', and pretenses that political candidates have no real intention whatsoever of ever doing, or keeping, or being, (and, more often than not, no ability to do even if they had the intention).

Anyone who is 'awake', anyone who 'sees' the tragic realities of these deadly absurdities, 'sees' them plain as day, plain as the nose on anyone's face. We 'see' these things so plainly and obviously that we cannot help but marvel at the sheer spectacle of so many people, by the billions, who are completely blinded to what is happening around them by their own cherished ideological delusions. 

I believe that the most effective writing always tries to inhabit the points of view of the people the writer is addressing. The more effectively that one can truly inhabit someone else's point of view, (the more completely one can understand why that point of view 'makes sense' to a fellow citizen), the more effectively one can affect that person's thinking. 

Mr. Scott seems 'caught between' here. He seems to be addressing people who have not yet 'seen' The Obvious. He clearly wants to affect those people's ability to 'see' what he sees. but he tells it like an 'inside joke'. It is not written in the language of those it is addressing. It is written in the language of those who already 'see' what the writer 'sees'.   

Thus it becomes an exercise in 'entertaining the choir'.  

Not to 'pick on' Mr. Scott, who has often contributed brilliant work, but this essay will cause any but an already committed leftist's eyes to roll very early on.

It is Mr. Scott's glib presentation of momentously resounding questions that make it clear that the writer is committed to an ideology. 

The 'thing' about 'the market' is that it is, like gravity, or inertia, a 'natural law'. Some ideologies are entirely dependent on the supposition that Natural Law can be easily (glibly) 'repealed'. All our observations, of some 100 Centuries of Human History, (as well as of Nature itself), indicate that Natural Law canNOT be repealed. 

"Yea, we flat-out murdered a few million last time, but we'll do better this time, we double down promise, no crosses count. Just give us another chance". Do folks really think that is an argument that convinces anyone?

Hey ... We got things going for awhile, until our obvious and glaring hypocrisies caught up with us, and the whole system just collapsed from the moral corruption of its own overhanging top weight. And the whole thing, from the orange October night sky of the Bolshevik Revolution, to the ringing blows of 9 pound hammers on the concrete wall in Berlin, was barely 70 years. How many millions did Stalin murder? 

I can tell you, from over a half century of direct (inductive) observation, (and lord knows how many countless hours at boring 'political meetings'), that there is no edifice on Earth that is more vehemently anti-democratic than the American Left. There is a 'party line'. No dissent from that 'party line' is allowed. None! (NONE!!!) ... It is VERBOTEN!! to disagree with the 'party line' among the New Bolsheviks, now so dramatically silhouetted with fists, and even a few rifles, raised against the orange sky, as they let loose their guttural roars of impassioned mob emotions. 

These people talk incessantly about 'democracy', about their desire for 'democracy', but they do not actually 'do' democracy at ALL! They HATE Democracy! The last time these people, these Bolsheviks, this impassioned self-righteous Mob, ruled a nation, they did so in leather boots, with hard hob-nailed heels. 

These people rule their own little fiefdoms that way now. They have eked out some little 'niche'. If you do it online, it costs a few hundreds bucks to set up a 501(c) corporation, and you too can be an 'executive director'. Dissent on the American Left is VERBOTEN! Iron fists abound. If a 'rebel' refuses to be silent, she or he will be subjected immediately to hateful name-calling. Refuting arguments are never presented. A person will either be silent, or else will be subjected to hateful scorn before being quickly and summarily expelled/banned.

There are no credible spokespeople for the American Left. The Glamorously Glittering Women of Black Lives Matter, paying for their $2000 hairdos with the Enemy's own money? ... LOL ... C'mon, folks ... What's wrong with this picture? ... LOL ... Really? ... Can we REALLY be THIS stupid?

Socialism or Capitalism? What? With the Elites and the Bolsheviks already lined up in the streets, (with the Elites actually helping the New Bolsheviks 'man' (person?) their barricades)?... Is Mob Rule what these New Bolsheviks call 'democracy', or 'socialism', or what?

When your own Enemy is financing your efforts, and supporting everything you do with great zeal, (is there any corporation on Earth that does not give its ringing endorsement to BLM?), you'd think these people would at least have the brains to 'take pause'. But noooo ... not the dancing elephant Marionette Left, (proving yet again that Hannibal's old trick at Cannae can still be devastatingly effective).   

Capitalism or Socialism? ... Uhh ... My vote goes to Democracy ... True Democracy ... 

The idiotically immoral political/economic system we live under now is fast losing whatever last vestiges remain of what once kind of resembled a 'democracy'. (In at least a few incremental ways). But now ... With the full-out centralization of Mass Media as The Syndicate's most powerful tool of long term social engineering, and short term (daily/ hour by hour) control, the Common People have NO say-so, at ALL, (at ALL!), in what our government does or doesn't do. 

If this absurd New Bolshevik edifice, dancing its mega-STUPID Race War ballet, its elephant's pirouette, like a stupid marionette on the ends of its own Enemy's strings, thinks that anyone who has not drunk it's idiotic Identity Politics/PC kool-aide is EVER going to trust this lying shreiking Bolshevik Mob to be 'democratic', that just shows how out of touch with actual 'reality' these people have become. 

Can people REALLY be this stupid? At the very moment when the Power of Capital is weak, the Left agrees to help its own Enemy, Capital itself, divide the Common People into rival raging mobs, divided along lines of our most primitive tribal animosities? Divide and rule, anyone? "Oh yay ... We'll help", volunteers the mega-STUPID American Left.

These people have deluded themselves into believing that they have the power to 'conquer' the nation's yeoman folk and then rule over them. These deluded zealots of Bolshevik political religiosity are so 'out there', so beyond the reach of all reasoned communication, that they literally cannot do basic arithmetic. 237 to 42. There are 237 million white people in the US, (if you include those Hispanic people who consider themselves 'white'). There are 42 million black people. 

And the Bolshevik 'leaders' have decided that those are great odds into which to launch an all-out Race War? 

The 'kicker' is that many black folks are VERY conflicted in their own emotions. In the thrall of lies, (aka:"narrative"), many of us, of every race, don't understand that MOST African Americans are NOT poor. Most African Americans, 52%, are either middle class, or upper middle class. They've won some kind or degree of 'grubstake' in the status quo. 

When the dispossessed rise up in raging passion, as The Mob, when the dull orange glow in the distance begins to dance and flicker against the orange smoke, as the flames grow closer, what do you think people who have managed to earn a grubstake for themselves think, standing in their wooden houses, their frightened children looking at them with desperate expectation as those flames grow closer?  

I don't care WHAT race or color anyone is. When the actual flames can be seen over the rooftops, The People are going to be 'relieved' when The Police arrive to 'restore order'. 

Our Idiot Left, these STUPID people, lacking anyone even a tenth, (perhaps not even a hundredth), of Lenin's stature, are being easily used by our Enemy, as this cunning and powerful Enemy's most immediate and effective weapon against the Common People. Drunk on their Mob Cult Identity Politics kool-aide, the idiot dancing elephant Marionette Left is zealously paving the way for the rise of ever more blatant Fascism under the control of the Elite Syndicate. 

It's a fascinating spectacle to witness, as the Marionette Left has so impressively regimented its own shrieking mob hysteria to mobilize support for a corrupt old political lizard like Skinny Joe, and that turtle of a woman who's pretending she's 'black', (she's really a tough-ass cop, whom no one likes, and whom the voters ALREADY resoundingly rejected, in this political clown show, honk! honk!). 

Both this doddering old skinny lizard of a corrupt-to-his-eyebrows political hack, and this Black Woman, (what's her name again? ... Er ... Does it matter?), whose job is to say what she's told to say, until those in power usher her down the hall to take over the Oval Office, both of them have long established records of both utter fealty to Wealth and Power, and complete and unquestioning support for Naked Fascism.  

Absent Democracy, absent True Democracy, neither Capitalism nor Socialism can 'deliver'. Once we have that ... Once we have True democracy, we can collectively consider more specific policy proposals in a genuinely democratic manner. Once we have built a True Democracy, we can talk about the rest. 

The American Left is a cruel and tragic caricature of itself. The American Left HATES democracy with a crazed passion, even as it advocates for same. Everybody can see this. The Left's absurd hypocrisy, advocating for both 'democracy' and 'political correctness', is not fooling anyone.  Political Correctness is naked ideological dictatorship. It does NOT even resemble 'democracy' in any way at all.

Does anyone really think the common folk are EVER going to trust this crazed shrieking Mob that the American Left has pleased its own Enemy by making of itself? 

Well ... Guess we'll see ... Eh? ... Only a fool would try to predict the future ...


R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030