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Under a Pill-Box Monkey's Hat, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, at to all in peril, which is everyone, everywhere: 

Caliban hopes that all have taken time to read Matt Taibbi's recent critically important article about the American Mass Media business. Glenn Greenwald, who has put his entire career and reputation 'on the line', to try to prevent the last vestiges of an American 'free press' from being completely eradicated, is also doing spectacular work.  Mr Greenwald is presenting calm clear thinking, in the face of all the siren-blaring lies and propaganda coming at us from every direction.

Copied below is an example of what an old ape-man chicken farmer (me) thinks we must do more of. It's time to call spades what they are. To their faces. 

As I have related before, the CommonDreams 'bolshevik' propaganda site, is one of the primary outlets for far Left Identitarian Politics propaganda. The essay below is addressed to these people.

This is a pleading moral appeal


To the 'brave' men and women at Common Dreams fighting so hard for the Ruling Class' Democratic Party Machine:

It's certainly interesting that CommonDreams' new writers, Mr. Stancil and Mr. Wilkins, don't publish their email addresses. Will that be CommonDreams' policy henceforth, for all it's writers, or are those two people simply junior writers, or contract writers? [Is the rest of the staff stupid? Are they unaware of the various efforts to unionize 'shops' just like theirs? The whipsaw will come. Believe me. I don't care what Mr Brown 'promises'. What? You think that CommonDreams will become a huge operation, and you'll all become editors/managers? I'd sure be interested in learning more about 'shop conditions' at CommonDreams. I DO see that physical attractiveness, in both genders, seems to be a key factor in who CommonDreams hires. All attractive middle class white people fighting their 'heroic' fight for the downtrodden. Hmph .. 

Maybe the astute Mr. Craig Brown, CD's co-founder, who now "provides the vision for Common Dreams and directs the editorial content and daily operations.", (quoted from to the CD website, as linked above), with all his experience publishing actual journalism so long ago, has realized that when running a propaganda site, (unlike running an actual journalism site as he once did), it's best to shelter it's apprentice "contract staff writers" (say what, did he get that from Orwell?) from the public, lest any among the actual Common People, like ole Caliban, get upset by all the constantly shrieking lies CommonDreams publishes every single day, and lest these uppity Common Folks actually try to contact these people to give them 'what fer', (aka: feedback).  

What kind of 'journalist' insulates herself or himself from the public? When are Mr. Stancil and Mr. Wilkins gonna get their junior sub-staff journalists' pins? Do they get their own email addresses then? 

The people there at CommonDreams very obviously are NOT 'reporters'. Aren't they just newsreaders, people who read 'the news', who then add their own propaganda slant to what they read? Where do THEY get 'the news' they read? Don't they just get it from our nation's centrally controlled Mass Media United, and/or from other Left propaganda sites just exactly like CommonDreams? 

They're just part of the entire Mass Media United echo chamber. They're all just echoing what each other says, adding their own 'slant' to appeal to the bigotries of specifically targeted market segments. It's a closed feedback loop system designed to support, validate, and verify a specific exclusionary belief system. The Identitarian Left Media Echo-chamber is just a smaller, targeted, specialized version of the larger Mass Media United echo-chamber. (In a venn diagram, Common Dreams little circle would fall entirely within the much larger MMU circle.

These people read what the Ruling Elites' centrally controlled Mass Media United blare out, and/or what the general howl of the far-Left propaganda 'alt-media' is shrieking out, and then they interpret selectively chosen and heavily slanted facets of the Big Media 'echo' for a targeted, bigoted, and highly partisan Identitarian Left audience.

Matt Taibbi just recently wrote about the transformation of 'News' into 'Entertainment' to maximize profit. Everything he says pertains exactly to CommonDreams, and/or to sites like ScheerPost, or to any other far-Left propaganda sites. CommonDreams, a legally chartered US corporation, (and contradicting its own delusional perception of itself), is a solid foundation stone, (even if a tiny itsy-bitsy one), a legal incorporation, within the American Imperial Corporate Establishment. 

Drawing on his own extensive experience in the media industry, Mr. Taibbi explains how the relatively small handful of people who run our Mass Media, (I have taken to calling it 'Mass Media United'), have precisely segmented 'the market' into blocs of people sorted by 'belief systems'. The MMU then tailors/designs its 'products'/channels to appeal to, (i.e.: to entertain), those various segments. 

I'm not really interested (at least not yet) in researching CommonDreams' finances, (which are public information, of course, as a 501C corporation). Dollars to donuts CommonDreams has at least one major corporate, oligarch, or just wealthy person's grant that sustains it, (people like Oligarch George Soros, the main-line funder of Black Lives Matter). CD's nearly constant (quarterly?) begging campaigns, asking the people they are 'entertaining' to pay them for doing that, fills in some percentage of the budget. 

Can CD produce evidence that I am wrong? (Which I may very well be. It's just a guess). 

I will be glad to be corrected by actual evidence, but my long experience as a Leftist, as a father responsible for his children's welfare, as a carpenter who swung a hammer for some 35 years, as a 'foreman' who ran a crew of as many as 10-15 rugged working men doing extremely hard and significantly dangerous work, and as a sole proprietor, and then a C corporation contracting business, (with a payroll that often bumped over $10 per week), in everything that I've learned intensely studying how this system works, from the dirt ground to the highest levels of glass, gleaming metal, and marble, that's how the American Establishment System works. CommonDreams is just part of it, serving a very specialized 'market segment' that MMU is not interested in serving.   

CommonDreams, which delusionally thinks of itself as an 'independent' entity, is NOT serving a pursuit of The Truth. CD is really just 'serving' the craving passions of its chosen market segment, the PC (Stalinist) Identitarian Politics far-Left, by feeding them what they want, which is verification/validation of their own bigoted hateful cult-like belief system.

As Mr. Taibbi explains in the article linked above, that's EXACTLY what ALL the rest of Mass Media United is doing. The Mass Media ownership oligopoly has agreed to divide the market, rather than compete with one another for shares of the whole market. That is the classic process of an oligopoly syndicating to become a monopoly. The Paradox of the Free Market lies in the fact that every genuinely 'free' (unregulated) market will eventually become an effective monopoly. 

In the 20s and 30s, Mafia 'families' engaged in constant turf wars. Then they figured out that it would be better to 'syndicate'. Instead of constantly fighting each other over 'market segments', if they agreed on equitable (to them) market segmentation, they would benefit from the peace and cooperation that would result. The Five Families Syndicate was created. An oligopoly had become an effective/syndicated monopoly.

What Mr. Taibbi is describing is the exact same process, only it is being engaged in by oligarchic (supra-corporate) powers. MMU, the Goebbels Committee, is a 'syndicate'. It is THE primary 'arm' of the Ruling Elites' ruling power, (which I often just call The Syndicate). 

The levers of media control are two-fold. One is by centralization of direct ownership. The other is through control of advertising dollars.  

 Anybody reading this likely knows that virtually ALL Mass Media are owned by a small handful of corporate and oligarchic powers. Those owned by corporations are easily controlled by a few individual major stockholders owning what are called "controlling blocks" of stock. Those media owned directly by Oligarchs, (like WaPo), are (obviously) subject to their owners' direct will and control. Either way, it's a very small handful of people. 

How many? No way to know. 50? 500? Or 15? However many, it seems easy to 'see' that Mass Media are not just developing the way they have, or functioning as they do, by accident. There's a unified 'mind' that has shaped them to become EXACTLY what they are.

The nation's best authentic 'journalists' have all long ago been expelled from the MMU monopoly. 

To define the term, an 'authentic journalist' applies the age-old tried and true Scientific Method to the process of finding the elusive truth about current events, and writing about what they find 'objectively'. Scientific objectivity is the foundation stone of ALL accumulated human knowledge. It's the process that landed people on the moon. It's the process that has made it possible for me to write this at lunchtime and have many people around the world read it before dinner.

Being objective is a "discipline", which is why, of course, fields of academic study are often called "disciplines". For us stupid naked apes, for us human beings, being objective is really REALLY hard. Without stringently applied discipline, it is impossible.

We don't have many 'authentic journalists' anymore. Not in the entire nation. I'm not sure there's all that many in the entire world.

These people, our few authentic journalists, people like Glenn Greenwald, Joe Lauria, and Matt Taibbi, [not long ago I would have cited Chris Hedges; I don't want to talk about arisen questions about him here. I am hoping he plans to find some way, in his own heart, to atone, and I'm very impressed with his most recent work.], are currently trying to get their fellow citizens to 'see' these macro patterns in the way our MMU-dominated media system functions. 

These people, these authentic journalists, are searching for some way, some 'business model', some concept of some kind, that can allow authentic journalism to survive, economically, in a media environment dominated by a few increasingly vicious powers, who now patrol the media landscape like voracious T-Rex's. They are also sounding out the alarm that we are watching freedom of speech, and freedom of the press die out, right before our very eyes. All our hopeful beliefs in what our nation 'stands for', are being rapidly obliterated, and are being replaced by a classic Stalinist-style one-party 'Machine' political system.

Disagreeing with the Democratic Party Machine, currently the Ruling Elites primary political 'arm', is being criminalized.  

These people, our authentic journalists, must take heart. In a nation of Snake-Oil peddlers, they are 'selling' The Truth. They are not claiming to own The Truth. They are humbly pledging themselves to serve The Truth, by doing their best to apply the Scientific Method, scientific objectivity, to news gathering and reporting. 

They must trust in their product. Trust won't pay the rent, but it'll give them the spiritual strength, the confidence they need. If you don't have confidence, people will not have confidence in you. Yea ... It's a 'con game'. You must win people's confidence in you. Once you have it, you'd best revere it. Like the trust of a cheated spouse, if you EVER break that confidence, it can be VERY hard to get back. (Ask Chris Hedges what he thinks about that).

I'm writing here in response to young master Kenny Stancil's ridiculous propaganda piece, (which fits right in with virtually EVERY article published on the CommonDreams site), about the recent statement issued by "UN experts". (I'm not meaning to be discouraging to Mr. Stancil with such harsh criticism. He's young. But for starters, young man, you could take the name of a grown man. Ken is a man's name. Kenny is a boy's name. High school and college are over. This is the grown-up world here). 

First, can we recognize that these "UN experts" are not actually a part of the UN itself? This appears in the footer of the statement itself, speaking of the "experts" who issued the statement: "they are not UN staff and do not receive a salary for their work. They are independent from any government or organization and serve in their individual capacity". (end quote) So this group of people, although assembled by some bureau in the vast UN bureaucracy, did not issue this statement on behalf of the UN. They are simply a group of individuals who have been authorized by some subsection of the byzantine UN bureaucracy to use the quasi-title "UN experts", (with 'experts' not capitalized in the statement itself).
So .. Can we recognize that this statement was issued by a group of individuals acting in their own "individual capacity"? Does young master Stancil understand how heavily politicized the UN bureaucracy is, and how much raw power is wielded by the US Ruling Elites to exert their $10 billion worth of influence over this vast bureaucracy, (22% of the total UN Budget)?  

Does Mr. Stancil even care about understanding any of that?

There are two outright LIES in the first SENTENCE of Mr Stancil's clownish propaganda piece. These same two lies, in just slightly different form, appear in the "UN experts" statement itself. 
The first is when he refers to the "deadly insurrection". The word "insurrection", nor any synonym thereof, even appears in the "UN experts" statement. The "experts" statement calls it a "violent attempt to overturn the results of a free and fair election".

An insurrection is an attempt to seize a government under the insurrectionist's power. Any rational person can 'see' that the events at the Capitol, whatever they might have been, were not an attempt to overthrow and take over the US Government. The people entering the Capitol building had no ability, and obviously (to rational people) no intent, to either take over the US Government, or overturn the results of the election. They simply had no ability to do either. They showed no intent to do either. They were there to show their anger over what a reported 84 MILLION Americans believe was a crooked/rigged election.

Is young master Kenny cognitively challenged? Does he not know what "insurrection" means? 

But clearly he doesn't care what such key words mean. A propagandist's job is not to use words accurately, but to cleverly manipulate language in order to stimulate irrational impassioned reactions. Master Kenny's primary intent was simply to throw the howling hysterical mob some raw meat by playing to their impassioned irrationality. 

To a propagandist like young Kenny, actual definitions of words become malleable to political bias. One group's "looting and burning", is another group's "mostly peaceful demonstrations". One group's "breaking and entering, trespassing illegally, and doing vandalism to public property", is another's "attempt to take-over the US Government". Reality doesn't matter, at ALL, to a propagandist, other than perhaps a parameter to whatever the propagandist can get away with. 

Reality doesn't matter. The Truth matters even less. All that matters to a budding 'lying propagandist' like proud young master Kenny Stancil, (look at his staff picture; does that young man not know he's doing his Mama proud?), is feeding the cravings of the bigoted cult-like belief system of CommonDreams' chosen 'market segment'.

Young Kenny's job at CD, his de facto job function at CommonDreams, is to have the mob 'enjoy' the raw meat he throws them, enough so that they'll send CommonDreams money. In that basic 'form factor', he's no different than a carnival show performing monkey, entertaining the crowd, then going around collecting money in his hat.

The other lie in our young propagandist's first sentence is his reference to the "lies about electoral fraud told by outgoing President Donald Trump and repeated by many Republican Party lawmakers".

LOL ... Does he not know how ridiculously clownish that sounds to rational people? What is young master Kenny's source on that? How does Kenny Stancil, basicly a paid intern (contract) writer for a dinky left-wing propaganda site, claim that he knows that the election was a "free and fair election"? How do the "UN experts", most of whom live in foreign countries, pretend they could possibly 'know'? What's their souce?

This 'truth' thing is a real bitch, ain't it KennyBoy? It's much more fun, and much easier, to just say whatever you know the voracious mob wants to hear. Ain't it, Master Kenny Stancil? 

I recognize that the people who broke into the Capitol building had NO right to do so. According to most all reports I've seen, it was only a relatively tiny fraction of a large crowd that entered the Capitol. Does Mr. Stancil have a source that contradicts that? 

It would have been very easy for a small handful of provocateurs to instigate that action. Some are saying this was a splinter right-wing group, related to most of the crowd about the same as Antifa is related to the "peaceful demonstrators" that rioted, looted, burned, and killed people last summer, and that the break-in was pre-planned by that splinter group.

My own experience in mass crowd situations like that, (I have been to a 'couple' demonstrations or so over my fifty-plus years as a leftist), tells me that even a half dozen people or so, could have initiated the break-in action among some of the most emotionally aroused groups among the large crowd. Any splinter group could have done this. 

Anyway ... Words words words. Lotta words to try to 'explain' to irrational people, in the throes of hysterical mob 'groupthink', what is so easy and plain for rational people to 'see'. 

Young Kenny Stancil is making a performing monkey clown of himself before every rational person who reads his 'shit'. Is being recognized and paid as a clever manufacturer of raw meat propaganda to support the Ruling Class Party, the Democratic Party Machine, which is still in the process of taking over our nation under Stalinist one-party rule, really worth making such a screeching hysterical clown spectacle out of yourself, (just like those moneys do), Mr. Stancil? What color is that pill-box monkey's hat you wear to fill with coins, after you screech and shriek your lies to entertain The Mob?

"you must tell me, baby, how your
Head feels under somethin' like that" -- LittleBobby

Under your Pill-Box Monkey's Hat.