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Two-Nose Tommy Sez, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on land or sea:

Yea ... the ole ape, again ... Sorry .. What can I say? Pours out ... Tambourines in time? ... One hand waving free 'neath the diamond sky? ... A swirling ship, indeed... (ask LittleBobby, he obviously knows how it is). 

Crucially interesting discussion on ScheerPost, responding to economic expert Ellen Brown's recent article. (Ms. Brown's shepherds and feeds one of the most brilliant minds in our nation).

This discussion cuts directly to the ESSENCE of our predicament. What exactly IS 'money'? Where does it come from? 

If all of us would just make the effort to understand just this ONE issue, we would come to 'see' that every other issue, from racism to sexism to every other form of divisive tribalism, are all contained within this ONE.

What is 'money'? Where does it come from? 

Ask yourselves this. How can both the things cited below be true?

1. Our nation is physically falling apart. Roads and bridges are becoming unsafe, as are the old rusty screeching trains our working folk are forced to ride in wealthy cities like Boston. No one is trying to 'fix' this problem. It's way past bad, and it's just rapidly getting worse.

2. Our people are desperate for jobs, to keep the rain and snow off their babies' heads. But no one is even trying to create jobs for them.

Ask yourself, how, or why, can both these things be true?

What Evil Spirit is stopping us, as a nation, as America, and as Americans, from putting people who need work to work on work than needs doing?

Copied below are comments I made responding to another citizen who commented on the radiantly brilliant Ms. Ellen Brown's essay.

Hope all are well and strong, or have someone to spoon warm soup, (or at least carry ya the cup), if you are not.


“Give me control of a nation’s money, and I care not who makes its laws” –attributed to Baron de Rothschilde.

Our good citizen Mr. Bongiovanni gives us a good example of how people cannot even grasp the simple, yet surprisingly complex, concept of ‘money’ itself. Mr. Bongiovanni can clearly only understand ‘money’ at all in relation to ‘debt’, because that’s the way our current monetary system works.

Our current system of money itself is a giant ‘racket’ designed to make the already mega-wealthy stockholders in a few large banks, (often affectionately known as The Banksters), even wealthier, and in total effective control of our economy.

This is the ESSENCE of the inherent evil in this system many call ‘Capitalism’.

China, a nation whose economic system many people call ‘socialism’, or even ‘communism’, is demonstrating before our very eyes the power inherent in Free Enterprise. When individual citizens feel a sense of motivation and energy when they awaken each day, (when “boots are well-found”, as old BurningJack Daylight would say), a nation is showered in prosperity.

When people ALL rise from warm and safe beds, when they ALL eat their generous breakfasts, until every single one has plenty, every single belly full, and when people then face each day’s labors with energy, and even, the luckier ones, eagerness, they do so in Good Spirit.

Social Harmony, (a theoretical concept), will prevail. Tribal passions, (such as racism), will fade as tribal rivalries dissolve in Universal Prosperity.

Fella name 'a Hammurabi made The Law. His Law, "an eye for an eye", will no longer serve as well as it served those distant ancestors for whom the concept of "The Law' itself was a New Idea.

But Hammurabi made MUCH more than merely HIS Law, Hammurabi made The Law. 

Well, The Law must grow as our human beastly consciousness of 'civilization' grows. 

The world is full up. No frontier remains. Humanity must turn and face itself on these tortured and strained territories in America.

A New Law must now prevail over all Humanity.

Nobody gets more until the least has plenty.

C’mon … It’s not ‘complex’ … When the plate goes around, you don’t take so much that people at the end won’t get any. Who would behave that way?

Well… We can ALL ‘see’ that these morally demented people who rule over our nation DO behave that way. These people are depraved, demented ‘lost souls’. This is an actual pathology. These people are 'crazed' in their raw lust for wealth and power. These people SAY, out fracking LOUD, fer crissakes, that they intend that THEY must rule over the entire planet.

When all have plenty, people need incentive to contribute their energies. If some are more productive, whether due to inherent talents, like intelligence, or due to just being more highly motivated, they should earn rewards for their enhanced contributions. We can still have ‘rich people’. We just can’t have these cruel evil Midas and Croesus Kings of Raw Greed and Lust being so rich that three fellas sitting in the back one NYC Limo have more wealth than 160 million of their fellow citizens, (whom they consider as ‘subjects’, NOT citizens).

You know … If the big stud star ballplayer made $5 million a year, he’d STILL be a REALLY rich dude. You think every pretty girl wouldn’t be hoping he’d look her way? And a guy could take his kids to the ballgame on a couple hours pay, (not two or three days’).

Now these big stud idiots, (most of whom would grow up to be Donald Trump if they were just a tad smarter), are getting nearing half BILLION dollar contracts, and most of the nation’s people could never afford to go to a game. Only The Rich themselves, in their private crystal quarters, and those among their subjects that they patronize can attend. 

Hey, buddy …. Any Bubba, Kunta, or Manuel walking down the street knows that if you got a job that pays enough that you’re here with us, you better cheer when the jets’ roar fills your chest, if you’ll be wanting to KEEP that job.

Anyway …. When our labors are rewarded in Good Spirit, when we have the opportunity to earn more for trying harder, for working more effectively, and when we are paid fairly and generously when we do, prosperity will rise in a tide that will lift not merely all boats, but every child’s favorite floaty too.

The Essence lies in how we create our money. The ‘key’ to social harmony lies in how we accomplish this most basic economic task.

When every current US dollar is created, it is by being ‘owed’ to its creators, (The Banksters). Every dollar that is created is a cash cow of ‘debt’ owed to the people who create that dollar from ‘thin air’. Hey … Ya know what Two-Nose Tommy deLuca always sez … “Is that a great racket, or WHAT? We just create this money from thin air and people have to immediately start paying us The Vig. Is this a great country..or WHAT?”

THAT is how our current monetary system works.

Instead of creating dollars by banks loaning them as debt, we can create new dollars by simply paying people to do things that benefit them, and that benefit the whole society.

C’mon, folks….We’ve got a crumbling down sorry sad sack of a third world nation. I hear old TommyBoy Jeffersboy is singin’, “Look what they done to my song, Ma!” in his moldy grave. (“It’s the ONLY dang thing I could do half right, and it’s turnin’ out all wrong”).

Our nation is crumbling into physical ruin, and our people need jobs so they can keep the cold and rain off their babies’ heads.. Do we really to check to ‘see’ what 2 + 2 equals these days?

Is it beyond the capacity of Modern Society, with all our fancy pants ‘digital technology’, to figure out the paperwork of how to get the people who need work to be doing the work that needs doing? Fer crissakes, folks …. This would be SO easy …

We could build ourselves a gleaming new nation, with clear skies that won’t choke our planet, or our children playing out back. We will build a nation in which the mind of EVERY child, (no three fifths idiocy), will be cherished as our most treasured natural resource.

We are now a nation of semi-educated young adults whose dreams are being drowned in the juicy neon mucous of boring excitement. Crushed with debt they were told by adults they should ‘take on’, living in their old bedrooms, like children, even on their parents insurance, they prowl the night where every girl is a slut, (or so they have been taught to think, and thus be).

C’mon, folks … All we need to do is give these young people just a chance. Just a smidgen will do. Give them opportunity. And you better stand back quick, and get yer sorry old ass outta’ the way, ’cause these young folks are filled with the SAME dreams and desires as ALL human young are.

It's our most precious gift, life is Desire. Ahh ... But it's also our vexation, as Desire is so jealous of Reason.

Make just a little crack in the dammed up energy, the raw human Desire, of these people yearning to make their own lives. There is no force among all the galaxies and stars more powerful than the Desire in these people’s young hearts.

Make just a small wee crack in that dam, and the waters of plenty will pour forth and sweep the dam clean away, and will soon lift every boat and child’s toy in the land.

We will not create money through loans. We will create it by paying people who need work for doing work that needs doing.

As long as no more money is created than can be eagerly and readily absorbed by the natural human energy of our vital population, this money will be MUCH more sound that the shaky paper dollars now rattling in the wind.

C’mon, folks … non ‘rocket science’ here. This is REALLY simple.