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Two to Midnight .. Tick .. Tock ... by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on the sea:

The essay copied below is 7000 words. It comprises a decent statement of the message that an ole broken-down ape-man chicken farmer is trying to get my fellow humans to 'see'.

It has been sent as part of a discussion via international writer Israel Shamir's hosted forum.

I would not be bothering you all so insistently if I could just hear other people saying the right things, (the things that need to be said).

But I don't.

'Vision' is so simple. Explaining one is VERY hard, (I've found).

Best to all. Hope all are well and strong, (or have someone, if you're not).


R Zwarich

Bent Birch Farm

63 Webber Rd

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I took notes as I read Mr. Scott’s essay. I ‘scan’ a lot of material quickly, (looking to see if the writer has anything new to say). With Mr. Scott’s essay I could tell right away that it was worth reading carefully, (and I’ll surely read it again). It’s a very well written piece. As in my own wordy drivel, there is occasionally a ‘run-on sentence’ problem … (LOL. It’s a matter of ‘making decisions on the fly’ when thought processes become too complex), but it is always a pleasure to read an ordered and reasoned argument. Mr. Scott’s general analysis is illuminating. Whenever I learn something from a piece of writing, it was well worth the time.

This is a solid Class Analysis. Mr. Scott has clearly hacked his way through all the noise and cacophonous confusion, and can now present us with a clear thinking and lucid conception of some version of ‘the truth’.

This is exactly what we need more of.

Mr. Scott’s essay shines the light of reasoning intelligence to help us ‘see’ things from an ordered, rational, and (perhaps most important) ‘unifying’ perspective. There are numerous subjects herein that each merit thorough in-depth discussion. We could spend hours, or even days, in face-to-face discussion of the ground Mr. Scott covers. In writing, it would require a thesis-length paper to even cover more than one or two of them.

It’s well worth MY time, (others can decide for themselves, of course), so here goes. I’m not setting out to write a ‘thesis’, so I’ll just cover a couple of aspects, Even so, this will likely be a longer paper, and may not be of interest to some (or many, or any).


Despite Mr. Scott’s overall solid Class Analysis, I see three significant misconceptions in the paper that seem to lead to significant false conclusions.

One is that Mr. Scott does not seem to be familiar with the facts we know, or else have preliminarily encountered, (so far), about the George Floyd case. Reports have appeared (as yet unconfirmed) that he had a fatal overdose of fenatyl in his bloodstream, (besides crystal meth, marijuana, and alcohol). He very well may have swallowed his stash when the police came. The cause of death was cardiac arrest, but it may have been caused by a fenatyl overdose.

Audio evidence has been reported, (I haven’t heard it myself), that the officers were concerned about, and actually discussed between themselves, Floyd being in a state of drug-induced ‘excited delirium’, because he had become so violently berserk, and displayed the ‘super-human strength’ that is associated with drug induced ‘excited delirium’. The police actually decided, after discussion of possible excited delirium, that the best thing was to keep Floyd restrained at rest until paramedics arrived.

The police presented a reasonably calm ‘professional’ deportment, even while engaged in dangerous violence to restrain a large powerful man gone berserk. It appears likely that Floyd died from drug-induced causes, (including primarily the failure of a 46 year old junkie’s diseased heart). There is simply no evidence that the force applied by police to restrain Floyd caused his death. There is no evidence, as yet, of any animus against Floyd, or any intention to harm him, on the part of the police. There is certainly no evidence of any racial animus, (two of the police facing charges are people of color).

Another of the three misconceptions I’m pointing out here is comprised of a fundamental lack of knowledge concerning the history of human slavery. Mr. Scott writes, “While the squalor and bigotry encountered by millions of immigrants may not have been as disgraceful as the suffering of slaves….”

Mr. Scott presents the enslavement of Africans in America as historically “unique” in the amount of suffering these people have endured. This is evidence that Mr. Scot may be yet at least partially mired in a fatal ‘trap’. (A FATAL trap). It is ‘mission critical’ to our common objectives that we escape and avoid the Hierarchy of Victimhood trap.

‘Proving’ it would require considerable research, but it is almost certainly true that MANY times more white people have been enslaved by European Elites, and their American descendents, than people of color. These European Elites have always been ‘equal opportunity oppressors’, and they first enslaved the people closest to them, (other white people), long before they enslaved anyone else. Teeming millions of white people lived in indentured servitude in Europe for thousands of years.

While the African slaves grew the cotton in the South, the raw conditions of life for ‘wage slaves’ in the textile mills in the North, (which spun the cotton into thread, and wove it into fabric), were actually much worse, in many aspects.

A strong male African slave was worth about $25,000 (in today’s dollars). Like actual cattle, (which they were), chattel slaves were valuable property. Only a stupid farmer does not take the best care possible of his valuable livestock.  

People in the mills (and other water-powered factories) of the North lived and worked in hellish conditions. People choked on lint in the air so thick that you couldn’t see more than a few feet across the mill floor. They went to work as young as 9 years old, working 12 hour shifts, and living in filth on meager bowls of thin gruel. Children HAD to work, or everyone’s bowl of gruel would be even thinner. The din in the mills was so deafening that even shouting directly in someone’s ear, it was hard to be understood.

These people, come to America to escape their indentured (slave) misery in Europe, lived short miserable lives. They were not ‘owned’ property. Thus they were completely expendable. Like miners from Black Lung, they commonly died from various lung diseases (from the accumulated lint), in their 30s or early 40s.

It is simply ‘mission critical’ that we break through and leave behind the tribal delusions represented by the general ‘hierarchy of victimhood’. The story of Humankind is a story of the almost unbroken tragedy, comprised of constant and deadly tribal strife. No race of people has not enslaved others. No race has not been enslaved. No race has suffered more tragedy than any other race, (not even Jewish people, though they’ll likely be the last to admit it), as we human beasts have stumbled through History, feeding our instinctual animal greed and lust, as we have tried to become ‘civilized’.

Mr. Scott, and other people who don’t yet understand that the Hierarchy of Victimhood is a dead end, self-defeating, (and therefore deadly fatal), ‘trap’, need to read up on some Upton Sinclair, or Jack London. Read Caesar’s boast about selling an entire Gallic town that had angered him, (tens of thousands of white people), into slavery “in one lot”.

In the general irrational hysteria of our current strife, we have largely forgotten that America tried to BE something NOBLE. We, (Americans),  have failed, miserably, but STILL, America was founded and forged in a noble ‘vision’, and many of us still aspire to actualize, or at least make ‘progress’ toward, (as progressives), that vision.

What America has tried to be has represented a landmark evolutionary advancement in our tragic Human Condition.  In regards to slavery, Chattel Slavery existed ‘from the beginning’ of Human Civilization, (probably even before), for 10,000 years, or more. But in America, it was outlawed, as the evil it is, within 75 years, within one human lifespan, of the time that America first came into existence.

It’s always been fascinating to me to consider that I, personally, have been alive to directly observe almost 1/3 of the events that have transpired in American since it became a nation. All my own grandparents were alive at the same time as Geronimo, and Wyatt Earp died only nine years before I was born.

Those of us who believe that America yet has a blood obligation to fulfill the promises it made, still think that WE can do that. ("Okay ... Okay ...", (think Joe Pesci at his manic best), "I know ... I know ... It's dumb to have hope ... But some of us are willing fools ... I got nuthin' t' say to a nihilist, 'cept I can't really blame you ... but I got kids ... As long as I can suck in another breath ... I'll fight....I'm the papa. I signed up for it. It's rather a lifetime kind of commitment").

The Hierarchy of Victimhood, and its evil spawn, Identity Politics, are fatal dead-end traps. Victims are easy to lure in. “It’s not your fault. You’re not responsible for your own failures. You’re just a poor innocent victim”. Sweet, intoxicating kool-aid, indeed.

There are a LOT of folks that just plain need to ‘get over themselves’, before we have ANY hope, at ALL, of forging better social conditions, (that might allow Humankind to survive as a species). As long as Identity Politics, and its ‘sick’ Hierarchy of Victimhood, prevail, the Common People will remain our own worst enemy.

I respect LGBTQ people as I respect all others. They must have the SAME rights as anyone else. But at some point, folks, “I’m here and I’m queer”, elicits a reply of “Yea? So what? I’m here too, and I’m straight. Now that we’ve both announced our pride in our sexuality, what’s next?” (You only get to be equal. No equal EVER has to ‘bend the knee’ to you, or to any other).  

No group’s suffering is “unique”. Human History is a long tragic story of human suffering. The Culture of Victimhood is a ‘cult’ tribal belief system. It is a FATAL tribal trap. Remember! Our basic objective requires that we reach ACROSS tribal divisions. Demanding that others bow to you because you have suffered more than they have, is NOT a good approach to forging alliances across tribal divisions.

The Hierarchy of Victimhood cult ideations that comprise Identity Politics, do the exact opposite of what we need to do to make progress toward our objectives. It divides us according to base tribal instinctive (animal) bigotry.

The third misconception I ‘see’ in Mr. Scott’s paper concerns his apparent failure to ‘see’ race as a sub-set of tribalism. Race is ancillary. Race is deliberately being used to divert our attention from the TRUE ‘issue’. Tribalism is the issue. Race is only one of any number of ‘tribal identifiers’ that divide us. And it is FAR from the most important one.

I ‘see’ humanity from an anthropological perspective. All human culture and behavior is rooted in our biology. From an anthropological perspective, Mr. Scott’s essay seems to lack a fundamental ‘tribal’/biological perspective regarding race. I believe that this error in perspective leads to an erroneous conclusion that serves to obfuscate our clear objectives.

Mr. Scott, for example, calls race a “filthy lie”. I’m not certain what he means by that, but it seems to echo the belief that many leftists advance that all human evils are somehow rooted in Capitalism. Many people believe that “people must be taught to hate”, for example. They believe that people are blithely happy and agreeable creatures, by nature, and that all we have to do is get rid of Capitalism and everything (literally) will be wonderful.

That’s really very foolish. People’s tribal instincts are rooted in our DNA. Racism is entirely ‘natural’ because race is such an obvious ‘tribal identifier’. Capitalism did NOT create ‘racism’. Our human biology, our natural human nature, is rooted MUCH deeper than our economic system.

We are social creatures because being so is ‘programmed’, in specific code, in our DNA. Our biological instincts consist of having a ‘melody’ of natural human emotions, (hate being crucially important among them, fear is another, love, loneliness, etc), which all together cause us, as individuals of our species, to want to live among other humans we know and trust and to whom we feel bonds of loyalty. Tribalism is biologically rooted in us.

Grizzly bears live solitary lives. Males and females find each other to mate, for a few days out of the year. Solitary females rear their cubs, of course, but otherwise adult bears don’t seek out or value each other’s company the rest of the time. Bears don’t get ‘lonely’. Bears have genes that produce bear ‘solitary’ emotions, not human ‘social’ emotions.

Our tribal instincts, as human creatures, are rooted in the genetic ‘code’ that exists in every cell (that has a nucleus) in our bodies.

Tribalism is THE existential issue that challenges Humanity. Race is ancillary. Racism is only one form of tribalism. Tribalism is rooted in our deepest genes, quite literally, (in intricately coded molecules of adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine), in the very juices of every cell nucleus in our bodies.

Race is only a sub-set of ‘tribalism’. Race is an obvious ‘tribal identifier’, but it is only one of many such tribal identifiers.

If all humans were the same race, but had the same DNA-rooted instincts as we do, (if our natural ‘social’ emotions played the same human ‘emotional melodies’ in our consciousness), we would STILL be dividing ourselves by other tribal identifiers. We do this now, of course.

‘Religion’ for example. If we think of ‘religion’ in terms of ‘belief systems’, (rather than merely ‘worship’), we create tribal belief systems, and consider that all who do not believe the same as we do are ‘the other’. They’re not ‘one of us’. They are not our tribe. They are therefore a threat to us, (our instincts say).

Copied and pasted from the dictionary:




1.    intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself “

Bigotry is deeply rooted in our essential biological Human Nature. THAT is our tribal, biological, Nature. THAT is Humanity, as a species of beasts, among the other beasts that inhabit the Earth. It’s our Human Condition. It’s why Humanity has arrived, as a species of beasts, at an existential Historical moment, facing self-generated extinction.

It is ‘culture’ that allows us to become ‘civilized’ beyond our most primitive tribal (animal) nature. But it’s not easy to ‘mess with’ ole Mother Nature. She is an insistent Master.

Humanity’s existential task is to expand our ‘tribal’ concept to the next level. This is an exercise in self-awareness, in expanded consciousness.

Thus … The Revolution we must build is ‘spiritual’, WAY before it is ‘political’. We must alter our deepest ‘belief systems’ in order to survive. We must expand our own, and each other’s, consciousness. To reach across our tribal divisions, to develop the self-aware consciousness to inhabit other points of view besides our own, (to overcome our natural tribal bigotries), is ‘mission critical’ to our task. There’s simply no other way that Humanity can survive.

This is a ‘spiritual’ task, and when we have accomplished this spiritual task, only THEN can we win a political objective.

We cannot defeat all the ‘bad guys’, politically, and then rule over them. We have to win enough people’s ‘hearts and minds’ to form a critical mass nucleus of a Basic Human Consensus of Awareness that transcends family, clan, tribal, and national interests. Our predicament is ‘existential’ to EVERY human. ALL our lives are very much ‘at stake’, and those of our children, and families, and ALL the people we love.   

There are NO ‘small’ solutions to Humanity’s problems. To realistically address problems of this immense scale, we must think in a commensurate scale.

We must somehow develop Humanity’s basic Self-Awareness. (Before Humanity annihilates itself, so there’s definitely an urgent ‘deadline’ on our project).

Let’s start with a quick review:

Families form up into clans. Clans into tribes. The bonds are biological. A tribe is a network of ‘kin’, (including ‘in-law’ kin). People are closely inter-related, by blood. When tribes join to form nations, however, that is where we take the first step beyond our primitive bestial nature. That is where ‘civilization’ begins.

Civilization is a ‘culture’, (anthropologically speaking). Culture must conform to biology, but it seeks to shape and manage human biology in ways that allow us to cooperate together in an expanded level of organization. Tribes of related ‘kin’ enhance their own chances of survival by forming ‘national’ alliance with unrelated tribes of ‘kin’.

The formation of nations, the ‘dawn of civilization’, where every individual was expected to ‘be civil’ to unrelated people, represents an evolutionary expansion of our Human Consciousness. We expanded our tribal sense to include, as ‘kin’, people with whom we had no ‘blood’ bonds of actual family, clan, or tribal kinship.

This culture of civilization thus evolved by Darwinian Law, just as our biology did. People who learned to control their tribal bigotry, at least enough to forge bonds of alliance with other tribes, to form nations, did so because in ‘survival of the fittest’ Nature, doing so enhanced every tribe’s chances to survive, (so the tribes that didn’t do it, died out, many likely defeated and sold as slaves).

The ‘tribe to nation’ expansion in human culture happened maybe 10,000 years ago, (or so … looking back ‘into the mists’). We have evidence, (which we call “History”), from places like ancient Sumeria, of ‘civilization’ from 6,000 to 8,000 years ago.

Our task now, (with the Annihilation Clock ticking), is to expand our tribal concept into the next step of civilized culture, beyond ‘nation’. We need to accomplish this task before we (as humans) either annihilate ourselves with the technology that we have not yet developed the proper degree of civilized culture to use peacefully, or destroy our environment with our unrestrained (by civilized culture) Greed and Lust.

Humanity is facing an existential task. We surely ALL know this. If we cannot move, SOON, to the next step in the evolution of human civilized culture, we will not likely survive beyond the next few generations. Our own grandchildren will not likely have grandchildren.

And these last generations will live in dystopian misery.

My ‘Marionette Left’ argument posits that we are being deliberately driven into 180 degrees EXACTLY the wrong direction. If we must go north, we are forced to the south. If we must go east, we are forced west.

When we must UNITE, a Race War somehow ‘spontaneously’ erupts.

When we must become self-aware, when we must come to ‘see’ Humanity itself as our Tribe, we are being INTENTIONALLY driven in the exact opposite direction. We are being whipped into an emotional lather of our basest animal tribal animosities.

When the Common People, of ALL races, should be trying, every which-way we can possibly think of, to ‘reach across’ tribal divisions, to form the ONLY United Alliance that can win ANY of us, of ANY race, a fair share of political power, we are being DELIBERATELY driven into a Race War that will divide people along our most primitive bestial emotions and tribal identifiers.

Race is an entirely ancillary issue. So is gender. The entire Cult of Victimhood of Identity Politics obliterates Class Consciousness, and ONLY Class Consciousness can lead us to take that crucial ‘next step’ in Human Civilized Culture, before we take our last steps as pathetic groveling beasts among glowing cinders, or else choking on our own groveling filth, bathed in a toxic sea.

Race is only one among many tribal identifiers. Tribal identifiers are often completely arbitrary and artificial. The color of a bandana can get you killed in some neighborhoods.

Take American football, or British Rugby, for example. Primitive cathartic ‘man-meat’ warfare. The sounds you hear, up close, while playing, are the same sounds people have made, for many thousands of years, as they kill each other in primitive hand-to-hand battle.

They fight for ‘the fans’, their tribes. But it’s not even “our town’s guys are tougher than your towns guys”. It’s completely artificial and arbitrary. Both teams are made up of very similar young men gathered from across the nation. All these ‘tribes’ are multi-racial and multi-ethnic. Rarely are any players even from the ‘region’ their team is ‘fighting for’. The players, and their wives and girlfriends, are all good friends off the field. The only ‘identifying’ difference between the ‘tribes’ is the color of the jerseys they wear while fighting.

Yet the outcome of the ‘battle’ is akin to a life or death matter in many people’s emotions. Many people actually become emotionally despondent when their team loses the ‘big game’. (The even-keeled become depressed, the depressed become suicidal, and the suicidal get it done, when the ‘home team’ loses).

Humanity’s Existential Issue is tribalism, NOT racism. Racism is ancillary. It’s a sub-set. Tribalism INCLUDES racism. Racism excludes the MANY other forms of tribalism that bedevil us.

Do any read Fred Reed on Unz? Is he racist? His basic thesis is that so many African Americans have failed to thrive in our society, despite the nation’s ‘bending over backwards’, for well over half a century, with affirmative actions to help them, because of some intrinsic lack, of ‘something’, that the other races have.  

Well … It may or may not be “racist”, (semantically speaking), but I think it’s a fair question. I think Mr. Reed has arrived at a TERRIBLY erroneous conclusion, but he approaches the question in an eminently reasoned manner. The false premise in such a reasoned (but erroneous) argument is usually likely to be one of its foundation-stone premises, and this is the case with Mr. Reed, as explained below.

His eminently reasoned comportment gives me great confidence that he will easily 'see' his own error.


African American people have ‘soul’. No one can define that, but few would deny it. They have ‘rhythm’. We, (meaning other races), admire them for that. Some of us (of other races) have ‘soul and rhythm’ too, and we admire and envy anyone, of any race, who does. Soul and Rhythm are ‘sexy’ things, and people of EVERY race sure the heck want to be ‘sexy’.

African Americans have more fast twitch muscle fibers, which makes them more ‘explosive’, (faster, quicker), physically. Thus professional athletics are all dominated by black players. Many white men CAN jump as well as black men. Some white men can jump higher than almost ALL black men. But in general, white people have evolved so that fewer among them have as many of those ‘fast-twitch’ muscle fibers as people who evolved in sub-Saharan Africa do.

Black men tend to have to have high levels of testosterone. Thus they tend to be strong.  They also tend to be ‘well-endowed’, (anatomically speaking).

Isn’t it ‘interesting’ that talking about variations between races in IQ can get so very ‘touchy’ VERY fast, but which men, of which race, would take offense at being accused of having bigger ‘equipment’?

Some people think it is “racist” to even talk about such things, which we all think about, and probably talk about, in private.

I think Fred Reed is wrong, but I don’t think he is “racist” at all. He presents a rational argument based on the ‘data’ (information, evidence, etc) he has gathered. He’s not expressing emotional animus. He’s merely stating what he believes he has learned, as is the right of every person.

I do think his conclusions are erroneous, however, and it is easy to see where he makes his mistake. He draws generalized conclusions about an entire population of some 42 million African Americans, from a sample that is made up from only less than half that population.

It’s a common misperception that Black Americans are mostly poor. Most Black Americans are NOT poor. 52% of Black Americans have at least a ‘good job’. They have won a place in the middle class or above. Only a bit less than half of African Americans are poor or near-poor.

There are about 9 million poor black people in America. There are about 20 million poor and near-poor (combined) Black Americans. The other 22 million Black Americans are either middle class, or upper middle class.

There are 16 million poor white people in America. There are about 50 million, poor and near-poor (combined) white people. There are almost TWICE as many poor white people as poor black, and there are 2.5 times as many white people as black in America living sub-middle class lives.

Police kill nearly TWICE as many white people as black every year, because there are nearly twice as many poor white people as black.

Poverty is THE issue in the inequalities and inequities in our justice system, (including policing), NOT race. It is a Class issue, NOT a racial one.     

Every race evolved to become what it is by molding itself, through random genetic mutations over geological time, to the different environments and geophysical conditions they evolved in.

If some races have higher median and/or average IQ, as Asians and Jews seem to, that obviously means that other races have less. If we are going to have an ‘honest’ discussion about race, we must recognize what the data we gather tell us, without being hindered by irrational emotionality.

The CRUCIAL caveat in an honest discussion of ‘race’ is that race averages/medians must NEVER be applied to individuals. There is an entire spectrum of genetic characteristics among every race. The smartest people of the dumbest race are WAY smarter than almost ALL the people of the smartest race, just as some white athletes have way more fast twitch muscle fibers than almost ALL African Americans. The very concept of ‘race’ is a matter of general genetic distribution. Every individual inherits SPECIFIC genes.

We know that Affirmative Action, along with whatever good it has done, has had severe unintended deleterious consequences. When we started identifying the ‘best and brightest’, and helping them ‘up and out’ of The Ghetto, we created a super-de-evolutionary environment in the segregated ‘ghettos’ we left behind.

From a simple biological/scientific perspective, any segregated population that is continually having its most capable children identified and removed to grow up to live among a different, (more privileged), population, is having its gene pool itself ‘raided’.

The population ‘left behind’ is being artificially ‘de-evolved’, genetically.

A big problem we have in basic perception, in basic prevailing consciousness, is that African Americans, as a racial group, can no longer be defined as a ‘class’ or as a political group. Race is entirely ancillary to their political self-interests.

Black people still ‘identify’ as loyal to the ‘black tribe’, but over half of them have ‘assimilated’ economically. As they have won places on the rungs of the ‘middle class’, (as 52% of African Americans have), they have developed (evolved) stronger emotional loyalties to their class-defined ‘tribe’, than to their race-defined tribe.

Example … Black guy walking to his car after work, dressed in a suit. He worked late. The parking garage is abandoned. Footsteps behind. He turns his head to get a quick glance. If he sees a ‘suit’, he’s relieved. If he sees a ‘hoodie’, he’s fearful. The race of the person wearing either will NOT matter to him at ALL. When he turns to look, the black man in a suit wants to see ‘friendly’ tribal identifiers that have NOTHING to do with race.

Fred Reed does not appear to understand that African Americans no longer comprise one ‘contiguous’ grouping. He is only addressing the dangerous social predicament of the ‘de-evolved’ population of people who are forced to live in horrific conditions of inhuman misery.

The very fact that over half our population of Black Americans have successfully assimilated economically, in only a few generations since the Civil War, disproves Mr. Reed’s assumptions, which are based on a de-evolved population.

Mr. Reed presents himself in a reasonable manner, and I’m confident that if he takes a broader view of our African American fellow citizens, he will see that they are the same as all other people, in that they love their families, and cherish their children’s future.

It is the worst symptom of our cultural depravity as a nation, that some live in unimaginable degrees of excess wealth while others cannot even live dignified human lives, cannot even protect their children, and often are so devoid of hope that they cannot even nurture their children.


To have Peace, we must have Justice first. But Justice is only possible when even the LEAST among us live in conditions of human pride and dignity. That is rather the very definition of ‘justice’.

We’re forcing people to live in these segregated tribal Ghettos of inhuman misery, (defined by poverty, by Class, not Race). And we throw them in iron dungeons if they rebel. The knee on neck is a highly emotionalized ‘juu-juu’ symbol of tribal misery. (It was carefully chosen to elicit this entirely predictable emotional response).

I ‘get’ that. But drawing hysterical mob conclusions is STILL a dangerous delusion that is FATAL to black people’s OWN objectives. And Black Americans MUST come to see that, or else Dr. King’s ‘Dream’ will never be actualized, for anyone.

We ALL must expand our own consciousness. Black and white and brown, and all ‘shades’ between. Self-Awareness is the ONLY path that leads to where all Humanity MUST go if we are to survive.


Fred Reed is rather despondent when he addresses The Problem he tries to define. He expresses no animus toward the unfortunate black people who are debilitated by poverty. To say that these people merely have no job skills doesn’t really capture their predicament. Cultural deprivation is Demon Poverty’s cruelest consequence. Too many of the people living in the nation’s segregated ghettos, (its own ghetto assigned to every race), lack the basic discipline that ordered society requires from every citizen. All too many poor people are deprived of the basic ‘culture’ of civilization itself. 

Nobody is even yet addressing any actual solutions to The Problem. We aren’t yet even thinking in a scale that has any hope, at ALL, of even affecting The Problem in any significant degree. We have a population of maybe 80-100 million people in America, maybe more, that are so culturally deprived in mired multi-generational poverty that many are ‘unemployable’. Many of the children are ‘uneducable’. Addictions are rampant. The oppression of spiritual hopelessness prevails. These people are truly socially and spiritually debilitated by their social conditions. 

Many of the most crushing miseries of the Demon Poverty are comprised of, and forged in, cultural deprivation. Poor people, of ALL races, are much less likely to be nurtured in loving homes. That is where ‘civilization’ (a higher ‘culture’, anthropologically speaking) happens.

If children don’t get that, if they are not ‘encultured’ in the loving nurture that is their human birthright, (“Share your toys, don’t hit your sister. How do you like it when she won’t share with you, or hits you?”), they are not ‘civilized’. They are largely ‘uneducable’, because teachers spend so much time just trying to keep them quiet and paying attention, that there is little actual time to teach.

And when they grow up, they are unemployable.

And there comes Affirmative Action, to spot the kids who ARE ‘educable’, and get them on a better course. They make it to college. Get a good job. Get married. Buy houses. (In NICER neighborhoods, so their kids don’t have to go to a ghetto school).

Seems like back in the 60s, when various Affirmative Action programs were being conceived, no one ever stopped to think a couple or few generations down the road. If we continually take the best out, what we leave behind just gets worse and worse. (How could it not? Do we not understand Darwin at all?)

Helping these people in their desperation is NOT altruism. Helping these people benefits us ALL. The miseries imposed on their lives reverberate throughout society in myriad ways. People living in dignity and justice are highly motivated to be cooperative, productive, and law abiding citizens. People living in the shadow of Demon Poverty have no ‘stake’ in social order. They have no motivation to cooperate with society. They have no hope.

Why should they?


But these people are real. We have these tens of millions of people who have become socially ‘debilitated’. They need to be ‘rehabilitated’. They need to be provided options, of course. But options alone will not help because these people do not possess the culture/social skills required to take advantage of options when presented.

Options (jobs), and job skills, have to happen at the SAME time. That can ONLY happen through the social agency of government. This is the type/magnitude of problem that can ONLY be addressed through a ‘socialized’ solution.

The ONLY solution to this problem is to build a ‘socialized’ economic base under The Ghetto. When young men and women can get ‘good jobs’, and when they acquire the cultural/social skills to do such jobs successfully, we can count on nature to take its course. They will ‘mate’. They will form families. They will love and nurture their children. (Because when living in peace, justice, and dignity, that’s just what humans naturally do). 

There’s no ‘free market’/free enterprise approach to a solution of any problem of this kind and magnitude. It’s just nutball ‘illogical’, (‘sick’ might be a more direct term), to expect that addressing this problem, (lifting up the lowest), could provide excess wealth (profit) for Capital to extract.

The ONLY way to even conceive of a solution to this problem is by attacking it ‘as a nation’. This is something that we must all do together. It’s a ‘social’ problem, and it can only be resolved on a ‘socialized’ scale.

To acquire, as a nation, the capacity to do something on this scale, is a ‘revolutionary’ concept. The powers that now rule over us are trying very hard to prevent us from doing what we need to do to save all Humanity. If they can’t be convinced to recover their moral sense, these powers must be removed, one way or another, if we expect that our grandchildren will survive to have grandchildren.

Those are ‘the stakes’. It ain’t a ‘game’. It’s REAL! The Elites are gonna fight like writhing snakes, even AFTER we have them ‘by the throat’.

It’s not a good course to consider. But we must take whatever course we can, or else walk like lemmings to an apocalyptic dystopian fate we ALL can surely ‘see’.


We can’t address this problem under our current monetary system. There is no rational reason to create our money through debt to Private Banks.

Ehh … THERE lies ‘the key’.

The very taproot of our current capitalist economy is a ‘bankster racket’. Behind the ramparts of the Big Banks … There’s where the ‘Dons’ that rule over us reside … They make their own money, then ‘sell’ it to us, as ’loans’. They simply print the money on paper. Free Inventory. Then they make the Common People sweat and toil and suffer to get it, so we can survive.  

This is the taproot of True Democracy. This is the most basic logical syllogism of democratic governance. Government is the social agency of ALL the people, and as such, must guard and protect the best interests of ALL the people.

It is, VERY obviously, NOT in the best interest of MOST all of The People to have money available for free to private banks, for them to ‘sell’/loan to us, or make us toil and sweat and suffer to get.

The government, the social agency of ALL the people, must create the money, so that the Common People can have political influence if monetary policy does not favor their interests.

We can easily ‘finance’ a solution to our problems by simply creating money and injecting it at the bottom, by spending it into existence, as productive capital, to then trickle UP through society, not DOWN.

And it WILL trickle up, and when it does, capital will form, and honest banking will be necessary. But we must use tax policy to limit the amount of wealth that trickles up, and the rate at which it does. A minimum wage can NEVER work. The Elites control the money itself. Working people win a minimum wage? The money just inflates quickly to take back the wage gain.

Only a Maximum Wage, only a limit on earnings, (which steeply progressive marginal tax rates provide), can ensure an equitable division of wealth.

The People, through The People’s social agency, The Government, (not the Big Banksters’), MUST create the money, or else we can NEVER solve our most critical problems before we annihilate ourselves.

The only way to eradicate The Ghetto is with bulldozers and shovels and cranes and saws and hammers. We just outright GAVE almost $5 TRILLION dollars to Big Money Capital. We just handed it over, completely free of charge or obligations, to The Banksters.

Give me a mere trillion, (of course we could ‘make do’, somehow, on half that), and I’ll start recruiting people out of The Ghetto to fill 40 million newly created jobs that pay dignified wages, (that will buy a dignified life for a family). [These are imaginary numbers, but this is the scale we need to think in].

The problem is, the people I’m recruiting have no work skills. (Starting with knowing how getting out of bed when the bell rings). Well … Putting your feet on the floor at o’dark-hundred is a lot easier when you got to bed at a decent time the night before. But the girls are so pretty, and the night is so lonely, and your mamma nor daddy, (if you had one), never taught you ‘discipline’.

What these people need is boot camp. Literally. Train them to discipline, as ‘soldiers’. Then teach them skills. Start them on shovels. Let them work their way to their best level. Then put them to work. Pay them well, with the authority to ensure a disciplined degree of productive output.

Put them to work re-building The Ghetto. Their earnings will provide them the ability to buy a ‘stake’ in what they build.

This could not be done without military-caliber discipline/authority. “My way or the highway”-type discipline, which is used in a free enterprise system, (I was a construction contractor for many years), won’t work. Our objectives here require keeping recruits ‘in the system’ once they ‘sign on’.

Yea … Like ‘the army’. Here’s what you can get. But here’s what you gotta do. You sign on, you sign away certain rights. You serve a term, earn good money while you do, then go out in the world and earn a living. You have to sign-on, and will be ‘under authority’ when you do, like the army, but we’re going to teach you jobs skills that don’t involve ‘fighting’, with ‘tools’ that are not weapons.

Millions of back office jobs. Millions of jobs in the field to assay and plan. Go building by building, house by house, every building must be evaluated as either in top condition, or eligible for immediate rehab, or slated for immediate demolition, with a new building to be built to take its place.


Money is no more than a good faith agreement. Shiny heavy metal sitting in a dark vault has no intrinsic value. We just agree that it does. Our money, the US dollar, has been no more than ‘paper’ for going on half a century. The ‘paper’ has value, simply because we agree, on good faith, that it does.

We can rebuild our entire nation. Rebuild not just every ghetto, but every rusted bridge and rutted road as well. We can build bullet trains to take us long distances, and gleaming new mass transit systems that are a pleasure to ride. We can re-design and rebuild our entire energy system, from extraction to distribution. We can build a new nation that ALL Americans, of EVERY race, will have a dignified ‘stake’ in, and will be proud to live in.

We don’t have to take money out of the economy (as taxes) to do this. We will simply create the capital we need, by spending it, (rather than by loaning it, as The Banksters do now), into existence.

As long as the capital we create is productive, as long as it does not exceed the productive energy and capacity of The People, The People will have faith in it. It will be good money. It will buy our groceries, and nurture our children’s future. It will not be ‘debt’. We will not owe it to The Rich Banksters. We will have no interest debt to pay. (No ‘vig’, extracted like blood, with every ‘Don’ wetting his (or her) beak).

But we cannot do ANY of this as long as our money itself is a ‘bankster racket’. We can’t borrow the money to pay for all this. There’s no need for us to.

The ONLY thing stopping us from doing this is The Elite Bankster Syndicate that is running the current ‘racket’ that our very money itself IS.


Talking about “fighting racism” is just completely irrational. Racism is itself an irrational tribal emotion. Only fools would approach the problem of racism by thinking we can simply change people’s feelings. To fight racism, we must remove the social and economic conditions that engender human tribal animosities.


Anyway … Just ‘raving’ here. So much to say … And I had a whole other major aspect of your excellent essay I wanted to address….

GREAT essay from Frank Scott. (Great Scott! … LOL). And thanks so much for sending.

You wrote: “The result can be as ridiculous as people with cancer  seeing people with polio as being privileged…”. Man, that hit me like a hammer. I had never ‘seen’ the ‘hierarchy of victimhood’ that comprises Identity Politics from that ‘angle’ before. Skilled imagery. Highly skilled imagery from a consummate ‘writer’. (I’m working on my bad ‘run-on sentence’ habit too).

The entire essay is a pleasure to read. Lucid rationality is not a common thing to encounter anymore. 


R Zwarich