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Turn and Face The Man, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril, anywhere:

Interesting new article from Glenn Greenwald, discussing the US troops now 'showing the flag' of the US military''s gloating power, on the streets of our bleeding nation's Capitol. No opposition anywhere in the neighborhood. They're listening in on every 'channel', after all. They'd hear it if any was being planned. None. No opposition in sight. Anywhere in the nation. But  they deployed 25,000 troops, (enough for 4 entire Roman Legions), on the streets of our nation's Capitol anyway,just to show us they could. 

Just to 'show the flag' of the military's power over 300+ million people armed with 400 million guns, and maybe 40 billion rounds or more, (100 rounds, two boxes of 50, for each gun). 

And do they really believe that those boys and girls in army sand-camo beige would look down the sights of a fully auto assault rifle and pull the trigger on their own kin? Isn't that what they seem to be expecting when they outfit the local sheriff and his boys in Outskirts, Missouri with an armored vehicle with an M60 turret on the back.  

Still waiting to see how our good citizen Mr. Greenwald sorts himself out. So far so good. His dignity is intact. He surely feels the spiritual strength of the truth, which lends him such a sense of elemental power.

But so far he won't talk about his own orphaned isolation. (Or maybe he has and I missed it?). 

Who is his audience? Who does he think is listening to him now? As his fingers clatter over the keys, who is he addressing in his mind? Who, in our crazed bleeding nation, does he think would be reading his plaintive warnings with the greatest interest now?

Yea ... Well ... History can be a patient suitor. But it can suddenly slam the door and leave!

He has always addressed the Left. Now the Left is enthusiastically applauding the very activity that fills our good citizen Mr. Greenwald with such ominous dread. Who will Mr. Greenwald write for, or to, now that the American Marionette Left is gloating so stupidly in its own Enemy's newly retrenched power?

Glenn Greenwald and Ron Unz are now on the same page. Is one more uncomfortable there than the other? Do either even know it? (This is addressed to both).

The Biden Laptop Story is NOT past tense. The obvious Mass Media cover-up is STILL fully in progress. These people, the self-same people who control ALL our Mass Media, the same people who control the devastatingly powerful DPM, (DemoPartyMachine), really did just execute a Mass Media Coup to seize power over the US through an OBVIOUSLY crooked election. 

And all those people baked in their kewpie doll makeup under the hot bright klieg lights really are pysho-robotrons trained to behave as if controlled from a Master Keyboard. Christianne Amanpour really is exactly the bozo clown psycho-lady, pretending she once was a journalist. All those people are living in a reality that someone had to teach them to 'see'. It's the Matrix Narrative. 

Thus they're not really lying, per se. They are just very highly trained to be so dingbat nutball that they really believe that the Russians somehow planted the Biden Laptop. 

"The Russians did it" is now their universal 'cover' for any damn fool thing they do and get caught red-handed doing. 

The Big Story Bury. Isn't that just a concocted Big Lie? They'll now just 'erase' any information from mere reality that does not fit the Matrix Narrative?

Do they really think they can keep that story buried? 

Can they?

These people are, after all, executing a VERY highly sophisticated plan, obviously devised by the nation's most brilliant minds in mass psychology. They have successfully obliterated 'reality' in very large numbers of people's minds. None of the existing socio-political alliances make any sense any more. None at ALL. 

The nation's working people are now 'the right'? And the police state regime that just seized power is 'the left'? LOL ... Okey doke, then ... LOL ...

All factions have been 'engineered' to be what they are. 'Left' and 'Right' are now rendered into meaningless concepts, the way these terms are now being used.

This is a highly skilled 'jig'. This is Three Card Monte, only on a MUCH larger scale. 

There are two 'natural parties' in all human societies. The most capable rise to form a class of Elites. And there are always the Common People.

By tradition, the Common People stand on the left. The Elites on the right. (I don't know where the tradition came from .. Anyone?..)

If anyone's 'political spectrum' is more 'complex' than that, then you are part of the problem. We hope you can awaken to be part of the solution instead. 

I speak as a Common Man. I stand with the Common People. The Elites' cunning is impressive. Many are fooled completely, but look how many are not fooled at ALL!

The equitable division of the wealth that all the society produces, by the sum total of all people's energies and efforts, is the antecedent issue. All other issues are secondary to that. The security and happiness of their own families and friends are the most important thing to ALL people, regardless of their tribal (racial/ethnic) identity.

The more 'inequitable' (unfair) the division of wealth becomes, the more deprived of simple human dignity some people's lives become, the more quarrels will arise between the various tribal groupings among the Common People. 

Well ... That's EXACTLY what The Elites want most. They want the Common People to fight among ourselves, so that we're too bamboozled and busy to fight THEM! Divide and rule. They've been doing it for 10,000 years, They're REALLY good at it.

When nobody in our nation is poor, when every child is raised in a safe neighborhood, in good housing, with good neighborhood schools, providing genuinely equal opportunity for ALL children, for EVERY child, people won't be all so riled-up angry at each other all the time. When folks aren't going around being all so grouchy over all the bad stuff happening all around us all the time, we just naturally tend to start getting along better.

C'mon. Folks is just folks. That's just how us human creatures are.

When people get along better, tribal divisions tend to become sharply de-emphasized, even to the point of largely fading away.

The thing is, in order to 'get there', in order for the Common People to unite into a Political Force that could EASILY prevail, we must first set aside our differences. People who should be allies must first stop being enemies.

That doesn't mean that our differences will be forever buried. But if we first unite to build a genuinely just and democratic nation for ALL the Common People, we'll all just be in MUCH better moods when it comes time to finally get down and 'decide' all that deep silly-ass human tribal 'juu-juu'. We can fix racism. And all males will be perfectly transformed into perfect gentlemen, while women all act like alley cats in heat. We can make human beings into paragons of perfection.

But FIRST, before we get to all that, what say we build a truly democratic nation where NO one gets more until EVERYone has enough? 

When everyone has plenty, we'll all be in much better moods, and that will be a better condition, more suited to solving humanity's 'juu-juu' problems. Maybe we would even find that there's nothing really to 'solve', and we can just revel as free creatures sitting together by the warm fire, under the bright winter full moon, drinking in the mystery of so much beauty and cruelty. Life is soft. Wet. Rocks are hard. Energy is hot as the whitest sun. Aye .. But look how determined life is. Look how badly life wants to live. A spirit contained within a wet living vessel has Desire that is stronger than any other force in all the swirling hot radiated mystery of mere stars and nebulae shining on places like Bethlehem.   

Get it? That 'stuff', that human 'juu-juu' that we share with wolves and jellyfish, becomes 'silly' in times of plenty. In times of want and blood, the same stuff becomes people's tightest blood bonds. It's just how we humans are made. 

If we can survive our current crisis, if our nation can exist as a nation of free people for twice what we yet have, if we can survive for 500 years, we will become a distinct race of people, easily recognizable among all humans for the tawny copper bronze coloring of our faces. Fair lasses will always catch the bravest lads' eyes. Race has never really mattered in that regard. 

All the world's races of humans are already in the American 'melting pot'. Hot loins .. Hungry wombs .. Pretty girls. Brave young men. It's what we humans do. The pot simmers ... the flavors blend. No man I ever knew ever saw that magic wink in a pretty girl's smile and ever cared what race she was. 

All that will just 'naturally' work itself out over time. What we have to do FIRST is start building a just and democratic society in which even the least among us, even the most humble, live in human dignity, in safe neighborhoods, with good schools, and with genuinely equal opportunity for EVERY child.

There is plenty of wealth. There's almost $100 Trillion in private wealth in the US. That's about $835,000 for every household in America. Every single one.

No one is saying it should all be divided equally. Just that no one should get so much that others don't have enough. Nobody should get more until everybody has enough.

THAT is the antecedent issue. When we set out to build a just and democratic nation, our FIRST objective must be the COMPLETE elimination of deprivation in our nation.

Nobody gets more until EVERYBODY has enough. Equal opportunity for EVERY child in our nation, every single ONE! That is NOT subject to negotiation. THAT is the bedrock cornerstone of the True Democracy we shall build in America. 

The System we live under now has crossed far beyond unjust. This is raw evil. These are the demons Greed and Lust set loose to rampage. 

People who should be allies must first stop being enemies.

Act. Don't React. 

Engage your brains. Each person must follow their own best thinking. But now is clearly the time that all good citizens owe their nation, they owe each other, our full attention to the dire emergencies we face. 

Think your way into this. It's not rocket science. The Man wants us to fight each other, because The Man knows that once we stop fighting each other, we're going to 'turn and face' The Man. 

When we all have one tormenter in common, is it not 'him', The Man, we should ALL be fighting, not each other? 

Believe me ... When we Turn and Face, all together, ALL the Common People, of ALL races and genders, The Man is going to swallow hard, and offer reasonable terms.

Unz and Greenwald 'a settin' in a tree ... Do they even know each other? Maybe they're old chums. Frack should I know? 

People who should be allies must first stop being enemies.


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