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Update on Karl Marx: Jewish Bankers, from Peter Myers

*(1) Pdf of the 1856 NY Tribune issue of January 4, featuring "The Russian Loan"*
*(2) Feedback from Stephen Goodson, who wrote a history of Central Banking**(3) Mazin Qumsiyeh expresses doubt**(4) A World without Jews? Just a translation with a melodramatic title**(5) Jesuits or Jews?**(6) Left-wing Billionaires, a consequence of the Rise of the Jewish Financial Aristocracy **(7) Calling the 1% in America the Ruling Class**(1) Pdf of the 1856 NY Tribune issue of January 4, featuring "The Russian Loan"*Here is a pdf of the 1856 NY Tribune issue of January 4, featuring "The Russian Loan" (it's on p.4):*(2) Feedback from Stephen Goodson, who wrote a history of Central Banking*From: "Stephen Goodson" <>Subject: Karl Marx: Jewish Bankers decide the destiny of EuropeDate: Sat, 23 Sep 2017 17:05:04 +0200Congratulations!Excellent research.*(3) Mazin Qumsiyeh expresses doubt*From: Mazin Qumsiyeh <>Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2017 11:42:05 +0300Subject: Re: Karl Marx: Jewish Bankers decide the destiny of EuropeDo yu have a PDF of the original texts where these things appear. I am skeptical of their authenticityMazin,Those who doubt that Marx really did write "The Jewish Bankers of Europe" and "The "The Russian Loan" don't seem to offer the name of an alternative author.Who else had the expertise on Capitalism, a knowledge of Jewish practice, and that style of writing?Here is a pdf of the 1856 NY Tribune issue including "The Russian Loan":*(4) A World without Jews? Just a translation with a melodramatic title*From: "Marek Glogoczowski" <>Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2017 18:28:00 +0200Karl Marx wrote alsoa book "The World without Jews". I've read several times about this "phantom book", and I remember the opinion of Polish sociologist and psychologist Józef Kozielecki (he died on March 24, 2017) who during the scholarship somewhere in Netherlands, was given this book (in German) to read, roughly 30 years ago, when Poland was still socialist. And on the first page of journal "Polityka" (about 100 000 exemplaries weekly at that time) Kozielecki published a report from his stay in Netherlands, mentionning that "I never red a more antisemitic book, than this "Das Welt ohne Juden". I tried to find this title via Google, but with no sucess,Marek,"A World without Jews" was just a translation of On The Jewish Question, by Dagobert Runes.Marx wrote On The Jewish Question in German, in 1843. The title: An Der Juden Frage. At that time, he was not writing in English. Later on, he did.Dagobert Runes' title is melodramatic. It might sound genocidal, but Marx was saying that Jews should stop being Jewish, i.e. change their cultural practices - which he saw as arising from their religion.*(5) Jesuits or Jews?*From: James Neary <>Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2017 10:23:26 +0100Peter,Do the Jews (Zionist Jews) control the Jesuits or the other way around?I am reading F. Tupper Saussy's "Masters of Evil" and he puts forward a compelling thesis that the Jesuits are the real masters. Picking up where the Knights left off. Going back to the Byzantine empire.I know that it was a jew that taught at Inglestat who became a Jesuit  priest!The Rothschilds were the bankers of the Vatican! So, they had to money!"Follow the Money"What is your thoughts?Trying to keep an open mind till something breaks conclusively one way or other!Jim Neary ==Jim,Can you name any major US newspaper run by the Jesuits or the Vatican? Any major TV channel?This Vatican / Jesuit stuff is just a screen, to hide Jewish power.Peter*(6) Left-wing Billionaires, a consequence of the Rise of the Jewish Financial Aristocracy *- by Peter Myers, September 24, 2017As the Ruling Class (the 1%) has become increasingly Jewish, it has adopted Jewish ideologies and tastes, and even Yiddish words.Jews have championed 'Minority' causes - but mainly in the Diaspora, where they are a minority, not in Israel / Palestine with regard to the native Palestinians, Bedouin etc.Our Ruling Class now promote Gender Feminism, Same-Sex Marriage, and Trans-Sexualism. The old landed aristocracy would never have done so, but the increasingly dominant Jewish Financial Aristocracy promotes such 'Left' causes.It's widely called 'Cultural Marxism'; but Karl Marx himself would not have recognized this as either 'Marxist' or 'Left'. It's his Trotskyist, largely Jewish, disciples who have foisted these changes on us.These stances are called 'Left', but this is a Fake Left. The True Left would abolish Tax Havens, abandon Free Trade Agreements, jail the Bankers, and tax the 1% so heavily that the National Debt would disappear.So the Financial Aristocracy promotes the Fake Left; anything but the real Left.*(7) Calling the 1% in America the Ruling Class*    Bill Madden<> 24 September 2017 at 00:50Re:  Your calling the 1% in America the Ruling ClassMost of us don’t know who runs America but we all have our theories.I had always been confused about the power structure in the USA and the world until I read: “The Rich and the Super-Rich” by Ferdinand Lundberg.  His claim is that our country is governed by our richest families who own most of Corporate America and many other large companies throughout the world.  These wealthy families hold their stock and other wealth in *tax-free foundations and secret offshore accounts*.  They are, for the most part, not visible on any radar.  The notable exception would be the late David Rockefeller who helped found the CFR, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergers, groups of important/successful establishment minions used to brainwash and control us.  These super-rich families are the establishment or the ruling class.While I’m sure that members of *our wealthiest families* file income tax returns, because their wealth is mostly insulated from the IRS, I’m also sure that the *tax returns show only modest income *at best.  The *1%, on the other hand, are known because they file income tax returns showing enormous earnings which place them in the top 1%.*  The top 1% of earners, in my humble opinion, pay very little in taxes relative to their gigantic earnings but they do, nonetheless, pay quite a bit relative to the Rockefellers, Fords, du Ponts, Mellons and other old money families.Unlike several members of my copy list, I am happy to admit that I could be wrong.  I would be interested in your thoughts as to who really runs America.Bill,The 1% include the Rockefellers, Fords, du Ponts and the like. It's not based on Tax Returns, because we know they are fraudulent.It's based on real wealth. And very wealthy people want privacy; they use their money to suppress media scrutiny by, for example, withdrawing advertising from media that give them unfavorable publicity.The media has a field day with the Catholic Church, but the holders of wealth and power are largely exempt from such examination.Companies keep two sets of books - one for their shareholders, and one for tax authorities. The shareholders' one declares their true profits, while the tax one cries poor. But the public has had enough of such deceptions.Peter-- Peter Myerswebsite: