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When the Leaves Were In Full Glory, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril anywhere:

The American Left is beside itself in paroxysms of pure raw hatred. The Left is having major orgasm conniption fits of pure raw ugly unadulterated hatred.Their fellow American citizens, those on the Right, clearly feel aggrieved. But the Left doesn't care about their fellow citizens' grievances. The Left HATES their fellow citizens. The Left demonizes and dehumanizes their fellow citizens. When the Left protests, occupies a Senator's office, (or 'occupies' anything else), it's "what democracy looks like". But when the Right does exactly the same thing, the Left dares call it "Treason", an "assault on democracy".
The pot and the kettle got into a nettle, and called each other "black" ... 
"At this hour, our democracy is under unprecedented assault". -- POTUS-elect Joe Biden

Okey dokey, then. Poor ole Uncle Joe. I thought he was 'a gonna start cryin'... as he went on and on about his devout reverence for our holy democracy, (all genuflect), as he told us that the TV Reality Show Clown Circus we just had inflicted on us for two years "is under unprecedented assault". Caliban about had tears coming to me own eyes, and goosebumps, and I'm not even sure if I was laughing or crying. 

These people who 'stormed the Capitol', aren't our good fellow citizens, come to risk life and safety to seek redress for what to them appear to be 'just grievances'. Nooo ... These are TRAITORS to their nation, storming the Capitol just because they are no good evil subhuman creatures. 

Our precious democracy, (all genuflect), is under assault? GASP! ... Call out The Guard!! Ready! Aim!......

Okay ... Okay ... (cue Pesci at his manic best) ... Before the actual shooting starts, can we just briefly review the facts?

On October 14, (I think it was, someone can look it up), it was a glorious sunny New England fall day, all golden, and orange, and bursting brilliant red. On that day Trump's people, (poor ole Giulianni and his klieg-sweaty hair dye, eh?), played what they smugly thought was the 'trump card'. (Irony, not a pun, though there's also 'intent', since it was a chosen name).

Hunter Biden's laptop is somewhere. It surely did not disappear off the face of the Earth, (like an '18 minute gap' perhaps?). Isn't it probable that Surety Copies of the hard drive were made and are 'stashed' somewhere? 

Is that what the nation's 'intelligence community', (aka: 'spooks'), are doing now? Trying to find where they think the 'final copy' is stashed, so they can destroy it? (insert tongue in cheek .. Didn't we all read 'Mad Magazine'? ... LOL). It would be a great plot for a new Jim Ryan Super-Spook movie. Can they find the final copy and destroy it before Skinny Joe Biden is fully exposed as the two-bit shyster crook he is, and worse, (gasp!), before the public catches on to the Big Con, and the intelligence community itself is exposed as a major threat to our most basic freedoms? 

LOL ... Anyway ... Just kidding ... But it sounds like a good movie, no? (as long as whoever plays Ryan is a handsome stud, and he runs into a super-sexy girl around every corner Eh?)

It seems very clear to all rational people that 'The Laptop', wherever it may be, is genuine. The Biden camp never even denied it. (The Powerful have learned that 'the cover-up' brings more woe than the crime itself. People may forgive the crime as a weakness, but the cover-up is so coldly calculating).

Things do get "curiouser and curiouser". Do they think they can erase 'The Laptop' from History altogether? Aren't they committing themselves to that? In the Big Con, the mark has to STAY conned. 

How do they plan to 'erase' The Laptop from History? Do they have 'one of those flashy things' like the Men in Black?

Okey doke. Let's review. We've got ole Skinny Joe Biden, who's been Senator Big Plastic Money, who's been a bagman for Big Money, over his entire career, on video tape boasting about getting the Attorney General of Ukraine fired. At the same time, both at the same time he got the guy fired, and at the same time he was boasting about it, ole Skinny Joe's cocaine-addict son, poor Hunter, was being paid $millions$ by the mega-powerful energy company that Ukraine's Attorney General, (the poor schmuck), was investigating.

And The Laptop, ('see'), is an actual 'smoking gun'. It proves that Hunter Biden was openly selling access to his father in Ukraine.

Well. That's a Big Story. Anytime. No?

But it's an ESPECIALLY frackin' Big BIG Story less than 3 weeks before the election. No? 

But then a much MUCH Bigger Story happened. The entire edifice of US Mass Media acted in unison, in overtly totalitarian cooperation, to 'bury' The Big Story, in order to throw the election to their, to the Mass Media owners', to the Ruling Elites'  favored candidate.

It happened right in front of us. Right out in broad daylight. I saw it. (That's about as conclusive as proof can get. We each surely must believe what we each ourselves do 'see'.)

Poor Glenn Greenwald. Long thought of as a leftist journalist. Snowden had trusted him. But even his publisher, The Intercept, which he had co-founded, and which had been considered a left-leaning news outlet, FORBID him from telling the truth. The Intercept forbid him from running a Big Story, because it would damage the Democratic Party Machine. 

Greenwald tried to 'take a stand on principle'. He resigned a plumb job. (Now he's reportedly looking for another rich-backer. Apparently he didn't get the point of the 'fool me once, fool me twice' thing). But as far as his 'stand on principle', what he didn't figure on is that the American Left has abandoned all 'principle'. 

So where is he now? Where is the poor lad Greenwald? He SAW! Should he 'testify'? Should he carry his 'stand', for truth and justice, and the First Amendment, forward, alone, with his OWN allies callin g him a liar by vouching for the legitimacy of such an obviously crooked election? 

Or should he do like the DPM and Marionette Left thugs all say? Should young Greenwald, with much of his career yet ahead of him, 'forget he saw anything'? Where's poor Greenwald supposed to 'stand on principle', to testify about the Big Story being buried, about the open overt proclamation of totalitarian control of ALL the nation's means of communication, when the entire American Left is agreeing to pretend that "nobody saw nuthin' ", to help the pitiable fawning Left's DPM masters.   

So .. 'They', the Mass Media Baron Oligarchs, brazenly canceled the First Amendment at the most crucial moment in the election, and over an extended period of time, (which actually yet continues in the present, and into the uncertain future, apparently indefinitely).

So ... The Big Story, a story that would have blown the election sky high, a story rooted in the easily demonstrable facts, was artfully 'buried' by the entire edifice of US Mass Media. 

They DID it! We all SAW them do it!

And the entire American Left is fully supporting the DPM, which, NOT coincidentally, is run by the same people that have such centralized control over ALL Mass Media that they can bury a Big Story at the most crucial point of an election, in order to 'throw' the election to the Democratic Party Machine.

THAT is EXACTLY what they DID! We SAW them do it. They buried the Laptop Story by delegitimizing it as "Russian disinformation". Do they think that erased it from History for all time? 

Do they think they can erase it? We all 'saw'. Do they think they can erase what we saw from our own minds? 

When THAT happens in a nation, when those in power presume that they can erase events from History, that nation is a totalitarian nation. 

When Caesar crossed the Rubicon, he just rode his horse across an ankle deep creek. He just had a few men with him. It was out in the middle of nowhere. But it was the end of the Roman Republic. It was the portentous symbolism in his action that made us all know that phrase. 

The US Mass Media has claimed the right to freely censor ALL access to mass communications in our nation. The means of communication are the means of power. The Mass Media Baron Oligarchs have now claimed that they can censor 'the news' itself. It's THEIR 'ball', they claim. The nation's entire mass communications system and capacity is their private property, they now claim, so they can violate people's basic democratic freedoms and constitutional rights if they frackin' want to. 

That's what they actually SAY. Out LOUD! (fer crissakes).

Well, it used to be, before the time the Clintonista DPM formed up in the early 90s, that the nation's Mass Media were presumed to be owned by everyone. The means of mass communications were presumed to be a bedrock part of the Common Equity that a nation's polity holds in people's own nation. 

As recently as the 1980s. and into the early 90s, every media outlet had to hold public hearings every year, where citizens could go and tell Media people what the citizens want, need, and demand, from Mass Media. (Yea ... You think Caliban, then a young man in me thirties, didn't give 'em a bit of what fer?..LOL).

The Mass Media belong to the Commonwealth, and were thus licensed, and mandated to function "in the Public Interest". THAT's the way it used to be, not very long ago.

Now, ALL the Mass Media have been claimed as 'private property'. And Mass Media Baron Oligarchs ALL have told us very clearly, (what speaks louder than their actions?), that the nation's Common Citizens have no rights to have ANY access to Mass Media, at ALL.

The Media Barons have declared that the mere Common People have NO political or constitutional rights in the use of our nation's Mass Media, our nation's entire system of mass communications.

If a citizen is censored from a public media platform, there is NO 'due process'. None at all. Public media platforms are now ALL claimed to be totalitarian corporate dictatorships.  

The Mass Media Baron Oligarchs have assertively claimed that they can censor our rights any time they want to, and any way they want to. Just to benefit them. They can literally do whatever they want, they now arrogantly claim, with no restraints on their behavior at all, in the form of any responsibility to objectivity, or truth, or to the integrity of our political system. 

Well ... They did what they did ... October 14th was a gloriously sunny fall day. New England was in the full glory of its golden bursting red leaves. 

Ask Glenn Greenwald what happened. The Media Baron Oligarchs acted in totalitarian unison to bury a big BIG story. They did it right in front of us. Right out in broad daylight. But "take the rag away from your face", that's NOT the biggest part of the BIG Story. 

They buried the Big Story in stark totalitarian unison, and THEN they turned to us and smiled, and said "we didn't just do that". 

THAT is where Orwell tried to teach us that fascism is born. When insolence has such power that it thinks it can command the truth. 

You shoot your rival in the head, right out in front of everybody, and you turn and say, "Anybody knows what's good for you, NOBODY saw nuthin' !").

The Scheer Fambly Bid'ess Again

And look who's helping the DPM thugs run this thuggish ruse. There's rickety old Bob Scheer, all coiffed and trimmed as usual, (by his Jewish barber over in Beverly Hills, I heard), running a stunning propaganda piece from John Nichols.  

"Irony abounds" --J Rohr

John Nichols 'made his chops' by criticizing Mass Media. Now he's a two-bit Mass Media pimp among the wine-and-cheese-cruise schmoozer crowd over at 'The Nation'. Well-to-do and highly educated 'liberals', who can pay thousands to go on a cruise, (yea ... on a cruise ship), where they can maybe schmooze with a Noamy Professor, some celebrity liberal they can brag that they met, (like ole Bob Scheer, sounds like his kinda crowd these days, eh??) 

Yea ... Well ... Not yet .. "take the rag away from your face" ... it gets worse yet.

Ole Bob Scheer, once, in the days of his youth, the fiery champion of Eldridge Cleaver and the Black Panther Party, is now running a tidy little family media business 'empire' himself, (with his two sons, at least, and who knows who else?, Chris Hedges name is 'on the masthead'), and Old Bon Scheer too, (like Mr. Nichols),  seems to have fashioned himself into a pimp for the 'heroic integrity' of the nation's Mass Media.

And ole BobClear, the fiery champion of 'The Panthers' of yore, apparently "didn't see nuthin' " when the Ruling Elites canceled the First Amendment in October, as the leaves were in full glory, and at the most crucial point, to 'throw' the election. 

Ole Bob just didn't notice ... he apparently expects us now to make ourselves stupid and believe.

Never mind the absurdity of the vote counting charade. Or the outright lies that "Trump has no evidence". He HAS evidence! At least he SAYS he does. The Mass Media has prevented him from presenting the evidence, and the DPM (the DemoPartyMachine) obviously has highly organized influence at the district and circuit judge local level. Trump says he has statements sworn under oath, that attest to massive degrees of irregularities (aka: cheating) in the counting of votes, involving way more than enough votes to 'throw' the election. 

Where are they? Where are the statements? Where is Trump able to present the evidence he says he has? Where is Trump able to petition to have a grievance against his legal constitutional rights heard by legal authority?

Where is Trump able to defend himself in any objective forum? Does not every good citizen, even those we don't like, not have constitutional rights? Is this Clintonista DPM  Political Machine SO hatefully seething in its ugly self-serving passion, that it plans to lynch Trumpty-Dumpty, and then it thinks it can live such an ugly deed down?

Never mind any of that vote counting. Let's assume that when the votes were mailed in, the Boy Scouts, pledged to truth, justice, and the American Way, took them under custody and guarded them assiduously, and then counted them as if their own lives depended on the accuracy of the outcome.

For the sake of argument, (a pretty ridiculous argument it is, but what'r'ya gonna do, geez), let's assume that every ballot was a legitimate ballot, and that the count was accurate.

What about poor lad Glenn Greenwald? The cut-throat Left jackals are just gonna leave him hanging, twisting slowly in the hot sun? He 'took a stand on principle'? Geez ... What an idiot? Now he knows the American Bolshevik Left is TOTALLY (as in 'totalitarian') devoid of ANY principle. 

The Bolshevik Marionette Left is yet pathetically impotent, pitiably marginalized from the nation's Political Arena, but it already comically thinks it can command the truth. It does not obey any moral principles. 

And I've had so much respect, for people like Robert Scheer, for so long, that it is truly sad now to watch such people make such clownish spectacles of themselves, in so many cases like his, of such distinguished people, after such distinguished lives and careers.

"The truth will out". People cannot be kept in a state of constant hysteria. When people's passions calm down, more people will 'see'. As more people 'see', they will share their vision, and even more will 'see'. And so on.. The mark will never 'stay conned'. Thus the Big Con will collapse like a soapy bubble popping. 

"And the slow one now will later be fast" ...

I feel bad for Robert Scheer. All coiffed and perfectly snipped and trimmed, California liberal posh perfect, like a craggy sharp Jewish silver eagle, who can't quite really fly anymore, (apparently ... what is one to think as ole Bob cowers?) He seems to just hope that when he flaps his wings a bit people will recall how he could once soar. 

He doesn't deserve to be remembered for this.  ("Deserves' got nuthin' t' do with it". --W Munny).

Never mind the vote counting. They canceled the First Amendment at the most crucial point in the election. 

THAT is what the Mass Media Baron Oligarchs DID! 

That is what they DID!

For those last crucial three weeks, even every last clownish pretense of 'journalism' was completely abandoned, completely eradicated from ALL US Mass Media. 

The Fourth Estate ceased to exist in the United States. 

The Iron Fist of the Mass Media Barons acted in overtly fascist, (overtly Orwellian), totalitarian unison, to 'bury' a Big Story that should have, and would have, blown the election sky high.

Smoking-gun caliber proof. Ole Skinny Joe and his drug addict boy are crooks. Sure enough. They were stealing taxpayers' money, (US aid money to Ukraine).

And the Mass Media Barons BURIED the Big Story. ALL of them. In total, (as in totalitarian), unison. 

We SAW this happen right in front of us. 

And now we're s'posed t' what? ... pretend we "didn't see nuthin' "? 

Hear that? That ruckus is ole GeorgieBoy Orwell a spinnin' and a kickin' in his coffin... 

Has old Robert Scheer chosen the role of Saruman, the White? Imagine how old Gandalf felt when he first discovered that his ally and mentor had given himself over to serve Sauron? 

Isn't this the way the ancient Greeks used their mythology to focus their contemporary discussions?

Old BobClear, once the White, now gone over?


R Zwarich
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