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Two previous articles illuminate happenings of today, from Dan Lieberman

Where were the "world leaders" in 1948?

Why Jerusalem? Israel's Hidden Agenda  
The Museum of the Citadel of David has an inscription, "The land of Israel is in the center of the world and Jerusalem is the center of the land of Israel." 
At a West Jerusalem coffee house, a youthful Israeli entered the conversation with the words, "All the world looks to Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the center of the world and Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Everyone needs Jerusalem and they will need to talk with Israel."
And that is why Israel desperately wants its greater Jerusalem.

Ashkelon Speaks- The Story of the Middle East Conflict

Despite the over expressed statement that Arab armies intended to "throw the Israelis into the sea," those armies did not have the military strength to accomplish the task, and the path taken by Egyptian troops indicate a defense of the new Palestinian state rather than occupation of the new Jewish state. The inescapable reality is that the Israelis figuratively threw the Palestinians into the sea, or at least into refugee camps.
Ashkelon has a story. It is the story of the Gaza crisis, or, more accurately, the world.